How Will Pluto In Capricorn Affect Capricorn Children?

Dear Elsa,

My son is 8, and a Capricorn. I have been thinking about how Pluto in Capricorn is going to affect my adult Capricorn friends, and suddenly in occurred to me what about JD, as an 8 year old this is pretty big stuff. We are changing houses, schools, divorce: all that Jazz, so big changes set the stage right away, but it is a long journey in Pluto, for a little person growing up.

What do other people think about Capricorn children in this Pluto in Capricorn era?

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It’s a good question, Mom. For some reason people think kids don’t exist. They think the same thing about astrologers, though not around here. I remember my pal Ben asking me some years ago if transits affected me. ::smiles::

Since my entire childhood was a Pluto transit I can tell you firsthand it makes no difference how old you are, the transit plays. It doesn’t play more and it doesn’t play less. It simply unfolds and when you are talking about Pluto it’s going to unfold whether you like it or not. Er…whether he likes it or not.

As to the specific effects, this is dependent on the chart as a whole but without a doubt he will be in for a hell of a time. Pluto Sun transits by their nature are extremely difficult simply because the Sun wants and needs to shine and Pluto comes over like a dark cloud, or shroud is more like it.

Now don’t panic. If your sun was born late in Capricorn he’s got years before this impacts him in a way that is profound so just keep that in mind. A cloud will cross your son’s life during the time Pluto is in aspect, this is a given. But that it he survive and eventually thrives is also very likely and I stand testament to this.

Anyone else?

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9 thoughts on “How Will Pluto In Capricorn Affect Capricorn Children?”

  1. I am a Libra Sun born during Pluto in Libra… Pluto crossed my Sun when I was 7 and my whole family fell apart through divorce/moving at that time… and it was hard. But your son will be special… so many people will never experience Pluto directly crossing their Sun. He’ll be stronger for it.

    And I second Ana’s thanks.

  2. What about those mega Capricorn kids who are about 16 now? Is this the same for them, or somewhat worse? My boy has Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron in his Capricorn 12th House, as well as his sun in Capricorn 1st House. Pluto is sitting on the cusp of his 11th and 12th now.

    I know he’s having a helluva time of it, but is that normal teenage angst or is it magnified by Pluto exponentially?

  3. Kris, when I was 16 Pluto was having its last hurrah in my 11th House. I would venture that yes, all teenagers have a rough go and thus somewhat “normal” but I found it profoundly alienating.
    I agree with the ‘magnified exponentially’ option!

    My Mum was also going through menopause during that time, as well as her 2nd Saturn Return (which is in Taurus, sitting on my Sun!)

    Yeeeah fun times? No freaking way.

    However it made me who I am today: largely capable and empathetic. And my Mum, bless her, is a lovely woman who has worked through her ‘stuff.’ We’re both quite lucky to have each other.

    And your son is lucky to have you, too 🙂

  4. My daughter is 11 and born in the early degrees of Capricorn. This is how it is hitting her. She was at a school before we moved and kept getting into trouble. I was getting calls from the headmistress and this for my girl who is so responsible I would give her my business to run. It was an all girls school and the mothers were on her case too. We moved house to another part of town next to the sea and below the mountain. She started at a new school where boys really take the edge on naughty, so suddenly her marks are good and she is having a great time everyday. Our dog – Siberian husky – of many years went missing around the time of the move and it took me a long time to track her down and find out about her death. I could not tell my girl. She would keep praying for her dog to come home and still I could not tell her. Then a man called and asked me to please take his one year old male husky. Finally I could tell my daughter about the death. She cried her eyes out and then after a while, I told her of the new dog that wanted to come and live with us – and she started to laugh. Crying and laughing at the same time. There is more, but for now this is how she is experiencing her Pluto transit.

  5. My son won’t be experiencing this until he’s in his late teens/early 20s…a huge coincidence. I experienced Pluto square the Sun at the same age.

    It was mightily difficult for me, as I imagine it will be for him. Pluto will also be joining his Mercury.

    My older daughter was born with Sun exactly conjunct Pluto (15 Sag). Very serious, observant, and sensitive young thing. She’s much quieter and wiser than a “typical” Sag child. Pluto will be squaring her early Libra ASC. I’ll be watching that very very closely.

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