Limited Energy, Beliefs & The Big Picture

harry-roseland-seeing-into-the-futureI was leaving this comment on the “Internet Mommies” post. I realized it was broadly applicable to Saturn leaving Scorpio (limited energy) for Sagittarius (beliefs and the big picture)…

Most people (including me), eventually look back at something they invested a lot of time and energy in, and wonder what they were thinking at the time. Reforming a person with no interest in cooperating with you, will likely fall into this category.

If you actually try to harm them or destroy them, it’s much worse.  That stuff tends to come back on you. So if you do that, you’ve not only wasted your time, you’ve gone into debt.

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to control yourself, in a a variety of ways. Because the longer you avoid this, the deeper the hole you create.

I  think we all end up in a hole at some point, for some reason. I want mine to be as shallow as possible at this point. I want to walk ‘cross a valley, rather than have to claw myself out of a well.

With Saturn heading into Sagittarius, you’ll benefit by planning (Saturn) for your future (Sagittarius).

Who can relate?

pictured – Seeing into the Future, Harry Roseland

5 thoughts on “Limited Energy, Beliefs & The Big Picture”

  1. This was not just a little bit stunning to read – as I am going through something like this with a close family member who I have been there for every step of the way and now I am going to need shelter for 5 weeks and this person (who I gave birth to), will not help me – yet expects me to keep babysitting! Of course, they have me because I can’t abandon that sweet little child but now I see that My child is really beyond selfish. I have Saturn in Sag so I’m also coming up on my 2nd Saturn return. (The first Saturn return, I had my child – who is now coming up on Their 1st Saturn return… should be something…)

  2. 100% applicable to my thoughts today. Someone I love very much has set themselves up for a terrible fall I’m afraid. I hope (pray) I’m wrong and it’s just t-Neptune fogging my brain.

    With natal Saturn in the 10th house I try to make sure I don’t do anything that would cause karma to call, especially when t-Saturn will be opposing my Mars and Sun/Mercury in a few months.

  3. “I think we all end up in a hole at some point, for some reason. I want mine to be as shallow as possible at this point. With Saturn heading into Sagittarius, you’ll benefit by planning (Saturn) for your future (Sagittarius).”

    Yes, I can relate to your post, the story and the hole. My husband and I were just talking about planning for the future. Having conversations over the last couple days with girlfriends who are either un-coupling after years of fitting a mold that is way to tight, or being clear up front with a potential coupling the beliefs we have DO change. I look at where I am now with the tiny spaces we live in, I recognize how we got from life in a car to these spaces and see what holes and relationships have helped or hindered. Yesterday I was visited by one of those people who did both. We have grown since then. I see it as a hole filled, and I like the progress. Tail end of Saturn-Scorpio progress report: pretty good!

  4. Right now I have t. Saturn conjunct Mercury/Venus square n. Pluto, so I’m still not out of the woods with Saturn in Scorpio. I can feel that Saturn in Sagittarius change coming. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m crossing my fingers that Saturn is done beating the crap out of me in Scorpio.

    This post really caught my attention because I had a dream about an old friend when I took a nap today. I looked her up and found her Facebook page and thought about getting together with her. We’re both 61 this year, went to school together and were great friends for a long time. Then she married a total a$$hole and we drifted. They divorced.

    She was a great friend, but she always picked the wrong men. Anyway, if I get involved with her again, I’m not sure what kind of man she has in her life now. I’m tempted to contact her now, but unless she has changed, it could be like jumping into a hole that I just dug for myself.

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