Are You Righteous, Sagittarius?

sagittarius centaur capIn a perfect world, Sagittarius is a righteous sign. They stand for virtue. They stand for truth. They’re high-minded, decent and benevolent.  Sagittarius is just not meant to be a low being!

In a perfect world, Saturn transiting Sagittarius would fortify the sign.  Their backbone would harden, allowing them to stand committed to their beliefs which should always be good and moral.

I realize people don’t view Sagittarius in this light, in the current day.  But if you are a Sagittarius, falling short, deep down, you know I’m right.

Read here for inspiration…series of posts: Henry in his own words.  Then comes back and tell us what you think about where you are and where you could be.

28 thoughts on “Are You Righteous, Sagittarius?”

  1. I know a Sagittarius friend who is really moral. Pretty text book. She’s very volatile when she jokes though, but she has integrity like no tomorrow! She’s as pure as the snow. Okay, she’s pretty pure, but not perfect. No one would describe her as ‘not trying’ when it comes to morals.

  2. Righteousness, yes. And incredible salesmanship, whether on behalf of a company or themselves. The Sag ladies I know are successful business owners. My male Sag boss shows the same pattern – really believes in his business, is constantly out there promoting it, and works hard to make it a success. But righteousness, a genuine belief in what you are doing, and ethics in your personal life are different things. Particularly for the generation with Neptune in Sag, there is always going to be conflict between the two.

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    It’s good to read this again Elsa…. I just was asked to leave my job, after a scathing review of my work. I’m not perfect, and I’ve never been a fast learner. Still, these past few years, I always try to swallow my pride and say thank you and how much I appreciate the time to learn at a position. Regardless of how much ugliness spews in the workplace.

    I’ve got Capricorn planets in the 9th house… still learning how to live with my flaws and improve regardless if the pain, and how vulnerable I feel.

  4. This is interesting because none of the Sadges I know are like this.
    I read the Henry letters and WOW! Having these letters must feel like holding a piece of treasure. A man well ahead of his time.

  5. My triple sag is only 10 and she’s a good enbodyment of this. I told her, or rather we discussed the fact that Saturn was coming to her sign last year just before it started. I let her know that it was nothing to fear, but rather a time to work and work hard to reap rewards. Viewed that way, she’s working hard and reaping lots of rewards and loving it! Lots of academic success as well as learning to be more responsible for herself. I am so very proud of her 🙂

    With her sun, moon & asc all in sag, her merc not far behind in scorpio, the depth and breath of who she is, is beautiful to me 😉

  6. Your grandfather Henry’s letters are wonderful. There is something particularly valuable about letters. Their content and the time it took to craft the thoughts with a reason person on the other end, and time in between as the message made it way. I’ve made my way through Part 9 … saving the rest for later. The investment in his spiritual growth at the time he made his choices is inspirational. My brother was Sag, a good friend is Sag (born the same day, different year); another couple friends are Sag (both born the same day). There is the theme of righteousness in each of them and the manifesting of it was/is very different. I have always felt that Sag righteousness in my brother though there was so much in his life that troubled and tripped him.

    Reading this post and Henry’s letters I am inspired to appreciate what it does take for any of us to ‘stand on our heads’ and empty the illusion of the head ruling life. A philosophy of goodness does develop over time and with regular practice. I am a young elder, with decades yet to grow into my elderhood. The cactus fencing you grew during that time in the desert is a priceless and tactile experience with ‘respect’ and appreciation for life is all form. I especially loved that post from you about Henry and your upbringing. Today my husband and I sent time wrapping gifts, including a red felt hat given to me as a girl of ten from my father. The red hat is now on its way to a little girl, not quite 10 who lives on an island in the middle of the Pacific. She like the original owner of the red hat sees art as a way to flourish. We hope she will enjoy it and make up stories that feed her, and others!

    With Saturn in Sag as 2015 closes, and all the planets going direct, I am very glad to have these letters to read as you continue to stand on your head to make this blog work for you and the community you serve. What a legacy to foster! Thank you once again for sharing Henry with us, your backbone is flexible and strong Elsa like Henry in those pictures… We call that in my culture an example of the mo’o an enchantress with Story in her backbone.

  7. I find them to be the ultimate spin meisters, plagerizers and if they get a whiff youre smarter, they would’nt help you if you are drowning. love to watch people squirm but god forbid you pinch them they run off and cry

  8. I have Sag ascendant, and a stelium in my 9th house as well as Jupiter conj my Sun. Yes, yes and yes to all things however the rightousness is imposed on myself only, because I know I am strong enough to take it, and what is decided as moral is not necessarily determinded by socialtal judgement. I treat people with love and compassion regardless of how they treat me, I rise above but do so without judgement of those whom are unable to do so.

  9. The last tour of Saturn through my first house was exactly that fortifying. I’m looking forward to that again this time around.

  10. I’m a Sadge Sun. The most important thing to me in life has always been to be honest. That seems to come naturally.

    I’ve lived my own truth, always, and it wasn’t always easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have Uranus in the 10th house, so I have a lot of different ideas that might seem outside of the box to some people.

    I loved what Henry had to say about life. He was so disciplined and so right in a lot of ways. I laughed at what he said about Gypsies “He said that some of his ancestors were gypsies and all gypsies believe in spirits…” My family was from Hungary and they all believed in different things like reincarnation, crystal balls, astrology, astral projection, etc. He was so right.

    He was right about a lot of other things too. In one part he talked about being alone vs. being with people. I so agree that other people enhance your life as opposed to being a hermit.

    I am nowhere near Henry’s discipline in life but I respect his point of view.
    I think Saturn in Sadge is a downer so far. This is my second Saturn in Sadge return. In my first return things were a little dicey too, but we bought a house. The one I’m still living in. This time around there are no benefits I can see.

  11. The bane of jupiter conjunct my sun. I am trying to quit righteousness. I am sick of myself when I catch myself doing it. Projecting it on others. Bleah!!! Have been having these glorious dreams lately. And then last night there I was in the dream, another glorious dream, with me shooting my mouth off being righteous. I really don’t like that part of myself. Let people be what they be and shut up about it.

    And living one’s truth, it’s a good thing.

    1. I agree, Notch. I have moon conjunct Mars in Sag and I feel the same. This compulsion to give “advice” even when it hasn’t been asked for. Luckily I’m developing wisdom through my Capricorn planets and learning to curb my sag shadow. I think Saturn in Sag will be good for me. Sober the exuberance.

      1. I think the problem is that I sometimes speak my mind. Mercury is sextile uranus in my chart. And jeez I can cut to the bone. So I need to make a disconnect between my brain and my mouth. On the other hand, it always strikes me as odd, when people ask advice saying they know I will tell them the truth. Or when someone tells me they like it that I say what I think. Yeah well, if I told them what I really thought they would probably kill me. I know this executive type person. She tells me stuff about her workday interactions and in shock I say, you didn’t really say that did you? And then she re-phrases how she really said it. It’s the same thing but without the knife. I can’t transpose like that. My brain doesn’t have that translator mechanism.

  12. My Sun is in Sadge and I was just telling my daughter today that I am tired of doing the right thing, but I know that I will never be able to cease doing it. It is exhausting at the moment to fight for the underdog, for integrity, and for truth when none of that is in vogue. I am completely strapped for money, my ex not meeting anywhere near what he is supposed to in child support, but my children wanted to shop for him for Christmas. Their hearts are in the right places, so I took them shopping (they are teens, but we only have 1 car) and paid for his gifts. We also bought gifts for my mom and her husband even though the last 5 years they have only sent gifts for my two boys, deciding when she was 10 that she was the enemy and they would no longer speak to her or acknowledge her. It was her choice, and so, not to protect my mother, but to honor my child’s desire to give, we did the right thing. We don’t talk about it much, but I know the Universe hears because everytime we are down to our last few dollars, money appears like manna from Heaven. It is the right thing, but it is still very draining.

  13. I like Sag energy, just not too much of it. I’ve met a few really benevolent and loving non-judg-y Sags… I’ve also met some pain in the asses. Like won’t shut up pain in the ass. Pretentious ones and know it all’s. But every sign has some bad apples. I like Sag Venus and Mars a lot. I’ve got a 9th house Venus. 7th ruler in Sag.

  14. I do view Sagittarius in an almost perfect light, regarding a life long friend. I met him when I was 17, he was 20. My parents adored him, hoped I would marry him, but I did not, because I didn’t want to. We’ve had a life long friendship. Moral vs Character, Integrity…people are human. My friend recalls my father asking him, “Now, shouldn’t you have a job, and a car?” My friend excelled above and beyond in when he went into business for himself, and he didn’t even go out on his own until he was 50 years old! He has given so much to his community, not only in donations, but he provided very jobs in a community that had people begging to go to work. I cannot say enough good about him. Because he’s almost but not perfect, yeah!…I vote for Sagittarius! – but not my sister who is Sagittarius rising. That’s a different story.

  15. Back to the life long Sagittarius friend, I don’t think he needs Saturn in his sign. He did all the right stuff. . .uhm, most of the right stuff – one being he saved my life, and giving in very many ways to many individuals and in his community. I hope Saturn doesn’t wreck all the good things this Sagittarius friend did for so very many individuals, and an entire community in trouble. The only thing I think that Saturn in his sign might do is knock down his propensity to constantly talk about “himself” (as the old Irish addressed the man of the house, “himself”). I have to excuse him, because the Irish have a beautiful heart, and I know, because I married one. (as a note, forgive my typos in my previous comment).

  16. I’m talking and I can’t shut up: BTW, Sagittarius is in my 3H, bleeding into my 4H, Chiron 0 deg Capricorn 8’35”. I have to say, I met my life long Sagittarius friend in the neighborhood of our youth, and he got me the Hell out of Dodge, that being my childhood home when the Sagittarius sister finally showed the fangs she had been growing for years. Yikes! Maybe no one will read all of this, but if you do, please forgive me for being so lengthy; I’m making up for all the times that I never commented on Elsa’s posts. I feel better now.

  17. Live fast and die young. Ozzy Osbourne and Jim Morrison – ring any bells. Saturn in Sagg is like shop-lifting in Macys. Hows that for high standards?

  18. I’m a Sag ascendant, with Sag Mercury, Sag Sun, Sag Mars, and Sag Venus. All of those planets are bunched up against my ascendant.

    I read about Henry and read his words, too. What struck me was that I majored in English (BA), and he and I both have Masters in Library and Information Science. I have Saturn in Capricorn 1st house.

    I don’t know if I’m righteous? I’m not quite sure how to define righteousness. I do know that I live “my” truth. I also respect and believe that others should live “their” truths. I do not believe that there is a universal truth for everyone or for life. My favorite quotes: “We are such stuff as dreams are made of” (Shakespeare), “Kind words do not cost much” (Pascal), “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” (Dalai Lama). Off topic but I took my kids to see the Dalai Lama give a speech. I don’t practice a religion but I have a deep respect those that do.

    Even though I’m now middle aged I know that my life has been a grand adventure and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow, next year, or the next decade brings. Some of it sucked, some of it was painful, but the times of happiness and joy have made it worthwhile.

  19. The CEO at my company is a Sadge. He is WAY different from the previous CEO at my old company. That guy sat with his boots on top of his desk. Body language.
    This guy is humble and extremely benevolent. He’s no pushover. Everytime he speaks, he has heart. He’s inspirational. The culture of the companies is totally different. The CEO’s values and personality really color the culture of a company.

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