Saturn, Pluto Transiting My Capricorn Ascendant: Bones, Spine & Posture

lumbar spineSaturn rules your bones.  I’m a Capricorn rising. I’m known to have a backbone!

Saturn and Pluto are currently transiting conjunct my ascendant, entering my first house. If you missed the drama of my mangled spine, you can catch up here: Gut Punch.

I’ve concealed a lot of things with Saturn and Pluto transiting my 12th. I managed this while chronically my Pluto transit for ten years, so that others might be spared. – see tag – Pluto transit 12th.

I don’t know what is out there now, but when I started writing, there was very little and it was all ridiculously scary. Thee posts are potent (Pluto) in spite of being vague (12th).  With these planets in my first house, I can be upfront, which I like.

As of today, it seems clear, I will be having surgery on my spine; both my back and my neck.  This supposes that I do not have cancer, which they will look for (bone scan) next week. No one should worry about that.  Dead (Pluto) bone (Capricorn), maybe.

I’ve known about my spine for a long time, of course. But it’s interesting that right as these planets cross my ascendant, it becomes REAL. I have a picture on my phone. You can zoom in and see the devastation. I’m slowly leaking the photo out to people. I’m taking my time because I have to process their reaction.  Tears, in some cases.  But other things come to light…

Yesterday, my husband asked me to send him the picture. Someone he works with wanted to see it. I complied. Turns out, this woman was in a similar situation. She had surgery and would up with a brace sticking up and out; she had to wear it for six months.  Could not turn, bend or lie down.

She’s fine now, you should know.  She works a ten-hour shift on her feet. But I’d not thought of this.  Stupid, maybe. But I just envisioned something… less cumbersome to be sure. Just the thought of it… claustrophobic. Pinned and such.

Here’s the deal: I won’t know until the end of the month. I have to have the scan; my surgeon is conferring with his colleagues to decide what to do with me. My appointment with him has been set.

Delay, right?

Many of you know, I love to garden. I am proceeding with my garden at this time. Who knows when this surgery might be? If I am in a brace like that, I won’t be able to drive for months. It would be (particularly) nice to have a yard full of food.

I hate to say this but these planets are going to sit on my ascendant all year. It does not look good for my popping off the table and running off.  I also think they go through your front to reach your back. The whole thing sickens me. My Libra, I mean. Ugh.

That’s it.  If you’re a fellow Cap rising, tell me what is happening (or happened) to you when Saturn (and Pluto) crossed your ascendant.

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  1. I have a Capricorn stellium in my 6th house and since Pluto graced my 6th with its entrance about 10 years ago starting with Mercury (took 5 years to clear that hurdle), its been one thing, then another. Moving towards my Mars & Sun in Capricorn – how about? 1) Spinal scoliosis, (I don’t think I’ll be opting for back surgery however as I’m now 73)..went to pain drs and orthopedics for years now. I think its letting up finally. Had to have a right knee replaced 2 years ago in Dec. 2017, now this year going in for the other (the left knee, bone on bone).
    By ignoring these knee issues for many years of limping, my body is curved more, one leg slightly shorter etc.

    For “good Pluto news?” I think (knock on wood), the skin issues or psoriasis I’ve had since age 24, had pretty much been conquerable using Sorion, an Indian concoction of all natural ingredients. Thank god for little favors.

  2. My husband has Pluto on AC right now, Capricorn 24 degrees. He is stuck. It is a work thing, but also life direction kind of thing . For many weeks he’s been coming home in a bad mood saying it’s crap at work. Bad blood between him and his boss, ex business partner. That’s not going to get better. This mood is completly unlike him, he has bubbly Gemini personality always smiling and joking. I am worried. Problem is he won’t go work somewhere else, even though he had many offers. I’m utterly puzzled by this bihavior, and i’m frustrated cause I cant help.

    1. I also have Asc at 24 degrees Capricorn. On March 12 all my business appointments for March and April got cancelled due to travel restrictions and clients concerned about the virus. So I am out of business for the time being. Since I am home-bound I have decided to finish writing my book. At least it’s keeps me preoccupied 😉

    1. Avatar
      Amantha Hobson

      I had the surgery at the same area as yours. Looking at you scan it seems L5/S1 is the problem. My surgery was disc replacement and not spinal fusion. Although the cost in the USA was $85,000 out of pocket I flew
      to Germany and had it done for $30,000.
      I am a cap rising 4 degrees and the surgery was done in December 2007. I was almost in a wheelchair at the time with a crushed sciatica nerve. Today I walk, although permanent damage , I still walk. Good luck Elsa.

        1. Dear Elsa I keep my thumbs up! You are indestructible, despite all difficulties! I have l/s problem and lumbalisation and asc at 5 degrees Aquarius, and Saturn 29 cancer- I am heading to the nasty opposition. I will follow you probably with otrhopedic problems during the next couple of years

  3. ((Wheeww, Elsa!))I know what you mean about speaking about what was going on with you (for a long while) without being specific … and it being powerful anyway without the details. Until Saturn and Pluto crossed the ASC. I’m Capricorn Rising with a Natal Capricorn Moon. Secrets are a necessary action for me, have been all my life. My Natal Chart (thanks to being able to shop right here.)helps me see the way I “appear” vs. what my internal motives are in the Sun position etc…
    Saturn and Pluto sandwiched and then crossed my Asc late in the year, 2019. Now the stellium is in my 1st House. What I dealt with squared my Scorpio stellium in the 10th and 11th Houses – my public reputation, as a former corporate writer and “token” Brown woman was churned up (Uranus’s churning up my 4th House). Behind the scenes I was working with a very well connected corporate guy, on a project to redo his piece of writing. I put my heart and soul into untangling jargon and everything I said I’d never do again. We needed $ I thought. But by the time the Saturn-Pluto sandwich crossed my ASC, I knew, and my Ancestors (12th House backbone) demanded I stop the writing and give back the money (all of it!)
    Turns out my action was a Universal Good. At Christmas I got a message — a gift — to say the money (a check) would not be cashed. I take that into my 1st House as an indicator of having earned self-esteem; a price that can’t be bought or taken back.
    Looking forward on my journey, that stellium will eventually hookup with my natal Black Lilith in the 1st House (Aquarius) and Midara has a LOT TO SAY about that … and I’m grateful to keep that in mind.
    I grateful for ElsaElsa, period!

    1. Mokihana,
      Wow. I would be very interested in seeing your chart if you would trust me with it: I also have a Capricorn ASC with a Scorpio stellium in the 10th (Capricorn’s) house, and TR Uranus in Taurus in my 4th. Your MH would either be in early Scorpio like mine or late Libra. There has been a net razing to the ground in my case; what will regenerate is still unclear. My story is too long to tell here, but I was injured in a scooter accident: a 17-year-old driving a Hummer said his foot kept slipping off the brake (a recurring dream is that I am unable to get my car to stop). I lost my ability to practice my craft as a result of my injury (it was a miracle I wasn’t injured more seriously than I was, and so I feel pretty fortunate despite everything). As for Capricorn bones, yes, I am having to restructure myself, both physically and esoterically.

  4. I will soon have Saturn crossing my Ascendant.

    I don’t know if I am still in the 12th house of delusion when I say this, only that it will hopefully feel like a breath of fresh air – soon.

    The Cap stellium has been kinda like in the fog, it is deep within my 12th house but at least sextiling my 4 Scorpio planets in the 9th house. I am grateful. A lot has been taken and stripped. But a lot has been gained.

    This week I think realized something: I need to feel needed by the people I love (family, friends, lovers etc) – but during that time, when Saturn has been transitting the 12th, people acted like they didn’t.
    And it felt like being shot with a shotgun in my chest because a large part of the case is they have done the opposite: They made me feel so insignificant. Inside I am crying but I cannot tell them. They wouldn’t even know how to listen.

    I guess a Cap likes to be needed. No. It NEEDS to feel needed. I wish I had something better or more philosophical to add from the 12th house transits, but I don’t.

    Take care of yourself and yourself. I hope they make you feel needed.

  5. I hope you get surgery and a faster recovery than that lady. Sounds horrific. Hospital stays are exhausting. Good for you being prepared for it to be more hassle than expected.((( many hugs to you and your back ))).

  6. It’s good if they feel they can do something for you, then guess it’s up to you, to find the strength to make the best possible informed decision either way. Wishing for you the very best of luck and best possible outcome.

  7. Good luck,sister;my brother and little sis both had back surgery
    Both claim they wish had sooner ,my sissy had a rod put in, she has been beaten for years in martial arts , she is still capable of kicking my hat off, my brother dove off a 20’ bridge! Still diving

  8. I feel for anyone with spinal/bone issues. When Pluto and Saturn crossed into my 6th house two years ago I fell and broke my back. Made me realize you never know when things can turn on a dime. Will be praying for you Elsa.

  9. I’ll send up some prayers, although I believe in my bones that you will be okay. I was in a bad motor vehicle accident when I was 19. Should have been a simple broken femur, but I started throwing blood clots to my lungs, so they were afraid to operate. When a nurse takes a history today, she will ask, “which one?”, meaning which lung. I respond, “both”. The term they used was “bombarded”. My lungs were bombarded with clots. I don’t really talk about it because physicians tend to say “you didn’t have that. If you had that, you’d be dead”. Not dead. Sorry guys.

    However, I was bed-fast for 5 months at 19 years of age and then went into a “march of dimes” leg brace for another nearly 2 years. Funny thing about bone. It needs some impact or pressure to stimulate growth. So, at the 2 year mark, they referred me to Johns Hopkins, where the doc simply told me to take the brace off. There was a whisp of smokey growth on the x-ray. He said if it snapped, he would surgically set it. It held, and I started growing significant bone at 21. My left leg is 1″ shorter – he never bothered to measure the difference or factor that – and now I have a slight lateral scoliosis & arthritis d/t the MD’s oversight, BUT I AM FINE and love to swim laps. Highly recommend swimming, my dear. I truly believe you will come through this stronger than ever. And you have a fortress of people with you in thought and prayer.

  10. Hi

    I have had back problems since I tweeked it in the eighties.

    In mid December 2017 I caught a cold; between christmas and new year 2017 my back went in a different place than usual, and while I was struggling with that at the beginning of January 2018 I got the flu.

    I looked around on the web for a possible solution to the flu, all I saw was vitamin D3, D3, D3…etc; if monkey sees enough times monkey takes notice and acts.

    Up until this point I was a semi-professional supplement taker, but then I became a proffesional taking supplements everyday (including D3).

    I realised the other day, that I have not even had a cold for 25/26 months, my back has been fairly solid as well.


    I take at least 1200iu’s of D3, cod liver oil (more vit D), vit C 250mg at least, Vit E, yeast etc…

    Heres the thing about VIT D, it kills pain in the joints, and helps protect the body against virus’s (this is why some viruses turn off the bodies ability to use D3).

    But I also do keto (plenty of fat and protein since June of 2019).

    Also if you want to strengthen uour back strengthen your stomach muscles.

  11. My 58 year-old DH has 22 Cap rising with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct the ascendant and 21 Virgo Sun in the 8th house. So…this is a second Saturn and a Jupiter return for him as well. All of this squares his Mercury/Mars conjunction in Libra. Not one week after Jan 12th he blew out his knee; which already has arthritis. Complete and total breakdown with arthritis crumbling the bones, torn medial meniscus and severed ACL. It happened when he caught his foot on the threshold of a door while turning around to go back in. The docs say total knee replacement is necessary. He is a “big guy” and will need to wait till he gets his BMI is low enough for surgery. This situation is not going away fast.

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