Man With Venus Square Pluto Struggles To Break His Obsession

GluttonyHi, Elsa:

How do you break an obsession?
I have Venus square to Pluto and I’ve struggled with obsessions, mostly unattainable obsessions. Sometimes to people, sex, food, objects and possessions… You name it.

I find I am so fixed on it, I think about it all day.

Perhaps it’s my connections to my 2nd and 8th house, Pluto and Scorpio.

I ask this because I recently began a change in eating patterns. I was a binge eater and began a medically supervised weight loss program, paired with therapy to help my addiction to food and cooking. However, I find that my addiction has turned into an obsession with another hobby of mine. Now I’m spending money I don’t have on things that are not important in the moment.

Working On It

Hi, Working. You may have cracked the code of your problem. If I’m right, you’re well positioned to resolve your problem.

Specifically, you’re aware that you put down one obsession and picked up another. Some may say that you can be free of all obsession but is it true?

I would have thought so up until a lifelong friend shared his observation of me (and my family). He said we were all obsessed…

What Is Your Obsession Or Compulsion?

Once something like this is in your face, it can’t be denied. This is where you’re at today!

If this is real and obsessive people like you (and me) are always going to have an obsession, you can solve your problem by transferring your energy to something innocuous… and eventually to something positive. For example, I like to garden, cook and bake. I really like this stuff. It consumes me to an extent.

My friend mentions my chain-smoking when I was young.  Now I put numerous seeds in pots and obsess over the weather waiting for the day when I can set my seedlings out in my garden. I grow way more than I need, then I give it away. I’ve gone from being self-destructive to be productive and generous.  Big improvement!

You’re now aware that you can transfer your obsession. What if you were designed to be focused and you’ve just not found your thing?  The door is open at this time. You can change.

Overeating is destructive. Buying things you don’t need is the same thing; gluttony? I wonder if you can go from being a consumer to a producer but that’s just a thought. It might not be that simple, but I think you get the idea.  You need a hobby or some interest that does not harm yourself or others.

Do you struggle with obsession?  What can you add to this?

13 thoughts on “Man With Venus Square Pluto Struggles To Break His Obsession”

  1. Venus square Pluto: I’m in this placement and I don’t like it LOL! Yes, I know all about obsession…junk food junkie to exercise junkie to vegan back to junk food junkie, smoker, ex-smoker, art/crafting, and throw astrology in there too. Obsessed with obsessions.

  2. I would also recommend investigating where asteroid Bacchus (#2063) – the asteroid of addictions and excess – fall in your client’s chart. This discovery might be helpful.

    1. Hi Jayne
      I looked up my Bacchus – it’s 23 degrees Scorpio, conjunct Neptune in 2 house. Sounds like a recipe for obsession /addiction!

  3. My mother recognized this in me early and always said “be careful what you pick because you jump in head, neck and chest” lol

    Venus/Mars/Sun conj. and trine Pluto

  4. “you’re aware that you put down one obsession and picked up another.”

    I so relate to this – but as for the astrology – Pluto Rising in Scorpio?

    Would you consider this Venus Pluto exchange since Pluto is tightly opposite the DESC?

  5. “You need a hobby or some interest that does not harm yourself or others.”

    Yes. Mars in Gemini in 8th house – learning another language satisfied this greatly for me 😉

  6. I struggle with every single thing post hits on. I think it’s directly related to my 6th house stellium. All but 3 of the planets in my chart in my 6th house/Capricorn. I am gluttonous beyond reason at times. Food, sex, alcohol, laying in bed or sitting in one spot doing absolutely nothing for hours. Self destructive as heck. I’m a very competent human I just have a hard time getting things going. I feel it’s a lifelong lesson as it all squares my NN.

      1. I agree. At times I step beyond this point with new levels of awareness. When I come back to this stage I listen and do my best to work towards the next layer in the cycle. It’s honest work.

  7. Avatar
    Shimmering Light

    Yep. Venus in Scorpio here and my husband has Venus trine Pluto, meaning there is great ease (trine) with his obsessions…;-). I don’t actually see it as a problem (anymore) since I know that I always have to have something to be obsessed about. As you say, Elsa it’s just about making sure it’s not harming oneself or another. Another way of putting is ‘in-depth interest’.

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