Do You Feel Compensated For Your Effort, Hardship & Pain?

victor-gabriel-gilbert_le-marchc3a9-de-moubeuge-1877Do you feel compensated? I think the answer to this question might be a screeching NO, but I want to ask it anyway.

Do you feel compensated for your efforts? No necessarily a straight exchange, but do you feel you receive some kind of compensation, eventually?

I have been put through some very serious paces at different times in my life. I feel I have been justly compensated for any and every effort I’ve ever made.

I am not talking about monetarily. I have had so much money stolen from me, it’s a joke. But when I think of bad times I’ve had…Pluto transits…outer planet transits in general. Times when I have I endured great pain and suffered many losses over an extended period, I do feel I have been compensated in some way.

It might be the wisdom I gained. It might be that some gift I received, later, was so epic, it filled a million holes in my life.

Like when my husband came back into my life. From the minute we got in contact, the balance sheet that was stacked up against me, terribly, tipped in my favor, dramatically.

I could easily sit here and list my injuries. Life is terribly unfair. People are mean. But when I look at my individual life, I do feel I have been compensated.  Epic losses can and have evaporated, overnight in some cases, or while I was sleeping / looking in another direction.

I feel other people have been compensated too, but I don’t think they’d necessarily agree. This is purely my perspective.

I am interested in your perspective. Understanding that no one can have it all or win it all, all the time, do you feel you’ve been compensated for your efforts?

Or your lack of effort, for that matter..?

Thanks for weighing in on this. I appreciate being able to ask you.

59 thoughts on “Do You Feel Compensated For Your Effort, Hardship & Pain?”

  1. no…years later still trying to figure it out. glad it worked out for you. love my family and friends. say my prayers at night and hope for the best.

  2. i think i get what you mean. I lost alot in my life, but material things don’t matter. I lost family support and love – my grandparents, and i can feel it immensely. I know they are with me in heart and spirit but it isn’t always the same. It reminds me of the story of Job in the bible. He had everything and lost everything. All in one blink of an eye. And he had a good family, fortune, love and support. There’s a lesson to learn here — even religiously/spiritually. (Saturn in Sag lesson?) i always wonder if it’s karma paid in past lives too.

  3. If I look at the life as a whole and make balance, yes I feel compensated. The funny thing (that makes most people say no) is that when I put all my efforts and try so hard for something that I am sure I deserve a compensation, the result is negative. On the other hand sometimes come the good things, when I least expect them. It all looks as if my efforts do not matter and the universe decides alone.

  4. It depends on the day you of course I’ve been compensated, time and time again. But, some days, in the midst of losing everything again… its hard to remember.

  5. I guess my answer would be yes. The question I asked myself, would I endure all the heartache and suffering (Saturn) again to be where I am now? Yes I would. I would not trade what I have for all the money in the world. (Saturn is currently transiting my second house) Have I suffered needlessly(Saturn) in the past? Yes, but that was a lesson I needed to learn and to own my power (Pluto), my life.

  6. I do, actually. It’s funny to think about, and thank you for asking the question. I hadn’t thought about it but yeah, I do. Everything has purpose, everything has value.

  7. Funny thing- at one point I thought, everything is always getting better, I’ve had a lot of good things. But as I’ve gotten older, I see many areas where I missed out, where I got less than the average, where I was either neglected or taken advantage of. Talk about the veil dropping. Somewhere I got the message that x was difficult to obtain, could be anything. Then I realize that no,some people are absolutely not conflicted or blocked about that, and in fact they don’t worry about it or have never had trouble obtaining it.

    I also think by middle age you see the culmination of people’s decisions and advantages, and you see the bigger picture of how life works. If you’ve screwed up, it’s apparent, and if you haven’t, you reap the rewards.

    People comfort themselves with stories of exceptions- “sure they have a lot of money, but their son is a drug addict”..but for average people, I think it’s predictable if they will be compensated or not. I don’t think I’m worse than the average person, but I do think I’ve received less.

    (Happy Monday, lol!)

  8. The big picture? Yes.

    Small details? No.

    Sometimes life is just painfully unfair, but I do believe the universe ‘softens’ the blow if you’re a good boy or girl, haha.

  9. NO. Not with Saturn in Scorpio right now.

    However, though I have gone through great pains in practically exhausting myself from giving and giving to the wrong people (and getting abandoned as the end result..W.T.F.), the universe has brought gains to me from other sources such as new friendships, new financial gains, new career opportunities, new avenues for self-healing, limitless support from family members, etc. My vindictive Scorpio planets would ONLY want compensation from those that I’ve sacrificed myself for! but that will never be the case no matter how hard I want it to be.

  10. In a way – yes. For many years, I refused to make any kind of significant effort to improve my own Life. And I’ll be dealing with consequences for a long time. But I also feel I’m being compensated for the effort I put in improving myself and my condition from a certain point onwards. If anything, I gained insight, a certain degree of wisdom and much, much depth. This is a very valuable compensation in my eyes.

  11. What a good question. It’s a good thing I’ve had the years of life I’ve had so far. The lessons about ‘compensation’ have taken time (Saturn rules my chart) to own the definitions of worth and value. Humiliation and humbling are twins and so much a part of the compensation package that contributes to my character today. Finding what is valuable means different things to me now. I have what and who I need in my life, even when I fall on what might be a want … less entitlement, more a character of authentic value.

  12. I also should asked, if you don’t feel you’ve been compensated, do you think this is a done deal? Or do you have hope things will even out in the future?

    1. I think the outer planet cycles have a lot to do with this. If you have pluto passing through your first house in your thirties, for example, tearing down your sense of self just when you should be at your peak, that is difficult to recover from. Because the Pluto cycle is so long nobody gets the whole 360′ cycle.

  13. I like this topic, it can go in so many different directions. With the law of attraction I believe that when your actions come from love and your thoughts are based in love, then even when bad things happen around us or to us, I believe we will be compensated in some way.

    But on the flipside I do believe that there are people going through life that are so based in fear in their thoughts, in their actions, and in their beliefs about life, that they will attract more negative and will not feel as though they are being justly compensated on the positive side. The only problem with that thinking is that it becomes a very victim like thinking when in reality we are spiritual beings, and we have the choice to elevate our thinking into positive thoughts and positive actions. When it becomes our best times (usually those times that the planets are lined up to serve us in a positive manner) then we will be rewarded if our actions were/are based in love.

  14. I can think of people who have lost a child or live with chronic pain/debilitating illnesses, and I can’t think of any way that can be paid back, despite moments or periods of happiness. People love stories about how these people overcome their pain with Zen-like acceptance, calling them brave and whatever, how this is some blessing in disguise etc. Personally I feel more honest calling shit “shit”, minus transcendence. Compassion, even for the self, comes from actually seeing suffering, not putting a bow on it and calling it a gift.

    1. As someone who lives with chronic pain in varying degrees of severity, I would like to say thank you. It does have its uses, but it’s still pain. Thanks for acknowledging that.

      I had my cane yesterday and someone pushed me out of the way to get on the bus – but twelve people very kindly stood aside and gave me a little extra space. I’m working hard right now on focusing on the twelve. 🙂

  15. No,not even close.
    But your post gives me hope as I’m hoping to be have the ball in my court, like when your husband came back into your life, as the karma was balancing out. It’s a metaphysical law that in a big romantic connection, a person will have the chance eventually to use their own freewill. I’ve been feeling a great karmic imbalance for a long time. But hopefully that will change.

  16. I’m very lucky in general, have a good job and good health, so I don’t feel hard done by in that respect, I do feel undervalued by the people I love though. I give too much and never understand when others don’t reciprocate. Hard habit to break though, it’s in my nature – saturn 28′ Pisces. 🙂

  17. I think it depends where one looks. There are people who’ve shorted me, situations that I long to have resolved differently. If I keep looking at those people/those situations then no, I don’t feel fairly compensated. However, if I broaden my gaze out and incorporate some fairly unorthodox things such as how my expectations and compassion for others have both been elevated, then yes I have been compensated. I still acutely feel the lack of love or care from past situations but I think the sooner I let that go and stop looking at the closed door as it were, the sooner the window will open and I will find reward there. You find what you look for.

  18. Not even remotely. People who know me, including my Mother, say I have the worst life of just about anyone they know. Decade after decade of hardship, horror and hopelessness. Everything I try goes wrong. I’ve asked by guy if he ever wished his Mother had drowned him in the bathtub-I have. This life has been SO bad I don’t even want to remember it except for the fact that I might be stupid enough to do it again if I don’t remember it. The WORST thing I can think of to say to someone is “I hope when you die you come back and have MY life”. I’ve only said it twice.

  19. I most definitely have been compensated. I had a problematic childhood due to warring parents and we moved too much which created a gaping hole in my education when I got older. I often was the “new girl” with no friends as a child. I was compensated by having a stable married life and I haven’t moved in 31 years. I’m a firm believer that if you wait it out, things do get better.

  20. Compensation always seems just out of reach, like its a long journey and am travelling it never to arrive. Living in hope tho and dreaming that Saturn in Sag will bring riches in 2nd house. Being poor makes material things a bit mirage-like. Obsessing over a vintage Longines watch, and hoping I wont need to use a promised windfall to mop up debts incurred while pulling my life around.

  21. In a word? Yes.

    I mostly feel that I “get what I put in” or my work is respected, or that things resolve themselves in a way I am EVENTUALLY at peace with. Understanding the big picture of the events of a year take me a while, but when I get a handle on it, I feel there is fairness of some sort. Sometimes my efforts are not just compensated but rewarded, rewarded in excess I worry. It is interesting because I definitely feel blessed but also guilty. I am trying to channel that guilt into something more effective…

  22. Nope, but it is often a challenge for me to see the glass half full. There were moments of contentment and peace, but lately it is just one wave of being used and abused after another. I wish I thought it was going to be different, but I definitely feel the best is behind me and it will be a long 2nd act.

  23. Saturn in pisces in 4th opposition pluto uranus. Hell no, unless harsh reality is to be considered compensation for hard work and dedication to others. It all makes me wonder if these results are meant to show me that I was not meant to focus on service to others and I have not been focusing on what I should be.I hope I will be compensated when I die. There will be no burden to carry when i go into love and light. I will be free at last. I am very glad that many of you feel compensated in this world and I hope life continues to bless you with much joy.

    1. I have that aspect too. When Pluto moved through 1st Hs I had massive success thenn failure. In 2nd similar. Now in 3rd? Maybe here we go again.

  24. I am compensated beyond my dreams. Having been through a “grass is greener on the other side” week – I realize I talk “if only” but then I remember what bullcrap I would have to put up with to “make it so.” I made great choices! I also don’t keep my expectations a secret…makes whatever compensation you expect more likely to come your way!

  25. This word ‘compensated’ is not sitting comfortably with me. I might be splitting hairs. i get the general gist I think; maybe you’re asking whether we feel gifts have come out of our suffering? For sure- I’ve developed the art of perceiving gifts in difficulty. But compensated is not a word I’d use. I don’t believe that if people hang out long enough there’ll be a reward; that’s just not…how it works from my perspective. Some people do get breaks eventually in life and good luck to them! I’ve seen others go through breathtaking levels of suffering and I wouldn’t say the books ever really balanced. There’s no particular fairness to it. But if a person believes they’re richly rewarded – well who’s to say they aren’t? That perspective is a gift in itself.
    I’m still not sure I would do it all again.

  26. „If you don’t feel you’ve been compensated, do you think this is a done deal? Or do you have hope things will even out in the future?¨“

    No, I don’t think I’ve been compensated, but then I never thought life would bring me compensation. Life doesn’t have to do this.
    I can agree with Arachne when she says: „But if a person believes they’re richly rewarded – well who’s to say they aren’t? That perspective is a gift in itself.“

  27. “do you feel you’ve been compensated for your efforts?”
    I’m not sure really.

    I have certainly been blessed. The key for me is that the impact of the losses lessens with time where they were monumental in the moment which in turn allows me to feel things haven’t been terribly unfair overall.

  28. I find that when I put in the effort, I get compensated. It’s not always as a direct result of the effort, but sometimes it is. I think my Saturn in Capricorn loves working hard and expects to be rewarded, even if it’s slow.

    1. I just looked at the title of this post again, and I’d like to add…I don’t feel that I am compensated for hardship and pain, only for effort. I feel like the universe is content to watch me writhe in despair unless I actually try to move forward. So I always have to keep doing that!

  29. No, but I don’t think life is about compensation anyway. That would only happen in a “fair” universe, and we ain’t in one.

  30. I am obviously unevolved- HELL YES I want more than I have received. As far as eventually getting it? Sure, it’s possible. In fact, it better turn out that way without my looking for a silver lining. An entire silver cloud. 😀

    It’s like, what, I am here to help OTHERS with their karma or whatever? Kinda like a scapegoat. I am not concerned about the afterlife, I’d like to have some satisfaction here, please. I’m not even that demanding, so geez..bring it, Universe!!

  31. THIS ~~~~I think the outer planet cycles have a lot to do with this. If you have pluto passing through your first house in your thirties, for example, tearing down your sense of self just when you should be at your peak, that is difficult to recover from. Because the Pluto cycle is so long nobody gets the whole 360′ cycle.
    (YES ~ I sure did! And what a ride!)

    I may have answered this differently 20 years ago.

    Every day that I can get up, put my feet on the floor and live another day is compensation to me.

    If compensation means getting something in return for what I give in the way of financial support to family, then no, I rarely get a thank you.

    If it means I get paid for what I do in the work force….. Some days are better than others. I have days where I work way too hard for what I am paid, and others where I feel like I may be over-paid. It balances itself out.

    As far as getting back what I give ….the big picture. Well I always feel better giving than getting so it feels pretty good to be able to be healthy enough to help those around me. That is compensation to me.

    Having a decent husband after living through men that just wanted to hit me or cheat on me is compensation.

    Life is going to go up and down. Seems like the higher up you are the longer and harder the fall. And, that fall will hurt but there are going to be lasting lessons. Lessons are definitely compensation.

  32. note* I didn’t have Pluto in my first house in my thirties…but it made sure and passed through my first few houses…. omg!! The 4th and 5th HURT! Ruined me. Took everything I had. I lived! There is compensation!

  33. Honestly, I’m still on the fence about this one. I would say, for the most part, yes. I am basically a lazy person & I admit it. I haven’t done all that I can, and when I do, I am always compensated for my efforts. I could be worse. My life could be worse. So, I do my best to be happy with what I’ve got & if I find myself wanting, I go after what I want.

    As they say, if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it…if you don’t ask, the answer is always no…if you never step forward, you’ll always be in the same place. (Nora Roberts, I think.)

  34. Sometimes I think yes it’s fair. Sometimes I think no it’s not fair. Libra. 🙂
    Mostly I think I’m only seeing a tiny bit of the cosmic “big picture” so I have incomplete information haha.

  35. No. No one has ever loved me. Probably no one ever will. Because this is a love-hating society out to kill us all body, mind, heart, and soul.
    I want to stop existing.

    1. I have nothing except my pets, and some crummy material things, and none of it gives me so much as a life to be apathetic about, let alone happy.

    2. I’ve decided that an Aries 8th House doesn’t mean a long life, or an accident… It means I’m going to go when I (Aries/Mars = self) choose.

    3. All of my life, I’m almost always the only one who truthfully cares about anyone, or anything. So, NONE of my efforts in life are EVER compensated.

      1. Because I’m genuine! I know people in this comment section putting up stuff about putting out good getting good are frauds who put out bad while faking good! They’re abusers who TAKE! Who think faking being a good person while stealing is them being compensated for good! While the real good people are their victims!
        If things were better, it’d be possible to get compensated. But, this is a Kleptocracy DESIGNED to reward bad people, and hurt good people.

        1. People in the gray, and bad have it made in this country right now. Thy have everything. And, they bad ones value none of it, while pretending they do value it. The gray do value it. The good? We have NOTHING!

  36. In personal relationships, the hard times that I worked through have definitely added a layer of depth and security to the relationship that I wouldn’t have gotten to if things had just flowed along smoothly.

    Sometimes the reward is not simultaneous with the effort. But the results come years later.

  37. Yes by the Lord’s hands but there are many times I would disagree my body has been hurt cut broken and no I feel not compensated I have helped people out but when I need help everyone turns a blind eye to me everyone says you riches are in the near future but I’ve not seen it yet but the Lord has carried me a lot of times in that since yes I have been compensated

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