You’re Not The Center Of Every Story

Currently, Jupiter in Libra is opposing a stellium in Aries, me, Me, ME! Jupiter rules stories.

The other day, I deleted a thread in the forum. It as addressed to me. It had my name on it. “This is to Elsa,” or something like that.

I really no idea what the point was. But I do know, this blog is my job. It’s my livelihood. Other people rely on me to pay them. I can’t pay them if I don’t work. etc. So in reality, this person was calling me out at my job. Demanding, I don’t know what. Attention.

I saw the thread at about 4:10 in the morning. That’s when my day starts at this time. That particular day, I had this horrific schedule laid out. All personal by the way. My (real) life at this time is something else. I am under, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits, all to personal planets. You do the math. I deleted the thread before others woke up and started contributing to it. It was just not possible to deal with something like this on that particular day.

This post is not directed at the person who started that thread. It was there and it was gone – period. I got rid of it before it did any damage. If I were to speak to the person, directly, I would only ask, “What were you thinking? This is my JOB!?!” Because I know the person takes employment seriously. I don’t think they would appreciate it one bit if someone were to approach them their post with some kind of demand, out of the blue sky, and completely unrelated to their job.  With their boss watching, no less!

I’m just using this situation to make a much larger point. It’s likely that person thought it was a big deal that I deleted their thread…if they put themselves at the center of the story.
But if this person put me (the other / Libra) at the center of the story, and knew what I had to cope with that day, the’d experience some kind of whiplash in their head, at the very least.

The current Aries stellium is seeing a lot of people put themselves first. Jupiter in Libra might JUDGE others. This is not necessarily smart.

First, none of us are at the center of every story.
Secondly, the story you tell yourself or believe about the other may not be true!

If you can remember these two things, you’ll spare yourself and others a whole lot of pain.

Can you see this dynamic playing out in your life at this time?

23 thoughts on “You’re Not The Center Of Every Story”

  1. I am seeing this but in a different way. My world revolves around me but your world doesn’t. Sometimes stories converge but even then, the others experience will be totally different from mine. When I try to go into the others experience I completely lose sight of myself and my own story and I can never get a true grasp of someone else’s experience anyway. I see this as some kind of boundary issue. I’ve learned to look at who owns what and put that into one of three categories. There’s mine, yours and gods. If it’s not mine, I’m not gonna pick it up.

    1. Recently, my husband and I have been spending a lot of time with this other couple and their family. The kids and the wife have not really surprised me, but the father has. I’m not sure we may have surprised him as well.

      I’ll can tell you this – he thinks both my husband and I are hysterical. I never thought he might be amused by us, but he laughs heartily at us, all the time.

      My husband has also started playing his guitar. I don’t think anyone dreamed he had this talent. I’ve offering some talent of my own and I just think it’s a surprise. All the sudden (on both sides), people you did not expect to be part of your “movie” are starring in it.

      This is what I mean, about what you believe about others can really be different from what the real story and the real future are going to be.

  2. I joined FB 10 years ago today, it popped up. As you saw, I’m going to delete it tomorrow- and I can see what you’re saying. It’s a drain when you are just a profile online who is a source of “likes” or a person to dump your frustration on. Yes FB is convenient but for people I want in my life I already have your email, phone #, or a way to get in touch. Besides the FB privacy/marketing/data stuff which I think is getting worse- I am weirded out by the access people have to me. As far as stories, I know I’m part of a small group’s story, and they are in mine, and the rest is superfluous. I’d like to consolidate realness in a way. Be on the same page.

  3. The story you tell yourself or believe about the other may not be true!

    Amen to this!!!!!!!!!! Best thing I have read in a week! AMEN!

  4. Oh boy! There is an Aries that I want to RUN from! Everything is about her! No one knows what she goes thru and no one knows how to do anything but her. GRRR! Pay attention to meeeee! I am the Queen of the Universe! She has Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo, and Ascendant in Sagittarius. With Pluto in Libra opposing her Sun. If all goes well this weekend we shall be moving away from here and I can’t wait. And this stuff about Libra being about others does not work around me. The other person, a Libra is the same way with demanding that everyone bow to his wishes. The daughter is a carbon copy of the dad. And I refer to my inlaws. I literally type up rant pages to scream on my computer about these two people. They think the Sun rises and sets on them and no one else matters.

    1. I thought it was strange too. I have no clue what it was about but I was clear about this much – I could not afford to be sucked into any drama that day. Or really any day, the way things are in my life right now.

      1. Can I be honest? It made me very uncomfortable.

        I know I’m a little prickly pear and I don’t doubt I would get deleted as well.

  5. Sag sun/Libra moon/Taurus rising. I find myself in the center of others’ stories of late and frankly, I’m exhausted by it all. I think I will go sit on a bench and read a newspaper, so to speak.

  6. Maybe what they really wanted was free wisdom because they had no money for a consultation wit you. Like they’re frustrated with something and don’t have anyone to help them solve it. I understand your side of it as well, because it’s detrimental to your job, but some people dump their mess into the laps of people they think you can solve it. If they had someone else to take their problem to they wouldn’t be online looking for answers from total strangers. Im pretty sure they feel like a complete ass after reading your response to their post…that’s gotta hurt. Not that it was me, yall. Lol Just doing my Libra thing viewing from both sides 🙂 Not justifying that behavior in any way

  7. Oh ok. What you wrote reminded me of something I learned years ago with a brother who argued against everything I said. I realized this was something he did to squeeze information out of me so he didn’t have to research the info himself. How I knew he was doing this was, during the argument, he would shoot down and tear up everything I said so i’d have no choice but to “prove” my statement was correct. He wouldn’t rely on rational explanation…I actually had to bust out with a text book and show him the valid source. He would still deny it. Then months later I would hear my own argument coming out of his mouth…passed off as his own. He had complete amnesia about where he got the information. Deny giving me credit for providing it. In college I came across male classmates who did the same thing. It’s a way of stealing from people you respect but are jealous might be smarter or more talented. They tear you down but deep down they chose you because your worth stealing from. They put you on defense so you give them info they didn’t have before.

    1. Yeah, I learned that from my town government. They want input, not because they care. They want to know about any opposition to their already made decisions. The meetings are supposedly to have the people be part of the planning. They stole my ideas to use against me. Twisted effers.

  8. Probably will be a lot of “projectile vomiting” going on… get it? Projection– very Jupiter-in-Libra/7th house…. and the Aries is making sure to “ram” it down…

    I thought JustSayin’s comment was very astute… I totally believe people rip others off like that. Can’t figure out if it’s genius or laziness, though….

    1. I loved the comment too, but sometimes I wonder if someone is just plain drunk on their ass one night.

      I mean, people do come on here, shit-faced. 🙂

      So if someone comes on here with something bizarre, I don’t generally look for meaning in it.

      I remember going to the ear doc…I could not understand my son. The doc said I was fine. “Go home and tell them, communication is a two-way street”.

      Point being, if you really want to say something to me, figure out how to do it. And if I am stupid, then I guess you’ll have to dumb it down, lol.

      What I am not going to do is spend my time, trying decipher your…”hidden message that makes no sense.”

      That last is from Scorpio, Doug, of Doug and the Slugs. I learned a lot from that guy.

  9. Avatar

    Yes. Your blog, Elsa, has been filled with reminders to be humble about our perspectives. And to check ourselves and our rage… Especially in this Internet world. Treat people right. No matter what. Thank you.

  10. I am fascinated to see the manipulative games used to get what is wanted. I don’t know why I am seeing it. It is really interesting. The complexity of it is something to behold.

    The relationship burps I am having have to do with my lack of competitiveness. I am supposed to be competing on a team against other teams in my current workplace. I did not sign up for that. I was placed on a team. I signed up to do a job and the game thing has nothing to do with the work. I am opting out and getting crap from my team that wants to win win win. I just can’t get into it. Natal mars in pisces.

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