Do You Have A Warm Personality?

icy bridgeI like warm people. This is one of the reasons I want to go back to the desert. People are warm when it’s hot. You almost can’t help yourself.

I think I’m a  warm person but not lately. With Uranus and Saturn messin’ with my Moon… I just don’t feel like myself. I feel aloof and I almost want to apologize for it.

I know I’m to learn from this transit.  I’m learning to maintain an emotional boundary and have a better ability to detach from emotion but I don’t really like being so icy. It is particularly apparent and painfully so when I am dealing with a person with a warm nature.

If you are warm and I have been cold, I’m sorry.  My heart is still there, I can tell you that. I’m grateful.

It just goes to show you if you love someone you have to go through their times with them because a person just can’t stand still for you… unless maybe they are a Taurus.

29 thoughts on “Do You Have A Warm Personality?”

  1. I have a very warm personality and I notice that some of my friends have cool personalities, but I am okay with it….I am independent by nature so that helps too, I think. I have an Aquarian very good friend who is a quadruple Aquarian and sometimes I just don’t get her….she can be so detached at times that I think I have done something wrong when actually that is not what happened…she is just a very, very cool personality and I love her. She has always been there for me…a true friend.

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    Strawberry Fields

    I am both. Sometimes (often) at the same time. Hard to explain. Those who have “experienced me” know exactly what that means.

  3. i’m not sure if i seem warm or cool! i notice though that i have some detatched friends. Loyal and loving and there for me, but much less emotional and not so lovey lovey….

  4. “It just goes to show you if you love someone you have to go through their times with them because a person just can’t stand still for you”

    That is well said. For Cancers, that is doubly true, lol (spoken as a Cancer so I don’t mean any offense to anyone).

  5. My personality is much less warm than it used to be. It’s unfortunate, but I have to allow some Pluto energy to go through me, there’s no other way. With a Cancer asc and Mars in Leo, it’s not as bad as it could be.

  6. Hmmm, I’m warm to people that I sense I can be warm to, and cool or ice cold to those I can’t be warm with. But most of the time I’m lukewarm then depending, I warm up or cool down. Haha 🙂

  7. I’m cool until I decide you’re worth my time. Then I’m warm, warm, warm, warm, warm! I’ve had to learn to be choosy, and there’s a lot of dark things lurking under my unassuming Cancer-round face that I can’t let out to just anyone.
    Then again, I’m Southern, and we’ve got the formal / nonpersonal warmth thing down pat. *laughs*

    I agree with user, this line is phenomenal:
    “It just goes to show you if you love someone you have to go through their times with them because a person just can’t stand still for you…”
    That’s something I’m willing to almost always do, but I need to find people who will do so for me, too. I’ve found my BFF, the one who is always my sidekick, no matter how much time passes or where we are in our lives. Need to find the romantic mate to match. (Hee — small wordplay. Loves it!)
    Perhaps I need to get away from Scorps. They can sink with me and explore the depths, but when I go clinical it seems to bemuse them. Hm. *goes off to ponder*

  8. Well I’ll tell you something, I miss myself. However I can very clearly see the necessity of this which is what I love about astrology. Without it there would be far more suffering at least where I am concerned.

  9. What I worry about sometimes Elsa is getting stuck on “cool.” I don’t think that can happen though.

    LOL SaDiablo – that Southern thing where someone says something bad about someone then says “bless their heart”?

  10. Jilly, I can relate but also don’t think it can happen. It’s like your happiness set point – you go back to it if you just leave things be. I would have to work to stay this way. I have to work to be this way as it is but it’s come to my attention I have to do this. It’s like sobbing in court… this shit does not fly.

  11. I’ve no idea how or what I am…I think it depends on the person, as I try to live by that “golden rule”…sometimes I get attached though, and then it becomes hard to detach

  12. I am reserved with people I don’t know well. That might be perceived as cold. I am very warm if you are one of mine and an iceberg if you’ve done me wrong.

    Gemini sun, Scorp moon. Cancer Venus helps with the taking care of my tribe aspect of my personality.

  13. I’ve been called callous and cold and reserved, and I’ve been called warm and bubbly and laidback. Cancer sun conjunct my Merc and Jup Gem perhaps? Who knows. I’d say I lean towards reserved with a low-key, undemonstrative warmth that only gets noticed when I want it to and feel safe doing so.

  14. someone pushed me over an emotional edge earlier this year. after having a near nervous breakdown she said joyfully “oh, i’m so glad! i thought you were impervious to the curve balls in life!”

    i wish i was kidding. so you need to see me flailing and about to lose my mind to be convinced I’m human. Awesome.

    “Let’s stab it to see if it bleeds! Oooh, it did! Cool!”
    Seriously, WTF.

    I’m both. 2 grand Fire Trines and Sun/Merc/Chiron in 5th House. Warm. 2 Cardinal T-squares with Moon in Cap and Uranus conjunct Midheaven. Cold, if I have to be.

  15. As a Libra with Virgo rising I find a description someone once gave of this combo as “friendly but detached” very fitting. But I have a Capricorn Moon, so I also have a tendency for crumpiness (it’s best not to annoy me when I’m cold, hungry and/or tired). So, most people would probably label me in being somewhere between.

    Of course, some people wouldn’t hesitate to call me a “warm” person. Anyone seeing me with the kids (Moon in the 5th) or arguing for a case such as human rights (must be the Node/Venus/Uranus conjunct in Scorpio, sextiling Ascendent), for exaple.

  16. Awww Elsa, no need to be sorry. Plus sometimes you have to go cool to become extra hot again. On top of that this post has actually helped me immensely. Im usually warm and the last week or so I’ve just hit a low. and havent been myself at all but Im guessing its probably a transit Im having. I’ll have to check how saturn, uranus and pluto are effecting me. However this post has made me feel that Im not alone and that there are others going through a low period at the moment too. Thanks you’ve made my day today 🙂

  17. Have the Moon/Ur square nataly, and at the moment, have Tr. Uranus and Saturn squaring my Moon(1st house), and Tr. Pluto in opposition. Yes, I feel very detached many days..but more of a surface thing. It’s like no one can really see/feel/or connect to what’s I’m really feeling within.

    I’ve been through phases of this before, though much shorter than the current one, and I was so worried my heart had gone permanently cold..yet it always opens up again, when it is time, and fuller than before.

    I think right now, I am really good with others one-on-one in the sense so many I know are struggling and in alot of pain or chaos of some sort..and I am able to be humorous and peaceful through it all, and then seems to have a positive effect on others in a hard maybe that is good, ‘cuz do they really need another person to wallow in it with them? Maybe they need someone to help them laugh it off/blow it off?
    Well, I’d like to think at least there is something good to my current robotic personality. 🙂

  18. My nickname at work is “sunshine” and my advisor at my college graduation spoke about me and said that a “ray of sunlight” would be gone when I left. People are always telling me this stuff, I think that’s the 11th house sun.
    Thankfully Saturn transits are like seasons as you say Elsa, soon enough it’ll be warm again. 🙂

  19. I am not what you’d call warm-natured even with my very good friends, but I am also Southern, so I can do the formal/nonpersonal warmth thing too. My definition for that is that I can present a warm facade when I’m not feeling it at all, just as a matter of good manners. I do it at work all the time, and it backfires on me sometimes; some of the regular library patrons think I genuinely want to be their friend when all I wanted was to be polite.

  20. Being cool lets you be objective. I’m sure the sun will come out again, Elsa


    This may be off subject, but Kashmiri, I would have strangled that person.
    I’d have said: “Look, what looks like cool self-possession and snobbery to you is me just *barely keeping a lid on it* and trying to maintain just one fragile scrap of dignity for myself. But apparently I can’t even have that. What, do you go around kicking puppies too!?”

  21. I don’t think that you have been aloof. I loved your story about moving into the home of the 30 year old man. That story was honest and full of warmth.

  22. i seem to be cool until i explode.
    i blame the aquarius.

    i’ve really tried to warm up. but i think that mostly means i’m not sitting at absolute zero anymore.

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    I am normally warm and affectionate, often too tolerant for my own good but go ice cold once I decide to detach. When I’m done I’m done. Sagittarius sun Scorpio moon Aquarius rising.

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