Seeing The Moon (The Cultural Roots): When It’s In The Blood Then It’s In The Blood

Speaking of seeing the Moon and on the topic of the Tragedy Of Denying Cultural Roots, I was stuck yesterday when 2 and 2 came together in my head and made 4.

The soldier has Arab blood and he has a good bit of it too. He has 3 times as much Arab blood as he has Italian blood but he relates to the Italian for whatever reason.

His son who has half the Arab blood of his father and he does relate to it going so far as to learn to speak Arabic and it just goes to show you.

Separate but related in Special Forces the soldier are required to speak different languages and reports are that those with German roots could easily learn German, those with Italian in their background could learn Italian very easily and you get the idea. If it’s in your blood then it’s in your blood.

“I saw you Arab blood come out,” I told the soldier on the phone last night. I was at Vid’s karate with the side job of trying to read that girl’s ass for y’all at the time. “Yep it’s was the first time ever that it’s occurred to me, I’ll be damned. He’s thinking like an Arab.”

‘Whaaat?”  He sounded as if this could not be possible which is exactly what I expected.

“Yeah. It was when I told you about my pants. I told you I bought these tight-assed pants, they were all over my ass, my ass was looking good.  You like that, I said. You said, yeah I like it when you wear them but wear hem in the house when you’re with me. You wear those pants at home, P! See?  You don’t want me to leave the house… uncovered. Wear loose clothes when you leave the house…”

Stunned, he interrupted. “I’ve never stopped you from wearing anything..”

I interrupted back. “I know. It’s true you have never stopped me but you do always make remarks. You definitely would prefer chastity in public, wear a bag when you go out and I hate to tell you but that is Arab.”


“Well it’s not Latin American. Those girls wear skin tight everything. They always have their bodies displayed, and you grew up there so where do you think this came from, hmm?”


“Okay, well I just thought you’d like to know that you’re Arab after all because there is no burka to be found in South America now is there?  Those girls put their curves out there every which way they can and you wind up with a knee jerk plea I leave the house in a burka so I don’t know what to say except yer busted being, Arab.  Not that I mind. I don’t mind, I have always enjoyed how inane you are. I mean you are humorous…”

For the record, the soldier wants a woman like any one of the girls in the picture, their bodies and their energy. However you could tell which one would be his girl because she’d be wearing a mu-mu when she’s out with her friends like that.

Ass, ass, ass, ass, Mu Mu, ass… you can see his girl in the line up, see? Damned freak!


30 thoughts on “Seeing The Moon (The Cultural Roots): When It’s In The Blood Then It’s In The Blood”

  1. *laughing*

    Oh that’s awesome.

    And for all he talks about your amazing ass – that’s not an ass he wants anyone else seeing, from what I have read.

    You two are so brilliant together, truly. I love love love it!

  2. I find something similar with my Italian husband. I have not attributed it to an Arab influence, but I think they did invade parts of Italy. Anyway, I always tell my friends that they need an Italian husband cause they are loyal. Best wishes, Elsa! Italian husbands are (usually) okay!

  3. yeah, he has NO problem with women walking around with their ass out… thinks it is perfectly fine for women to wear push up bras, display their tits, show their belly buttons however HIS woman should put a bag on before going to the grocery store.

    now he doesn’t stop me but he does make remarks.

    “You’re going to the store like that have everyone look at your ass?”


    “Okay, P, okay but I don’t know why you can’t put a bag on that ass. Don’t you have a bag you can cover your ass with it? Jeez, P, if I had anything to say, I dress you in a mu mu from head to toe. If you want to be naked, be naked but you be naked when you’re home with me!”

    I then leave the house with my ass out and I mean I stick it out and then leave.

    How I could not have not noticed this before is beyond me. he’s Italian, Latin, Southern… and Arab ’round the edges.. obviously.

  4. yeah, his family got run out of Italy, Tuppence and some other countries too. We may very well be run out of this one, I’d say it’s a 50-50 chance.

  5. See how those women are all happy and confident about their bodies and their ass? That’s the way he thinks women should be. None of this, oh my God, I gained an ounce.

    He’s got a point.

  6. Hey! I’m with him! Hell I’m plus size (in both clothes and personality! *snort*) and I wear short skirts and shake my ass in salsa class several times a week. This is what I’m workin’ with, I’m gonna work it.

    I am all about that. Confidence is infinitely appealing to me. After all, if someone doesn’t think he’s got something going on, why would I look twice?

  7. I once had a lover gather his hands around my “pouch”…which is that loose belly where the abs should be…he gathered the flesh and whispered, “I love your pouch..”
    Men like this are extraordinary…..

  8. “I’m skewed, huh? Well I may be but I can see your Arab roots and you cannot.”

    “My Arab root.”

    I roared. “No, roots. 3 to 1. You have 3 Arab roots for every Italian root.”

    “The Italian root is the tap root so there!”

  9. haha if I was to pick a group of solidiers to fight with: Arabic, Philippino, scots-irish/hillbilly.

    I grew up with a lot of Arabs – don’t mess with family LOL.

  10. I hate to burst the bubble, but that is a very LATIN thing too….that is MY ASS…..for MY EYES ONLY ……I know this because every latin guy I ever went out with had this belief system….and ask any Latin woman who has got her shit going on….as you do, Elsa, … man wants other man oogling that…..

    This is the “I know what other men are like and what they are thinking because I am one of them….see?” No man wants his hot babe strutting it out for others to view. Not if she really means something to you…..

  11. But a burka, denamaria? He’s not talkin’ modesty here, he is talking BAG over your whole body.

    “Just your head stickin’ out, that’s enough. It’s okay if you can see when you go out there, I just don’t want anyone lookin’ at your ass or anything else you’ve go so P? P, just wear a sheet when you go out, could you…”

    And he does seem to agree, it along those lines. Arab-flavored but I see what you mean.

  12. “P, if I had my way you’d never leave the house without being covered head to toe.”

    “You don’t have you way.”

    “No but if I did that’s what my way would be.”

    “You’re insane.”


    P walks out of the house with yoga pants stretched tightly across her ass. ‘See ya!<" she said cheerily, with wave over her shoulder.

  13. You know…you are probably right….thinking back on this, very view people know how many Palestinians came to Latin America in the early 1930’s and 40’s……I am thinking about the latin guys I dated when I lived there and half of them were of Palestinian descent….so there you go!! It is in the blood….and I like it! My husband is not latin, but he has this same thing and it was what immediately attracted me to him…..

    I remember a friend of mine in particular….he didn’t say burka, but he always said his wife would definitely be a virgin and he would have her tested. I remember thinking…”what?”…because he was such a “mujeriego”..womanizer…..

  14. yeah, that is his path to Latin America, denamaria. He has family from Palestine and when he requests you wear a body bag… well it becomes clear.

    What kills me is he does not judge women who dress scantily at all. I mean once I had to tell a Latin client she should not wear skin tight clothes to court… how she would not present well in front of an American judge and he made sure I understood that the sexy dress was norm for her. He sees nothing wrong with it at all… it is just me who should wear a burka and if not, we should “go to the desert where there is no one around”.

    “You can be naked at home all you want P, just don’t leave the house.”

    This is a long standing theme and he projects it into the future as well.

    “We’ll be in the old folks home and someone will come get me. It’s your wife, P. again. She’s out in front of the building posing naked again. Yeah, she’s out there all right and she is nude! And then I’ll have to come get you… run out there with a blanket and cover you up. Ah, P. What are you doin’ out here naked again. Come inside now. Come and bring your naked ass inside – quit showing it to people, you’re going to get me in a fight…”

  15. “he always said his wife would definitely be a virgin and he would have her tested. I remember thinking…”what?”…because he was such a “mujeriego”..womanizer…..”

    I have heard similar. The soldier is not a womanizer though – AT ALL. He could have had an arranged marriage as a teenager (like his grandparents did) and he’d have stayed in it loyally for the whole of his life and if the marriage was to me, we’d have been happy, that’s for sure.

  16. I didn’t mean to imply that he was a womanizer…in fact, I imagine the opposite. I got caught up going down memory lane and thinking of these guys down there.

    And right about you wearing the burka, but he is okay with other women dressing scantily….that is what sets you apart from other women…he cares for you…you are his venus and must be admired by only him…my guess.

  17. That’s funny. My bf likes it when I dress up and show off- whole different story. (He is Dutch/Jewish). He wants to show me off. Also not a bad thing. I feel very confident next to him.

  18. my husand is the same… ‘where do you go, in that kind of cloth-es??!…. italian. but again most italian men i know think this way, here in italy tits and ass all day every day on the tv… naked woman hammering a nail (selling yogert??!!! wtf?? this is normal…free, but not my wife.

  19. ROFL. This reminds me of when I first met my SO’s parents. He asked his dad to help him shop for a burka for me. I didn’t pause a beat and said, Oh, please make it blue.

    His parents laughed so hard and told him that I was a keeper.

    His father grew up in Lebanon.. so…

  20. the porta potty thing is hilarious. I mean, that is the main purpose of an ass, isn’t it? And yet it’s a sexy picture outside a porty potty? People are funny…

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