Untangling Complex Relationships & Social Situations

My husband has always had a knack for coming up with the best way forward or the solution that will be the most beneficial for everyone involved. He can see the big picture (Jupiter in Sagittarius) and do the right thing, even if it’s hard (Saturn in Capricorn).  I’ve learned a lot from him over the years.

So many problems seem unsolvable these days. That’s why I decided to teach the Using Astrology To Solve Problems class. In the process of working on the class, it hit me, how my husband does this and I’ll give you an example.

We’re part of a community here; many have strong personalities. There are also ties between people, for good and for ill.

In other words, this one hates this one but loves this other one. These two always side with this one, but never with this other one…you get the idea. This happens in any community, online or off.

You want to get something done but on top of all this, there are various hierarchies. One person has been around longer than the other. One person is rich, the other poor. Time measured against cash…it’s a mess.  Because besides all of this, everyone has toes and everyone warns everyone else not to step on these toes!

But my husband has the ability to cut through all this and come up with something workable and I am pretty sure I figured out how he does it. He’s math-minded.  What happens is he looks at all the pieces of the social construct and then he solves for X.

That’s right. The whole mess is an equation. If he looks at it long enough, and thinks about it, he will come up the answer and that answer will be correct.  Pretty cool, ya think?

14 thoughts on “Untangling Complex Relationships & Social Situations”

  1. Super cool. I wonder where his Pallas is. Pallas Athena is said to be good at solving puzzles. Math strategy is something I am mediocre at, mostly because I hate it, but social strategy, I can do. Like those reality tv shows..I could do those. I can usually predict the winner about halfway through the game. So I can see patterns in social environments. I have Pallas sextile Mercury and square Mars.

    1. Pallas in Libra.

      He can see who can stand a loss and who cannot. It’s an amazing skill. Everyone winds up satisfied…they don’t know who the architect is, necessarily.

      1. Very cool. I have Pallas in Libra conjunct my Asc from the 12th. I’m very good at math and mysteries and puzzles.

  2. That’s pretty cool. My mom is similar in her job, not so much socially. She is also math-minded.
    Co-workers in every one of her contracts perpetually bring her stuff they can’t solve. It’s a burden on her, because it was their job to solve it, not hers, but the manager tells her to help the co-worker solve the problem, which detracts from her work. They bring her this seemingly unsolvable problem that she can solve, easily. This is why she’s valuable. She’s told me for years that people can’t seem to solve problems. They can program or write code, which is just translating, but they can’t problem solve. She can solve all the complex problems, but bring her a simple problem, and she can’t solve it. She figures her mind was just made to solve complex problems, rather than simple ones. Her mind doesn’t know what to do when she encounters a simple problem.

  3. I wish he was the architect in our parish *SIGH* I just got nuked – again – for all those reasons you mentioned above – the toes and all. *SIGH* x 2

  4. Time measured against cash; this is a particularly powerful use of words, thank you

    Value is opinion yet the measure of time and cash non arguable;
    Until one ask the value?, is in whose opinion
    And so we get to the gold
    Now the important relevant and personal value of (x)
    When considering time and cash involved
    This is powerful to ponder for the individual
    Thanx we spend time we oddly spend cash but we also do a strange counting, up and down as if infinite,a revolving door
    Is it healthy?do we need a base camp can we go gypsy
    I hope this doesn’t throw a monkey wrench to your piece
    These words together,for me so powerful this morning

  5. Does he have a course/podcast/webinar/magic spell to teach that skill? Seriously. As a Gemini, I am tired of liking someone and then liking another person just the same as the first one, and then those other 2 to dislike each other and me coming in the middle and in the end to be less liked by both because the grudge they held against the other.

  6. Wow, “the soldier” is also a top-level diplomat, social mathematician and builder of positive outcomes!
    Wonderful combo of skills!

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