Divorce Or Reconciliation As Saturn Leaves Libra For Scorpio

terenzioany couples are separating as Saturn wraps up in Libra.  As painful as this may be, in most cases it is happening because the people have discovered that they are just not suited to each other, or that they able to make the deeper commitment that Saturn’s transit through Scorpio will demand.

I have a client who is breaking off a relationship with a man who just can’t meet her needs in practical terms. She asked me what would happen if she failed to end the relationship at this time. I told her she already felt bereft in the relationship and her pain would be even deeper with Saturn in Scorpio.

This was a stark thing to say but it makes an important point. There is such a thing as cutting your losses and enduring the moderately bad pain now, as opposed to the excruciating pain later.

I see another thing happening at this time.  Some couples are reconciling their differences and getting back together.  Unfortunately, many people who are making this choice, see it as a failure of some kind.  Like they can’t make it out of the relationship, or that they are settling.

This may be true in some cases but in most cases, it’s not. I hate that people suffer like this when in reality, they are re-committing to their relationship because there are still things to learn from the person. It’s that and also that the relationship is strong enough it will can withstand the demands that Saturn in Scorpio will put on it.

Well played, this stuff is deeply rewarding.  Both the leaving and the staying, so long as you get it right.

Are you making a permanent change in a significant relationship? Tell us!

43 thoughts on “Divorce Or Reconciliation As Saturn Leaves Libra For Scorpio”

  1. Reconciling. There is much to learn. We got married with Saturn in Libra but soon Saturn in Scorpio will transit my husbands Venus, Mercury, and both our Plutos. What might we expect?

  2. I’m looking to create one, as in, looking to re-marry. I’m done with being single. So. Over. It.

  3. Two girlfriends are getting divorced – both unwillingly, but they know it is for the best.

    Saturn in Scorpio trans my 9th will Sextile my Uranus, then Pluto, in the 7th. It will then Conjunct my Neptune 9th.

    I hope it brings a boyfriend who likes to travel on the water!

  4. Doing both. Waking up and rolling up my sleeves. Time to figure this out once and for all. Best of luck to all here! It’s not easy for sure. But definately is worth it.

  5. Saturn in Libra has caused alot of chaos in my life over the past year and a half, it conjuncted my Mars in Libra, squared my Ascendant in Capricorn, and is squaring my sun in Cancer right now….

    The retrograde in many ways, forced me to re-evaluate all the negative relationships in my life and eradicate all the garbage that came to the fore with all these nasty transits.

    It was tough, but I have to say, the choice to tough it out in my marriage was the best thing I have ever done, for myself and our kids.

    Saturn in Libra has left me battered, broken and sore all over, therefore, I cannot say I am looking forward to Saturn in Scorpio right now, my prudent Asc is Capricorn just wants to make it through October when this important transit takes place.

    But knowing me, As Dawn so eloquently put it, I will just roll up my sleeves and keep the shoulder to the wheel and keep plodding along. I thank my Cappy influence and Taurus moon for this.

  6. Hi there, im thinking about Saturn in LIbra, my second house, where he joined with Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Moon and Pluton.Bad finances, responsibility,fault, birth, terrible personal life.When Saturn comes into Scorpio – my sun sign, i have there and Mercury, what should to expect?Reconecting with past lover or the end of the past and new one?

  7. Fascinating insight and interpretation. Had not considered these possible movements in relationships with the impending transition of Saturn in Libra to Scorpio. So timely and applicable to my life too. My divorce was just finalized a few months ago. Had been going through Uranus conjunct Sun (early Aries) this past year +; our separation and change in status and relationship structure felt absolutely necessary at the time. Have no regrets and the need for change still feels very true and authentic. Consequently, my relationship with my former husband has been transformed. Recently, we’ve reconciled and it truly feels like a whole new beginning. Wouldn’t say we feel romantic, idealistic, or overly optimistic – just that we both have had the chance to realize and become more aware that overall we a strong bond together and have still have alot to offer and learn from one another. So thankfully, we’re not suffering over any doubts about reconciling or having gone through the divorce; more so, we’re grateful we’ve had the courage and humility to give each other and the relationship another chance, a rebirth. Don’t know what Saturn in Scorpio will mean for us, but the experience of the reconciliation and becoming more aware has been personally rewarding and growthful nonetheless.

  8. Sigh. One year out from my divorce.

    Had a Jupiter return. Had flings and flirtations. Whatever I’ve been doing it’s been to avoid the real work of proving I’m okay on my own. There’s not going to be any magic beanstalk sprouting in the backyard anytime soon.

    Man I hope Saturn in Scorpio does not suck like this did.

  9. Just had dinner with my college frat big brother – he was dumped by his live-in girlfriend about two weeks ago, but she insists that he stay there because she can’t afford to live alone! She monitors his FB posts, called him from across town to come change her tire, got mad at him for going to a party last night without her. Unreal. She is about to turn 50! Being the Saturn person in pretty much any exchange, you can bet I read him the Riot Act tonight. This is a big 250-lb. biker guy and I cannot believe how he is acting like such a doormat. Well, it’s his life… We’ll see if he moves out. Wow, such obvious boundary encroachment!

  10. Eva, try nine years out from the divorce! I’ve had a couple of relationships in the meantime, but they ultimately weren’t viable, and I’m not sorry I left. Let’s hope Saturn in Scorpio bears fruit from this time of weeding the wheat from the chaff. 🙂

  11. Two men, both things…but I can´t tell you how it´s going to end till mars is well out of virgo and into libra

  12. Yes, this eight months of Mars in Virgo is getting a little haggard! I can’t wait for his ingress into Libra to help sort things out!

  13. Finally managed to sever ties with my abusive (mentally & physically) mother – I am 43 so it has been a long time coming (long overdue) and time spent severing half-assed.

  14. Ended a 6 year relationship> But before ending it…. gave it 200% percent. No unanswered what if’s and I feel super. I feel released from jail if I can say that. I’m a Capi, Scorpio moon and my rising is cancer so sun in 7th house…. time to find a true soulmate. With mars in scorpio as well… let’s see what the stars bring 🙂 old and new prospects are abound…. taking it light until saturn moves into deep and sticky scorpio.

  15. hy, everyone! I have libra on cusp of mine 10th house,, all I can say about transition it`s wasnt esey,, I had a lot of confusion around people, didint she who they are truly, didint recognized what is mine purpus in life,, crizes was afoul I cried a lot,, disorginazes,, but it all started when saturn in leo crosed mine 8th house full with sun,mars,mercury,venus in cancer, verteks in caner, ceres, eros contected with some stars and cetra, 5 years of torture,, and then in may 2010 I finally decidet to read more about astrology and why is this happening to me.. My moon is on 8 libra in 10th house making conjuction with mc, and is squere my neptun is 1th house, also it makes conection with my chiron in 7th house on 13 gemmini,, uf its tuff sometimes…did chiron had something to do with colapsing of my frendship since he is in 7th house ,wich we know rules by libra ;)))

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    Peace Be With You

    Every relationship has issues. No relationship is perfect. I think you need to give it all you got and if it still doesn’t work then cut your losses. You shouldn’t just give up just because of some pain. Pain teaches us how to survive and how to get stronger. I am not saying we should always suffer for the sake of improving. There should be a limit. Keep in mind that no relationship is all rosey and easy going.

    I met my husband towards the end of Saturn in Virgo. Staturn in Libra has tested us so much. We got married in saturn in libra. We met each other when it was around both of our Saturn returns. So we have been through a lot and are still but we love each other so much and that’s big for us. You have to be getting some happiness out of your relationship to stay in it.

  17. I don’t know what is happening, really. The depth and honesty and intimacy are deepening, that is certain. The commitment to kindness, patience, and gentleness is sure as is the mutual wish to relinquish strife or contention. But there are some significant challenges and obstacles that were somewhat occluded from awareness previously, that are now visible and stark, and the future, even the near future, is still completely hidden from my view, at least.

  18. Satori–probably not. The date he wants is 5 degrees Scorpio.

    However at this point I kind of want to just go to city hall on another day if need be, and have the party on different day. In order to keep costs down we’re likely not having an open ceremony, but a nice reception.

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    Frog Princess

    Hello! Ive been prompted to comment at long last as i am well confused! I thought I totally understood this whole Saturn in Libra thing and what the ‘right thing to do’ was. I have been in a downward-spiraling relationship since last year and we have been on a ‘break’ for the last 3 weeks while we get some space and work out what we want. I have been coming to terms (VERY RELUCTANTLY) with the idea that I need to take control for once (had been in an 8 yr abusive relationship previously)and end it and move on. I thought this was my lesson to learn: to have the courage to leave. BUT I just watched one of your videos Elsa – “Saturn in Libra: Should I Get A Divorce / Leave My Boyfriend?” and at the end you say that just leaving wont cut it because the danger is I will just attract, yet again, the same kind of relationship. So Im now thinking ive been off-target with the lesson.. do I actually have to try the strategy of *doing things differently* IN the relationship first, (not just arguing in circles about ‘the problems’). I mean asserting my boundaries, strengthening my identity, attempting a different way of communicating. I think I might be answering my own question here. And to be honest it probably wont take long to work out if that strategy is working or not, and it also is not an exercise that will leave me depleted, quite the opposite. so worth a shot?!

  20. I am Cancer ascendant and Sag sun with Virgo moon.

    I married April 2009, started to live together August 2009. And at the end of 2009 I knew this is hell!!!

    However, I am not sure if it was Saturn in Libra or Pluto lipping forth and back over my descendant and therefore opposing my ascendant.

    Sinc August 2009, everything I started showed to be a failure: The marriage, the new job, the city I am damned now and the friends and colleagues I had to know.


  21. Hi,
    I am a Libran and my bf is a Saggitarian. Ex I should say. He left me on the night of Aug 31 citing reasons that I wasn’t happy with him and he couldn’t bear to see me so sad.
    We were both pretty cut up. I think he’s still in pain. I know I want to get back together when he is ready.
    Is there a possibility? Will Sept 29 push us further apart? I still haven’t heard from him. It’s my birthday in early Oct and I was kind of hoping for a reconciliation. Are we really not meant to be together?

  22. My husband and I got met and married during Saturn in Libra, and not only that, married w/Venus in retrograde. I am a triple Gemini with a Pisces moon and he’s an Aquarius with tons of Scorpio! It’s my first marriage late in life (47)…I thought I’d be exempt from a struggling partnership, having done all my work so I could attract him. Man, was I wrong! I can’t believe how difficult a marriage can be, bringing up so many painful truths about myself and my story. Having worked our asses off, the benefits are beginning to show, and I pray that the worst is truly behind us as Saturn enters Scorpio. Peace to you all!

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    Debkanti Mukherjee


    My wife and me has been separated from October 2010.Both of us have not make any divorce file.She has put some false cases against me. But I still love her. I know the Saturn will leave Libra on 6th October2012. So Is there any chance to remake this conjugal life ?? Please reply me.

  24. just had saturn return in 8th. @ 28* still can’t decide. she’s good for me, but she’s also bad for me. she supports me, though… i actually have no idea what i’m doing. but somewhere inside… i’m unhappy. or feel i am not myself.

    i just said no to my father around the time of the conjunction. no i will not slave away to pay the bond. i cut it. the house is going to be left to him to keep & struggle, or give up & change.

    my inheritance was a sinking ship.
    i feel i’ve chosen my girlfriend over the ship. but i can’t appreciate her either.

    i became more diplomatic in general, to others, but i also feel that it was a defence mechanism i developed so others can’t see my suffering, or my own struggle.

    i lost my job.

    i want to follow my dreams… but i’m afraid i am too broken to get up.

    my return was conjunct my natal pluto aswell, also in 8th in libra – @ 27*

    excuse my french.

    I feel totally fucked up.

  25. hi,
    on 11th oct.2011 my husband left the house and abondoned me and my minor daughter….and filed for divorce in oct 24.2011…since than we r having four court cases ….but one starnge thing that since last 12 months we are meeting occasionaly..and by some or other reason god is making circumstance for us to meet….last month on 15th aug 2012 my husband met with an accident and will be on bed for 8-9 months…..i m tired and faced lots of struugle emotionally,fiannacially and .professioanly…can u please guide when will saturn leave and will i be bale to save my marriage and reconcile..i dont want to break my marriage but ,my husband wants divorce ….here are our details..
    Anjana 23-09-1974 time-00:15am gwalior
    vikas 28-09-1980 time -09:08 am indore
    daughter name Apple –08-03-2005 -14:50pm-mumbai
    please help and guide and give me some remedy to minimise ill effects of saturn and save my family

  26. Hi Elsa,

    My Scorpio is leaving me this seperation is going on since 17th Nov.12, I’m a cancer and not able to levae him…I have been very sharp in my tone, non understanding and reacted and rejected this seperation very badly then never in my life ever. He been listening to me quitely cried for my pain but did not show any sign of revert. Are we getting seperated after 5 years of togetherness?

    My Loyalty and honesty doesn’t hold anything above these planets transit?

  27. Hi, my husband divorced me last 8 months- 30th July 2014, i wish for a reconciliation and trying my level best to win his heart back.. there’s an indian astrologer told me that he’ll be back by October this year., but am not so sure and ve doubt since he doesnt shows any interest in me anymore.. He’s libran and am scorpion..pls lisa, is there any chances for him to come back? I just cant hold t pain anymore..

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