Sagittarians Telling the Truth – God Help Us!

sagittarius seasonI was dating this guy once, a Sadge rising. I’d met him in a restaurant for a big date. This was a really big date, he planned to propose to me after dinner. He had the ring in his pocket and here’s what happened instead…

We were sitting in a booth when he spied a gal he knew at a table behind me. The woman was a local celebrity. She was a household name in the area, at a level akin to a local news person.

He nodded in her direction. “Look. XXXXXX is over there. Do you know her? Do you know who she is?”

I glanced over my shoulder. “I’ve heard of her,” I said.

“We had sex once,” he said.


“We had sex once. I had sex with her.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked with my eyes wide for emphasis, in an attempt to stop him.

“It was at a party.”

“So? Why are you telling me this? I don’t want to hear about it,” I said, getting hot. I felt my cheeks heat up and just hoped he’d stop.

“It wasn’t that big a deal,” he said.

“I don’t want to hear about it,” I said. Shut the fuck up, I thought. I was getting visuals.

“Sheesh, Elsa. It was only one time. It was no big deal. She’s actually a lesbian, er… mostly.”

“I really don’t want to hear about this. I really don’t want to hear…”
leo vintage yellow cup“I can’t believe this bothers you,” he said interrupting me. “It’s no big deal. She was pretty drunk. I was drunk too.”


“Why not?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I asked, leaning in from across the booth to stare at him.

“Elsa. It was nothing. Really.”

Well, I could see he was not going to let it go. Fucker. I felt all hot and like I was going to cry so I decided to bolt. I grabbed my purse and coat, stood up, leaving him with the salad on the table. I headed to the door with my chin up in Leo Venus style. He followed.

Guess what he said on the way through the door, right as we passed the maitre d.

“IT WAS JUST A BLOW JOB!” he blurted out. And then again with the, “She’s a lesbian, Elsa! For chrissakes, come back here so we can talk about this!”

I left the restaurant and shut the heavy wooden door on him, leaning against it so he couldn’t come out while I pulled my keys from my purse.

Keys in my hand, I released the door so he could watch me walk across the street. I remembered my sister’s words. “Make sure they see your ass walking away. Let ’em try to shake that memory…”

I deftly unlocked the door to my car, got in and drove off leaving him standing in the street where my car window used to be.

Later, he explained himself.

“I love you. I want to get married and I want you to know everything about me.”

“Oh brother.”

See it didn’t matter if I wanted to know or not. The truth was being told, but not for my benefit. It was pretty much shoved down my throat. In hindsight, I still think this guy needs to learn to shut up.  In hindsight, he probably thinks I’m hopelessly hung up. You know. “If you can’t handle the truth…”

Having that wee bit of Libra in my chart, I can see both sides.

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  1. Gemini here with Sadge ASC, Jupiter, Uranus, & Neptune (all Rx) and communication has always been a struggle for me.. but now that I’m older, telling the truth has become important to me and just generally makes things a lot easier. Unfortunately though with Mercury in Taurus I think long and hard before I actually say anything, even after the moment is long gone!! I guess its b/c my mom always told me you can’t take back words that cut no matter how many times you say sorry!!!

  2. hehe, i always CTRL+F these older comments to see whether my past self responded and what i might have said. nada apparently. hey, what happened to loonsounds anyway?

    i do see geminis and sags as two sides of the same coin – they’re both hyperactive, talkative, energized. geminis i get more of the sketch factor from…though i think the truth often eventually comes out with them. i’ve got a sag moon (trine merc-jup in leo) and a tendency to speak my truth…but not as insensitively as this dude. tooooootally self-serving.

  3. Gawd Elsa, I have Sag rising with Venus conjuct Mars in Sag in the 1st House! I so get this guy unfortunately. I’ve had to apply discipline to even learn to reign the energy in and it has blown up in my face. I’ve had 2 Leo men walk away in the same dramatic way you did. But see it helps to lighten up all my packed Scorpio planets and ..I can never hold onto a grudge!

  4. most sags i know have some degree of foot in mouth disease… but also enough verve and bravado to play it off, most of the time.
    i think that’s one of the reasons they’re entertaining.

    and i’ve seen a gemini be far far more deadly with the truth than any lie could be. and they can play their cards close. for example, say, if they have a four planet eighth house stellium. but there is a certain reality distortion around them. although i think perhaps all the mutable signs are capable of that in different fashions.

  5. Sagittarius – with an blunt honesty problem…and in our (honest) defence…we say these things to others because we don’t believe that others might be hurt by what we say! We wouldn’t be hurt by them, so why would someone else?

    Also, we have no problem being brutally honest with ourselves about EVERYTHING.

    What is a matter with everyone else? (LOL)

  6. Wow. I never knew about the Sag thing. This makes a lot of sense. I severed a ten-year friendship with my Sag-Sun best friend, after she blurted a secret I had told her in the strictest confidence. This was not the first time she had blurted secrets, but it was the worst. Especially because I know it was just in the name of a good story, and good gossip. My Scorpio Moon just won’t have it. I don’t miss her.

  7. I always thought it was Pisceans who were the liars. Geminis strike me as more schizophrenic. I’ve been married to one for a while now and my mother was also Gemini. Neither of them exactly lie. But they will say the most outrageous, usually cruel or strange or manipulative things and then later blink at me and say that I’m making it up.

  8. Hi, Sagittarius here.
    I don’t have this problem, actually the opposite.
    In relationships and friends I am open and honest, but in social circles and in my job, I have difficulty telling the truth because I know it hurts.

    What about this? I’m Aquarius rising, maybe my Virgo Moon in eighth house.

  9. “See it didn’t matter if I wanted to know or not. The truth was being told, but not for my benefit. It was pretty much shoved down my throat. In hindsight, I still think this guy needs to learn to shut up. In hindsight, he probably thinks I’m hopelessly hung up. You know. “If you can’t handle the truth…”

    This.. happened to me recently with a Sadge… Much as I would have liked to go back to him.. he can never shut up long enough. I know Sadges are all about honesty, but where is the filter? There is none.. just becuz u can .. doesn’t mean you always should… like no one asked him all that… oh well

  10. Sounds like he reacted based on what he thought your reaction meant. I’m guessing he thought you were hurt, or jealous, and reacting because of that. Oblivious to the fact you might have just thought it was insane TMI and really… classless/rude a thing to not only bring up but go on and on about.

    1. Also as a rising Sag… I hope to God I don’t do that! I hope something internally smacks me upside the head. As many times as necessary.

  11. this guy sounds like he dont have any scorpio (being secretive about sex life) he is just so OUT there xDD i still laugh when i read this xD

    1. But wait…this post is about Sag blurting the truth – but you say he was a Virgo? Oh God. The critical truth. The details you don’t want or need to know.

        1. I went back and te read that. I didn’t think a rising sign would be that prominent! That it’s more about physical appearances. Just learned that’s sure not true! Ha ha!

        2. !!! I am Virgo sun, Sag rising, Aquarius moon! But I would never think or talk like this guy! Proof herein… huge difference between Virgo women and Virgo men, if I do say so myself 😉

  12. My son is a Libran, but quite influenced by Sadge as he has Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and North node therein, (all in within 8th house). He has Saturn and the Moon ( not conjunct) in Scorpio – 7 th house. He has scant regard for other peoples values, and is incredibly fixed when he has jumped to his own conclusions – his truth is wholly subjective. Needless to say, quite difficult to get along with at times.

  13. I’m a Virgo with Sag rising. One of my older brothers is a Sag with Virgo rising. We always tell the truth when talking to each other. That’s probably the reason we don’t really like each other.

  14. Ah, here comes the truth,”You are allowed an unexpressed thought , dude “guy is always feeling up his own memories ,Blah, this is when you show him , some dic pics,just kidding ,been there Blahh!
    Some need ego stroked Blah!

  15. Ha ha! That does sound kind of rough! Wow Elsa. What a jerk. No filters. That was totally insensitive and unnecessary of him. Even me, with Merc in Sag wouldn’t be that heartless. It sounds like he wanted to brag but disguised it as “truth telling” and when tiu didn’t want to hear it he felt censored, which as you know won’t work with a Sag.. How did he think you were going to feel?? Well things can happen for a reason. Can you imagine marrying him and he saying things like this after? And you would have missed your marriage to Soldier. You did the right thing. Did he try to contact you after? Wouldn’t have mattered I guess. I mean like Spacerockz said above in 2010, you can’t take words back that cut no matter how many times you say you’re sorry. Whoa to whom ever he married.

  16. Sag asc. moon and Venus with a scorp sun, mercury and Saturn. Yes, I am honest to a fault. I like brutal honesty. It tells me who the person is Even though people love to tease me and call me a sneaky scorp. Sneaky I am not. My first husband a Leo stellium could not handle honesty. He actually turned everything I ever told him in confidence around on me during arguments.

  17. I can be brutally open and honest like this. I have a close Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius that squares Mercury. I usually shut up when asked though. Intuitively, I can usually tell where things will lead if I don’t.

  18. In all of my life being a Sag and having them as friends, I’ve never met this stereotypical “foot in mouth” disease Sag in real life. Only online stories and reality TV.

    1. Oh man! My sister is a double Sadge with Mercury in the sign. She came home and told her husband, she’d just slept with two of his friends. She said, she thought she should tell him the truth!

      My other sister has Moon Jupiter, exact conjunction in Sadge. I have a gabillion stories!

      This is my second sister’s EPIC big mouth

      Never mind, my own for posting that. Family signature!

  19. Lmao…Sagittarius here and I can relate to foot in mouth disease.
    I’m old now, but I can still say the wrong thing at times.
    When I was young I was always trying to fix the blurts I said and I only made matters worse!
    😆 we can’t help it and it’s almost always innocently done.
    I’ve my Mars in Scorpio, so I can give some zingers when I’m angry, and then my Libra Rising feels terrible for my bad manners. 😆

  20. Avatar
    Janet StraightArrow

    Lol being a Sag rising with a Cap moon and Leo Venus I would never speak of that. It depends on who we are. He blew that one. Sag prominently can add some hoof and mouth disease for sure.

  21. Lol, thank you for sharing Elsa.
    Here’s a story of my youth (I’m a Sag/Libra rising with a heavy Scorpio load) – my Dad, Sag/Leo rising, an architect specialised on medieval buildings/castles/churches etc – btw I’m German – used to take me to his construction sites, which was FUN. But he was ALWAYS late and sometimes very late and these people he met there to coordinate the work to be done would sometimes come from far away, dropping their other work to meet up.
    Once we arrived more than an hour late to a church (no cellphones of course) and he walked toward the big wooden door, me trailing him with the papers and his bag, taking a deep sigh and saying “Daniel entering the Lion’s Den…” It took a while for me to understand but that was nothing new. Walking into the church hall which was empty safe for scaffolding around the walls an some planks across the mud floor, those who had been waiting for him sat and stood around the altar, the only piece of furniture around. They looked at him, no one saying a word, some of them staring, none of them smiling.
    My Dad nodded in their direction, turned and began to drape the white paper ‘plans’ on the floor, using stones to keep them from rolling up again. It took a while. I was afraid, anticipating one of them who was holding a shovel and the other one a pick, to move at my Dad who from behind and smack him on the head. But they didn’t.

    When he was done, he stood and stretched, taking a deep breath and said, his voice filling the church with an impressive bariton: You all have been blessed with the chance to spend an hour of winding down from your frantic and stressful everyday life in the holy environment if this 1000year old church building – and I trust that you ….
    Again I saw the shovel moving and the man’s eyes were small slits, I wanted to run away but could not. My Dad turned to the paper on the floor and began to talk about the details of it, mentioning the carpenters, the bricklayers, the electricians etc and eventually turned to the people as if totally unaware and surprised that no one came to look at the plans.
    You know what? One man walked to join him and then another and ultimately everyone – and a few minutes later the tension was diffused.

    I thought WOW – Daniel must have done much of the same with the Lions in the Den… I need to learn that too. 🙂 I’m not nearly as proficient as he was, but I come close. And some people hate me for it. Just as some people hated my always late Dad for his answer when they confronted him about it : I AM TIMELESS

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