Delusions About Pluto In Capricorn

There wasΒ a discussion in the forum: What the funk is going on with the world? I tied the current decay to Pluto in Capricorn. FieryTaurus points out…

“Pluto will reach Aquarius in 2023 then go back into Capricorn for one last round until 2024…”

People mistakenly think this will all be resolved at the end of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn. Pluto through Sadge killed journalism and education. Do you see that resolved? No. It will not be resolved in my lifetime, nor is is likely to be resolved in yours!

As another example, the church (Sagittarius) has not recovered from the sex scandals (Pluto), has it? How about our courts after OJ Simpson (Pluto in Sadge)? Examples of this abound!

If you look back to Pluto in Scorpio, that’s when incest was exposed. Are adults still having sex with children? Of course! If anything it’s gotten worse. Perps don’t just grab a girl and rape her, they rape and kill her.

There is way of thinking out there, that says we’re all going to breakdown with Pluto in Capricorn and then become one? Are you kidding me? People can’t even get along with their families!

I am not trying to be negative. I’m just saying, things are nowhere near resolved at the end of a Pluto transit and if you have an astrologer telling you that, they’re not that bright!

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  1. Capricorn is supposed to be practical and pluto transit shows we are all practically fuqed. people are getting worse, the prisons are filling up and this awakening is not for everyone. Friends certainly don’t exist and most people are too selfish to want to help others where they don’t benefit from it. altruism is dead, Pluto is also squaring my sun so trying to absorb all the crap fired at me.. Do not trust people with your money!!!!!

  2. Altruism is dead, only if each of us allows it to be dead. Refuse to cave on your ideals. Continue being a friend, even if others are selfish. Refuse to allow anyone else, no matter how badly they treat you, to steal your soul. Insist on letting the light of your ideals shine, and at least there is one light left in the darkness.

  3. I always found those type of pluto predictions strange, (to say the least) coming from other astrologers(?).. I’m like, really, you’re speaking of PLUTO. Planet of death, I doubt it’s going to fix something, or resolve anything.. I don’t think things like that get fixed.. not in a decade anyway.. I completely agree with you and I’m not even an astrologer lol

  4. It’s interesting to study the generations born under the sign Pluto occupies. Children born under Pluto in Scorpio seem to be the most promiscuous. The kids born under Pluto in Sadge are still too young to see what they offer the world. And, we all know from history the strength of the Pluto in Taurus generation-The Dust Bowl; or Pluto in Gemini – the octogenarians, and the Pluto in Cancer – those who fought in wars to save the homeland and then to return from war to make a country stronger they produced the BabyBoomers, Pluto in Leo — ahhhh, forever young. Running to the Botox clinics and constantly looking for the Fountain of Youth.

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    The end of a cycle would be the completion of what that planet is teaching, right? So if Scorpio is to destroy, then why would Scorpio reconcile right at the end? It would be just as backwards as saying that Saturn in Libra helps people reconcile, but at the end, Libra’s just going to trash all that hard work. Why would a planet’s energy suddenly change its stripes?

  6. I respect other people’s opinions and this is just my opinion. In my eyes, Pluto in Capricorn indicates that “the buck stops here”. In other words, with Pluto in Capricorn, (the sign of karma), we have reached “the end” (the end of the present system of things that is).

    The symbolism of Pluto (death and regeneration) in the sign of Capricorn (the system and the structure of things) means the literal death of and the end of the current system that we live under. For instance, even the next big ‘superpower’ (China) is hugely capitalist in nature, and so it goes on and on. But personally, I don’t think China will get its chance on the world stage, because something HUGE – something truly radical and beyond the expectation and even the comprehension of the average person, will occur between now and 2024. Something huge and totally mind-blowing, and something that will become one of the biggest events to occur in human history so far. Because things HAVE to change, and I believe that they will during the Pluto in Capricorn time frame, because the combined symbolism of Pluto and Capricorn (Saturn) indicate this.

    That is just my opinion though – my 0.2 cents worth :-), and is offered without disputing the intelligence or opinions of other astrologers that may not agree with me.

  7. Maybe it’s my jupiter in cap. but your ending on this post cracked me up!!! Yes. They are not that bright! Good heads up, and post.

  8. “That is just my opinion though – my 0.2 cents worth :-), and is offered without disputing the intelligence or opinions of other astrologers that may not agree with me.”

    LOL. That’s because you’re a bigger man than me! πŸ™‚

    I stand by my statement!!! ..and my examples that back it up!

  9. In response to @Vahnessa, Hi! Pluto isn’t only about death, primarily it is about ‘exposure’ of that which we prefer to keep underground, under wraps, under the radar or swept under the carpet….Hades/Pluto Lord of the Underworld wasn’t dead, but Vital! Yes, death, decay and corruption are things that we would prefer not to look at, to ‘shove under the carpet’, but Pluto will always bring it up or uncover it in order to force us to confront it, clean it up and put it in it’s proper place. Pluto in Capricorn is not about the ‘death’ of the establishment, but it is forcing us to look at the corruption within the establishment in order to give us the chance to examine the reasons why things have gotten so smelly and ugly, to see how we might clean it up. When it goes into Aquarius, perhaps it will force us to look at ‘the collective’, ‘the revolutionary’, ‘the innovative inventor or mad scientist’ and how these too can corrupt if given too much power…..

  10. Thanks Elsa, nice to be here…. as a long time admirer, first time commenter, I appreciate the *smiles* x (Pluto in the 1st showing much?)

  11. Altruism is dead?? Not from this Pluto Virgo (conjunct Virgo Sun). Get yourself some Virgo friends my dears and you will see. πŸ™‚

    Also don’t forget the Pluto in Virgo generation brought about many things like sustainable lifestyles, choices not to have children, buy a house, drive cheaper vehicles and take public transportion. Virgo is good at being resourceful and living off of little. I realize not all Pluto in Virgos did this but I know many who did – one being me. Even though I lost my 401 and all my savings – I never had a house to lose or have to worry about kids to support during these tough times – and right now, I am even happier than I choose that path because it would be even more stressful if I had a kid I couldn’t provide for.

    Shouldn’t Neptune in Pisces be helping out with this some? I thought with Neptune now in Pisces that people would start being more compassionate towards the downtrodden etc. Neptune is slow but from what I have been reading Neptune in Pisces will bring back these qualities in people and a beter sense of community because people (esp. the 99%) will start coming together.

    I am personally noticing the start of this but that might be because I have been out of work for quite a while I am in lots of public programs and all of us long term unemployed try to help each other out – either with information on available jobs, networking or the like. There are still good people out there willing to help – you have to find people who have “been there” – they have crashed and come back stronger and are willing to help others because they know what it is like and how hard it is (hey find yourself some Scorpios or Pluto people!).

  12. “Insist on letting the light of your ideals shine, and at least there is one light left in the darkness.”

    @Ruth – Your whole comment is well put and inspires me.

    Great post, Elsa. I’ll admit to being naively tempted to believe that a transit’s end means a tidy resolution. But ’tis very true, Pluto does not leave behind a trail of fluffy clouds, chirpy birds, and vibrant daisies. At least not for a long while.

  13. I can well believe that Pluto in Cap will lead to the destruction of structures since the astrology seems to point that way – but that usually leaves chaos in its wake before a painful rebuilding, rather than anything resembling ‘resolution’

    A massive natural catastrophe wouldn’t surprise me, with major seaboard cities destroyed by powerful tsunamis. Or Nostradamus’s war, with the Muslim powers overruning Europe. Or nuclear war starting in the Middle East. There are numerous possibilities

  14. I’ve seen systems collapse and crash and burn only to be replaced by the new system, which is pretty much like the old system because the people within it don’t know how to create and sustain a new system yet. Different names, similar oppressions.

    I think even though we all have the capacity to change we often lack the resources to do so, which is why sometimes it takes so long for transits to be processed.

    I work with traumas and most of my clients experienced sexual abuse. So it’s not stopped happening, but our awareness about it is growing which is a good thing because for a lot of people abuse wasn’t spotted because it was at the time ‘unthinkable’.

    Pluto transits reveal corruptions, ugly truths. Most people don’t want to see and it takes time. It is very painful when the loss is direct, especially if you fight hard against it.

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    Altruism never dies it just gets challenged and tested.

    As far as Pluto transits go, it seems to me that there is often no going back, for good or ill πŸ™‚

  16. I wonder if I can tie in the US job market taking a hit with Pluto in Cap… it’s only going to get worse from here.

    It took decades to recover from WW2, but scars and prejudices born from it still exist in 2012.

  17. When Pluto first went to Capricorn, I started looking at the astrological, long term cycles and history. From what I saw looking at Pluto in Capricorn, I actually think that what we experience, in relationship of transformation of the power structures now will be nothing compared to Pluto in Aquarius.

    Looking at the last Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto in Aquarius passage, Pluto in Capricorn coincided with The Enlightenment and American Independence. It brought new ideas, but the old structures resisted. Pluto in Aquarius brought the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. Major upheaval everywhere in Europe and Colonies too. Eventually, old guard wan, with Britain (a monarchy) ruling the seas and becoming the main colonial power.

    But personally, I’m not particularly looking forward to Pluto in Aquarius.

  18. I think the Astrologers who are “guilty” of this are grappling with a way to put a positive spin & a little bit of hope into the picture.

    Pluto is a Bastard Full Stop. By saying a bad situation is going to end or be resolved at the end of Transit Time, they’re offering something a person can hold onto when the lights go out.

    I don’t think it’s the right thing for them to do, but what else have they got to offer? He IS The Bad, Bad New Planet.

    Sometimes I think Pluto is like the Planet to end all Planets. He rapes & pillages & the rest of the Planets scramble to help us deal with the fallout. They too are at his Mercy.

    There’s simply no compromise- no trade.

  19. All I can say is I’ve lived thru Pluto conjoining or squaring ALL my personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, MC & ASC) and I’m still here to talk about it. Don’t feel like my life has been all that bad either & I’m happy with who I am & where I am now, so WTF!

    I have noticed as Pluto moves thru a sign, it does haul the nasties – both personal & in the collective – into the light. Then he bears down on & reminds us of those issues until he moves on. Whether or not we choose to act on what’s revealed is up to us. I’ve seen all kinds of variations on this.

    What we do about is up to us but as neptunetrinemoon says there is usually no going back. That’s sure been true for me. The road I’ve walked disappears once I’ve moved on. Jobs I’ve had literally no longer exist, people move on or die, etc. It surely amazes me when other people can go back & pick up exactly where they left off.

    One thing Pluto is death on is expectations of a specific outcome. We walk in prepared to force our expectations down someone’s throat under a major Pluto transit and BLAMMO. Instant karma.

  20. Pluto in Sag almost destroyed my life, Pluto in Cap finished job. I think maybe I’ve survived only because of natal Pluto@Asc

    Pluto in Sag opposed my natal Moon first, then Saturn, Sun, Mercury and MC, squaring natal Neptune and Pluto. Pluto in Cap opposed my natal Venus, conjuct natal Jupiter, now he’s going to oppose my Mars.

    I’m 39 old but feel like 139

    And yes, I can tell you that Elsa has right – what Pluto burned there where ash and nothing but the ash.

  21. Pluto in Sag was not good for me either but mostly at the tale end of it – the beginning wasn’t particularly bad. My 1st house is mostly Sag where I have my Moon and mars. When Pluto hit my Mars it was not fun – I lost my job and from than on everything that I had build from that. (I actually went back and looked at the dates – they are very close to when I got laid off). Mars is square to my 10th house Virgo which is loaded with planets like my Sun and Pluto – around that time was also Saturn in Virgo – so you can imagine the continuous decline. After all that, Pluto in Capricorn (although still not much improvement for me) is not as bad (but lean times) because I have no planets for Pluto to mess with in my 2nd. Like pashs, I really think it aged me. Lots of health problems came my way than (I also have all the midlife transits going on during that time and still a few to come but the bad one – Pluto square Pluto – is at least over). It hard when it all happens at once. So I feel like I get a little bit of a breather now – but I still have a climb back up to the top (like a Capricorn goat). Very symbolic! πŸ™‚

  22. “t Pluto burned there where ash and nothing but the ash…”

    Yeah, that’s how I see it. You’re left with a void and that forest comes back at it’s own speed, when and if.

    One thing to note here…this is a good reason to think twice before your blow up yourself or others. hmm.

  23. So what i was trying to say. I hope pluto won’t leave ashes of me after it finishes with my sun. I was going through all conjunctions with pluto except with mars. I can still have fun. One way of looking at it is to be proud that you’ve actually made these transits and they taught you something. Imagine a life in pastel colours. It would get boring. If you want something more interesting and exciting than you have to pay for it. And the price is bloody colours lol.
    Whats the worst that can happen? Death? So what? If its the ultimate, why be afraid of it? Its hard to explain why i think so.
    The main lesson i learned when going through pluto transits is always be truthful to yourself about your motivations. Otherwise pluto will make sure to expose them in the worst possible way, trash them and make a big smelly poo on you while you’re wondering what and why has happened?
    Other than that, as J. M. said, ‘It may have been in pieces but I gave you the best of me’.

  24. I like the references to “exposure”. And I do agree that then each has a choice in how they deal with it. Whether denial, anger, or to somehow transcend it.

    I find the type of negative epidemics mentioned too large for me to do anything about. It’s better for me to just focus on what I can do with my life.

    I try to imagine a cure-all that would create “pleasantville” planet wide. Wouldn’t it be time for the world to then end? Would there be any point to existence? Maybe I’m kidding myself in thinking there is a point to it all anyway.

  25. To me, the idea would be (for a pluto transit to any sign) for the things that are not working to at least be brought to light. They have to be acknowledged before they can be torn down and then eventually transformed into something else. So for me, the idea would be for a pluto transit to bring to light and start the transformation process, in relation to whatever sign pluto is in/aspecting. I hope that made sense,

  26. @ gods left hand, Elsa gave some great examples in what she wrote:
    “As another example, the church (Sagittarius) has not recovered from the sex scandals (Pluto), has it?”
    Or another:
    “If you look back to Pluto in Scorpio, that’s when incest was exposed. Are adults still having sex with children? Of course!”

    So, to me, the idea is that the troubles get brought out into the public eye so that they can start to be dealt with. This goes for things ruled by each sign as pluto transits each.
    Is that what you were looking for?

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    Peace Be With You

    I agree there is no such things as friends. People who do have true friends are very fortunate. My father is in a big mess for the past 6 months and his brother has been useless who can help so much but will only make it worse for my father. That is family people! Friends are helping all they can thinking they will get so much when he is back. It’s just amazing how people can be when the times get rough. So sad! Pluto is always transiting some part of a person’s chart. When is a person not going through some crap? What aspect makes it good when Pluto is transiting a house?

  28. Hmmmm….I had Pluto transit my sun and moon at the same time (I have a natal exact square). It transforms and exposes in a very complete way. As in, you cannot go backwards to what existed before at all ever.

    It kicks legs out from under the table that are hidden/lies/otherwise unsavory.

    It kicks them out so that you can see them.

    BUT the table grows new legs if it is to stand.
    I think this is a choice more than anything else.

    I think near everyone/thing has the capacity to grow new legs or lay there and die.

    I think that the church and education will be RADICALLY altered but will continue. “Better” than before.

    I am thankful Pluto did what it did…my life before was a waste of potential from my perspective.

  29. Hmmm, I’m from the Pluto in Libra generation. Did Pluto make marriages and partnerships all better? NO. A lot of us from that generation grew up with divorce. The effects of that are LASTING. And I’d say society as a whole has drastically altered its attitude towards marriage since then.

  30. Like Neith said, I too have survived ok after Pluto has transited most of my personal planets: Pluto conjunct Sun, then conjunct Mercury, Mars and Venus, plus Pluto square Pluto. All intensely personal transformations to who I am, and who I thought I was! All have helped me adjust my values of what is important in my life: Simplify! Recycle,Re-use,Re-new,Re-view, Re-do.

    And with the Pluto in Virgo generation who chose and contributed to alternative lifestyle/health/service will be coming into their Pluto (in Cap) Trine…if not already for those born early 1960’s. The trine will help adjust to a life stripped back and simplified. If Capricorn is capitalism, then can we live on less, with less stuff, when less is more.
    Would be interested on Pluto trine people weighing in…mine is in a few years.

  31. Hi ! What does Pluto in Virgo on the 2nd house on a natal chart mean.Guys i am just new to astrology,but very willing to learn. Thanks!

    1. Hi Han! If you post your chart along with your question in the forum –

      More people will see it and someone is sure to weigh in. Just title it, properly. Something like, “Pluto transiting the 2nd – help”, or whatever the situation is.

      Good luck. πŸ™‚

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