I’m Becoming Psychic Or Something

conversationI’ve never been psychic. I’ve considered it, because my sister has this ability.  I can’t do what she can do – period.

This is not to say I don’t have a lot insight and I can certainly read a chart to such a degree, most questions can be answered. But I’ve been having new experience with Saturn in Pisces. Perhaps Neptune is involved as well, though I’m only noticing this is in 2023.

This morning’s happening has prompted me to write this. I was talking to a friend about her past lives… this is what the conversation was about.  But somehow the conversation flipped and we started talking about this gal’s daughter who is deeply pissed. I mean, she is pissed to the bone and often spews at her mother at a level that stuns.

The thing is, I like this girl. I haven’t met her but I have talked to her briefly and I have her chart. I’ve also known her mother for years and I have a feel for her. Today I started talking about how their relationship might be reconciled.

If you’re a friend of mine, you can be sure I am going to be honest with you. I told my friend, her daughter has a reason to be pissed – I was sure of this. I was sure of it, because she is SO PISSED and she’s not a crazy or mentally sloppy person.

I also told my friend, I felt her daughter knew why she was pissed but didn’t outline this for her because she didn’t feel she’d be listened to or understood.  Her mother will refute her, see?  Which will make her even more crazy-pissed.  “She’s written you off on that level. Can’t talk to you…”

So we were talking about how she might ask for the information, successfully.  WHY is she so pissed? This whole thing is stuck until until that piece is discovered. I don’t know how but at some point, I said she may have been molested.

I want you to know, I do not look around and see “molestation” everywhere. As a matter of fact, this is the first time in my life, I suggested something like this without someone telling me anything. I am well aware of “false memories” and such. Plus, I’m just not stupid.  But it came to me.

This is not a family with this problem so I did put my neck out there, which I would do, not only for my friend but for the girl, who I like.

When I say I like someone, I mean it. I don’t need to know you to like and appreciate your energy. I’m not saying I think she’s perfect. This gal’s fury with her mother is epic.  But she’s just not a fool. She has a reason!

So I brought this up and it did seem to fit. I had some other guesses, the root of the fury, but this concept fit like a glove. “Maybe she thinks you should have known…”

“Did you leave her with Uncle Icky..?” I asked.

My friend did not.  We were just exploring this. When you have a mystery problem, it can help to talk it through with someone.  You have to dig around and throw things out there.  Anyway, we talked about this pretty thoroughly and then she told me her daughter has recently told her, she’d been wondering if she were molested and she didn’t know if it was real.


I think it is real and now that they know, they’ll be able to sort this.  After the conversation, I pulled up this gal’s chart. It’s no stretch at all, something like this would have happened.  And damnit, no one knew it for all these years.

I think this came to me, psychically,  for these reasons: we weren’t talking about anything like this at all.

I have never in my life, been talking to someone and thought, “this person was molested and doesn’t know it.”

The idea flowed out of my mouth, with some kind of steady certainty.

Something is shifting in me, for the good.

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  1. As i have been healing i seem to be more psychic…and feel like i can “see” people. i m being humble and not assuming i am correct..and i often seem to be tho. I had an exceptional, remarkable shift this Nov 24. more at ease with myself and life. grateful <3

  2. This is going to be happening more and more for all of us, it’s going to become common place to get downloads from our higher selves. All part of ascension.

    I’ve always been intuitive, but I noticed something really big happened for me around Thanksgiving of this year (heart chakra opening) and since then so much info has flooded in.

    Seems the eclipse in April will be a big factor in this progression. I’m so freaking excited. Goodbye, age of Pisces when you had to go to a religious middleman and welcome to the age of Aquarius. Power to the people!

    1. l know what you mean when you say: heart charka opening, Kate (lots of blocked throats around…let alone hearts…everyone has their own layout and right timing for their work…). It is hard to let go of external approval when following the call to deep inner work, l have found…So much in our society is based on externals. Status.Looks. Money. Relationships. The car you drive…ticking all the expected ‘socially sanctioned ‘boxes. l am not much of a box ticker.(l go by what feels right for me. There is a bit more to it, but my way of going about it, works for me, not for all.) l am not sure what you mean by Ascention ( l might guess but guesses might be a wrong with Nept/Saturn atm).And like you, I do not support the religious middleman( or woman) to guide or direct me either.l never have (too many of that sort looking for acolytes has been my experience…)Evenso,there are good teachers and mentors even among the religous: Brother Andrew was one…he never mentioned God nor did he recite ‘teachings’ He was gently in his ‘being’ and supported mine without words. And l didnt even start out Catholic…Power to all good people yes!…but why did: ‘The path to hell is paved with good intentions’ fly into my mind…just then? l suppose the question of what we mean when we say ‘good people’ needs to be questioned…or chewed over. Enough for today. Off go the machines for a bit.

      1. Hey Dianne! What’s happening right now is certainty a lot more complicated than what I wrote above (and of course I’m not privy to all the details anyway) and we will all experience different things based on what is most needed for our growth so I can’t really say what everyone will experience. But I do know that right now we all have the opportunity to elevate ourselves and our experiences through embracing new levels of authenticity. We are all on a path of evolution, along with our planet, and we just happen to be approaching a significant opportunity for upleveling.

        The bravest thing we can do is do is look to ourselves as the highest authority, so props to you for being willing to go against the grain and do what feels right to you! Society is set up to prevent us from doing exactly that so it takes a true spiritual warrior to choose to trust oneself and be guided by love/universal truths over the general consensus.

        I wanted to believe that people were inherently good and had good intentions and I still do think that at the most fundamental/soul level, but life has taught me, especially recently, that there are plenty of people out there who are up to no good (to say the least) and who must be guarded against. Those people will not choose to embrace their authentic selves and embrace the mystery of what’s unfolding because fear causes them to feel the need to control everything.

        These people will take a different path/timeline than those of us who choose authenticity so I do not worry about them, I just concern myself with choosing to follow what feels right for me.

        There is now the potential to see/intuit more than ever before and it will provide surprise after surprise in the months and years to come. We will first be confronted with the conditioned beliefs which have held us back to date and be given the opportunity to change our way of thinking and behaving. As we allow ourselves to evolve many of us will experience what we would now call miracles and special abilities, eventually leading to a world where those things are commonplace.

        We all progress at our own rate so well-intentioned guides/role models are most definitely still helpful to those still figuring things out. We’re all being tasked with developing discernment right now. There’s so much more but those are the key pieces I think, based on what I’ve gathered to date. But of course that’s just what rings true for me. Sending y’all love and hugs!

        1. Thank you for getting back to me Kate and taking the time to reply with care. Yes, it is more complicated…l was messy on the page yesterday, but you weren’t…It was just what l needed to hear. You rang true for me, Kate and I feel better for it too. And l wont spoil it all by adding more words today.

          1. That’s great to hear Dianne! I seem to always err on the side of too many words. So I’ll just say happy holidays! Tee hee

    2. “Power to the people.” Yes! Kate. I’m waking to the power of unlocking truth. Catching myself in the lies I tell (myself and others) consciousness shifting I become a person I want to be around; and like attracts like.

      Your story is strongly resonate, Elsa. You’re on a roll!

  3. I find the article and the responses deeply fascinating! Especially the mentions of psychic abilities enhancing, heart chakras opening, downloads.

    I feel this will hit a peak as Neptune reaches the very last degrees of Pisces next year. That people will reach a state of emotional overwhelm, and with that, a flooding of psychic overwhelm.

    Witnessing this already since Neptune stationed direct earlier this month, with many people struggling with acute sensory overload (and not due to being on a “neurodivergent” spectrum, people who are otherwise neurotypical). Picking up other people’s energies like a sponge and becoming overwhelmed from them.

    Neptune and Pisces are about the lacking of boundaries, so it would include PSYCHIC boundaries too, the veil getting thinner around EACH OTHER and being able to pick up on the unseen.

    Probably including the South Node Libra eclipses, the one we had mid-October, and the upcoming ones running in tandem with Neptune at the end of Pisces throughout 2024, it’s all about each other. Maybe past lives will be more of a theme too, more psychic awareness of the karmic bonds and contracts (Libra) we have with other people.

    Saturn Pisces may just embed that even further. Both Saturn and Neptune are bookends in Pisces.

  4. I think everyone has some degree of psychic ability, and we are trained by our upbringing to block it…Then something happens that allows us to partially, or even wholly, unblock it…I have long noticed that when playing games, I sometimes see things that haven’t happened yet…./

    1. I agree, everyone has psychic abilities but it’s either untapped, or as you say, conditioned to dismiss it all as hokey.

      I have come across people who REALLY have pronounced psychic abilities, premonitions, clairvoyance, mediumship, and the like, but have decided to suppress it as they find it unsettling and even scary. Or it’s “forbidden” due to their religious beliefs.

      I feel THEY will be the ones that will have those abilities almost blasted open the MOST under these Saturn Pisces, Neptune at the end of Pisces, transits.

  5. Just had a further thought, if people are becoming more psychic of late (which seems to be the case with the comments here, and also in real life too) , what are the odds that people will start to see GHOSTS?!

    Never seen one myself, only the occasional presence felt, and a “something creepy” whilst in Reykjavik once. I’m inclined to rationalise it mostly, and also I believe ghosts are merely energetic emotional imprints left behind.


  6. I know everyone is Psychic, we are all spirit in the Flesh and it’s time we own it. The matter is created by consciousness, God, whatever word you want – this is why we have no memory of ‘past lives’ – it’s got to flow up from the Unconscious Mind kind of the same mind that runs your body so your don’t have to. This is Ascension, end Times, New Times. It’s also important to realize NO ONE IS WALKING ON WATER – not one person KNOWS ANYTHING REALLY Concrete all by themselves- it’s why we must have Councils who have grown out of their childhood stage and are Upstanding, strong with Integrity. I think too, no one will be able to lie – we’re all GOING TO KNOW THE TRUTH – the Veil will disappear – our psychicness will deepen. Christ said, there will come a time when no longer will they say KNOW THE LORD, we will all , inherently KNOW. What a wonderful world it is and time is the GREATEST ILLUSION. It’s only the Petty Ignorant which make it seem less.

  7. 2023 was the year I saw a ghost for the first time (I think).
    It was my mother’s recently passed husband. I also “saw” him with my mind’s eye/3rd eye ascend from a spirit level to become more and more “soul form” as he climbed higher on the path towards the upper energy level or soul level or heaven or whatever we call it. The higher realms or some such.

    That was AugustToday I saw him again, for the first time since he passed away. It takes approximately 6 months from a soul goes to the other realms, for it to appear in spirit form. I asked a psychic person about this, a well-known medium.

    In 2018 I received a very generic and short download when I was doing a meditation: “From 2020 innovate or die”
    It was so strong I had to write it down and hang it on my wall, even though I didn’t know squat about what it meant.

    …. but we all know what happened in 2020!

    Everyone is psychic, we are all on a journey. My Neptune is quincunx my Chiron, and trines Pluto… I wonder if that’s why. Neptune is also very close to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.

    I once also helped a dying soul crossing to the bridge.

    I have an affinity with Death it seems…

  8. I used to drive a taxi cab a couple years ago. One day, I was dispatched to pick someone up in the morning. It was an extremely remote location that I did not live terribly far from, I just had never been there. Eventually came to a small dirt road, passing assorted very old campers that must have been rented by people of extremely low income. I get to the end, where the person I am supposed to pick up was. I called his cellphone, he asked me to please wait a minute while he finished getting ready. I said to myself, “Former foster child”.

    He is finally ready and he gets in my cab. I really felt kindness toward him, and I thought he was so cute, he reminded me of a young Johnny Mathis, so I told him. He didn’t know who Johnny Mathis was, so he looked him up and listened to a song. I asked him where he was from, that’s when he told me, “I just aged out of the foster care system”.

    I am psychic, I have a bunch of crazy stories like this. Mine is kind of like a radio antennae, I never know when it will go off. I have some of the classic signatures in my chart, like Cancer N.N. right on my ascendant.

    1. Dear Sherry
      Your taxi cab story is priceless! I never had the guts to drive one, but my husband has and our neighbors are a “fleet” of taxis who also house a menagerie of peacocks roosters dogs and mega Christmas lights, Halloween witches, angels … not all at once but always over the top.
      Your taxi customer who looked like a young Johnny Mathis had me on the search for Johnny: what a treat to find the crooner still singing at Christmas, at 88.
      This is the stuff of connectivity I relish-one sweet string plucked and another and then here I add to this thread with satisfaction. Calming the trauma drama habit, doing no harm, finding the way between. “Chances are” one of my fav Johnny Mathis croons.
      Thanks for this✌️

    2. This is a slow reply…but l wanted to comment, Sherry. My reply slipped down the list…again. Nevermind. And you have a good 2024.

  9. Someone asked if it was me in the picture. Answer is, no.

    It’s just people talking. I wanted to illustrate how often, this is how things come to light.

  10. Some things stick Sherry, and your story stuck with me… We tip foster kids out at 18 yrs too in Oz…with no supports bcs 18yrs is supposed to make an independent adult…there has been talk of changing that set up here…l cant help but think that your kindness and it was ‘you saw him’ gave him a nudge in the right direction. Sometimes that’s all it takes: a moment of human kindness. Nice one Sherry from a Cancer Venus trine Asc.

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