Does Psychic Ability Show In A Natal Chart?

old zodiac fabricA friend of mine met a “medium” who said she was fake. The medium said that her her peers were fake too. He asked me what I thought about this.

I don’t know about people who specifically contact the dead. I’ve never met anyone who could do it, reliably, but I do know people who are “psychic”. I wonder how people think this shows up in chart.

Most notable in my life and experience, one of my sisters definitely has some ability. She’s always credited her Sun in Pisces trine Neptune for her ability. She also has Mercury in Pisces which I feel denotes the ability to get information from ethereal sources.

My husband is also wildly psychic. He has a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune tightly inconjunct Mercury.

Are you psychic or do you know someone who is? How does your ability manifest?

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  1. I have a family member who is Cancerian Sun, Pisces Moon with Mercury trine Neptune and Moon trine Neptune plus lots of planets in Cancer.

    She often just knows things before they happen and sometimes ‘feels’ a presence around her *creepy but true*

    1. People say that about me

      Cancer sun conjunct Mercury trine Neptune
      Both sextile MC/Uranus/Pluto for a minor grand trine 🙂

      I’m starting to believe it

  2. I would really love to hear some comments on this. My Great Grandmother was psychic. All I know is that she was a Pisces sun. I do have something going on but in all honesty I’m to chicken shit to understand it better. it’s mostly through dreams.. but it’s a knowing of things as well.

  3. Moon conjunct Neptune, sextile Pluto/Saturn,trine Uranus. For some reason, I am very reluctant to identify myself as psychic but I sure am good at knowing things others don’t and often by just focusing on people. More inclined to believe with a loaded 12th House & Mars/Mercury in Scorpio, my mind is good at pulling info together from obscure places . . . . 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t consider myself psychic but I’ve had my share of intuitive hunches and dreams that became true. Plus, I’m very sensitive to everything that surrounds me – I think it’s 12th house Moon trine Uranus in the 8th + Sun conj. Neptune.
    I would definitely look at Uranus and Neptune in a chart but I’m no expert.

  5. I know a psychic, his chart is concentrated in virgo and scorpio. taurus rising.. mercury in virgo square neptune. he looks at people and can tell their future. I beleive he is for real. He told me I would loose all excess weigh long before I knew gastric bypass existed (a year before). And he was right about a guy I was obseced about. He also did great predictions for my future which I hope will come true. I don’t beleive in it 100% though. I think things may change, but I’m looking forward to confirming it either way.

    I think I’m a bit psychic, but in the sense my intuition may be above average, it has been developing in the last years. I sometimes have flashes of images or feelings when I’m doing reiki treatments to me or others, or when in some kind of meditative state. But I can’t make any sense of it usually. I’m pisces, with mercury in pisces square neptune, trine uranus, opposite saturn, sextile venus. also moon conjunct neptune (at 1 degree). I hope I develop this more in the future. It’s very cool.

    I have another friend that has premonitory dreams and an acute intuition, she has sun and mercury in gemini opposite neptune, trine pluto.

    1. I googled mercury in virgo square Neptune because it didn’t sound like something associated with a psychic ability. Here is what it said:

      This aspect indicates a difficulty with an overactive imagination interfering with rational and logical processes of thought; this can result in self-deception and the construction of a private version of truth and reality. There can be a preference for mental avoidance and for escaping from directly confronting aspects of life that you find unpleasant, such as personal truths and social problems

  6. i know things and i don’t know why i know them. i just do.
    really hard to pin down, sometimes, though.

    i’m pretty sure spirits are out there but not that they would “talk” to someone the way we understand it. maybe if one can “translate….”

  7. Years ago I worked as a waitress at a restaurant called Shades, of all things. I met several former regulars while working there. People who were deceased before I arrived on the scene I mean. I would get an impression of them and sometimes actually talk to them a bit in my head. Then when I described them to the people who had been there a while, they would say oh yeah, that’s so and so. I found that kind of intuitive ability exhausting and so I asked them to stop and they did.

    I also read tarot and am quite good. I see it as a system to tap into the unconscious mind and it works very well for me. I can often read people without the cards but they are a tool and work like holding up a mirror at an angle to look at someone rather than looking directly at them. I think it provides enough of a distraction that people let their guard down and let me see what they are trying hard NOT to see in their lives at that moment. I also tend to tell people that I don’t read the future. I read the present because that’s where the action is anyway. 🙂

    Scorpio moon and Neptune in the 12th, Scorpio ascendant, Venus in Cancer in the 8th. I also have planets in Virgo and Pisces and agree completely with the serve or suffer theory.

    1. That’s so interesting. I’ve been to psychometrists before and they use something similar like holding a piece of jewellery. Thanks for sharing this.

    2. Interesting~
      I’m a Tarot Card Reader, Polarity Therapist, Theosophist, a seeker of all things esoteric, and a student of Mediumship.

      I also have Scorpio moon, Scorpio Ascendant, Neptune in the 12th, ….but I have Venus in Leo in the 9th and no planets in Virgo or Pisces.

  8. I have Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio. This seems to give me an easy, but non-dramatic, flow of intuitions…knowing when someone is going to call, for instance. Usually, though, I have to ask for the guidance via meditation. My Gemini sun/merc/Asc just likes to be in control of where my mind is at, and this rational, yang energy may muffle some of the whispering from my psychic side.

    So, I rarely get “unsolicited” advice. But once I was speeding on the freeway (not unusual for me) and heard a voice in my head tell me sharply to slow down. I did. The next millisecond I saw a cop appear in my rear-view mirror from behind another vehicle. Within a few more seconds the cop nailed another speeder. Glad I heard that piece of advice.

  9. I don’t think I’m psychic but I’m coming to recognize how incredibly perceptive I am of other people’s emotions and the small nuances of situations. It’s annoying sometimes. Neptune is trine my ascendant and sextile my sun.

    1. Well said. I am hyper aware of ‘energy’. I get vibes about people, Neptune in Scorpio trine Mercury in Pisces trine Mars in Cancer – grand trine. I used to get annoyed with others when they couldn’t read the situation or person until I realized they couldn’t! I read tarot cards also.

  10. My closest friend, who is a Pisces with a Pisces Moon, both trine Neptune, is quite psychic. Things she’s sort of off-handedly mentioned to our friends & her family have come absolutely true, as far back as when we were in middle school.

    My dreams are utterly non-predictive & non-psychic despite my Sun & Mercury in Pisces. I do have one curious faculty, possibly shown in my Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th, trine Pluto in the 12th & sextile Neptune in the 2nd (?): a number of times in my life I’ve gone into old buildings I knew nothing about and felt very strong energies – even seen brief glimpses of “scenes” of people, events, etc. Later I’d hear about or look into the history of whatever place I’d been in and found my “feeling” had been reflective of an actual condition (dance hall, brothel, etc.) or event at the place. One place I’d felt just awful in very anxious, seeing red all around, & feeling like I was choking etc., turned out to have had a locally famous, severe fire with many fatalities in the 1890s, for example. Could that be a 4th house thing?

  11. My dad is. He’s a Scorpio Sun, opposite Uranus. Me, not so much. I’d like to be. I have no planets in the water houses, and no personal planets in water signs. I do have Venus-Pluto conjunct, which can be sensitive, but that’s in an earth sign.

  12. This one guy i knew way back used to really freak me, i was convinced he could read my mind. He has sun conj nep in scorpio trine cancer moon. He started going down the black magic route though (his dad who he’d never known was apparently a black magician and i think he had a thing about him) so i avoided him. He was a wizard with the old tarot though. I’m pretty intuitive but try and combine it with logic/common sense. But if my gut says no, i listen to it. Moon sextile nept, trine mercury, opp pisces rising.

  13. i know im extremely psychic..i’ve been unable to recognise my overwhelming intuitions that things went beyond control when i was 16:P
    i have,
    sun moon and mercury in pisces
    scorpio ascendant with pluto conjunction
    sun opposition pluto
    Eight!! uranus and moon aspects
    moon and sun conjunction jupiter
    jupiter square neptune in 3rd house
    mercury trine pluto sextile neptune
    mercury conjuction venus
    moon square uranus & saturn
    mars square venus & opposition uranus..
    i think they’re good qualities possibly creative..but inevitably led to experience paranoid schizophrenia

  14. -moon in scorpio
    -mercury conj venus in cancer
    -moon trine mercury
    -mars in pisces
    -uranus in 3rd house
    -pluto in 3rd house
    -mercury in 12th house
    -moon in 4th house
    -neptune trine ascendant

    so yeah…i know somethings sometimes you might say.

  15. I have been psychic all of my life, even before I knew what being psychic meant. I have not been able to do it for a living and rarely tell people about it. I believe it is because all the planets that show my psychic ability are involved in a YOD.

    I have mercury, moon and sun in Pisces.
    the moon is exactly sextile my neptune on the 3rd house cusp. The moon and neptune are quincux my pluto in the 12th almost on my ascendant.

    I believe the Pluto causes me to keep the psychic abilities to myself.

    I have been doing past life readings for people I feel would be comfortable with hearing the information, so I am gradually trying to get myself to share what I know.

    I have some progressed trines coming up to the Pluto and the moon, so I also think that is contributing to my ability to share a little more.

  16. The first thing I look for in a natal chart for magic is planets in 4, 8, and/or 12: the “mystical” houses. 4th house is our mystical connection to the ancestors. 8th house is witchcraft, interest or ability re. occult subjects. 12th house is, for me, about communication with “the gods” (among other things, of course). Lots of planets in water signs. Water planets on the 4/8/12 cusp. Outer planets in the 8th house are especially markers of otherworldly contact, interest, and/or ability. People with Pluto/8th… powerfully shamanic, but they pay a heavy price for their power. Neptune/8th or /12th… I’ve seen these people to be really psychic and/or empathic. Uranus in 8th or 12th… highly intuitive. One “magical” placement you wouldn’t think of right offhand… Uranus in the 3rd house (mental processes and communication). I have this placement, and often have “sudden intuitions” about people or situations. It’s a gift that has served me well, and also saved me from harm a few times. I also think my Uranus/3rd is why I’m so interested in astrology.

    1. May not be psychic but very intuitive. Sometimes i know things, i feel things and i pick out people with bad intentions easily. Sometimes this all scares me but i find it fascinating at the same time.
      Sun cancer, trine jupiter conj. chiron in pisces trine neptune in scorpio. Uranus in 8th, Pluto just in 9th (virgo) but houses 4 and 12 have no planets at all.

    2. Thank you for this! I do psychic readings and reiki treatments part time. I agree that the water houses are important. I have a grand trine with sun 8th cusp, moon in 12th and Pluto in 4th. And Uranus is in the 3rd. I only have Uranus in a water sign (Cancer). My grand trine is in fire. I’ve met lots of people with water sun signs who weren’t that psychic or even spiritual so I think the aspects and houses need to be considered.

  17. I also think it’s important to consider Saturn when looking for magic in a natal chart. Saturn, in this case, pertains specifically to “the hedge” (i.e., the boundary between mundane life and “the otherworlds.”), and I’ve found it to be very important to bring that sense of grounding and balance into a magical practice. Saturn is what makes the difference between “having a gift” and “using a gift.” Saturn’s help is invaluable if you are trying to Manifest something. Saturn has also traditionally been called “the god of the witches,” another reason why I think Saturn and the signs it rules (Capricorn, Aquarius/ traditional) are important magical aspects in a chart.

  18. I’m not psychic. I have occasional flashes of clairvoyance but they’re few and in-between.Someone I know, however, totally is. Pisces Sun in 8th House, Moon conj. Pluto in 3rd.

    1. My sense is that the 3rd house is often overlooked in discussions like this because it’s not one of the “mystical” houses. But the 3rd is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury’s roles include psychopomp, “winged” messenger, and communications of all kinds. For the 3rd, I use keywords such as extrasensory perception, intuition, automatic writing, Universal Mind, otherworldly intelligence. Also Uranus’s and Aquarius’s connection to the 11th house points to collective consciousness and the collective unconscious. Uranus and Aquarius for anyplace where there’s a crossover of science and spirit such as the holographic universe and quantum physics.

  19. Outer planets on the angles, too. Pluto/4th conjunct IC (an aspect I have in my chart) calls for deep ancestral healing. I have seen personally how that can be accomplished by working with a shamanic practitioner.

  20. I think I’m kind of psychic, which I dont really like saying, because I dont have the kind of psychic abilities where I can predict the future…after all the future isn’t set in stone; we have free will….but I am good with sensing things about others they hide from others and themselves. I’m also pretty telepathic. I have lucid dreams. I’ve seen things in the astral. I’m extremely sensitive to energy. I can manipulate energy. It his sounds extremely morbid, but I can cause things to happen by focusing my thoughts and soul energy; I dont do this however, anymore at least. I have the sun (chart ruler) conjunct the moon in Pisces in the 8th square Neptune on my sn. Mercury in the 8th sq. Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in H4. The Moon ruling my 12th. Pluto bi quintile my Asc and quintile Sun/Moon. Pluto in Lib conj Saturn in Scorp.

    I’m hesitating to press ‘post comment’…I sound like a freak… :/ oh well here goes..

      1. No, you don’t sound like a freak at all, PIseas. What you’ve described feels pretty normal, to which I can relate.

    1. Avatar

      That’s the rub isn’t it. There isn’t just one ‘psychic’. Reading the future is functionally different from reading people.

  21. both my mother and grandmother are psychic, in the true sense, but they don’t really believe they are psychic, (my grandmother is pisces sun, march 20th, so i think it’s either 0 degrees or 29 degrees) my mother is Libra sun/Taurus rising, (her moon is capricorn) but she has a stellium in Scorpio. My mother is Always fascinated that she gets visions alot, and psychic awareness. She tells me about them,and i too, am fascinated that my mother’s side is so spiritual.

  22. I don’t think I’m psychic but I have Neptune, Mars, Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius 8th house. And intuition never fails.

  23. Not really in my waking life. But I have a 12th house Mercury in Cancer trine Uranus in Scorp in the 4th. I get random, unexpected (Uranus) visions in my sleep (12th house). Sometimes it’s a message (Mercury) from the dead (Scorpio) to their family members (Cancer). I also have Mercury in sextile to Mars and square to Pluto. Those visions can be quite disturbing. ?

    12th housers in general tend to have a marked intuition!

  24. It’s interesting that you say your husband has Neptune-Moon. My son has the same conjunction in his 8th in Aqua and plus Sun in Scorpio, 4th and rising in Cancer. He’s super-psychic. He’s got this uncanny habit of knowing when major storms are coming. He also likes to ask uncomfortable questions about topics that only the adults would know… He’s always been this little old man in a boy’s body

  25. Maybe it’s my packed 12th house, but I know quite a few peope with psychic abilities. Sun signs vary, but several have the Moon in Cancer. The most powerful I know – bar none – has a fairly unremarkable chart, save for one feature – every planet, bar Venus is retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Her Moon, of course, is in Cancer.

  26. My mom has had psychic moments all her life. She’s a Pisces Sun with a Scorpio moon. My sister also has them. She has an unaspected Cancer moon and has had dreams that she tells my mom about and shortly after something like that happens. Right before my grandmother died she dram this happened and called my parents. A few hours later she passed. I suspect my kids will have this too as they have Cancer and Scorpio moons.

  27. I am more interested in what people do with it. It is not something to be abused. It is not something to brag about. I had to have that conversation with a very young cancer moon trine mars in scorpio tike. Why do you consistently irritate people? You know you upset them needlessly. He replied because he could and because he found it funny. But the cancer moon child also understands emotional pain. Why would he inflict that on someone else? He was smart enough to understand that it is a gift (or a curse) not to be abused.

  28. My ex is very psychic – Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer. I saw him pull one card and tell a person that he just met that an older man was stalking her and to be careful (learned later she was trying to divorce her older husband and he wouldn’t leave her alone). I then hired him to read at the metaphysical store I was then managing. He used tarot cards since a neighbor gave him when he was a kid. He can use tarot, runes, marbles, sticks, etc. and give you accurate info. He drew one of my guides for me. He could also feel the energies in areas. If someone wanted to speak with someone who had passed 9/10 times he would share info and descriptions. He always felt so cold afterwards so he didn’t care to do it. The store had psychics who were 75% and up accurate. One (K) at times was 75% accurate and with the next person 0%. Unfortunately she had been taught to fake it till you make it. I would rather the psychic say there was no connection and thus the customer wouldn’t feel scammed. One day I smelled this horrible odor and I started spraying around the room and later learned a customer asked for her dead husband to appear – he did to (D)! I just smelled him.
    Another (S) would draw your angels and guides and tell you stories where they were helping you. I have one from her. She is an Aquarius, Pisces, Libra. She lives listening to spirits and can’t be out in crowds. Me, Taurus, Cap, Sag, at times I just know the answer. Was telepathic with my first love. Once predicted where something was going to happen; just didn’t know what. Turned out to be the exact location where a hurricane hit later that year. Other times I know when to be concerned weather wise. Once the radio was stating only tropical depression with 35 mph winds. and I remember saying that was wrong, prepare for a hurricane. We had a level 2 hurricane blow through. I always get a sense of danger and act accordingly. Once I felt this horrible energy and closed the store, turned off the lights, and locked up. I watched an individual walk through the parking lot and then kept going. Later heard he was a suspect in a robbery/murder of an elderly woman a street over.

    At the edge of town there was/is a psychic who was known for charging $50 for a blessed candle, $100 for a crystal (that we sold for $5) and tell people that they were cursed and needed to pay her $5000 to remove it. She actually called and threatened me when a customer of hers asked me how much we charged to remove ‘curses’ and I said no charge and we didn’t charge extra for blessed candles. She is still in business.

  29. My Ex’s Mother used to get premonitive dreams on people dying. She hasn’t got any Pisces, and is most likely a Taurus Moon – another possibility is Gemini, but has not only been a housewife all her life, but excelled in it and loved being, late Taurus Moon is more than likely. She is said to be born some time before the dawn, so quite probably has a 12th house stellium, Moon trine Neptune and inconjunct Mercury. Also, Mystic Rectangle formation on chart.

    I say she used to have premonitive dreams, because she stopped remembering any dreams when she was around 30, and dreamed about the dead of her favorite brother and father. I guess she just “closed the lines”.

  30. I can always feel emotions or get thoughts, obsessions of people near me, i concentrate them “from the Air”. I have yod patter: apex : moon conjunct South Node and Jupiter in Taurus 3 rd house. Neptune in Sag 10th house sextile Pluto in 8th house Libra quinqunx planets in Taurus.

  31. Cool stuff. Neptune / Scorpio 12 and rising, Venus Aqua 3rd with Mercury, Chiron and Saturn in 4th, Pisces. And actually Jupiter in Gemini in the 8th. Maybe with the Aries stellium i get physical energy woosh around. I fully realised I’m psychic after that big Pluto/ Uranus/Mercury transit 3 years ago that Elsa posted about. It was like a bolt of lightning. I’d been told by other mediums I could do this. I read that those that have passed will seek out those people who are able to communicate their message. I’ve had many psychic episodes and taken messages. Now and then I’ll get a hint. Often people are weird with me because they know I ‘see them’ and it makes them uncomfortable.

  32. My entire family gets flashes of things before they happen and so does my husband’s family. I have a strong Neptune in Scorpio conjuncting my Sag MC with Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio as well. Pluto and Uranus conjuncting my Sun and a strong 8th house. Besides knowing when people are going to pass, I go through phases where I will get quick flashes of things right before they happen. I keep saying that I wish we could get the lotto numbers but it doesn’t work that way. Haha.

  33. I don’t understand my chart completely. I do have a Scorp moon. Both my parents and everyone in my family have had experiences. Prophetic dreams here, ghost encounter there. But I have had an entire life full of it. I don’t fit in well with most people because I am highly empathic, telepathic though I often hate it and try to block it, dreams of future events as well as visitors that show me things, I have channeled spirits in homes and around people so well it scares people, seen several not just ghosts but unexplainable creatures. I really attribute a lot of it not to my astrology alone but my near death experience as an infant. I turned 1 in the hospital, was in a coma and nearly every vein collapsed as they pumped me full of penicillin to save my life from meningitis. I should not have lived. My mom prayed and prayed and she felt God tell her that if I went through drug abuse, rape, divorce etc would you still want her to live. She said yes, I went through all of those things and I am still here. I think there are real psychics out there, like me, but real ones know that you cant turn it on and off for a paid phone call. It comes when its meant to, you cant force it. I feel I should use it to help people but there is not much of a place for real authentic psychics. I think I’d love to do what Loraine Warren did, and help people understand what’s going on in their homes. I can do that very well. I can know if there is evil or dark spirits, or just sweet lonely souls etc. I’d cross over every lost spirit if I could.

  34. I often wonder why people make the choices they do, can they not “see” that it is not going to work or that the won’t achieve the best possible outcome? Then I realize that not everyone “senses” this like I do. I also have the sun in pisces, trine neptune and mercury in pisces and also venus. Scorpio ascendant and neptune in scorpio. Sometimes it is difficult to live in the “real” world! No one in my family is as intuitive as I am.

  35. Pluto in 12th house, Neptune in 1st house – Pisces.

    That is all about psyche. And at some point I got a little “skizo” by hearing all those things in my ears. All this aside, I’ve always FELT like I was “different” – and sometimes I just KNEW. Why I knew I didn’t knew. But I knew. So..

  36. thank you for the link, Cypress. I have felt energy very strongly all my life. One thing I am really good at, though, is seeing babies in my dreams before they are born (to other people; I do not have any children at this time). I have dreamt the actual baby before he/she is born. I mean, it looks exactly like them when I see them later in real life. I have also known people are pregnant before they know it themselves (unbeknownst to me when I reveal this information to them–woops). I actually feel the energy of the baby growing inside them and know it is a separate energy from the mother’s.

    I have moon in scorpio, conjunct uranus. Moon/uranus conjunction trines jupiter/mars conjunction in cancer. My chart ruler (mercury) is in 4th house sextiling both sets of aforementioned planets. I also have pluto at a critical degree in 5th house tightly conjunct north node? I read once that pluto conjunct north node can demonstrate burgeoning psychic awareness..

    When I really began to feel an uptick in my “abilities” was when natal jupiter progressed into my 12th house. It was like a huge surge of psychic energy flooded into me. I did not realize jupiter had progressed into 12H at the time, but noted it years later. This is when I began getting messages through clairaudience as well. Additionally, when I started doing yoga (during a year when jupiter was transiting my 12H), I began having vivid dreams of magnificent, wild animals that give me spiritual guidance. I come into their presence and they seem to leave impressions in my psyche, mostly things like “everything will be okay” or “have patience”, things like that. The animals in my dreams are so beautiful and majestic. I am usually just in awe. Their presence alone usually brings me comfort, peace, inspiration, whatever is needed at that moment or during the phase I am passing through.

    Good visions to everyone!

  37. My Grandma would dream of a red cross when someone died. When I was 18 I started mimicking symptoms of acquaintances and exes who were dying, suffering strokes, heart attacks, dying of AIDS in the hospital. I would hear their thoughts too. I got physical contact and radios turned on when my dad died,and hot water turned on and light fixtures catching fire when I spoke about a certain someone whose uncle had died. I heard “don’t shoot” when entering the home of someone who would try just that. Oh, doors slamming, running footsteps, opportune electrical interference, people popping into my mind just before they call me- I love it. Mars, Moon, Mercury, and Neptune within 4 degrees in Scorpio in the 3rd!!! The last one was a dear neighbor who I felt having a heart attack! I actually went on Facebook to ask if anyone knew of someone having a heart attack that night, and sure enough, it was him. It used to freak me out but now I appreciate the fact that death is beautiful.

  38. that’s interesting about getting sources from “ethereal sources” I always believed that my Pisces sun grandmother was the most psychic, she would see things that were unreal. And can see through people. I think my mother has this ability even though she is not water sun, but she is water dominant, however hers is not the same. She can foresee death (like a mythological story of Cassandra) who sees the future but no one believes her. And she can detect if someone has died in her family, even if they are distant relations. She has the ability to communicate with animals but not in the way of speaking but they come to her and give her messages. while we were on the house vacation up north I couldn’t even sleep in that house, and it’s not uncommon that we stay in vacation homes every summer. Some houses are just fine, but some I can’t pinpoint why. I try to block things off, so I can just try and sleep. I really don’t want to be bothered by ethereal beings. so maybe I should do some researching on the house. my husband also had a hard time sleeping, but he blames the heat/or that it’s too extreme, too moist and too many bugs like to come into a moist home. (which is true) it was still bothersome.

  39. from the vacation house I mentioned above, I actually did a little research online and found out the community/area was a former jewish community during and before the 2nd world war. there are many all over Europe. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but I do feel a lot of unrest. Many were saying that jewish communities have moved mostly out of Europe, and are mostly in the U.S. I never felt anything bad, just unrest.

  40. Hi Elsa. Like your sister I also have a Pisces Sun trine Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. My astrological reports always speaks about strong intuition and the psychic abilities. I do often “know” much more than others and can “sense” the future or the outcomes depending on which road we decide to travel. I do not credit it enough and I usually do not tell people. I would like to develop it further but just have not prioritized it in my life yet.

  41. I think there must be a mulitude of possibilities. I’m not sure what the term ‘psychic’ completely entails but I do claim to have a knowing of what’s going on behind the events, a grip on undertoe influences and I have had a few predictions pass where forewarning has prevented disaster. Mercury in 8 house cap square moon in 12th. (Sun in 8th?), Pluto trine mercury, (stellium in 12th house?) as well as mercury being chart ruler. Something of the ‘messenger’ going on. I think it’s fair to say that merc and the water signs along with neptune and pluto, houses 8 ans 12, can suggest messaging flowing from the deep and unknown.

  42. My Mercury is in Virgo in house 12, my Sun is there as well. Scorpio on house 3. Gemini on house 10. And Saturn in Scorpio in house 2.
    My aunt, my mothers oldest sister wrote books about Yoga and she enjoyed fame in the spiritual community in The Netherlands and Belgium.
    I ofthen thought: where can I see this in my chart?
    My gift is to calm people down and comfort them by talking to them and pay real attention to them.
    I am certainly not a medium!

  43. Yes, I am. It runs in my family, as I think it does with most or all real psychics. With a stellium in the third house in Cancer, and what is damn close to a grand quintile pointing there as well, I see and hear angels. Someone told me I was the rarest kind of psychic (aside from the mediums I didn’t know there were ‘kinds’!), an intuitive psychic, that I just KNOW things, and it’s true, I do just KNOW things.

  44. I am claisentient. I receive information when I access someone’s energy field. I don’t receive images. They are more like shades of emotion/being/frequencies. It doesn’t always show me circumstances (although I have been able to pick up on many people’s circumstances). It’s more about the qualities of their eternal soul. Like where they are in the grand scheme of things. I love being able to do this. It makes me feel connected to the universe. I think most others like it too. It’s nice to be seen.

    I have channeled a “being” one time. I think he may have been an angel. Definitely not human but had a big personality.

    I think it’s Neptune in the 12th.

  45. I am a physic medium.

    Standard 101 in the respected circles is that a Spirit needs to provide multiple reliable pieces of proof to the enquirer through the medium. Proof will involve the Spirit passing on personal information from their own life or the enquirer’s life in order to prove who they are. Of course it will be specific things that the medium has absolutely no knowledge of at all. Once this occurs, a diaglogue can then occur between the departed loved one and the enquirer.

    If you are going to a reputable physic-medium, this proof validation ALWAYS occurs. Now speaking from experience you can’t just on the drop of a hat demand that specific love ones come through, because upstairs will determine who gets to come through and not the medium. Now if intentional notice is given, say a few days, then you can usually can get the required deceased love one to come through and visit.

    Btw – being physic is an energetic skill you can develop if you are trained and are energetically sensitive enough! If you are not sensitive enough then you need to clear blockages from you chakra system through spiritual, emotional and meditative practices. Everybody has basic physic ability… Eg Have you ever felt a gut feeling… that’s your empathic ability working.

    Warm wishes, cheers – Shane

      1. The reason one does this sort of work, is to serve others in love, both the enquirer seeking to communicate with a loved one, as well as a departed soul wishing to make amends or heal wounds of the past! Trust me, every soul takes their own personality to the other side in the Spirit world, with the one exception, that they now understand their errors of their old life more clearly, and in many cases, they want to set things right before they move into higher realms of peace. Being able to use a medium helps them heal and do just that.

        1. I was refering to the last part. If I belong to »If you are not sensitive enough […]«, why then not leave such work to those, who have the talent for it? But I also would never want to contact a departed soul because nothing in the universe is without meaning and so the departing of a soul can’t be an exception. It would be extremely terrible if this would be an exception.

  46. “My husband is also wildly psychic. He has a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune tightly inconjunct Mercury.”

    What means wildly psychic? I ask because my natal shows something similar: Cancer Moon tightly inconjunct (the tightest aspect in my natal chart) Mercury conjunct Neptune. But I don’t see myself as psychic.

  47. Although I’m probably not psychic, I’m interested in such things. I try sometimes tarot cards or similar stuff. I’m only not successful.
    Psychic is also different from seeing dead people. I also don’t know anybody doing that, but it is done by people with many septiles and undeciles (perhaps also other aspects of non-integer degrees) in the natal chart.

  48. I am sure looking at my chart you’d find what aspects make a person NOT psychic. I’m oblivious to what’s going on right under my nose, unfortunately. I would love to be psychic. There’s a lady on a show called Local Haunts. I’m so glad she wears a bra now. In the earlier shows, she didn’t. Must have been something to do with being psychic or maybe her gals were free-spirited. It was unnerving. Virgo rising.

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