Dora – Her Pain and Her Poorness

dora11.jpg“Dora was on my blog again today,” I told the soldier last night.

“What about her?”

“Oh her stories. How she climbed up on your chest, got on your with her scabby body.”

“P, no! Don’t tell people that.”

“Why not?”

“Dora is embarrassed of that. That’ll embarrass her. She wants her story to start now. She wants it to start from today.. her life today. She doesn’t want people to know that other stuff.”

“I see. You’re probably right.”

“Yeah, I’m right. That’s like telling someone how poor you are. You don’t want anyone knowing that. People try to hide the fact their poor. They’re embarrassed of their poorness.”

No response.

“Yeah, P, you don’t go around telling someone how poor you are unless you love them. If you love them it’s okay if they find out you’re poor but otherwise people don’t like other people knowing this stuff…”

Do you hide your pain or poorness? When is your Saturn?

18 thoughts on “Dora – Her Pain and Her Poorness”

  1. Sometimes hide it. Saturn Rx 4th house.

    But Dora looks like she has a story! You can’t start from today when you look like that at people with Bette Davis eyes.

  2. Capricorn sun square Saturn (cnj the mc) in Libra. I feel I have to look good. Nice. Not you know, too flashy or rich (which isn’t polite). But Serious. And Not Poor (because poor is unpleasant and makes people uncomfortable plus! Oh god what will they (everybody) think!)”. Especially at work.

    And same for pain, its weakness (kind of) and what will they think? I don’t hide it as much, and only rarely from what I think the source of the pain is but yep. I wanna process and control it before I put it out there.

  3. Hi Elsa, you can tell the soldier that Dora is loved by a bunch of blog readers for what she is, past included. She´s a grown personality, reaching hearts via the stories about her, so there´s no need to be embarrassed about anything. In her own unique way, she´s gorgeous. And yes, those EYES!!

    As for hiding pain or poorness – no, not anymore. Since saturn transiting opposed my moon-saturn conjunct (pisces, 3rd house), i´ve gotten quite frank and fearless. It´s a relief not to bother about having to pretend anymore, or feel lonely by inhibition.

  4. Saturn in Virgo in the 6th. I don’t like to look weak or like I’m not in control of my life. I freely admit no one is ever in total control of anything, but I get antsy when I look like I’ve screwed up. As for pain or poorness, that doesn’t bother me so much – I’ve never been rich but feel completely comfortable around billionaires, if they’re around!

    I appreciate people/animals with Dora personalities. They’re always the most valuable in my life, and the most real. 🙂

  5. It doesn’t matter if I tell people because they decide how I feel and how poor I am regardless. Neptune on the mc conjunct my sag stellium of sun/moon/merc/mars and square the rest of my planets, ha ha. Good luck to me!

  6. Also, I’ve told people how I feel, flat out, and they act like I just said “isn’t it nice out today?”. I mean, bad shit, not just “I don’t feel so well”, more like “It’d be a nice day to die, wouldn’t it?” but a lot worse. It amazes what people choose to hear, and I’m sure I’m guilty of it myself.

  7. Saggal, I’ve had the same experience lately but I’m not going to stop sharing. (I used to not share at all.) When Pluto rolls over my asc I don’t think people will be able to avert, anyway and I surely won’t be able to shut about it anyway.

    Saturn in Aries in the 3rd.

  8. One of my mentors who is an Aquarian with Pisces moon told me this:

    Always be honest.

    He said, people tend to lie or cover up a fact about themselves, but when you are honest, things work out better for you. It took him 34 years to figure this out, he said.

  9. “What about being honest with how poor you are? Without being embarrassed?”

    May, last night when I read the comments on this my impression was that people did not interpret what the soldier said the way I did. I am not sure if your question is rhetorical or not but it occurs to me again tonight, I just don’t think this came across on the page the way it did in person, it’s just one of those things.

  10. not that i’ll lie or pretend i’m just going to gloss it over most of the time. unless i need to make a point.

  11. oh, I see. Sorry for the misinterpretation. I agree it might’ve been misinterpreted. I see it is admitting vulnerabilities for everyone.

    But I do see it at work when co-workers try to admit certain information, and some of it is either dark or “hopeless” sounding. It’s like, “Um, why did she just admit that information to me? That is inappropriate.”

  12. I pretty much say the facts and retreat.
    I have Saturn in my 8th House and something I’ve learned over the last few years is that people think they want to know the details but really, they won’t when they know them.

    I even myself in. My SO had a really shitty childhood and while he doesn’t talk about it a lot, he has told me a lot of details. Every now and then a new detail slips into the mix and it really, really hurts to think of how he was treated.

    That kind of pain I keep to myself. It’s part of my legacy to bear witness to what other people would prefer isn’t happening. I might talk to my best girlfriend, because she’s like the mother to me and her expression of Pisces/Cancer is so advanced she’s constantly drawing me out.

    This kind of question makes me think about emergency workers, and people who work in law enforcement dealing with child abuse and things like that. Those kind of people–it means the world to me that they exist.

  13. What a beautiful dog. I had a dog like her once. Very peculiar how similar they look. That was 10 years ago though…

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