Can One Planet Cancel The Effects Of Another?

oppositionHi, Elsa

Can Saturn in opposition negate? I use my Saturn opposition to solidify and empower- but can it negate/take away the other planet or asteroid it is aspecting in natal or synastry?

Example: Saturn opposition asteroid lie – person does not lie- checkmate so to speak? Or could play out that she is a consistent liar…

Saturn opposite Venus – always love solidly and supportive – or love will always be out of reach or distant.


Hi, Curious. No, I don’t think it works this way. For one thing, people are rarely “always” anything, if you track them over time.

Secondly, these energies are powerful. Think of them as if they are people. You and I are standing in a room, opposing each other. I have my energy and you have yours. We are not going to cancel each other out.

We may decide to work together…or not.
We may decide to work together, and then change our mind.

You get the idea. People are complex. Their interactions, even more so.

Can anyone else weigh in?

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    1. anonymoushermit

      I do notice this. I have an Aries friend who has a bunch of aspects to Mars, he should be very Marsy, right? Nope, his life has been very Saturn, and his personality is very Saturn too.

      If someone has a strong Saturn, it just seems to show strongly in their life. I often wonder if Saturn may even take over a person’s dominant planet, too?

      1. I have Saturn exactly conjunct my Moon in Scorpio. It has always put a damper on me. I did the “right thing” instead of expressing my emotions. I kept those to myself.

  1. I wouldn’t say cancel but modify. You can have Venus conjunct Moon (Awww, that’s such cotton candy, peace-loving sweetness in cookbook astrology) but then that same Moon is also conjunct to Pluto and in square to Saturn. Ooh, that now that changes things. Now you’ve got a little more obsessive drama with a touch of stone-cold stoicism)

    The point is this: Don’t look as aspects in isolation. It’s all part and parcel of our complex personalities, I’m afraid. No one is immune. ?

  2. Avatar

    Curious, I have a moon-Saturn opposition that has always dogged me. How have you been able to work with yours? I also always felt my Mars in Pisces diluted and washed away my Scorpio moon in terms of ambition, motivation and drive.

  3. Avatar

    It makes me think of the Lao-Tzu quote “To master others is strength, to master yourself is power.”

  4. I have a Mars Saturn exchange with a guy at work sometimes is fruitful and he teaches me things other times I push his ideas off and he finds me pushy and needy

  5. My sun is opposite my moon/Jupiter and they don’t cancel each other out. They are both basic parts of my make-up. I’m a cancer sun, so yeah, I lean towards being a caretaker and my family is very important to me. My moon/Jupiter is in cappy, so working to take care of others is a natural balance to that cancer energy.

    To me opposites are more about learning to balance two energies in many ways. Sometimes 50/50, sometimes 70/30, etc, you get the idea.
    Just my two cents, hope it is food for thought,

  6. I have fixed Leo planets square Scorpio planets, they don’t cancel each other out. It’s a tug of war and its a challenge to find a balance and compromise between such two extremely intense energies. I wish they could cancel each other out, life would be much easier LOL!! Saturn has a life of its own. The only thing Saturn is going to cancel out is ME if I don’t learn my lessons!

  7. How ironic this is!. In another blog reply I was addressing my Mars in Sagittarius, which is very much at play on a daily basis. Guess what?; it is in opposition to Saturn!. Saturn does not cancel my zestiness at all 😄.

  8. Natally, I have Venus RX conjunct Saturn in Aries ■ Cancer moon. I am a 6 deg. Aries Sun conjunct chiron at 3 Aries opposite 0 RX Libra Jup & 1 RX Libra Uranus. Mercury 24 Pisces opposite 23 Virgo Pluto ■ 16 Sag ASC & 16 Gem DES. nothing has ever come easy. always in debt, narcolepsy diagnosis, always misunderstood & misconstrued most days don’t even feel like I am here. Every day feels like I have to climb a mountain just to exist & any goals I accomplish never come easy. I wonder if natal RX planets do negate the positive. it’s been one struggle after another since the day I was born. thank you for the platform to hear others stories. it definitely helps!

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