Denying Or Blocking Truth Or Information

mercury-roman-godMercury in Virgo mashed with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces is becoming quite a phenomena to watch, in my world.  Facts (Mercury) and truth (Sagittarius) are denied (Neptune) with no basis. This happening with people not given to delusion. Like my husband!

“I had X number of appointments this month,” I said.

“You did not.”

“Huh? Yes.”

“I know for a fact, you’re wrong,” he said. We were in the car.

“Well, what I am telling you is factual,” I said. “I don’t understand why you’d not believe me.”

An hour later we were home. I decided it was important to clarify this so I went to my google calendar and printed the month of July. All my appointments are the calendar.  I made a green check next to each of them.  My report had been accurate.  My husband loves a hard copy, by the way.

I showed him the calendar, which he ultimately accepted. But I can’t believe there was ever a question about what I was saying. It’s surreal.

This is just one example of many. It reminds me of the Jupiter (Sagittarius) Neptune days or the BIG FOG. I know numerous people, utterly deluded at this time.

I’m not telling you, I’m not one of them. Because when people around you deny facts or obscure information, it’s a matter of time before you get it wrong as well.

This reminds me of the most famous comedy bit of all time – Who’s On First?

Have you seen this happening as well?

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  1. OMG. I used to think that kind of things done from someone meant that person is a NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) or that kind of behavior is called ‘gas-lighting’ or ‘brain-washing’.
    Do they do that on purpose or subconsciously out of some purpose? Do they question afterwards what happened to them?
    If applying astrology to psychology, will all be normal?

    1. It really is a trip. Something like this could be malicious, yes. But it’s not malicious in my husband’s case – I am certain of that. He was just mistaken.

      He really thought he’d observed things. He did observe things, but that was the month before or the month before that or six months before that.

      Time (Saturn) morph (Neptune) see? Mental (Mercury) confusion (Neptune).

      But I’m telling you, this is ENORMO, right now. It’s freakish.

      Like the misinformation / misunderstanding in regards to politics or how about religion. Are you SURE you know what you know?

      1. Another way to view this – people are fallible. This includes you!

        For example, sandy, you’re confused because you thought there was a line in the sand but clearly it’s moved, lol!

        And I have no idea how I lost credibility with my husband. Crap! He’s known me since I was 17. It’s not like I’m known to lie.

        I was giving him information when I told him this. He loves facts. But for no reason whatsoever, he decided this fact was not a fact.

        And if you share facts and they are denied…well the facts tend to get lost or become diminished in a way.

        1. Avatar

          Maybe irrationally challenging a clear fact is code for “I’m upset about something else but too hard to articulate, will pretend this is the problem instead.”

  2. So what do we do? Should we accept this phenomenon or should we try to correct them, and how do we keep an eye on ourselves too?
    This sucks.

    1. I’m willing to work to discern for clarity. That’s why I printed the calendar.

      Now I could have altered my calandar before I printed it, so a person can spin off. But the idea is to at least try to ground your conclusions.

      I often ask people to have some kind of faith, but not without BASIS! In this case, there is a long history and my character is well known to my husband.

      His job them is to defog his own mind. Because it is as I said it was…

      I should have mentioned, I was prepared to see him proven RIGHT when I checked my calendar. I could have been the one who was mistaken but that was not the case.

  3. anonymoushermit

    Sagittarian types are going to have a tough time, because they’re known for being blunt, and straight forward. I bet all this denial might grate at their nerves. It might even cause verbal fights, or even more divisiveness.

    1. They are also known for being inflated know-it-alls…addressing this tomorrow. 🙂

      And I don’t want a bunch of hate mail for that. Y’all know it’s true.

        1. Yep. Jupiter in big mouth Saggo can blow up an already big blowhard. Lol.

          Saturn in Sagittarius long-term … lots of low Saggos are getting their egoic-karmic comeuppances. I have two friends for which this is long overdue.

        2. Yep- I’ve got Jupiter in Sag and I can attest to this. It’s sometimes embarrassing because I’ve got it square my Mercury. And I’ve got it trine my Aries Mars. I can get really heated with my know-ot-all attitude- sometimes I’m wrong, yet I will keep on fighting to prove I’m right. It’s terrible. Lol

            1. Uh huh- yeah, it can be like that. Lol. It’s why my husband and I fight. Because it clashes with his Capricorn and Saturn by squares and oppositions. We’re getting better though.

      1. anonymoushermit

        Heehee, I forgot, Sadges can over-exaggerate their truths too.

        Sagittarius truth: I ate the whole cake!

        The real truth: I ate only 40% of the cake.

        Yes, you did eat the cake, even a lot of it, but not the whole cake.

      2. Yes well now I know my chart is squared sort of thats me way too much info on everything… that didn’t help me much meh.

      3. Ha ha!! My best friend, who was a sadge (she’s no longer alive)… used to say “think about it, you’ll see that I’m right”. You gotta admire that, until they’re wrong and won’t admit it. Or even admit the possibility of another reality.

  4. Definitely sounds like my weekend. Secrets and lies exposed. Shadows released from the closet. Gaslighting up the wazoo. Hasn’t been a pleasant weekend. With Mars in Scorpio in my 4th square to Mercury in Leo in 1st with Uranus in Aries in the 9th on the tip of the Yod, I came real close to ending my relationship. I’m giving it a fair trial period to work but when Uranus hits my MC and his DC next May, it may implode again. We’ll see if things change but I’m not feeling overly optimistic.

  5. Men have the selective hearing & vision gene, too. Right attached to one of their strands of DNA. Is replicated to next generation of males, too. Lol.

      1. Maybe your husband was just dismayed at all the medical appts. you have… a denial of what is really happening because he can’t get ahold of this thing that has you and wrestle it down. It’s got to be hard on loved ones to see us suffer…..

  6. It’s been worse than usual for me at work- I have Sagittarius Neptune/Midheaven natally. My boss is a Gemini. Even though he has access to a camera he thinks I’m not doing my work. He was even throwing around words like “fired!” I had to print up a sheet of everything that I’m doing because I’ve been working my a$$ off. He was shocked, but impressed. Acted like my best buddy/# 1 supporter after that. Yuck!

  7. I know this hell. My Saturn in Sagittarius is exactly square my Virgo mercury at 3 degrees. I also have 12th house Neptune which rules Jupiter in Pisces. One teacher in fifth grade actually screamed at me to “stop making stories,” lol.

  8. Oh, so there is a reason. It wasn’t an intentional lie to get what she wanted, just misinformation. I double checked and corrected it with her. She gave me a snippy response. So’s maybe she was trying to con me? Odd, we’ve been close friends for 12 years now. This is a first.

  9. Heh heh yes funny I looked at my calender also this morning but I have lots of exaggerators around me.. well two mom and dad.. so yep at church a different one I question the arguments I hear see on the Discovery channel its it true or what? did I write near 100 songs that made good for other’s or near it.. well dad helped with that but will deny in now more than ever or its just come up conveintly for me not him wow..

  10. This has been basically been my life this far! :-/ I have 3rd house Neptune in Sadgittarius tightly squaring my Mercury Ruled Ascendant in Virgo. Also, Stationary Mercury in Virgo just out of Orb. Fortunately, I’m also of the mid-1970’s Saturn trine Neptune generation, and my trine is sustained by Sun/Pluto in the middle, sextiling both of these bodies. I’ve learned to have hard copy of everything. And, have a second opinion.

    That said, this T-Square is definitely getting under my skin! It’s now happening close enough to my personal planets to disturb me. This is definitely the reasons I spend more time playing Pokémon Go than reading News Sites or Social Media. But I can’t stay all out, Saturn is aspecting my Sun/Pluto in a reinforcing way. My ego may be “slightly” stronger than usually. 😉

  11. Elsa’s post perfectly describes Chris Wallace’s interview with Hillary Clinton on “Face the Nation” yesterday!

  12. I’m having time issues. Either the day is stunningly long to the point that I have trouble believing it. Also I will completely lose an hour and be freaked out by it.

    Not sure if this counts but I’m having depressing dreams which are not my normal.

    At work I told someone to order two in an email and they ordered one. Then everyone was upset with me because there was only one. It didn’t matter that the email said two. Whatever people! 🙂

  13. Avatar

    I have Jupiter in Sagittarius and kicked a therapist I was seeing to the curb because he consistently had completely different memories of things he said that I didn’t like and he would deny saying them. Planetary energy? Gaslighting jerkoff? Both?
    Admittedly this Jupiter in Sag can be as pompous and self-righteous as hell and unwilling to admit to being wrong. As bad as any Leo or Capricorn sun.

  14. After all the gritty soul work & psychic colonics of 2012-2015, I’d like to think that I am a higher vibrating, spiritually dialed-in Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, Virgo Rising … who can STILL be pompous & self-righteous as Hell. Ah well.

    Keep blasting this chunk of coal, Uncle Pluto.

  15. I always called it foot in mouth disease. 🙂
    I know a lot of sagittarians but never found them that way except maybe those with mercury=sun. Maybe it’s just me? 9th house mercury in aries and I like to think I understand something but I always hope I’ll be told if I’m digging myself into a hole, prefer to be told in a nice way but still! I value trying to understand someone/thing over being right. I may come off as blustering and bitchy but I know I don’t know a damned thing. Maybe it’s saturn opposition neptune in my nativity but I never think I know what I know. I doubt everything I think. The uncertainty about time is interesting. I definitely have that. I lose time easily.

  16. I am learning so much from the people around me lately. Could be the Gemini as third house thingy, even though my Gemini is in 7-8. Anyhoo, had my first good conversation with a friend in a very long time. She had gotten into a high stress position and just wasn’t there. She’s out of that situation now. She told me some things that were said to her. And I had to ask what did s(he) mean by that? Her response was I don’t know. So we discussed it could be this, it could be that. All I could say is but that’s not who you are. Apparently the thought controller(s) in the group had defined for everyone who she was without even knowing her. So it got to the point when they were talking to her, she could not even understand what they were saying. It was that removed. What we do have in common is that she worked harder and harder, but to no avail. Set up to fail. I have been in that situation so many times. It’s probably why I feel invisible. Neptune (group) Mercury (think)? Or is that more an Aquarian(group) think. Both of us have chiron in Aquarius. But it’s okay now that I get it. Logos trine Mercury trine chiron. Survival more and more depends on group acceptance but how can I buy onto that superficial crap. It’s not got anything to do with truth. It’s just buying onto the thought controller’s schtick.

    Oh I saw her last night. Her whole demeanor is different. More defined. More real. More there. More grounded in who she is.

    1. Oh dear, had my exos confused. I had Logos, which to my present mode of thinking is the universal creative intelligence that everything is a part of, with Chaos (Oh dear again, another book to add to the growing list.) Not a bad fact check though. Got results. Grand trine with mercury, chiron and SN. Grand trine Uranus NN and Chaos. Besides the opps between those trines, mercury sextiles Uranus. And more importantly mars sesquis Uranus. It’s that anger over group think. I don’t like being the victim of the thought controllers and I don’t like seeing others being that victim either. I need to move beyond that anger and frustration. It exists. It’s part of the group dynamic. Who am I to think I can take on a whole army. Just have to not get any on me. Accept it and move on from there. (Ha ha, let’s see if that works). I just can’t expect group thinkers to be anything else.

      I always felt when being coerced to support or do something or believe against my conscience ie. join that group think. I was being asked to sell my soul. The can’t or won’t people. It’s only this one little crime, this one little ill intentioned action so they can get what they want. It works for them but it is a violation of my conscience. And when I can’t I may get whacked if I don’t get out in time. But at least my conscience is clear. It’s a bingo. Psyche (soul) is conjunct this new moon. I’m good. It’s on to weedin and readin.

  17. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Yes, it’s all been mix ups at work with this square. A real game of he said/she said! I feel like recording conversations or having people write down what the issue is so that I have concrete proof of what went down! Outrageous rumours galore as well.

  18. Yes it is happening in my world too, in so many instances that it is completely overwhelming! I can’t believe how often I’ve been doing this sequence: double take and jaw drop followed by a shocked “Are you serious?!?” Most of these folks also seem to require written proof (like your husband) to even consider the possibility that they are wrong. Even written proof has failed in a many cases and I have decided it is not worth my energy. I am glad to know that it’s not really that 75% of people I interact with frequently have gone permanentl insane, but that it’s a temporary thing. I’ll let these folks have heir delusions unimpeded by me as much as I can so maybe I can make some progress.

  19. Oh geez, information comes at me sideways, because … I’ve got Jupiter in Sag conjunct Venus, so the only way to get me to see the Truth is by coming from the sides. It’s probably no accident my husband (The side-winding Cancer) puts up with me. I needed this thread to shine the light with Venus just know sliding into Virgo, the timely is … timely! Geez

  20. This is so helping mpe understand my whole life. Why so much confusion. All this planetary stuff happening relates so much to my natal. May we live in interesting times!

  21. My natal Neptune is at 9.31 Sag (11th house). So, in addition to Saturn square Neptune, I also have Saturn conjunct my natal Neptune and a Neptune square. A friend and I have been considering becoming roommates off and on for the last couple years, but I’ve always been reluctant. I like the freedom of living alone. Yet, I realize that financially it’s time to do something different, and sharing a place with her would save me a few hundred dollars a month, making my goal of buying a place in a couple/few years more realistic. I’ve been thinking of giving my 3 months notice at the beginning of next month and working gradually through the process of downsizing/paring my stuff down to the essentials. Maybe this isn’t the best time to make this decision though? Should I wait two months or so and see how I feel?

  22. I think Sandy has a valid point.
    That sounds exactly like my ex. I didn’t think much of these things at the time but now I know he has NPD, the intelligent covert kind which is why you’d never notice it. The ‘gas-lighting’ is so under the radar but it eventually erodes your self-esteem, not that you’d realise it until you try to leave the relationship. He always had a reason for not helping me despite saying “if you need help all you have to do is ask”. Took me 20+ years to figure out what the problem was. Thought it was me.
    I’m Libra (Asc. Aries/Taurus cusp) and have Venus and Pluto in Leo squaring Saturn and True Node in Scorpio. Only found out what that meant after I left my ex.

  23. Or you could be a Sag with years of study on several subjects , thus passing the “Know it all” handle, or is it bragging? LOL

    Hi Elsa! its me junquemama. You sure got my attention on this article.

      1. Nice to see a friendly soul who has been there all these many years. I miss the Round Table, the people and you with your words of wisdom for that rowdy bunch of misfits. Myself included.
        Found you by telling the group Mercury was retrograde “POOF” there you were backing me up! LOL
        I sat back and watched you work your magic, I knew you were the “real deal” real quick.
        Its not the Sag talking but all those Scorpio houses who don’t want to let go.
        Just guessing, Heh.

  24. Just like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder sois s memory fact and opinion if you are scared to death you will see things differently than if you are proud you see things differently depends on who’s watching one thing I can say confidently two against one ;one is lnot the winner .One is the slain and 2 are kings of the hill,even when it’s a crying little girl

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