Do you feel a responsibility to teach what you know?

jupiter coin Do you feel a responsibility to share your knowledge with younger generations? To help them to not make the mistakes you did?

I feel this very strongly. My husband does not feel it all. If you’re his kid, that’s different. Or in his class or in his platoon. But generally speaking, he feels no obligation whatsoever to do anything to try to help someone, heading straight for a cliff.

This is strange to me. We’re very different in the way. Conversations go like this…

“Do you not think you should say something?” I’ll ask.

“No, I’m not going to say anything. He’ll/She’ll find out soon enough…”

I don’t know if I am hyper-responsible, called to teach, or just stupid. Because one the reasons my husband doesn’t say anything is because no one listens to him anyway.

Maybe they don’t listen to me either and I don’t notice. But even if I did notice, I’m pretty sure I would still feel compelled to try to help younger generations. I just can’t imagine it any other way.

Do you feel a similar sense of responsibility? Β What is your Jupiter/Saturn situation.

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  1. Hi Elsa, I have Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius, so I naturally lean towards teaching. But I have come to the view that you have to let people make their own mistakes, as that is the only way they will learn from them. Myself included. Learning from a teacher is always a second or third hand experience. I think we are here to learn lessons, old and new. If it were not so, we would not need the experience. And sometimes it takes many mistakes over and over again until we just get it !

    1. That’s interesting.

      This came up because I read (on a message board) a profound statement, written by an old person. I was thrown for a loop. This was an old man (Saturn) who said that every significant problem he ever had could be tied to this one thing – one behavior. He’d figured this out at this stage of life.

      It was so potent.

      I thought *his* one thing might be true for many, if not most. But how many will figure it out…without this kind of tip?

      When that guy posted that, he provided and opportunity (Jupiter / Sagittarius) for someone to gain vast knowledge in this little nugget. It’s exactly why I think a person should speak up.

      This is not to say I don’t think people can and should learn their own way, or the hard way. In fact, that may be the only thing that gets through to some. But others…I’m one of them…I crave exposure to people who can teach me something. I seek (Jupiter) them out.

      1. Hi. If I were my older self, I think I would have forgotten what I once new, and carry on making new mistakes ! When I was my younger self, I would just not believe how I got to where I am now. So I am learning what is appropriate to now. For me, in my current situation. Past and future are really no guide to where I am now. Except to say that with astrology, I can travel back and forth in time at will, and take a fresh look at a situation. Now that is a skill worth having.

      2. Elsa, speaking up to help out another person is huge. I got through so many things in life because someone with a heart spoke up (even if some others who did not like me spoke up and gave me bad information). I think a lot of times, we don’t think it’s worth it to speak up. We start treating fellow human beings as not worth it, when they are.

        I’ve realized they may not get it in that moment, but in the future, they might, and you may be the only person to say anything. Sometimes, saying it once with strength is enough, but not saying anything is worse. And this is a nugget as well.

        1. I am not into withholding. Assuming it’s appropriate, I will offer as much as I can, to spare someone pain.

          It’s all happy to say, let them suffer the consequences, up until you see people suffering those consequences, day in and day out. And that’s my position.

          So I think it would be quite cruel, if not completely sadistic to not say something in many of these cases.

          1. Well, I didn’t specify. Sorry. This post was prompted by a guy on a message board. There was someone asking advice, but his advice came from an unexpected direction…and for me at least, it was like seeing a cast iron bathtub, tossed into a ring and landing, THUD.

            I don’t think he intended it to be this way. I think he was just mentioning what he’d realized, in reviewing his life. But people generally stay on the surface and banter. This guy came in at the core…and I just don’t think he was wrong.

            But in a way, it was not solicited. Because the person was looking for this lighter banter. I don’t think anyone expected someone to come in with this weight, see?

      3. Elsa, what was that ‘one behaviour’? Now, I’m curious, and would like to know! Old people always have wisdom. Thanks!

      4. what did he say??? I had one of those moments…
        every mistake I ever made was because of a failure to trust myself…my gut.
        We can teach a little, but life is about experiential learning. But language gives the mind a concept and a structure to help work with the experiences….enormously helpful!!! For instance, as a child, I could not report sexual abuse until I had the language to do so… I say teach and teach and teach some more!

  2. I have found that lots of people do not appreciate the benefit of your experience. Instead, I tell them what worked for me or what was a really lousy decision and hope they realize the door of communication is open if they want to walk through. I can relate to not appreciating the benefit of experience when I was young. I thought I was smarter than anyone in the room and only after falling on my face a few times was I ready to listen to anyone else.

  3. Yes, absolutely, with 3 planets in Capricorn in the 5th, I substitute teach, taught in Peace Corps, and teach in astrology by putting good quality topics on my blog free of charge, and mentor/teach knitting. With the exception of astrology, however, I limit all this generosity to children – there is always a limitation of some kind with Saturn, so I do understand to some extent your husband’s position – which may be influenced by gender roles as well – teaching is nurturing, and straight men are socialized not to nurture outside the family (the battalion is also family).

  4. I don’t feel a responsibility but I will gladly share with someone who WANTS to listen. If they don’t want to listen it’s pointless. I’ll give you an example. I worked with a woman, maybe mid to late fifties, her health physically devastated by smoking. She was on oxygen and used a walker, was in the hospital every few months for severe breathing problems (emphysema), and could barely make it across the room, very slowly. She spoke up to a young woman about stopping smoking and was throttled in return, told to ‘mind her own business’.

  5. Hyper vigilant virgo has had to learn to stay out of their way. I don’t see that my generation has created a world that is so great for them. The younger generation’s world will be of their making. It’s their turn. I am there to help them cope with difficult situations that they get into. To listen and let them sort it out if they need it. I don’t want to control their future. And I still stand on what they learn from me will be nothing I preach to them but by the way I live my life. If someone is so inclined to do likewise, it makes their similar choice okay to do. And I can share my skill set if there is something I know how to do that we do together. The programming I received, the one way to be, was very anti who I am. It screwed me up.

  6. jupiter in scorpio conjunct my moon

    Saturn in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer, but part of a grand trine in earth with Pluto and my Sun.

    But, I think its really just part of the 2d Saturn return. i’m going to be 56 and the foundation has been laid for this sort of mentoring to happen; some intentional, some unintentional. I feel its a product of aging, or Mars on the midheaven. It could be part of a progression, but I haven’c checked. Would be interested to know that.

  7. I have Leo Jupiter trine Pisces Saturn trine Scorp Mercury.

    I feel an obligation to teach in a determined setting, like a blog or some other media way, for people who are looking for information. I don’t feel an obligation to instruct anyone who hasn’t asked for it.

    So outside of that, like your husband, I do not cast pearls before swine. To the contrary: if I have identified you as a swine, I will gladly watch you dig your own grave. You wouldn’t have listened anyway, and you’re most likely an arrogant asshole.

    I have been burned giving extremely helpful advice, to the point where I will not extend myself that way.

    Give yourself to the people who want it and appreciate it. Otherwise, it is a drain I don’t need, and the misdirected energy is completely wasted.

  8. Yet, I look for and listen to good advice all the time. It does not hurt my ego at all to listen to others’ perspectives. I’d rather have a solution than have the solution be 100% mine.

    If it works, who cares?

    1. I agree with this. For example, my husband knows more about defense / self defense then I could ever learn if I made it my business to try, for the rest of my life.

      It’s much easier to ask the expert and do what he says.

      We have had this conversation before, here. I am always so shocked at how many people think they either know it all or should learn it on their own. I just don’t get that at all. I will go to the expert every time.

      I may research further or verify or whatever…but I am definitely starting at the top of the food chain, or at least as near the top as I can.

    2. I really respect and admire people who have the wisdom to take true constructive criticism in with no qualms.

      I think I’ve struggled to identify who/what is actually helpful, and who/what is not, who has my best interests at heart. I have had teachers/”friends” who have set out to say I am hopeless and filled with problems, discouraging and throwing trash at me as well telling me I’m the problem (Scorpio) and that’s it. It takes me longer to learn things than other people at times, but it doesn’t mean I can’t grow.

      I guess… Part of being a good student is admitting one’s limits, and treating mistakes as learning opportunities, not catastrophes, needing cover-up and self-preservation.

      Part of being a good teacher is also continuing to learn too, or holding back judgment, and realizing that one is not perfect either, continuing to adapt teaching methods to your student, and realizing that not everyone learns the same way as you do…

  9. Yes. I am still relatively young, but I definitely see it is my responsibility to share my knowledge. I’ve felt it the day I started tutoring others in college, and shared what I knew with those who would appreciate it, (teach a man to fish principle). I feel it is important to facilitate, and encourage, and help others grow as much as possible.

    If they refuse, I will step back, and I don’t feel as much responsibility anymore. They may have to learn the hard way (karmic debts). Often when someone else doesn’t want to learn that info at that moment, they will lash out (and destroy relationships) unnecessarily, and I am not at that point where I can give energy and be knocked about in return.

    Jupiter in Capricorn, Capricorn Mars in 9th with Pluto.

  10. I do in some cases such as when someone asks or when Im sharing general ideas or experience in relation with others ideas and experiences. But I learned my lesson about preaching (t. pluto sq mars in H9) I figured out the truth (my idea of truth) is much easier for people to take artfully and tactfully. . . maybe in bits and pieces. . . first get a feel for the waters. . . I won’t throw pearls to swine either. I also learned that hardly anyone understands what i am talking about when i speak esoteric subjects so i don’t go there ever unless im in like company. As far as life experience I love to share. . . I learn from othersin general when they share theirs so im paying it forward.

  11. See, I read “pearls before swine” and I understand. That seems a Scorpio thing. And while it might make sense for Scorpio, most of us are not Scorpios!

    If I were do try to adhere to this, it would seem like “conditional love” to me…not good for Venus square Neptune.

    It also puts me in a position where I have to judge who “swine” is.

    A lot of people think I am “swine”. It’s a rough thing to tag someone with. That’s why I admire people (like the man in a prior comment), who put what the know out there, even it may be unpopular.

    I am strung this way, so a person like the man on the message board is a role model for me.

    I do understand my husband, because he explains himself. He’s mostly here to kill people (his words). We have different vocations. So I may have to kill someone some day, and he may have to teach, but it’s not his main gig.

    My husband as invented totally unique math…proven a number of his theories. He feels no responsibility to share his work or findings with anyone. Do your own calculations, see?

    This is the situation here. We’re almost diametrically opposed and that’s why this is interesting to me. πŸ™‚

    1. Aww well swine is just a term for someone who attacks you because they have different beliefs. Jesus was supposedly Pisces. It was my husband the Scorpio who actually made me understand this because i absolutely could not say anything right with him. He attacked everytging i said. then called it ‘debating’

    2. I agree Elsa πŸ™‚ this is an interesting topic for me as well. What doesn’t work for one person, works for another. I think I’ve been labeled “swine” as well in the past, so I admire and love anyone who can transcend all these judgments, and simply give.

      Have you heard about a “growth mindset” approach to education? I think this is one facet for Saturn in Sagittarius. What do you think?

        1. Haha, maybe I’m “preaching to the choir” by talking about it, then! Just in case though…Basically scientific studies on teaching/praising students for succeeding due to hard work, not “natural talents” / “being smart”. Students learn more, and take risks, are less afraid to make mistakes. They focus on growing, not on keeping the status quo of “being smart”. You’re usually waaay ahead of the curve here haha, so I’m probably preaching to the preacher, instead πŸ˜› just linking up what I learned on this blog to what I know. Love this topic. Thanks!

        2. Avatar

          … It’s a belief we always can learn to change our outlook on life. Criticism becomes another way to grow, not an attack on ourselves. Students’ “smartness”, something that supposedly stays the same, changed due to the way students were taught. Another study showed that a teacher’s beliefs (Jupiter) about a random group of students (given info that they were high IQ or average, when not the case) changed the actual (Saturn) performance of the kids… It can be the HOPE of a teacher, and their mindset that is a huge factor for many students. I hope they did not cause permanent damage on these kids though–jeez. Kay, I’m done haha.

          1. I must have bought 10 copies of that book mindset last year and given them away!
            Best coaching book I’ve read in a long time and I read a lot!

    3. You’re not swine. At least you don’t sound like it. I am learning not to give things to people not because they don’t deserve it… only because it’s not for them. And who knows, maybe I don’t know what is for them and should leave them better off alone.

      Is the value of a lesson truly wasted if a person doesn’t use it right away? A muscle looses its strength if not used regularly… and a lesson can be forgotten, and not stored away.

      I would love to teach what I know. I don’t have a strong conviction to (or feel a responsibility). Sometimes it feels like a waste since people don’t value the education. Consequence and hard reality is the best teacher.

  12. Oh…something to pass on to your husband Elsa.

    I wondered if you two have watched the film “The Day After Tomorrow”. In the opening scenes, the son has failed a math test and the father is driving the son to the airport for a trip to an academic contest. The father is angry about him failing the test and the son angrily explains that he got all the answers correct but was flunked because he did not show his work. He tells his father he did all the calculations in his head. He did not need to put it on paper…so he was accused of cheating. The father smiles and says his son should not be penalized for being smarter than his professor. I thought it was quite a moment.

  13. I don’t mean to sound preachy but “swine” in my opinion isn’t meant to be a degrading term directed at an individual as some attack on their person or something. Its a fact of life as we know it that not everyone agrees. Why do we feel the need to try and force someone to agree is the question. The swine are no different than you or I. It just means have discernment about who you share with. kept they trample you under their feet. etc. Conflict is part of life but its wise to rise above it . not sure he i made sense. Prolly came off preachy πŸ˜‰ just my opinion.

  14. Hmm, now you’ve got me curious Elsa! Can you share what the comment was? What did the old man figure to be his lifelong problem? I have Jupiter and Saturn in a t-square with Uranus, jup in the 9th. But no, i don’t really try to ‘teach’ people. I think I feel as if have nothing to teach ie, who would listen to me! But I love that you like to teach. I’ve learned so much about people -about men- from you. And I love to learn. Every encounter with a person is a learning experience for me. What I did wrong, what I can do better, how I can improve. I’m ALWAYS trying to learn.

  15. Yes, I feel this responsibility. I used to keep more to myself because of my strong need for social acceptance (Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra). But I’ve developed a much more live-and-let-live attitude. No one has to accept what I have to say in order for it to be right, and I no longer give out advice in the hopes that I’ll be acknowledged or loved for my wisdom. It helps that I don’t see myself as owning the information, and that makes me much less possessive of it.

  16. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    I try to share my learned-through-painful-experience stuff with young people I encounter when areas of interest come up, though I can clearly see some are oblivious or defiant, as I myself was at their age. Still, it does no harm and costs me nothing to share, tactfully and tailored to the individual, and if I make even a tiny difference in someone’s life, why not?

    If only every teen had a perceptive chart reading (by Elsa!) to steer by into the future — even if skeptical, they could refer back to it as life becomes increasingly complex, eyes opening to strengths, vulnerabilities, and challenges — forewarned is forearmed!

    Elsa, please tell us what the old man identified as his one problematic behavior — we need his wisdom, please!

  17. Chiron-Gemini in the 9th opposing Uranus in Sadge in the 3rd. I want to not only teach (in the most unconventional way) others but also heal them as well. My Jupiter is in Aquarius which rules the collective πŸ™‚

    In addition, a very karmic and heavy responsibility of Saturn-Scorpio in the 2nd… where I feel I need to teach others a solid set of values. I magnetize lowly scumbags to me for this very reason. I don’t think I can run away from such a karmic responsibility.

  18. Moon opposed by 12th house Taurus Saturn (exact!!).
    Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Libra (6th house).
    I feel like scream to teach, but I control my tongue. People doesn’t change until they face problem.

    1. “People doesn’t change until they face problem.”

      This is what I don’t understand. I listen to people who know more than I do, and AVOID the problem. πŸ™‚

  19. Several people asked about the man’s comment. It would make little sense out of context. Remember how weird I am. I’m miles, out there. πŸ™‚

  20. i do very much feel a responsibility to teach the younger ones what I know from my experience.
    My Saturn is in a close sextile to Jupiter.

  21. I have Jupiter (9th house) trine Neptune (1st house) and sextile Pluto (11th house). I’m always sharing my knowledge because I want to help people and offer them a new way to look at things. Whether they take my advice or not is another story, but I have always felt compelled to offer it.

    I know what your husband says is true. Everyone has to make their own mistakes, but if I can save one person with my knowledge, I think its worth the effort.

  22. You know what they say…. if you are ‘NOT’ the smartest person in the room, you are definitely in the RIGHT room!

    If not for older more experienced people to guide me, where would I be. My kids didn’t listen to a word I said in their teens and now I am very careful when I communicate with them because they trust I know the answers. And when they call with questions I know they are looking for the correct answers. There is a responsibility that comes with trying to guide people… you’d best try to lead them well!

    I do offer when someone is open to it. But, not everyone is and you cant force advice. The person needs to want help.

    There have been times when I have said, remember in years to come what I said…. I promise you will experience this yourself.

    I was in the ER Friday and a young pregnant nurse said she was due in a month and she is having a boy, a little disappointed because she wanted another girl. I told her ‘Daddy’s girl ~ Momma’s boy’ I told her she was so lucky because she had no idea how much that boy was going to love her some day. And he will be protective of her too. She reached over and hugged me….and said, I’ve never looked at it like that. I said remember me when he looks up at you like you are the only woman in the world…. you’ll be the first woman he loves…. I didn’t mean to make her cry…but I believe this as a mother of sons…. I wanted girls. I cant imagine it now.

    You can try, and I never hide my mistakes with foolish pride if I can help someone avoid my nightmares! I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to live through some of the things I’ve had to endure.

    1. Essentially, he said he should have kept his pants on. He said, *in a much finer way* that every problem or pain he had ever had in life could be directly tied to his having sex, when he should not have been having sex.

      If you take a minute and think about that, you may be able to say the same thing.

      So if this is true, and a younger person heard it, they might be influenced. I can tell you for sure, I would be influenced.

      I wrote this in my book. Sexy Gal tells me to keep my pants on, and why.

      I listened to her. She had a Scorpio moon. She cast her pearls. I caught them. I was 15. So you see, people who listen, and immediately learn and apply what they learn to their life, exist!

      And people like this man, or the woman I knew, exist as well. And I’d rather be in the teacher/student dynamic, then live in isolation, with myself as the genius. When that woman told me that, I eagerly took her advice. But hey! I need all the help I can get. It’s always been that way.

  23. Yes, for the past 20 years, I’ve been pushed to teach. I am a Sag with jupiter in the 9th in Cancer and Saturn in the 1st in Scorpio. I know where the planets are in my chart but have no idea what this placement means about feeling the need to teach and help humanity.

  24. I am reading a fascinating book about Chiron and it delves into this very matter in terms of healing (passing on your knowledge to help others heal) really profound (Zane Stein)

    1. Middle-school teacher with Capricorn sun in the 3rd house, Saturn in the 4th, Chiron in the 5th- I find myself on auto-pilot trying to heal kids on a daily basis, except the kids that are kind of hooked on the drama their problems cause. But if they ask for help, I help them too. At lot of the healing is simply listening, and reassuring them that all is/will be well.

  25. Unless I sense it’s to no avail, I’d share what I know in the spirit of service (Saturn in Virgo on the ASC and Jupiter in Pisces in the 6th.) I’m having this same responsibility to teach what you know discussion right now with a person, 12th house Saturn in Aquarius with Jupiter in Sag on his Midheaven, who sees it exactly as your husband. Says he: “You think someone will dress warm in sub-zero temps because you tell them to, or don’t they have to go out and freeze in order to learn for themselves?”

  26. I feel it. Since i always learn the hard way( well lately) i feel a pressure in my mind to teach what ive learned. I tend to take in too much and this is the way i am relieved of it. Otherwise it swirls in there, causes me pain.
    Re: what the old man said, i have to come to a similar conclusion though at a young age. Sex ruins a lot of things for me and im finally in a place where i can start to accept that

  27. Have Sun-Jupiter-Saturn conjunct in Virgo. Midheaven is in Sag.
    I listened gladly to elder people sharing their experiences but I was stubborn enough to do the same mistakes they did. I think you have to have your own life and that consists of making a lot of mistakes.
    But I tried to help younger ones and I continually do. I don’t preach, but discuss things. And I have to let them do what they want and make their own mistakes.

  28. When I see someone (not necessarily younger) who is struggling with similar issues I have dealt with, I do feel responsible for saying something… because it’s like hey, I made it out the other side and I have a solution! You can avoid having to figure it out after 2 decades.

    I tend to seek advice and have had both good advice and bad advice. The good advice has always been from people I end up learning from for years. Their advice is solid gold. There is also the issue of whether the advice was right for me or not. I have been burned by tons of bad advice and advice that was wrong for me… which I’d like to avoid, but I have Uranus, and I had to experiment to find out that some of the advice was wrong for me.

    Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Cap opp. Jupiter in Cancer

  29. Hi Elsa,

    My man always try to help people of all ages, He just turned 52, I’m a few years younger than him, we are both young as teens though. Anyway most of them don’t listen, and he is always disappointed. I try when I feel it’s necessary, but I know better.

    His Jupiter;Pisces, Saturn Aquarius, he’s an Aquarius
    My Jupiter; Libra, Saturn Taurus, I’m a Taurus.

  30. I don’t know off hand the relationship of Sagittarius and Saturn in my chart but I do try to teach both younger and adults. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you don’t know if you have an effect until years later or maybe never. However if you feel that you have a responsibility to do it, it has to be done.

  31. I think it’s good to teach others what you have learned. I have a light hand about it….too light sometimes. But you can tell when people aren’t ready to hear it. That’s when I let them go, usually. Or try to tell them in another way, a way which will resonate. When they seem to listen I can talk and talk, though. It’s a great exchange, to also learn from them and where they are coming from. I’m Saturn in Pisces, 6H and Jupiter in Taurus, 9H. This seems to fit perfectly.

  32. Although I can’t say I feel a responsibility – it’s definitely a need, an urge, to say things that can possibly help someone. The problem is that I am not a person whom anyone would consider ‘succesful at living’, so I always feel that I won’t be taken seriously.
    I find the people who feel a genuine responsibility to help others this way the most caring human beings.
    In my young days I needed someone to guide and teach me, but very often I was left to myself and I made very unnecessary mistakes.
    So, if you do throw ‘pearls to swine’ sometimes, so what? I’m positive there are people out there who need the help you can give them, Elsa.

  33. Jupiter in Sagittarius
    Personally, whenever I feel a personal sense of responsibility to say something or offer guidance, I believe I am feeling that for a reason. My words may register in a week, a month, several years, or never… But if I believe I can help I see no reason not to. It feels better to me to put out the effort and take an opportunity to help with good intentions than to let it pass me by. Over the years, I have received great advice and bad advice, and everything in between. A lot of things have stuck with me, even though I may have written them off at the time I had heard them. Mistakes are a part of life, and wisdom comes from experience rather than a textbook or course. And what better way to gain wisdom than to experience and share experience?

  34. My responsibility to teach others sounds like my NN in Gemini, 10th house.

    But I have Saturn 3Β° Pisces, 6th house conjunct my descendant. Jupiter is in 16Β° Taurus, 9th house, trine Pluto, Uranus, moon.

    My husband is the one with Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. Holy hell can that man lecture….! ?

    1. And by lecture, I mean the kind where he just tells you everything wrong with you.

      But he has Saturn Jupiter opposite NN conjunct Uranus 10th house (yes he is an inventor) so he does know some things. His delivery sucks sometimes

  35. I loved having mentors and the company of older people. I never viewed them as has-beens. To me, they were vessels of experience and wisdom. Now that I’m older, I find that nobody wants what I have. I wonder what will happen when I’m not here to fix and guide and take care of things.

  36. my husband is similar to your husband where he doesn’t really care to teach others only his own children or very close family like nephews, nieces.he just doesn’t have the energy to do that unless it’s his own family. His Libra uncle is a professor so he seems the type that does that, and teaches to young people in a foreign land.(interestingly he and his Cancer sun wife never had children) I dont see that with his other uncles nor did his father do that as much, just his own family.

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