Finding Truth In A Sea Of Lies

liars dice gameI’ve mentioned wanting to take some mental space from the sea of lies out there. I’ve not managed to do this but I’m working on it and making progress.

The internet is profoundly addictive, by design. Everyone I know and love is on it, pretty much constantly. I don’t want to lose all track of everything, necessarily. I also work on the internet so it’s quite complicated. But I’ve managed to create some mental space for myself. Things are beginning to emerge.

We all seek the truth to some extent.  This is what Jupiter and the 9th house is about.  I have Mars and Mercury in my 9th house, so I chase it more than most.  But as I’ve been saying, recently, all I can see is a sea of lies with bits of truth that may float by, perhaps.  And this, which came to me last year: I don’t want to get my truth from a liar.

Understanding this, the next step is to learn to discern who is lying and who is not.  Outside of my gut, I’ve made progress on this but again, it’s not enough.

It was enough for a time or I thought it was enough but it no longer is.  This changed when actual honest people began to be eradicated from the internet.

fish chumI am not talking about generic “canceling”.  And by the way, if a person is blasting their mouth about being canceled or blocked, on any significant platform – er… they weren’t actually canceled.  It’s like an undercover cop getting beaten into a gang to get his cred. Not what it looks like!

Aside from lying “truthers”, we have the media throw bits out there, like chum for schools of fish, all day, every day.  Then you’re supposed to decide if whatever you’re told is  true or false but they got you here! It’s always a mixture!  Half truth, half lie.

Now I’m supposed to figure out which half or third might be the truth… does it sound like this is a good idea to you?

It occurred to me I could save a lot of time if I simply talked and associated with honest people. Honest about who they are, how they feel, what their motives are, or whatever.  I see I’ve been sucked into some kind of liars poker game. But I don’t think it’s winnable. The iterations of lying liars is endless.  One goes down and two more pop up. The only way to win is to walk away.

So I’m working on this. And I’m writing about it, the same way I wrote about Pluto transiting my 12th house, for all these years. It’s because I know this is big and as always, I do want to help people, understanding if I fail at this, I fail at life in general.  That’s not a good feeling!

So this is your UNPAID content.  And that means, unpaid, which is really different from “secretly paid”.

My last remark: I do work with actual human beings and by and large, they are very good people, working diligently to improve their lives.  I feel they deserve better than what is out there.  This is my direction and I am committed.

How you coping in your personal sea of lies?

16 thoughts on “Finding Truth In A Sea Of Lies”

  1. You are right that we are surrounded by this! Having the moon and Jupiter in the 9th I tend to automatically believe what an “authority” tells me because I can’t understand why someone would deliberately lie to me unless it gives them some advantage ($$$). Some just do it for kicks I think, like the media! My Gemini Sun leaves me feeling totally off balanced and undecided when I question others. I’m learning to discern more accurately as the years float by.

  2. You are correct to walk away from the lie show that is going in in the public arena. That said, there is absolutely nothing that happens to us that we didn’t attract. The law of attraction is: you get what you think about. Period. I have Jupiter in the 9th in Scorpio 4°. It’s opposing my Saturn in Taurus at 2° and trine my Asc in Pisces 5°. I tell you all of this because it makes sense I would come to this kind of information after Pluto just went thru my 11th and consequently conjuncted my sun, venus and Mercury in the past 12 years. Pluto let me see just what groups and associations I needed to burn down in order to thrive: left a place where our only friends were fake, started and stopped being involved in political movements, condemned and cursed “the others” not in my “tribe” until Saturn made its way into Aquarius and pointed me to a better direction over the past 2 years…self empowerment and true foundational stability through connection to source. I learned that my reality is exactly the one I think about every day. If I change my mind, my reality will change to. Law of attraction is same as gravity. You can’t fight it, it happens whether you like it or dont like it because it’s a universal law. Your opinion of gravity has no affect on it. Your opinion of law of attraction has no affect on it. You get what you think about whether you want it or not, so you better find a way to think about what you DO WANT to attract instead of thinking about all the problems you have no control over. This is a nuanced philosophy that can be better experienced than explained…like gravity. I refer to Abraham Hicks regarding these laws and the methods we can use to overcome the lazy thinking and unrealized potential that we all have if we could just stop looking to others and for a “change of conditions” to MAKE us happy and choose instead to BE happy, even when the world is crashing. Yeah, Pollyanna. Yeah, ostrich head in the sand, but when you recognize that your happiness will be reflected back to you if you make it your dominant stance and then everything is always working out for you. You came here to be happy and to create worlds. You did not come here to squabble and find dissatisfaction with what has already been created. You are a creator on the leading edge of co-creation with your source energy and all the liars, media, politics and Debbie Downers in your environment can and should be ignored if you want to manifest your best life. Saturn in Aquarius in my 12th house started its journey square my natal Saturn and natal Jupiter. I have completely renovated my belief system due to this transit, for the better. Saturn is my sun’s ruler and Jupiter is my chart ruler, so it’s all about my beliefs in this lifetime.

  3. Elsa, I ‘ve gone thru so much just as you have, in different ways – and feel you are a kindred spirit – and love that you are out there for us. I post your stuff on FB all the time. You are like a Hot Knife through black smoggy butter – you put a lightning bolt into a sea of darkness blazing up the horizon. I get you even if I can’t verbalize it and thank God for you and Henry! At the very least, it gives weirdos like me and my good friends, another light to point at and say – “Like Us” and there’s not a whole lot of us Standing in the Light for ALL to SEE anymore. All we get is the loud ugliness of their Egos and we see it as they play it out. Thank you for Helping Us to stay Grounded in the Stars.

  4. Today, Alice made a mess knocking over my valentines day flowers. Cleaning up I found a quote I had written out from Gandhi; to lose patience is to lose the battle

  5. Agree with Roberta;- Elsa your candour is amazing. We love you for that! So sorry that you are struggling with dishonesty, it must hurt your soul. You are out there fighting and of course you will attract opposition. You have so many who love you and your views – ‘law of attraction’ or not, shit happens.

    1. You’re right. It does hurt. And these lies are malicious. Further, I see virtually nothing, but people promoting their oppressors. I just can’t be part of this. I would rather die.

      1. Exactly what you’re talking about and for this very reason we have to fight but then ourselves to stay on course. We are on the right course I am convinced at 71 years old and the scripture that says “don’t throw your pearls before swine“.
        Last 30 years I have come to know jealousy NV and betrayal like never before and I want you to know that your purpose is greatly appreciate it and our prayers for you are mighty and strong! I need you and we send light and blessings all around you before you. May your steps follow “the light“ . You are an offspring of the real LIGHT, not an imitation and not on a ‘wrong road’ . Keep up the good work, the truth, and be the light to us, as well. What you do and what you say takes “guts“ and you are one of a kind! I pray for you I bless you and I send you more light and love. You are a conqueror and you lead! You are not the tail! You are a true leader! Evil will not win, you are in the lead for all of us. Thank you so much!

  6. Elsa, your insights are invaluable. They help me understand myself, others and life which is a big help. Many thanks 💖

  7. I had a lot of anxiety about money as I approach retirement and there is zero shortage of opinions, most of them doom predicting and contradictory, in the financial analysis news. I began to realize that they are ALL wrong and all mixed up, and were just feeding off my anxious “clicks”, like parasites. Uranus is opposing my Saturn in the 4th ( my security ).

  8. I lied about my name when I commented, using a pseudonym of Anastasia, a story which captivated me as a child. My real name is Aurora. I’m getting ready for Saturn to transit my 9th, which is where I have Jupiter in Pisces. I used to rely a lot on my Jupiter in Pisces, until Neptune started transiting Pisces and made me rethink everything. Unsurprisingly, I haven’t come to any conclusions! And it would be unwise at this point to do so, beyond the fact that it’s still just my gut after all which I can trust. Ironically, the thing which angers me above all is lying (Mars in Sagittarius). Thanks to Elsa and everyone for sharing. Peace.

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    the laughing goat

    Off topic… the LIAR’S DICE image you used for this post brought me waaaay back to the days when we used to play a drinking game we called Liar’s Dice. The version we played wasn’t a board game. 😉

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