Strong Hands Marry Strong Hands (Pluto In Capricorn)

double pinochleI have been doing a lot of consulting, talking to a lot of people from all over the world. With a packed 8th house, I’m sensitive and interested in the collective. I can’t help but pick up on trends.

People are sub or semi-consciously moving to secure themselves. This would be in response to Pluto in Capricorn which threatens security and at this point. With  Saturn squaring Pluto the pressure is really on.

Some months ago I suggested that strong hands would align with other strong hands. I saw this happening in the business world.  Strong businesses  were aligning with other strong businesses, to be positioned to survive as with the weak businesses failed.

Strong people have been doing the same and now I see all people doing it, whether they realize it or not and you can benefit by making this a conscious process.

You want to invest in and protect your relationships with people who support or sustain you in some way while limiting contact (Saturn) with people who suck energy (Pluto) without reciprocating (Libra).

I learned this stuff when I was an 8, 9 and 10 year old card shark. I love to play pinochle most of all and if your partner was weak, you were screwed. It’s really that simple.

Do you notice any movement like this in your life?


13 thoughts on “Strong Hands Marry Strong Hands (Pluto In Capricorn)”

  1. Elsa- This is excellent advice. I can see that I have been doing this and definitely some of it has been subconsciously.

  2. YES! I’m becoming more selective in my friendships.. If you’re not looking to better yourself and just let life happen to you (still heavily drinking & smoking and clubbing).. well for me it’s a downer.. I always try to better myself and rid myself of negative self-destructive habits and when friends (mostly older ones!) still ask like teenagers well…. I push them to the side.. 🙁
    I feel that I have look out for people that bring me down. I have so much neptune influences in my chart that I absorb their energy without realizing so I surround myself with people that make me feel better about myself. I still care for those I push to the side but I see them less often.

  3. I meant still act like teenagers..
    It’s probably pluto crossing my descendant and my south node.. I’m more careful with who I associate myself with!

  4. Yep, there are a lot of people I have “dumped” or left behind that just don’t do me any good…hence, “bye bye! don’t look back now, ya hear?” 🙂

  5. Basicly, with Saturn passing through my 1st house (since November 2007) and 2nd house (since late 2008) for the past few years, I had already done some selecting prior to Saturn passing to Libra. What I’ve noticed lately is that many people – some from from quite a distant past, solid people I’ve liked but just haven’t been part of my life – come to me for an advice. The interesting thing is that most are heavily Cancerian or Capricornian.

  6. I also have a packed 8th house and have noticed the same trend of moving towards security in my life and others around me!

    Recently, I made a vow to ditch the friendships that I’ve had for a long time. We no longer share the same interests and I feel that they are draining my energy just being around them. A couple friends want to hang out and I’m dragging my feet about it, not knowing how to say to them “I’m just not into you anymore”.

    Most of these friends I’m letting go have Sun in Aries and/or strong Mars in Leo.

    I’m thinking about ME first for a change.

    Saturn in Libra indeed.

  7. Elsa…this is so true for me. I have natal Mercury, Venus (and Sun) in Capricorn. So, not only has Pluto hitting these planets but Saturn is squaring them. I’ve recently let go of a friendship that lasted 27 years. It became glaringly apparent that love was not a two way street. She was not supportive and had become quite competitive. Even though I feel a bit of a sense of loss, I know I’ve done the right thing for me in the long run.

  8. oh, yeah, i’d far rather play three handed pinochle than four with a bad partner….
    actually, we all want grandma as a partner, is what. though she says she’s not that good. experience counts for a lot.

  9. This is a great observation, Elsa. I really hope this proves to be a boon for romantic relationships–and I love the cards analogy. Pinochle’s my favorite too – my grandma taught us to play when we were kids – she was a champion Pinochle player – and a damn smart no-nonsense lady herself…you two would have been an unbeatable team of cardplayers – lol.

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