The Concept Of Compensation (Currency) In Life

arachne wasn’t sure what I meant when I used the word, “compensation” on the last post – Do You Feel You’ve Been Compensated?  Here’s a video about how there are different types of “currency” – things a person might value (Venus). I always think in terms of people being individual. What one man considers worthless, another man might see as compensation.

What your currency? How do you like to be compensated in life?

9 thoughts on “The Concept Of Compensation (Currency) In Life”

  1. I’ve heard it described as love languages, but personally I prefer currency. I think there’s a skittishness around anything that suggests getting paid. but it’s a measure of putting energy toward what we value! that’s a good thing! it’s an investment of energy.

  2. Oh, that makes so much sense! I have Venus Cancer in 10th and I always want recognition/acknowledgment as the currency. I want to be acknowledged that I have suffered and gone through great pains for [insert person/place/thing] Because of Cancer, I would want the recognition through reciprocation of caring acts like asking me how I’m “feeling”,if I’ve eaten or a small sentimental token or letter that I’ve been thought about. I noticed this when a high school drop-out new hire had come into my work and was promoted right away after I’ve slaved for 2 years with my college degree starting at a small $25 bonus that eventually went up to $100. The new hire started out with a $75 bonus only because I had to cut my $100 back down to $75. My Venus just went into the pits. A Cancer’s sacrifice and caring for the well-being of another person and entire company as a whole just doesn’t cut it as well as a Capricorn’s solid work results does it? I need Saturn to go into Sadge ASAP. Saturn Scorpio’s diminished returns is too much

  3. Since we live in a money society and money talks loud, I want to be compensated monetarily. Not out of greed, but to have more freedom and choices. But I also want to be compensated by being offered the chance to apply what I’ve learned about myself and relationships. I’ve learned a lot the last few years but as of now I don’t have a chance to apply it. So I’m asking myself: now what, after so much hard work on various levels?

  4. This hit me odd. It seems like it is the ones with money who expect compensation. Tit for tat kinduv thing.

    I’ve been with money guys. The clothes, the hair, the wine and dine, the high ticket culture, the romantic vacations. But uh . . . after awhile it just became an empty exercise. I was dying inside. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that lifestyle. I just don’t have the energy to do it. My heart’s not in it. Could be my first house Saturn that puts the cabosh on it. ??? I need more meat than that.

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