The 28 1/2 Year Saturn Cycle: History Repeats – A Personal Story About The Party That Never Moved An Inch.

We are planning our wedding now and more specifically our honeymoon and this kind of thing just knocks me for a loop. Most of you I have a high degree of angst around marrying. I have gone into ad nauseum so I am not going to elaborate except to say we’ve knocked up against a a number of rocks over the last months trying to work this out. After all the discussion and debate, we landed on the simplest idea.

We still don’t know how we are going to get married but we do know we are going on a honeymoon and stopping at a party on the way. The party we are stopping at is the same party we were supposed to be at 29 years ago… the one I skipped out on.

We were formally engaged when I balked leaving the soldier to fly home and attend our engagement party alone. Think what you will, I had my reasons and they were compelling but I never told him what they were. That’s right, I told him I was no longer going to marry him and when he asked me why not I offered this explanation: “Because Tuscon is an Estes home town.”

“What?” It was a commercial jingle, see? “You’re not going to marry me because Tucson is an Estes home town?”

I nodded because I didn’t know what else to do. I had broke my mind trying to figure out how I might marry him and it was just impossible. It was also impossible to explain why but I had to tell him something and break the engagement before I went home with him and drug us in any deeper. That is what I said, verbatim and I never did elaborate. Er… Venus Neptune. I just stared blankly to not invite any more questions.

This did not end our relationship. The soldier went home without me, came back and we took back up and ran together another 2 years but that is whole of story. What gets me is this:

A couple days ago the soldier told his friends we were coming there. They are excited and making plans. Can you believe this? I can’t believe you could miss a party and have the same party with the same people in the same place waiting for you 30 years later. It’s just uncanny.

“Talk about a wrinkle in time. This is not normal,” I told the solider. “People do not get to go back and re-do like this. The same people just don’t stay in the same place. I mean I know you’d like to fight, Speedy again. You’d do that again if you could but Speedy is not there and that’s normal. This is not normal and it’s crazy not to acknowledge it..”

I’ve written before my life plays in a loop but this is ridiculous. I wonder how many times we’ll hear Band of Gold on the trip?

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4 thoughts on “The 28 1/2 Year Saturn Cycle: History Repeats – A Personal Story About The Party That Never Moved An Inch.”

  1. I absolutely love stories like these and it takes a knowing person and one who is looking and paying attention to notice the patterns that repeat themselves in their lives and learns something from them…..

    Obviously you guys go together like peanut butter and jelly, laurel and hardy, ricky and lucy, chip n’ dale. Whoever knows you two is not for a minute missing out on being at THE party.

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