Saturn Direct In Pisces: November 4, 2023 – Time To Move Ahead

Capricorn Saturn sea goatAre you feeling stuck? Saturn entered Pisces on March 7th, 2023. It reached seven degrees of the sign before turned retrograde in June.  It’s been very hard to get any traction, since.

The planet is currently stationing at zero degrees Pisces. It will turn direct just after midnight on November 4th.  This is your sign, it’s time to get in gear.

Saturn will remain in it’s shadow (retrace the early degrees of Pisces) until early February, 2024.  You may be going over old ground, but that’s okay. At the end of this review period, you’ll break into a new realms.

Saturn very rarely calls for speed.  You’re better off to take your time and get it right. Assume that you will be tested.

What does getting it right with Saturn entail? You have to take responsibility.  Don’t pawn your crap off on other people.

The idea is to mature, so go with it. This is true whether you are six or sixty. If you doubt me, just consider how ludicrous it is to see a twelve year old acting like at five year old, never mind a thirty year old acting like a five year old. You know this happens as well I do. It’s well worth doing whatever’s necessary to avoid that kind of failure.

Saturn in Pisces is particularly challenging and this is coming from someone with major Capricorn. Let me point out, roughly 1 in 12 people have Saturn in Pisces transiting their 12th house. That’s a double whammy.  This transit can easily make life hell, until and unless you get a grip on this energy and it’s easy to see why.  It’s HARD, even by a snotty judge-y standard, in part because it’s just so confusing!

Many are swirling in a nightmare of hologram fear of disaster, or they may just be working overtime trying to hold up their delusion.  It’s easy to see why “traction” has been elusive!

There are productive ways to work with Saturn in Pisces. I’m sure of this, because I have multiple Saturn/Neptune signatures in my natal chart.  I’ve have to crack this! If you need help, Satori and I put together this guide: How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs And Structures Dissolve.

I can also get you on top of this transit in a private consultation. Frankly, it would be money very well spent, considering this transit can easily cause endless (Pisces) misery (Saturn), often over nothing at all!

If you know how to step around pits of fear and despair – great. If you’re falling and swirling and confused – not great, but I can definitely get you oriented, with a map in hand.

How do you feel about Saturn turning direct?

31 thoughts on “Saturn Direct In Pisces: November 4, 2023 – Time To Move Ahead”

  1. I’m trying to think how getting in gear translates into Saturn in Pisces. Getting in gear in the true sense feels cardinal. With Pisces, could it involve the combination of swimming, then floating, then swimming some more, but with the tide or current or against, or aligned with divine timing? I don’t know the answer, I’m going to have to ponder on it!

    You reminded me of Saturn stationing on my Moon earlier this year, June, 7*. Seems like an age ago, it went on for a month. It wasn’t depressing, it involved me handling a lot all at once on multiple levels and seeing that I could handle it and step up over and over. Very testing but positive in that I didn’t crack. Next time around it’s about a week in the passing. I like Saturn in Pisces probably too much lol.

    1. You probably have Saturn positively aspected in your chart for a transit to be positive for you!

      I think the Pisces will make us feel like we are swimming against the current. Or we may see blockages in other Neptunian ruled areas like medicine (taking donkey years for mine to improve me), delays in global deliveries (I haven’t seen a package I ordered 2 months ago!) or literal blockages in the sea (like the China built actual structures in the South China Sea on what are atolls)…Maybe the things were always there but now it’s very obvious.

      Ps. Sorry I didn’t reply about the referendum. Those from the Yes camp are grieving. Those from the No camp deny that they are racists and instead say that not enough info was given to persuade them to how the change would work. Some didn’t want tokenism because they claim it doesn’t fix entrenched problems. Some didn’t want two tiers of Australians. And on and on it goes.

      1. You are right Estella, I have natal Saturn in Cancer!

        Thank you for explaining about oz. I’ve been there once, the earth energies were phenomenal. Heart chakra energy very strong. I hope there can be healing ahead, maybe it has to come through ugly exposure to realities in order to bring balance.

  2. “…this transit can easily cause endless (Pisces) misery (Saturn), often over nothing at all!”

    Oh yeah. Oh yes.
    I had another seemingly innocent episodes of … we could call it a misunderstanding, between my partner and I in the middle of the night today, and it didn’t resolve until I finally got to a point where my sorrows came flying in through the conversation, and boom – argument dissolved.

    It’s more than frustrating to believe it’s about your relationship or deficiencies in it, while in reality, it’s just an ENDLESS (such a Piscean word really) stream of continuous bone-deep sorrow about loss, possible loss and also WAITING for the loss you don’t know when will happen.
    Cue: my mom has Parkinson’s.

    The deep reason is so simple yet so anxiety-inducing I’m going batshit cray-cray from it. So today I asked if he and I could raise an alarm when the clock is blerhh in the night and ask each other
    “Is there a possibility that we are muddling this up, because we’ve forgotten to raise the “Sorrow of Your Mother Flag” ?

    I am sick of sorrow. I have been in pain, fear and anguish since she got her diagnosis in 2014, just around the time Pluto squared my Libra Moon.
    Hell and damnit, I. Am. Sick. Of. Sorrow!
    Both literally and in the way it just eat your soul up. I am soul sick and soul wary because of waiting for her to die one way or the other. And I am SICK of Pluto transitting my 12th house Capricorn. *puking sounds*

    Maybe I should just get it over with and buy that transcript today. I might just need it.

      1. Your post was very timely I think, and that was a good thing 🙂

        Thank you. I appreciate it, and I am glad I am – at least – able to spot the patterns, also thanks to your blog ❤️🙏

        After 12 years with Pluto in my 12th I should be used to this, but life continues to surprise, eh?!
        Just when you thought the worst was over, boom, there he is again.

        I really should buy that transcript. I am going travelling in October, but would be a nice birthday gift for myself in November 🙂

        1. I’m sorry to hear that your life is hell with Tr Pluto in the 12th.

          From our many exchanges, I gather that you are born in November 1983. So your natal Pluto is either at the anaretic degree of Libra or 0 Scorpio. Both are critical degrees. One is noted for being prodigious and another is for being lacking in experience in “the subject matter” and hence, “very enthusiastic.”

          Ok, you may not be enthusiastic about Pluto but Pluto is very enthusiastic about doing its Plutonic job in your chart. 😬😅

          So with your stellium in Scorpio, and Tr Pluto going through your 12th, you are being asked to let go of all fears, all hang ups…dissolve everything that terrorises or paralyses you emotionally. That’s the only way you will realise you will your personal power in this situation. 🙏

    1. I am so sorry, I lost both of my parents when pluto had its transit through my 12th house. This transit through capricorn I lost my husband, (I understand the waiting for the loved one to die and watching them slowly waste away) sister and brother. My son and sister both have Aquarians suns at one degree. I hate watching them suffer emotionally. My sister did get a clean bill of health from cancer today, Hallelujah. Dr says she has to keep her stress level way down thoughI. can only hope That pluto in aquarius will be better. It won’t be squaring my sun until it gets to 24 degrees. Maybe I will have some time.

  3. Saturn is flirting with my Asc on both sides and it will be nice to move on from an almost crippling depression as you have said is “over nothing”. No reason to feel bad but a creeping sense of dread and of course our daily news doesn’t help at all! It has passed a trine to my Sun in the 4th which was actually good for a thorough home clean out and renovation.

    1. Same. Transit Saturn is conjunct my 0 Jupiter and 0 ascendant in Pisces. Grinding me down. And I have Saturn in Aquarius natally (came off 2nd Saturn return like two years ago). Saturn in AQ in 12th is in planetary joy but it’s BS hard while Retrograde or grinding over an important spot. Jupiter just blowing it up for fun lol. Hang in there James. So many of us are hurting. Treat yourself well friend ❤️

  4. I am writing about me here. No-one else.

    Trans. Saturn in the 12th opps. natal Saturn Virgo con. Dsc. Natal Saturn in Cap.11th opp Venus Cancer.4th cusp.

    l am in a kind of grief and it has nothing to do with me…but it has.

    All the colour has been sucked from the world. But in my dream l am holding a dying soldier in a bright red coat.He has a wound on his left shoulder. We are in the centre of a field, the dead were all around. No faces. None were in uniform. l could smell the stench of war…l grew up on a farm.l know what death smells like.

    I have an aversion to the old. Tired old. Sad old. Old thinking. Old ideas.I do not find comfort in the past. l am bored by it.

    l know where l come from. l keep certain things.. memories.

    The status quo is suffocating, lifeless, death dealing, self- serving, soulless, lacks talent is mediocre…l wish l was a giant foot.

    l am still throwing out things. Refining. Clearing space.

  5. Transit Saturn is conjunct my natal Jupiter at 0 degrees, both sitting on my 0 degree ascendant in Pisces. The past three days my BP has spiked dangerously high, don’t know why, requiring additional meds to get it down to a safe level. The eclipse plus the grinding of transit Saturn over my ascendant is just twisting my pantaloons in a knot.

  6. 3 Pisces I know look to be swirling with
    Self doubt, 2 others seem to have good hold on tow rope, I am close to all
    Geography wise.3 kicking screaming crying loudly, 2 appear to have wind in hair chin up and that “ bring it on” look
    I seem to be treading water but I am
    Strong swimmer and am not gonna stop
    Don’t like other options

  7. I’m one of those one in 12 – saturn is transiting my 12th house. And lucky me, next year will also oppose my natal saturn in 6th along with my true node.
    It seems that me awaiting life to once again become happy will wait a bit longer.

  8. My husband has natal Saturn (Virgo) in 12h and early degree Virgo stellium. I am a Pisces sun/merc (Gemini rising, so my chart ruler), and man, is this spot on! Saturn has personally been transiting my chart since entering Aquarius (early, mid and late degrees in both aqua and Scorpio), but with the transits to my Mercury, I have felt my thinking profoundly negative. I feel like I can see the future waiting for my husband and I (and it’s not good!) with a few home situations, and my sweet husband cannot confront reality at all. Usually I am the optimistic one but he has taken this role this time. He sees me as being nitpicking (not me w 3 planets in 6h including Saturn lol) while i see him as delusional. I wish I could say Saturn going direct would fix all our problems but with Uranus in late degrees of Taurus (Scorpio mars 21° and aqua MC 23°), and Pluto coming for early degrees of aqua (1° Scorpio Pluto and 3° aqua moon), it’s a long journey of growth for me. But I really do feel for my husband. I know Saturn in 12h is not fun and the opposition isn’t fun either. My sweet Pisces daughter is also 7 and going through her first Saturn square. 🥲 i wonder what strength will come from all of this! I’m trying to stay optimistic but I will say mercury being involved has not been a cake walk lol

  9. Saturn has been all over my North Node since March. (3 Pisces) Between this and Pluto dogging me since 2020, I’m exhausted.

    I stopped being stubborn and got out of the veterinary field for good. I learned, the hard way of course since Saturn rules my 10th, that my temperament doesn’t mesh well with narcissists. There are way too many of them in vetmed. My heart was in the right place, but someone who thinks they’re the ONLY ONE who can help the animals wasn’t going to appreciate me. My ADHD didn’t help either. 🫠

    I’m doing fine where I am now. I’m figuring out what my next move is, and it’s a nice pit stop. I do my job, go home and leave it all there. No complaints from me.

  10. …and some say they voted NO bcs. they wanted the conservative gov.
    to handle ‘another ref’ or treaty process. But the fed.opps and the Queensland gov. (have just said)they have shelved all of that. Perhaps ‘some’ get it now –they had no intension of changing at thing…same old same old…bet they will launch ‘another’ enquiry to put on the stack.

    ‘Not enough info.’ is a bit of a useful lie (But lies work…think BREXIT and all the money that was going to go to the NHS…didnt happen).I will leave it to the English to comment on that

    The new Scorsese movie is screening ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’.Down the road. Might make a few feel a tad uncomfortable ‘might’

    l dont think 60% were driven by ‘fear’ it was self-interest. I dont know of any country that has had their government ‘taken over’ by first nations people getting a seat at the table. Can anyone think of one?

    This slipped down the row, Estella. l was commenting on your post.

  11. As I’ve already mentioned, transit Saturn is in my first house (pisces).
    I had been experiencing regular back spasms and pain, so I got an x-ray. It was revealed that I have a significant spinal curvature which I will have to get extra advice about, to prevent further degeneration etc.
    Saturn really does rule bones and teeth. If you’re Sun, moon or rising is in pisces, and you have pain anywhere, please get it checked out. Better to get onto these things earlier than later.

  12. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Tr. Saturn conjunct Natal Mars in Pices 1H… a lot of tears and FRUSTRATION. Add in Tr. Pluto square Tr. Eris in Aries 2H… I feel as though I am about to BLOW at any given moment. And Eris is conjunct my Natal North Node – holyfukamoly!!

    I think the words SIMMERING RAGE are fitting.

  13. wondering what it’s like for February Pisces like me. Sun 1st degree, I’m really struggling with self doubt and confidence. I can’t find a job and am stuck with everything I try to change or move on. This is 4th house transit so situation at home is tense mostly due to financial situation. I can’t wait for Saturn to move.

  14. There was another post you had @Elsa about something happening the day before or after Saturn goes direct… but I can’t find it…

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