What Kind Of Souls Do You Attract?

My husband remarked on how crazy, weird, and nerdy everyone around him is. Me, the dogs and, Vid, this is.  He was wondering why he attracted such souls.

He supposes it’s because these were the only kind of souls he liked to be around.

What kind of souls do you attract? Why do you think this is?  Can you tie the astrology?

15 thoughts on “What Kind Of Souls Do You Attract?”

  1. I attract Earthy souls. I need them around me to help me keep grounded (I only have one Earth placement: Pluto in Virgo) I also attract wounded souls that need me (Aries Sun = encouraging cheerleader, and compassionate Chiron/Mercury/Mars in Pisces).

  2. Genuine people without agendas. It used to be the opposite, but I had to remedy that and did.

    I used to be more negative than I am now and belive that’s why it used to be the negative people I’d attract – my Sun sq. Pluto and Saturn sq. Venus used to rule me a lot. But when I learned to work with it better, it was out with the old and in with the new (and improved). 🙂

  3. Interesting question – I tend to attract souls who are a bit off-step from the people around them. They aren’t necessarily troubled, but they don’t lead conventional lives. What I’ve never figured out is if they are attracted to me, or if I’m attracted to them. Maybe it’s mutual.

  4. Unfortunately for me, with Aquarius rising, and Uranus on the DC, I tend to attract a lot of weirdos, pathological liars, takers. Luckily, there have been a select few who have been grounded, kind, generous in return. I don’t know if it’s my Pluto/sun/jupiter, but I seem to be a flame to the moths who are needing to be shown the disparity between who they say they are, and who they really are.

  5. I usually attract people that are interested in the arts and are a little off beat. Even underdogs of society. And much like CArRIE, people that need me.
    I have been told I am an empath by some people. Sun in the 12th, Neptune in the 11th and Moon in Virgo in the 9th (equal) on the MC (placidius).

  6. I was watching “Fatal Attractions” on Animal Planet, and there was a woman who kept 3 crocodiles at her home. She said she was raised on 2000 acres and the nearest town was 25 miles away. A psychologist said that sometimes when people have an isolated and/or vulnerable childhood, they may have a tendency to project their own vulenerability onto “unloveable” others (in this case crocodiles), and in a sense take care of themselves. That kind of resonated with me.
    I tend to attract people with “troubled pasts”. Esp. drug/drink and violence related. I don’t necessarily like having people in my life that smash my dishes and windows, or inadvertently stab others (no kidding). I don’t even understand it myself, I have a very fixed chart with Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus, and Mars in Scorpio; impulsiveness is not for me. If I were to smash a dish in anger, I probably would have premeditated it for at least 10 minutes, “how much do I like this dish? How much dramatic impact will it give? Will it only serve to escalate the situation, or will it quell it?”
    I have Neptune right on my asc., and I think I have a lot of compassion for people who are on the “outside”, because I feel that way a lot. And my Sun in the 8th loves to see a good trasformation, maybe I’m hoping these people will have their own, or maybe bring one to me.

  7. I attract a lot of people who lack boundaries. Or those who don’t feel they fit in anywhere else as I’m very accepting of quirky people.

  8. Among those close to me are lots of Scorpio Moons and lots of Capricorn Moons, which I attribute to my Sag Moon (in the 9th house, yet). It’s a lesson to me to keep quiet, pay attention, and work hard, like my Scors and Cap neighbors do, and do less of the Sag blathering and blithely moving on when I get bored.

    That said, thank God in some ways for that Sag Moon. Most of my planets are in earth and water signs, so I need fire to keep cheery and resilient. For example, I have Saturn in Pisces (in the 12th house) and I have a late Pisces ascendant. I attract people who need to spill their guts about something, but I myself have deep fears of letting go emotionally. Maintaining boundaries is a big issue for me.

  9. That would be ” … like my Scorp and Cap neighbors do.” My three planets in Virgo in the 6th house (Mars, Uranus, and Pluto) wouldn’t allow me to let that go!

  10. Great subject Elsa! I attract powerful people who are hiding, emotional people who live on the peripheral of society, sensitive people who are too afraid to voice their feelings.

    I used to be a rescuer – not anymore. Not addicted to the need to save people now and that feels good.

    I love having fellow quirky folk around me, people with the nouse to live in society but not according to “all” the rules of society. (Aqua Sun)

  11. Have had a lot of eccentric creative types around me – probably from Leo Uranus and Moon conjunct my Ascendant. Lots of divas.

  12. Very kind, helpful souls. Musicians, artists, young at heart, drifters, compassionate souls, social outcasts, animal lovers, drug addicts- recovering or otherwise. Poetic, Religious or spiritual souls. People with problems. (who feel safe with me). Rescuer/rescuee is at work. I have Venus in Pisces.

  13. I attract Pisces (or broken) people, especially women. Almost every male in my life has had strong Leo from my father on. I have no water planets and a Leo stellium – go figure.

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