Astrology And Destiny: What Were You Born To Do

I write a lot. I talk a lot. I move around all the time and exercise for the same reason. If I don’t, I’ve got big trouble. My energy backs up and I get kind of crazy. I feel a lot of angst.

We’re all responsible for managing our energy so that it doesn’t impact others in negative ways.  I feel like a thoroughbred race horse. The horse is born to run; this is reason it’s here. The horse’s life consists of getting ready to run, running and then recovering from running.

If you take a horse like that or a person like me and you tie them down, you’re killing the horse and perverting nature. That horse is not going to thrive.

This reflects the 9th house Mars Mercury conjunction in my chart as well as Jupiter’s placement. But what about you?

What are you supposed to do in this world?

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    I’m still struggling with this at 60. Saturn 3 degrees from MC in Scorpio, opposing Taurus Venus at IC, sextile Virgo Moon in 8th, wide sextile (7 degrees) Cap Mars in 12th. Home-restorer? Been trying that, stressed out! Home-wrecker? Wrecked my own years ago. I dig obsessively for obscure stuff by habit — history, mystery, vintage, off-the-beaten-path places, etc. Enjoy people, travel, did well with massage therapy. Any ideas, observations, advice? Please, anything!

  2. I’m predominately a storyteller and writer but I have that Gemini moon need to multitask in order to get the creative process and my finished work to completion. I am a singer songwriter and put out three records in the early part of this century and mid to late 90s. When in had a stroke in the middle of the )ast decade, I took the photography thatvinjad dabblefcuj my whole life as a …hobby seems like such a shitty way to word what was really more of an indulgent vice. I forgot who just posted that art is like eating to them, there’s no way they could survive for very long without being able to do it…that is something that makes sense to me too because I’m compulsively creating one thing or another even if its not completely in my conscious awareness. Like breathing. In the front line reporter for my particular era of life on earth. A historian of future nostalgia for the exquisite that hides within the ordinary. It wilake more sense one day when it seems like a time capsule let some cargo loose. Its the world of the ordinary that I find most beautiful and mysterious.

  3. Sun Sun
    Capricorn 22°13′
    6th House Moon Moon
    Taurus 4°28′
    10th House Mercury Mercury
    Capricorn 21°04′
    6th House Venus Venus
    Capricorn 18°08′
    6th House Mars Mars
    Scorpio 14°00′
    4th House
    Jupiter Jupiter
    Gemini 17°45’Retrograde
    11th House Saturn Saturn
    Scorpio 8°17′
    4th House Uranus Uranus
    Cancer 21°01’Retrograde
    12th House Neptune Neptune
    Libra 26°00′
    4th House Pluto Pluto
    Leo 24°31’Retrograde
    1st House
    Ascendant Ascendant
    Leo 7°18′
    1st House Midheaven Midheaven
    Aries 23°47′
    10th House North Node North Node
    Capricorn 24°00’Retrograde
    6th House

    I wish that I knew what I was born to do? Life has been beyond challenging, fraught with jealousy, any advice?

  4. Daydream and imagine. Live mostly in my own interior world. Cancer Moon (6th)trine my Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio (9th),

  5. I don’t know any more. Whatever it is, I just don’t feel like I can do it, though. The cost is too high.

  6. I’m an artist and a storyteller with a knack for shifting my peers’ perspective. 8H Taurus mars opposite pluto. I need intense, regular exercise to burn off angry energy or I bottle it up and explode on someone.

  7. Sing sad songs (merc in capricorn square moon in 12th house – venus in 10th) and Love Love Love!!! Paint it, write about it, sing about it, talk about it, rage about it, know it, investigate it (pluto trine mercury / stellium in 5th including pluto conjunct uranus / uranus conjunct jupiter square sun in 8th house / mars trine venus . . .

  8. I also wished I knew. It seemed so clear. Not always, but a long time. Circumstances of my life guided me into a certain direction. My natal chart did only confirm it (Jupiter in Ten and ruling Ten, MC in Sagittarius, although Jupiter in Capricorn). But now all seems blown away, not even any of my alternative plans (I always had some when I didn’t need them) left, although my natal chart hasn’t changed. I’m somehow expecting Saturn transiting over my MC to repair something, but this is hardly Saturn’s nature. I also have the impression that my karma and personal development is in conflict with my vocation. This is perhaps because Saturn is transiting over my MC this year, only one conjunction left, while my natal Saturn is quincunx North Node. Somehow an attempt to bring karma and vocation together. But no idea how to do that and the time and energy for it are also missing.
    Vocation is certainly not some simple beginners stuff. There are different methods from Ptolemy’s to that of the Magi astrologers. Some people use the whole chart and after that you’re more confused than before. But worse is that all the methods are used successfully, although they give different results. For example Ptolemy’s complicated method (most work is making sure that you don’t belong to an exception, then searching the planet, that rose before the Sun) gives me as result that I should do something, that is ruled by Mars. Would I certainly have done in Ptolemy’s time. Learning to defend myself against bullies would probably have led directly into a career. During elementary school I was all the time completely sure that I would become a policeman. I was so confident in this that my grandparents were convinced too. But I gave up this idea immediately after elementary school. Other methods show other plans. During university (also already before) I wanted to become an university professor as indicated by my Jupiter in Ten and MC in Sagittarius. As I entered university, professors said that they spend a third of their time with bureaucracy. I found that acceptable. As I left university, professors said that they spend ninety percent of their time only with bureaucracy. Considering the trend, I found this no longer acceptable. Now I’m simply where my family needs me (Moon in Four, Moon and South Node in Cancer), but this can hardly have anything to do with vocation, rather with karma or even lack of development. And next?

  9. I used to think I had a very special destiny. But I’ve failed and fallen on my ass so many times that I’ve really been worried that whatever it is I’ve missed it. Blockages and obstacles and so many kinds of “no.” A counselor told me that if you stop trying you curl up and die, and I took it to heart. Finding as I age that some of the harsh aspects give me fight and grit to keep going. At the new moon I had a “Twist” moment and realized I could give new form to a project that hasn’t succeeded so I have a sharp, short-term plan to realize that. I have serious concerns about health and descending into poverty. It’s really helping to read Catherine Ponder on how a flood of negative experiences can be a healing and lead to rebirth of prosperous circumstances. Some of her affirmations are online.

    I am trying to believe I can achieve true success later in life. I don’t know if that’s my destiny but I believe that success is our birthright if we really want it and persevere.

    I watch a lot of Frasier lately, there’s a lot of wisdom and emotion in that show underlying the delightful farce. Restarting in midlife or later when paths you thought you were on take a turn.

    1. You gave me some new hope. Lasted until I looked up Catherine Ponder.
      Your wealth is already decided by you natal chart. In matters of success I still believe that there can be a mismatch between vocation and karma. Both also shown in the natal chart.

      1. Wonder what problem is with Catherine Ponder? You don’t have to be into Bible, I change wording of affirmations sometimes. But I find her history interesting, she was a widow and single parent and worked through a lot of scarcity beliefs in her own life. Not waving a magic wand but it’s interesting to challenge limitations. Could be karmic and hard wired, could be self imposed and destiny is to overcome.

        1. There exist many personality coaches of this type. They have phases in their life, when they are coincidentially successful. Then they teach and preach. Then they have phases in their life, when they don’t have any success. Then they shut up. Very much the same as stock exchange gurus, who are first hyped and then go bankrupt. That ends their career. It is just coincidence, when a personality coach is successful. They never even try to change a fate, which is shown in a natal chart.

  10. Lets see…
    Virgo sun, uranus in 12th, jupiter in piscies in 6th, mars in Cancer in 10th.
    Healer I would guess. Wish I knew which kind….

      1. Its in cancer tho
        Kinda goes with with where Ive been.Ive been in insurance for 20 years as a claims person. I LOVE going out to disasters and working the claims. Getting people back on their feet. Working with disaster services creating order out of chaos. A soldier of sorts….buth thats where my cancer comes in.

        1. Yes, Mars is weak in Cancer, so rather not the very typical Mars professions. But insurance isn’t healing? And why did you seem unsure if did it for already twenty years and loved it? By the way, I would never have expected that somebody would love this type of job.

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    James Slattery

    Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct the Moon in Sag (loosely). My Mars is conjunct Venus and Uranus In Leo. I think I am emotionally and physically restless. I identify with that energy “backing up” you mentioned. I’m always on the move even while sleeping!

  12. Real Estate Stuff, also an amateur Chef. Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th. Uranus/Pluto Virgo conjunct in the 10th.

  13. I am mother of 2 grown sons
    I listen and want to bite my tongue
    They are men
    We see differently
    When asked
    At this time I am completely honest
    But no editing no adding in
    Unless begged
    Love how it is, biting my tongue

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