Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Unfathomable

Trying to catch up with people and things after whirlwind trip to my hometown that kept me offline for four days. I am just off the phone with satori, trying to transfer information in the 15 minutes we both had to spare. 5 minutes into the conversation I realized my words sounded like gibberish. The thing about a Pluto transit to the Moon, it is just so personal.

I would say that Pluto to the Moon is the most personal of all the transits, the emotions are so deep they cannot be conveyed, at least not in words. You can open your mouth to speak but all that comes out is the tip of the iceberg and you’re left to just be still with things for the most part. I’ll give you a taste of this, I met the soldier’s ex-sister-in-laws. That’s right. I met 3 of his ex-wives sisters, all of them gracious and very friendly.

water-park.jpgAs the soldier put it, if you are going to spend the day at the water park having a picnic, these are the people you want to go with because they are all upbeat. And they were exactly as he described but if you are me, you can imagine the emotion. Because I met three sisters, their kids, etc and it was not that hard to imagine the 4th sister (his ex) that would jibe with and be part of this group. So it was a tad voyeuristic and somewhat unnerving while actually not unnerving because they were all so nice and easy to like. But the feelings did come… feeling of all kinds, never mind I had eaten in the restaurant before under other circumstances.

I was of course reminded of the other circumstances and those memories were old. In fact they were forgotten until they surfaced so maybe you can see I had symphony going on in my heart and mind and soul as I sat next to the soldier, smiling and chatting and chewing.

Of course other stuff in my past happened a few blocks away, and a few blocks away from that spot is another spot and then another spot energetic to me. The whole city is like that so as we drove to this first meeting I passed by an endless number of places that impressed me while the smell was also familiar.

monsoon.jpgThe desert monsoon season has a smell so this is going into the hopper with everything else and it all swirls together to make a stew that cannot really be conveyed. It’s liking cooking (the Moon). It is all the flavors together that create the experience.

You have to realize the soldier walked out of my apartment one day and three weeks later he had married into this family. He knew the sisters before he met his wife so they thought they might have met me as well – That’s how close our paths that never crossed. Most of you know this: We had spent 3 years together, ultra-tight and then whoosh. He had a ring on his finger and knowing this as well as I do, I knew it even better sitting there which describes the Moon Pluto combination. That is, there is always more. Even when you fathom it, it remains unfathomable.

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  1. I’m just going to say wow again about that photo. Geesh.

    Crazy, too, because I’m writing to someone today who is about to put a ring on someone (else’s) finger . . . and I know there’s nothing I can do. And I’m accepting that, but also putting my final say out there. And the rest is up to fate, I suppose.

  2. “I would say that Pluto to the Moon is the most personal of all the transits, the emotions are so deep they cannot be conveyed, at least not in words. You can open your mouth to speak but all that comes out is the tip of the iceberg and you’re left to just be still with things for the most part.”

    I would agree with that. I have Pluto opposite my moon (sun in cancer) and I relate to that a lot. Although Saturn in on my Mercury in the 12th, so I thought that had a lot to do with how I can never explain. Leaves me feeling like an alien a lot of the time.

  3. i did do a sort of homecoming thing back when pluto was transiting sextile my moon. reworking all those memories of my different homes… i jumped back and forth between my two main childhood homes for a good two years and one of them i’d been away from so long that being there was like returning to a landscape of a dream. really odd to find all those old places in my memory coming back, as if distant pieces of me were returning to visit.

    helped me realize i really could leave, finally. let go. (but pluto was also conjunct my neptune during the process so the two things are kind of mixed together for me.)

  4. It’s interesting to me… the difference/similarities between a natal aspect and a transiting one.

    I feel sorta like a moon pluto spokesperson (i have the conjunction natally) because i always want to respond to moon pluto posts. (Even though i might have nothing to add!) As well, the conjunction for me is first house in Virgo.

  5. i have to say this post is validation for me as I am the proud, visciously jealous, neurotic, intense, pschychic, psometimes psychotic, psychedelic owner of a natal Moon-Pluto square. I am often too intense for most people, at least I think that’s what they are saying, and I can list many people I have felt very intense about and always will at a consitent probing vibration since I was 5.

    I used to feel very sad about knowing that not all people would be in my life forever, so starting in the 2nd grade I wrote my friends names on the underside of my boxspring as a way of keeping them. I was so relieved to become an astrolger as this was a practical way to be intense all the time and keep a record of everyone I ever know, to have them around.

    My son’s Pluto is conjunct my Moon and his Moon is opposed his Pluto. Or in other words, he was born during my Pluto Square. He is not even yet 10 and so far going back and forth from Baltimore / Hamburg… what can I say. We are in the bosom of a blog. : )

  6. You want to have a mind for those strange compulsions under this transit. Is that Sag. or Cap?

    In my view, the native with a Moon Pluto blend is quite alright, it’s *everyone else* that can’t cope with it.

  7. 15 years ago, I was in love with a guy, a career Marine, then gunnery sgt, who seemed to loved me. However I had a 6 y.o. son and he didn’t want the responsibility of raising another family as he felt he had failed with his kids.

    He broke up with me and was married within 1 month. I was devasted.

    3 months after that he literally was banging on my door begging for forgiveness telling me that in running from his fears, he had married himself to misery. I remember him saying very clearly “I married the wrong girl’

    Did I take him back? Nope. I was already involved with someone else and went on to marry him. In hind site i could say, I married the wrong guy too.

    Great Story Elsa.

  8. Deirdre I like your style ( I also have a natal Pluto/Moon square).

    Elsa…wow. Beautiful writing. While my life doesn’t mirror yours in any shape or form I feel like I understand the strange intensity of re-visiting. It was weird enough when I went back to London in May for all the memories that brought up (I lived there 1997-2000 with an ex).
    When I went back to Scotland and saw my family it was after my Aunt had died. I got to hear all of the details of life Post-Aunty (which I cherish) but it was a relief to go to her house and find that her spirit was not there.

    Deirdre do you live in Hamburg? I absolutely love it there! My very good friend is opening up a cheesecake cafe there very soon…she cooks the best New York style cheesecake in Germany (according to her, and I believe it!)
    If you check it out and meet her you can tell her that her good friend Chrispy Chicken in Vancouver says hello! 🙂

  9. I love the monsoon season it makes this crazy desert so interesting to live in… Watching the weather here is like a soap opera sometimes.

  10. I feel like I live in a constant state of this (particularly with hubby). I open my mouth & stuff comes out, but its only the tip of everything else down in there & somehow I cant ever seem to get it all out.

  11. Jeremey sez: “In my view, the native with a Moon Pluto blend is quite alright, it’s everyone else that can’t cope with it.”

    There’s a lot of things going on with my natal Moon-Pluto action, so I don’t know if it’s that certain aspect people have problems with, but I can validate this. I’m fine, having a perfectly normal, okay day, and others’ heads are exploding. *lol*

  12. I have Moon trine Pluto (not sure what that is off the fly) Deirdre – an easier aspect than yours I guess.

    With all the stuff in my chart, I do really soak up all the emotions and stuff around me. I remember many years ago when I still lived with my parents (my mom married my stepdad about gr. 8 or so) we were driving through this poor neighborhood down at the coast (Vancouver). There came a point when I had to ask for us to leave, because I just couldn’t stand it anymore. All the negative emotion that I was soaking up was driving me crazy, and making me feel like hell. They couldn’t understand it at all. (my mom is a Gemini, dad a Virgo).

    Before my dad came along, we were very poor and moved just about every year. It was tough. However, it has helped to make me the person I am now.

  13. “I would say that Pluto to the Moon is the most personal of all the transits, the emotions are so deep they cannot be conveyed, at least not in words. You can open your mouth to speak but all that comes out is the tip of the iceberg and you’re left to just be still with things for the most part.”

    Precisely – I can absolutely relate 🙂 And imagine having something like this for all your life – this is what people with natal Moon conjunct Pluto feel 🙂 Of course, the intensity of it varies. But it is almost a rule that emotions are too intense for words – and certainly too intense for others to understand.

    (sorry if my English sounds/reads a bit unnatural, it’s my second language)

  14. Beautiful and haunting post Elsa…I do love the photo as well like many others.

    Im have natal Pluto conjunct my sun and square my moon so of course I love these Pluto moon posts.

  15. Yeah, I love these stories that spin circles upon circles. . .

    >”I had a symphony going on in my heart and mind. . .”
    Totally. I love that.

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