Astro Skeptics, God & Mystery

chartRecently I was visiting with a first time mother and her baby.  She’s skeptical of astrology, but people are super curious about their babies so she offered her baby’s birth data, just to see.

Just like you inherit certain physical traits from your parents, you also inherit their energy to more or less of a degree. We know there are patterns in families.

The fact the three girls in my family all have Cap risings between 23-26 degrees is an example. My brother’s moon is at 24 Capricorn.

Everyone in my family and I mean, everyone, has the Mars Mercury big mouth signature as well.

Back to this story, it’s part of the mother’s chart, pictured. You can see how strong it is. I pulled up the baby’s chart – 15 degree Virgo rising, square Mars @ 22 degrees.

Clearly, this child inherited this trait from the mother.  My point here, is though she may not understand what she’s looking at, seeing these things line up like that, created a ripple of some sort. She could plainly see the undeniable shock of this, never mind other connections between the charts.

There is something really mysterious going on; that astrology allows us to access. How does God do this?  That’s the way I would frame this question.

How does God get a baby to be born with this kind of precision, all day, every day, all around the world?


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  1. I don’t know how either Elsa, but it’s a wonderful mystery!
    So the mother, is she very Mecurial in nature? Is she a Gemini or Virgo? Just curious! I bet she’s a believer now😊.

    Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you Elsa and to all moms here💕

  2. There’s an astro pattern in my family. My mother and I are both Scorpios, we were actually born on the same day. My father is a Leo and I have Leo moon. One of my brothers is an Aquarius with Scorpio rising and a Scorpio moon. I have an Aquarius North Node. A lot of fixed sign emphasis in my family with especially a lot of Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio.

    I was actually more of a mother to my brother who is 3 years younger than me, than our own mother, so there he is with Scorpio moon and actually 2 mothers (biological mom and his older sister).

    Some people believe that we plan our lives before we are born and pick the people who we are born to and the paths our lives will take. I tend to think that we do plan our lives with some flexibility as to choices so everything is not fated. My spouse is an identical twin and although there are some things they did similarly in their lives, the older they became, the more their paths diverged and they live different lives now, but they were born at almost the same time so their charts are the same. One freaky thing he found out was that his brother chose the exact same car that he did around the same time frame. I forget what the brand and model were but they did not consult each other and were living in different states at the time.

  3. I should have mentioned, it’s not just the mother, but both parents, grandparents, siblings… all wind up in the chart.


    1. The DNA must carry the energy of the Soul. And I was watching a vid on Edgar Cayce that really comes close to explaining our energetics before incarnation, in away – that does come from those dimensions that we use PLANETS to mark their doorways…Our Soul, we all, are of these Portals which are mapped out in the Universe for us, but inherently are inside…
      I can fly with this guy, and what Cayce says on Lemuria really resonated deeply with me.

  4. We look to have a moon Pluto signature. My mom and I are both Scorpios (my mom with. Stellium of planets) my dad has Cancer rising and First house Pluto. I have moon in Pluto and an 8th House ruled by the moon. I don’t know my grand parents chart on my mom’s side but know her dad was a Capricorn, I have Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in my first house (out of sign). Her mom was a Gemini and my mom had Gemini rising.

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    Neptune Barbie

    I you really want to see something freaky, look at the BRF’s charts – QEII, Charles, Diana, William and Harry. I can’t remember many specifics, but I do remember lots of connections.

  6. DNA asteroid 55555 in 1st house capricorn conjunct stellium exact. Dad cap stellium without his moon- me cap stellium. Mom cap moon,me cap moon. Grandma gemini stellium- me gemini sun, other grandma virgo stellium, me jupiter virgo. Capricorn North Node grandma and aunt,me cap north node. They gave me all the saturn they had, got to appreciate the collective efort. My saturn in 1st house.🪐

  7. Patterns, yes. My mother and father were both Leos born 3 days apart. My sister, aunt, friends…Leo. l have a Leo moon.

    Oddly, my other sister, an Aries, married another Aries and my niece is Capricorn and a bit of a black sheep like me…

    My father was Gemini rising and l have had a lot to do with Gemini men–my sun/Merc. Taurus third house, IC Gemini. My nephew, a Gemini has his Saturn 24 Taurus conj my sun and my best Leo friend’s husband is a Gemini with a Saturn at 24 Taurus–that is a bit freaky.

    So, not just eye colour etc. Have l been a pattern breaker? Or have l seen only a small part–a corner of the quilt?

    It is all learning. I don’t have to know everything all at once.

    My niece with her huge 12th house says she has been here many times…

  8. There are the term generational trauma. I guess it’s the same with astrology…

    In families, the genes are affected by the lives of people. Aka, if you’re a trauma survivor in war, your brain increases its focus on genes that needs to be alert for dangers around you, increasing the size of amygdala. Thus, the genes that promote safety, happiness and security are somewhat repressed, if you don’t do anything yourself to actively work on that in e.g. therapy.

    I guess the astrology show where your (genetic) heritage profile starts?

    But I do tend to agree with you, Elsa.
    My sister has her Moon in Aries, 4th house. She gave birth to a child with her moon in Aries as well. Their moons are close to each other. And the child also has Mercury square Uranus, so she’s really really intelligent for a 2 year old toddler for sure! Blabbermouth and intelligent at the same time, quite the combo!

    For my family, I have noticed both my mom and dad has a Venus-Neptune aspect (square or opposite).
    My mom was a Taurus and my Dad a Gemini. They fought all the time!
    And clearly, with his alcoholism there was some serious co-dependency going on!
    My own Neptune in Sadge is quinqunx Chiron in Taurus…. Disillusioned about love and my own worth? Yeah, sign me up.

    My 4th house is Gemini, and my 3rd house is Taurus, with Chiron in Taurus. My Dad was very verbally abusive, eliminating my self worth (Taurus – values) with his words, rejecting ME, bringing us all down.

    My grandmother was a Scorpio, birthday at Halloween. She and I was strongly connected in so many ways, understanding each other better than even my mother understood me. I don’t know her chart though.
    My mom’s Saturn is conjunct my 3 Scorpio planets (Sun-Venus-Jupiter) and my Moon is in Libra, together with Saturn. Venus-Saturn-value-related stuff themes all over the fegging place…

    So yes! I am a firm believer that these things run in families.
    I have no children so hopefully the family abuse and traumas will end here!

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      Miguel Melchizedek

      I swear I hadn’t read your comment prior to writing mine below, Anette. But it almost seems like a reply to yours.

      What degree is your Libra♎️ 🌔Moon in? I’m a double Libra♎️ with 🦂Scorpio Stellium 😳🤷🏼‍♂️

      Now this for Elsa and all: one pattern I’ve observed in almost all women is 👹Saturn🪐 afflicting 🌔Moon or 💅Venus or ☀️Sun☀️ or Ascendant, like most women are 👹Saturn🪐 ⛓🤖slaves🔗🔒 — 👹Kali💀 better describes this.

      But is it really a thing, that the majority of women as a gender have Saturn🪐 afflicting 🌔Moon or 💅Venus, mainly, or is it the women that come my way, that I attract? That I may me blocked from other types of women. But I’m a self-learned Astrologer meaning that I have grabbed all the Astro data from everyone, including actresses and whatnot, a fan of Astrodatabank now migrated to Alois Treindl’s, and it’s really rare to find a woman that is not afflicted somehow by 👹Saturn🪐.

  9. Contemplating this mystery, inviting it, stewing in it is my favorite thing. 🙂 Sun/Venus/Mars sextile 12th house Neptune.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    Life Plans 📜Incarnation Contracts🔐, family/Ancestral Egrégore of incarnation are agreed upon prior to incarnation by all parties. I say Life Plans in plural because people have “Free Will” power to decide positive or negative expression of the energy set and patterns they are given through inheritance and transits. Life Plans are lined out on the Astro charts.

    The system administrators-controllers/“God”’ helpers/genetic engineers, read 👽Grey, compute and control the entire process.

    The Bible is a Spiritual book so it is to be read from SPIRITual view point, not literally/materialistic as it’s usually done. So when it explains that MOTHER Mary is told by the “Angel” 👽 Gabriel that she’s pregnant of Jesus, Mary there is symbolic representative of all mothers, Jesus is representing all children/Humanity (hence his crucifixion is Humanity’s crucifixion/sacrifice) and the 👽”Angel” is the actual genetic engineer who just finished artificial insemination on Mary and announces “hey, (I’ve just made sure) you’re pregnant”.

    Families are born together over and over again not just because of Karma. Like attracts Like. People attract what they are. This means that commonality is the glue that binds people together. This and Karma ⛓bonds(age)🔗 and 📜Incarnation Contracts🔐 etc. This is really important for an Astrologer to know. People are born over and over again, incarnation after incarnation, into the same family. This means a recently deceased 👴🏻grandpa will reincarnate as his own grandson, for example, as I’ve witnessed. This means people are ancestors of themselves. That a nastier version of your own very self may be interfering and undoing you in the 🎁Present lifetime. What this all in all means is that people are born into and belong to a Soul Group who carries very defined specific patterns.

    So to heal an 🍷🍺🤖Alcoholic🤪🌀💦/Addiction it is necessary to Heal the family pattern that the person inherited, not just the specific individual. It is most likely that the individual is possessed/influenced by ancestor(s) and in this you may eventually realize it is a line of ancestry, a group of ancestors from way back and that it turns out the family has 📜Contracts🔐 to serve specific divinities such as 🍇Bacchus — he had his assistants the 👯‍♀️Bacantes💃🏻 mesmerizing everyone into orgy frenzy that are current day strippers, belly dancers, InstaGram/OF workers. Big Bad 🐺Wolf and Lil Red Riding Hood patterns etc.

    Now this is where “modernism”-materialism-$cience shocks and has a 🙀😱🤯😫😖😰 horrifying effect. The physician, that the pregnant woman offered herself in sacrifice to, will set up the birth date in function of her own planned holidays calendar or according to some other mental material convenience, to do Caesarian or induce labor and what not, disrupting all the above. Or they abort. Think of the consequences of an individual being born with an Astro chart different than planed, that resonates poorly, to say the least, with the Soul and Karma etc.

    PS: read The Lost Book of Enki to learn of God and how Humanity was created.

  11. I recall in a comment thread one time that a young woman, who was in science, said that she assumed astrology was nonsense until she discovered that all of her close friends had been born during a 2 week period in June….
    The people I have been closest to have been born trine my birth date in Capricorn…

  12. The Eternal Reccurence (Nietzche). We have only ONE path that we keep on treading and re-treading life after life (but in different historical times, therefore the amnesia) until we get it and go back into our Light selves out of which that path started. It could take eons, millions of light years, but the astral (astro) configurations will be the same.

  13. Both sets of my Grandparents are scorpio/gemini couples. One Grandparent, on each side was Born June 8th. My sister and I are both virgo rising. Mom’s a Virgo Sun. My sister’s north node is 0 degrees conjunct my Dad’s south node. Dad’s neptune is conjunct my ascendant. My Son and I both have Pluto on the ascendant. His Jupiter is conjunct my Gemini Sun.

  14. My husband has a distinctive Venus/Mars conjunction. My son does not have this, however, both grand-daughters have it (in different signs and houses) and they are nine years apart. I thought it was interesting.

  15. so interesting! I have a Capricorn Asc and Sun and I also have Mercury in Capricorn plus stellium in Scorpio (Jupiter, Venus and Mars) both my sister and I have an Aquarius Moon and are Earth suns. Our parents are Sagi Sun (Dad) and Libra Sun (mum) but we don’t know their birth time so makes it tricky to delve in….my Dad is so chill yet my Mother is so so paticular, highly opinionated, quite vain, always right – all her siblings are against her?!! and she can be quite cold to people including us!..I’m so curious to find out more about her chart…love these family patterns in astrology. it really is a mystery….

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