Moon Conjunct Saturn In Scorpio – Mother Is Cold

Scorpio necklaceHi, Elsa.

I am 31 years old and throughout my life i have felt that true happiness has eluded me. I have had many moments of achievements, fun, togetherness with friends and family but a strange seriousness always engulfs me sooner or later. I had difficult childhood in a way that I felt unwanted and invisible from my mom.

Later also, it has been hot and cold. I always feel her mothering style is more strict and disciplinarian than friendly and warm. Relationship with my eldest sister has also been source of strife and sadness, no matter how hard we try, it has been hard to get along and recently we have almost stopped talking.

I am happy with my husband in my marriage but my own family situation has left me discontent and I often wonder, will I ever have a smooth family life. I feel alone and miss having an elderly person in my life whom I can turn to for warmth and support.


Hi, Disappointed.

You may not like reading this, but I mean to help. You sound stuck to me. You’re 31 now. Old enough to understand that people (including mothers) have limitations.

I am not saying that you had a great childhood. With your Moon in Scorpio near Saturn, I’m sure you did not. However, your childhood is over. Stay with me, please…

You have a planets in Sagittarius and a strong 9th house. This gives you the gift of perspective.  You are choosing to see this glass as half-full. Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius messes with Mercury in Virgo in your chart. You are disillusioned when you could just as easily be inspired.

Saturn will be transiting your Mars, Mercury, Neptune square over the next year. Now is the time to grow up your view.  Because in the future, you are going to be the elderly one. If you don’t warm up yourself, you’re going to be the one who offers little to the younger generation.

I am suggesting you are turning into your mother. If you don’t like this, mind what I’m saying. Because you carry her legacy (Moon in Scorpio), whether you like it or not. But what you do with this situation is entirely up to you.

Good luck!

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  1. Hi Disappointed in India… I have the same conjunction in the 4th house and I too struggle with these feelings.

    I think we have to learn to love and support ourselves deeply first… so we can GIVE, receive and be apart of the love we deserve!

    I think we always need to be conscious of this, always working towards this.

    Be the mother you’ve always wanted to be… to yourself.


    I hope that helped and I hope you find your inspiration!!! You can do it!!!

    With Love,

    1. Hi Shan! Hope you are reading this, I had my son after 7 yrs of marriage, he has very close Saturn Moon conjunction in 4th house in libra, astrologically it’s not good.. seeing your post has given me some hopes that maybe the worst could be he and me may have some differences when he grows up.. how has it been for you growing up and if you don’t mind , did it affect your marriage if your married! Thanks !

      1. Hi Moons! Growing up, I was actually always close to my Mom but there was a period when I had my own daughter that triggered a lot of emotion and I started to see things differently. It’s been six years since my daughter was born and I’ve worked through a lot. My Mom retired this year, too. We are happy and awesome as a Mom and daughter. I do live very far away from her and I think that helped/helps, too. She’s an Aquarius! She likes space. My Moon Saturn conjunction is in Scorpio and that gives a very different flavor than Libra. Unfortunately, I am divorced but I married very young to someone 14 years older than me and he was a foreigner. He was a father figure to me and still is at times. We’re doing really well post divorce as co-parents. My 7th house is Aquarious so my marriage was very fitting for my chart. Yes, I have family issues I still need to understand and work through but it’s all I know and I like the life I’m creating. It’s very freeing to let our parents off the hook! I think Libra may lighten a bit the Moon Saturn conjunction in comparison to Scorpio. I hope I answered your question? (((((Hugs))))

        1. I think we are here to enjoy our later years, after 35. I struggle with spontaneity, with sadness and bits of depression but it always passes.

          1. Hi Shan! Hope you are doing great..the worry of Saturn- Moon conjunction has not left me all these years.. my son is doing great and we are very much emotionally attached to each other .. he is 5 now… Vedic astrology on this conjunction is so painfully blunt and discouraging…. since you are the only one I found who has got this conjunction in 4 th house, would you mind telling me if your father was around growing up and is he still in your life? I am scared for my husband now that something might happen to him if not me because it indicates loss of a parent…thanks and hope you are in the best of everything 🙂

  2. My Moon is in Gemini 7H opposite Saturn in Sag 1H, and I can’t ever get along with my mother for very long. I’m a Libra, she’s an Aries and she turns every story to be about her. She also has a stellium in the 1st house with Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars. One thing I find that helps is “Mariposa Lily” flower essence. She also has Moon conjunction Neptune in Virgo and I feel like my very life force seeps out after being around her for long and there are no boundaries…

    Her Mars and Uranus trine Neptune while Mercury semisquares Neptune, so she can talk up a storm about nothing — which with my Sag ascendant, I’m only interested in facts not fiction…but I’m nice about it (Libra)– even when I’ve only got 1 nerve (Gemini Moon) left.

    I want to add that my great nephew was born this month when the Pisces Moon was somewhat square Saturn in Sag. He’s the 3rd boy born in his family, but his mother REALLY wanted a girl this time. Wow…

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