The Astrology Of Dexter – Michael Hall

I am now watching the entire season of Dexter for the 2nd time. I was late into the game; my daughter had told me about the show years ago, but it just didn’t seem like something I was into…. What was I, crazy? Scorpio Moon me looooves that psychopathic blood-splatter analyst stuff. But the man himself, the actor… is what really intrigues me. So off I go to the Astrology of it.

Oh yeah, his name is Michael Hall. AKA “he who maketh me drool”.

Aquarius Sun… in the 12th house…. Trined by it’s ruler, Uranus! No wonder he does so well playing his cards close to his chest on the show. His face has that totally detached-from-emotion look to it….and it serves him well!! I thought for sure I’d find *something* scorpionic about his chart, but aside from the Pluto/Venus square (which plays out in his personal life, big time), nothing would give any indication that he himself finds blood spatter intriguing, or, for that matter, playing an undertaker as he did in Six Feet Under. In fact, with all the fire in his chart, I doubt he’d give death and its accoutrements a second thought, there are too many interesting fires to put out, dragons to slay and damsels to rescue! That is one incredible 9th house he has. I would venture to guess that in his personal life, all that fire, especially the very-late-degree Aries Moon, makes him quite the spontaneous lover. He’s been married twice, once to the co-star who plays his sister, but both marriages seemed impetuous given that they didn’t last long- the second one barely a year.

I find his nodal axis fascinating. A 6th house South Node, with the ruler in the same house as the North Node… talk about a conundrum! I get the feeling he’s played fast-and-loose with partners before, and in this lifetime, when he is less than completely honest, there’s a 2×4 served upside the head, compliments of the square to Saturn to his Sun, ruler of his South Node. Pluto square Venus gives him many opportunities to learn lessons of manipulation as well. The stellium in Sadge, in the 9th house tells me that he probably has a very natural way of stretching the truth when it comes to what he’s doing. His charity work puts him on the right track for a 12th house North Node, and a really great use of that Sadge stellium would be philanthropy!

In very early 2010 it was announced that he was undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which might also be tied to that 6th house South Node. At that time, Uranus was at 25 Pisces, opposing Pluto and squaring his Venus. By the middle of the year, he and his 2nd wife had separated. Tellingly, Neptune and Chiron were traveling together, right on his North Node/Ascendant, which I think accounts for the health issue.

The man’s got brains, though. He co-produced Dexter, and has that great Saturn/Mercury trine, assuring him that those things that he really puts his mind to, and works towards, will be successful.

He got married again for the 3rd time a year ago, after Neptune had finished squaring his Sadge stellium in the 9th. I’m glad that had passed by, otherwise I’d be prone to thinking he was not in his right mind. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm!

What do you see?


11 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Dexter – Michael Hall”

  1. that’s a lot of Sagitarius. lol also in the 9th. i remember how on this blog, Sagittarius men archetypes are scary to be in a relationship with. (he was married to a Virgo and a Sag) i looked up Dexter on youtube and doesn’t seem like the type of series i’d be into. Interesting analysis!

  2. Total Michael C Hall fan here. I first watched the Dexter series and then two years ago my son gave me the entire Six Feet Under series for Mother’s Day. My son knows me very well. Michael C Hall was born the year after I graduated from high school so I try to tamp down my lust but it is difficult. His acting chops are AMAZING. All that Sagittarius must be freeing and with Mars conjunct the Midheaven I would think he is generous with his energy. But then I’m a Sag sun always looking for a path to wander off of.

  3. Gah…. just look at that picture Elsa picked. His eyes… so much depth behind them, yet, you get the feeling you’ll NEVER, EVER really know what’s there. His fire definitely isn’t showing, otherwise he’d have a crazy grin on his face. I think the Aquarius/Pisces combo might be a new favorite of mine!

  4. Wow!!! What a great analysis, I really love how you break everything down, your assessment paints a picture that is very easy to understand. I also loved the show ??

  5. The statement that he has brains, means absolutely nothing, everybody has brains. Actors produce or co produce merely to make a name for themselves or appease there inner darkness. He is the star of the show so the main producer(s) aren’t going to say no. Saying someone has brains or someone is smart is over and miss used. Someone that has brains and is smart is good with most things not just the one thing they were predetermined to do. Lets say someone is the best compter person but cant fix a car. Is that person smart because he knows computers or is he dumb because he doesnt no cars. Sure he is a good actor and the show is great but brians is a little stretch.

  6. I love Dexter. I don’t usually watch gory shows but Dexter was more psychological than bloody (although it had its moments) I did find Michael Hall so fascinating. I enjoyed the voice-overs as he talked us through his inner machinations. That was my favourite part of the show as it revealed his inability to feel etc. Plus I do have a bit of Scorpio lol and am fascinated with the dark side of people… the shadow,and how we all pull of being ‘normal’.

    Wouldn’t his Sun in the 12th house give him a bit of that element?

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