Did Not Mean To Scare: Re: Pluto Transit Through The 11th House

D. wrote on Pluto Direct in Sagittarius

“You’re scaring me o_o…”

D. I am sorry, I don’t mean to scare. If you read the original post on this (or search Pluto transit 11th), you’ll see the explanation for all this and it’s all just life. Stuff like you have a baby and you lose your friend(s) who do not have kids!

Things like the situation with my daughter which became so dire no one could cope and I became isolated. This was a function of Pluto’s transit to my Moon!

My experience is not liable to be yours although I did lose my hopes and wishes and dreams too. The kids in the picture there embodied them and that family no longer is. Again, a function of Pluto MOON.

I also have a pretty serious Pluto placement natally, activated by the transit which should also be considered. Let’s face it: I am prone to wipe out.

7 thoughts on “Did Not Mean To Scare: Re: Pluto Transit Through The 11th House”

  1. I’m wasn’t scared… I’m…

    cautious πŸ˜‰

    Looking at Pluto and going: we’re Pals, remember I like you! Please be nice…

    I’m not scared yet.. I’m… wating and whatching.

    I hope after this transit things will be better for you.

    ******* []

  2. “I hope after this transit things will be better for you.”

    Thanks, D. And I knew you were not exactly scared but when I read your comment it reminded me others will be. πŸ™

    I really hate to spread fear with astrology. The fact is my life is way, way, way more drastic than average and while I hate to point this out on one level, on another level I should.

  3. Pluto through my 11th — fell in love, met my hubby, married, moved away from all my friends.

    Still in contact with them — just 500 miles away now.


  4. hard for me to say– pluto hit my 5th when uranus hit my 7th house stuff and when saturn went into my 12th. but everything changed. everything. but its transit through my fourth killed my home life. it will never be the same. I will never even have the same concept of what a home life is. I’m rebuilding but it’s something new.

  5. Pluto in my 11th house in Libra, so in exile. It feels to me that I have transcent my potentially destructive drive through art

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