The Fourth House – Your Base

The 4th house in your chart reveals your base.   For example if Saturn rules your 4th or if Saturn in placed in your 4th house, I’d consider you fear-based.

If Jupiter ruled your 4th or was placed there, I would think of you as faith-based, etc.

The 10th house is public, the 4th house is not.  Whatever is described by your 10th house is there to be seen by the public.

In contrast only you and your intimates are likely to be aware of the qualities described by your 4th house. You do have to consider the entire chart as there are exceptions to this and I can serve as an example.

Mars rules my 4th house. Fire in the belly! At my core, I am driven, angry, ambitious, heroic, etc.   Mars in my chart is in the 9th house, conjunct Mercury so I broadcast these qualities.  I flat our state that if you break into my house (4th), I will shoot you (Mars).

I also live with a retired Green Beret!  How’s that for Mars ruling my 4th?

How does your 4th house describe you?

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  1. I also have Neptune as 4th house ruler and it’s in the 12th, in a T-square involving Moon and Saturn. I am the family karma healer.

  2. There aren’t any planets in my 4th house. I have no base!


    Just kidding. My Saturn is late enough in the 3rd house, right next to Capricorn, to make me an inveterate worrier. On the other hand, I have Mercury in the 10th house. 🙂

  3. I have an empty Pisces 4th with Neptune on the 12th house cusp. I feel most comfortable, centered and “myself” in seclusion. If anyone broke in I’m sure they’d be bored to death (or be inclined to meditate). I have a great need to open all my curtains and windows when I’m home, yet I feel on display if neighbors are out and I get vey grumpy if I have to close the curtains or listen to their music, dog barking or if they park their cars facing my house. I know it sounds nuts. Both my neighbors across the street and to the north (unbeknownst to them, I’m sure) send me balistic when they park facing my house! When I first noticed my reactions to this, I was really alarmed. Now I just go in another room or close the curtains until they leave.

    You know what? I never connected these reactions with the Pisces IC until now! Thanks!

  4. Fourth house empty-taurus ruled by Venus. Still new to astrology so not surei have that right. Interesting since Venus is known or secrets. My emotional life is known by few! I have Venus in Virgo, 8th house.

  5. Using equal houses from the Ascendant… that would put my 4th house as being Pluto-ruled (Pluto is in the second house). In that system I have the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune all in the 4th. Sun/Mars and Mercury/Jupiter are conjunct.

    I don’t even know where to begin with that, haha.

  6. hmmmm..

    saturn smack in the middle of cancer in the 4th, square pluto.
    yes, fear-based, but lots of work in the house- literally housework- and maybe even home-based business.
    a real need to control my home environment.
    also, since moon rules my fourth and i’ve got saturn there, wonder if that sets me up to have some moon/saturn deals. sure feels like it sometimes.
    but i will say, since i have no earth by sign or house, it is the closest thing i have to a “groundhold”. saturn has taught me a lot here.

  7. Libra rules my 4th, and I’m totally love and relationship based. My ic is conjunct juno and my relationships are very important starting points/bases to me. Depending on house system, I’ve got uranus in there as well and I like to do things in my own way as far as my base is concerned.

  8. Still learning here so late jumping in on this one. Ok, 3 planets (Pluto, Mars, Uranus) in 4th house in Virgo (4/5 in Virgo, 1/5 in Libra). I looked up “what planet rules Virgo” and it said Mercury.

    Somewhere else I read this – “learn to accept others for who they are and not who you think they should be” – which has been a lifetime lesson for me. Think i’ve got it nearly licked …at least I hope so.

    With Gemini Asc and Venus in Libra, I too would talk to an intruder to try to reason probably. Unless the fear response was strong enough and then I’d be more likely to run or hit them with a baseball bat. ??? lol

    About my home, i’m never NOT worrying about it. Even when all is ok, still worry at times. Drives me nuts but know I’ll probably always be this way. Bummer.

  9. CLD, I have the opposite from you, Pisces on the 4th, and I worry constantly about my home too. Always checking to make sure everything is locked/turned off. And worried about being broken into when I’m not home. This has happened to me, and they stole 30 years worth of research. I am still devastated by it (Pisces=loss?)

  10. Anita {{Hug}} it’s hell right? Always on edge sometimes. I’ve had break-in too. Devastating. But over it. I worry more about state of the home in terms of repairs or things that might break or go wrong with structure.

  11. CLD, it is hellish! If I have to be gone all day, I’ve asked friends to stop by and I’ve even driven by myself to check.

    Yes, I’ve worried about repairs. If we are unaware of an issue with the building, it can get way too expensive to repair. And electrical issues are dangerous and difficult to diagnose.

    Oh, my…listen to us! lol…

  12. Anita, I think the only reason I’m ok and not concerned about break-ins anymore is because i’ve lost many loved ones to death. After that, material stuff doesn’t matter to me. Apart from photo albums and who would want to steal that?? 🙂

    You sound like me a lot. lol My Dad was a Virgo sun AND anal about electrical safety etc. That is one thing I am constantly worried about. He is passed now but still I hear him in my head about the house. Constant worry. It’s a bugger. 🙂

  13. ((CLD)) Sorry about your loss. That loss is never forgotten.

    Sun Virgo dad here, too! He’s probably watching out for you!

  14. HaHa Elsa soulmates!…Mercury rules my 4th house, and Mercury is conjunct an exalted Mars in my 8th house. I have stated many times that breaking into my house or messing with my family can get you killed….

  15. My 4H cusp is 28 degrees Taurus with also a large chunk of Gemini. My natal Mars is 1 degree Gemini. I have actively made (Mars) my home my version of beautiful (Venus). My home office is one of my favorite rooms in my house as I am a perpetual learner (Gemini; Jupiter and Neptune in 9H). My mother (4H) was also an elementary school teacher (Gemini rules primary education).

  16. It also occurred to me with my Aries ruled Mars placed in my 4H that I am very territorial (Aries warrior) when it comes to sharing my home with others. Aries is trapped in my intercepted 2H and I allow only close/similar-values (2H) friends and family into my home. I don’t host open public events in my home.

  17. Sagittarius is on the cusp of my 4th house, which is occupied by Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Capricorn. Jupiter in Aries is in the 7th House. I never feel I will be living in any one place very long, and that I will move for love. For 17 years I was a military wife and we moved 6 times during that period. Before that, when I was single, I moved every year for a while and then rented the same apartment for 11 years. As a kid, I knew I’d leave my parent’s house the second I got a chance.

  18. Interesting to reread this post now. Using Equal House my 4th House is equally divided between Aries and Taurus: a fighting lover could easily describe my base. With Uranus transiting that 4th House the revolution is on!

  19. Hi Elsa
    I have Capricorn and Aquarius in my 4th house – but no planets. Would being driven by fear also apply to having cap in 4 house (the same as Saturn in 4th)?

    Also, I seem to end up with a lot of Aquarius people – could this be partly to do with Acq in 4th?


  20. I have Capricorn in my 4th house, with NN conjunct Chiron. My Saturn is in the 2nd house. My home and possessions give me a level of security that I’ve always worked hard to maintain. I’ve always been somewhat fear driven that I wouldn’t have enough to live when I got older, so I was a big saver and never lived above my means.

    I’ll never be rich, but I have enough to live comfortably now that I am old.

  21. I have Capricorn (no planets) in the 4th house – so I tend to automatically operate out of fear (and control). As I’ve gotten older, I have learned to rely on my faith but it is a conscious effort.

    And Yes, I’ve lived an ultra serious/responsible life especially about 4th house matters from working my ass off day and night to finding it hard to relax or have fun knowing there are always “things to do,” at home. Not an easy way to live. Since getting into Astrology, I’ve learned to allow myself to relax and save my energy for other areas of my life!
    On the flip side, Having Leo in my 10th, having fun while working was paramount.

    1. I can definitely relate to being unable to relax because there are always “things to do” at home. I have a never ending to-do list in my head that nags me. Something always needs doing.

  22. I have Libra on the cusp of my 4th house, with Pluto in Scorpio there too. I’ve never had much insight into those placements, and I definitely never thought of myself as relationship-based! I didn’t think I had enough Libra to qualify. With Venus in Aries in my 10th house, and Cap Descendant, I always thought my Venus was somewhat hardened.

    But it’s true! I have always had a preoccupation with partnering. Finding my soulmate has always been my #1 priority. I couldn’t rest – I was a serial dater from age 18-28, until this was achieved.

    Pluto in Scorpio there is interesting too, because I found true love under the transit of Pluto conjunct my descendant. With a person who has transformed my life – actually given me new life. And has connections to my family.

    Thank you for giving me a better understanding of my 4th house.

  23. My 4th is ruled by Saturn, who is in my 10th (or 11th, depending on house system).
    This Saturn is conjuct my Sun, both opposite my Moon.
    To say that I am fear-based is a euphemism! I hate this.
    Also, I feel very restricted in my home, it’ a small space. (Hate that too, but have many things there.)
    I always say I have 300 sq meter soul living in a 38 sq meter space, but that’s being extremely pretentious…!!! (uh, Leo)

  24. I thought Saturn in 4th was mostly feeling unloved by the parents as a child. Can you elaborate on the “fear-based” thing, Elsa?

      1. Oh Okay thanks )) no I understand the concept but I was asking how do we go from unloved child to fear based? Is that because the person grows up missing the protection of the parents? Lacking faith in the order of things? I am not denying your take on this, just trying to explain it, put it in context.

  25. Are Taurus risings really that rare? I always read the comments before commenting to see if anyone has something similar to my chart.

    My 4th house is ruled by the Sun, and my Virgo Sun is in it. Home is very important to me and feeling at peace in it is crucial. It’s not just the place where I sleep or rest. It’s everything to me. I’m more interested than average in my ancestry and family history.

    Having the Sun in the 4th makes so much sense to me so even if my Sun is @2’40 Virgo and my 5th house cusp starts @2’47 Virgo, I shouldn’t consider it as being in the 5th.

  26. Gem Sun in the 4th only. Saturn in the 10th. Family/home life is happy and satisfying because I can totally be myself and live by my rules with no compromises! Lots of nieces/nephews (no children of my own) visiting and I am often baby or pet sitting for others over the years. Many say my home is so comfortable they don’t want to leave and I DO love to entertain and serve up good grub! Card and board games and reading are favourite pastimes. I have a green thumb with houseplants.

  27. Sun ruled 4th House (Leo). BML is conjunct the IC, squaring Mars (Scorp) & Jupiter (Taurus). I’m actually quite comfortable with her representing my mother & am reminded of the Churchill line in “The Darkest Hour”,…”my mother was glamorous and perhaps too widely loved…” I believe she was slightly narcissistic, a little like Miss America at center stage waiting on her question. Even now, I am a little humbled at “saying” it out loud.

    Only other planet 14 points further along is Pluto. I am deeply Taurus, but do not expect things to work out as planned and rarely even decorate. I have an eye trained to blindness and a room waiting within in which to recede, already made up. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, I suspect.

  28. Oh, and my kind and true friend talked to his intruders last spring when he returned home from tending his cows. They emptied a gun into his gut and threw the bedroom rug over him to bleed out on the floor.

    I say, talk all you want, but you might want to take a couple of friends (to paraphrase Clint) – Smith and Wesson.

  29. My Aquarius 4th house contains my Sun conjunct Saturn. Both conjunct my IC.This all opposes my retrograde Mars conjunct my MC. Your assessment of “fear based” resonates with me. I’m such a beginner but study this part of my chart a lot. I feel like it’s very important if I could just put some understanding to it. Thank you for this post.

  30. Pisces IC Saturn, Chiron and Mercury. Opposing Pluto and Uranus in 10th. Life ain’t been no picnic. Mercury says I’ve had 2 fathers – dad and older brother, then dad and stepdad. I’m now back to dad and brother. I’ve moved more times than I can count. I’ve searched for security and tried really hard for success my whole life. It’s been very chequered. I’ve achieved a lot despite everything. But now my progressed Sun in Taurus is ready for Uranian change (Venus in Aquarius too). Maybe I’m becoming more Yoko Ono ?

  31. Saturn rules my 4th *and* I have Saturn in the 4th — I guess I’m doubly fear-based. Combine that with moon-pluto in 12th….

  32. Triple foundation- self-based, mind-based and love-based. I like having people over (just announce first). I will feed you well, nurture you and listen to your problems, that just comes naturally.

  33. This has got me thinking as I have a lot of time dealing with rectifying my chart by only 10 minutes around the cusp in long ascension sign! According to my official time I have the same combination as Elsa, Mars rules my 4th and is in the 9th house conj to Venus and Chiron, and I have some stories related to that configuration, if I move the 4th cusp then it is Jupiter the ruler which is in the 10th, but the end of Elsa’s post has made me think that then the BC is closer to correct.

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