Defending Leo… Others Who Attract Attention To Themselves (and who doesn’t one way or the other?)

young-italian-bouguereau.jpg Togi remarks on Teenager Shoes:

“My Aries step dad wears bowties and bells on his sneakers so they jingle when he walks. So embarassing. What is that all about? Notice me, notice me!”

Togi, yeah it’s “notice me” but I have a different slant on this. Leo is here to entertain.  Even if you do nothing but laugh at me, you are still ENTERTAINED and since I have Venus in Leo, I think entertainment is freakishly important.

When I dated a painter, I dressed all the time. I always looked as if I just stepped out of a painting and also thought this was important as I was an addition to the landscape. Must we all dress down, the same, similar? I don’t think so because if it were, Venus when it got to Leo would just skip over. Same with Aquarius!

In regards to your step dad, yeah it’s embarassing but no more so than tattooing messages all over your body or getting humongous fake breasts put on your chest.  I think you just don’t like the guy! 🙂

pictured – The Young Italian, Bouguereau, Oil on canvas

6 thoughts on “Defending Leo… Others Who Attract Attention To Themselves (and who doesn’t one way or the other?)”

  1. I like to wear ankle bells with pretty shoes that lace up my leg because it makes me happy. Every step makes me giggle! What could be better?
    Screw getting attention, I do it for me. 🙂

  2. I used to wear hippie skirts and a string of bells around my ankle! in my early twenties I was always in costume of one sort or other. I loved it and loved the attention.

  3. I love it when people wear stuff like this. I almost envy it (it’s my Aquarius rising, I think, that envies it) because I could never pull anything kooky off. I have a very classic look physically (classic Libra features and body) and come off like I’m TRYING when I dress in anything but rather plain clothes.

  4. All clothing is costume. Clothing can totally change your mood and demeanor. The saying, “Dress how you want to be treated,” also holds true. If the world is a stage, why not play the character you want, feel good, play with costume? Leo rising, mostly libra (including sun) and sag in my chart. Definitely agree about the entertaining part. Leos are (or fancy themselves) kings and queens of the zodiac. And it’s said the alter ego of the king is the jester…
    When I dress well, I feel good. And when I feel good, I do good, and can make others feel good, too.

  5. I find the very things that can be a little bit of a turnoff to other people are kind of endearing in people I like. 🙂

  6. I have Saturn in Leo ( Libra Sun) so I find myself strangely admiring of Leos and “Leo-types” as well as totally disapproving and judgemental of their “Leo-ness”.I think I’m jealous of the pass they get for ego when I think I am contstantly checked for it.I secretly want to roar.

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