Who Benefits From All This Loving And Giving?

heartsC writes regarding loving and giving:

“That’s truly inspiring……your love! But – don’t you think you have to be ‘careful’ of being that all-engrossed with someone? I’ve read your stories and it does seem like there’s a very profound connection between you and the soldier. So maybe you can just give and give unconditionally. And maybe he gives that way to you too. (I’m hoping!!) I haven’t met my ‘true love’ yet and my experience of giving so much has been painful. I guess I’ve put my love in the wrong people/places. Not completely wrong people, just people who haven’t matched my devotion…”

C – I gave to my ex, the AMF in the same way and can tell you that whether he matched my devotion or not is irrelevant. A relationship may not sustain but I have found I never, ever regret giving my best to anything or anyone.

Matter of fact, the more I access my capacity to love and give, the more love I have to give and the better I feel so while others may benefit, the real beneficiary is me. Just think about it. You can go to sleep at night knowing you loved your best or you can go to sleep making rows and columns or who gave what. What sounds preferable to you? I sleep very, very well.

This is why Venus is exalted in Pisces by the way. It’s because the love is endless, it has no bounds. I should also add, I am not engrossed in someone, I am engrossed in everything I do.

4 thoughts on “Who Benefits From All This Loving And Giving?”

  1. i’ve had to push myself out of the fear of being burned. still happens, but i’m less likely to go to pieces over it.

    and the less i am afraid, the more i can BE, and Give….

  2. I can’t imagine being leery to get burned by loving someone….it isn’t the love that hurts in the end it is the expectations from someone else….and we have to move past that. I expected DaddyE to do XYZ and I was devistated by that. I have been able to move on and am looking forward to giving of my love to someone again.

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