Jim Jones, The Jonestown Suicides: Control Via Diet

jim-jones.jpgI was talking to my husband about diet. He is trying to lose weight and I am trying to stop gaining.

“Well, carbs do make you weak,” I said. “It is just not hard-on food. ย Did you know that Jim Jones fed his followers a diet high in carbs because it made them docile?ย  It’s true.”

“Yeah, I had to clean up those bodies,” he said. “That was one of the first things I did militarily that was out of the country.”

“I know. But I am telling you that making those people weak via their diet was part of the brainwashing. It was deliberate.”

“I believe it,” he said. “Those people were dead as a doornail,” he added with a look.

“Yeah, I imagine.”

This is the Saturn return of the mass suicide by the way.ย  918 people died.

I was reminded of this post because we were talking about how passive people have become. People speculate about hormones in food, or in birth control pills, etc. I think a diet high in carbs has a lot to do with this. Remember diet and the mind are linked (Virgo).

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  1. there is a reason why most comfort foods are full of carbs. they’ve been implicated in seritonin levels. a diet heavy in carbs would easily have a similar impact to handing out Prozac.

  2. Yeah, but carbs are also the next step up from sugar and are a basic block of energy for your body. A certain amount of carbs is good for you! It’s when you cross that line that carbs are nasty and can cause blood sugar spikes/drops, have sedating effects, etc.

  3. yeah, i’m familar with the function of carbs, and the healthy ones (like veggies)…and i certainly don’t advocate eliminating carbs. i was just disagreeing with Ricardo’s comment, respectfully, of course.

  4. I wasn’t responding directly to you, goddess, just being pro-carb (I just typoed pro-crab! *lol*) since it seemed more people were leaning towards “carbs are evil.” It’s the whole Libra Mars thang. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, that and I feel like carbs have been unfairly beaten up for a while now and it’s time to remember that they’re kinda good for you, too.
    It’s like fat was in the late 80’s — yeah, too much is horrible for your body, but if you don’t get enough of it your nerves and brain can suffer (not enough building blocks to maintain/repair myelin if it gets damaged or help transmit some neuro-transmitters and -modulators effectively). Demonising whole food groups is just silly, especially when we’re still learning exactly how everything is processed together and where it’s all used.

  5. They did away with the 4 food groups and came up with the Food Pyramid which suggested people eat 10 servings of bread / pasta day.

    I don’t think it’s such a good idea to blindly follow the government as people blindly followed, Jim Jones.

    I’ll tell ya, when I grew up I had about 2 sodas a year.

    1. eldil, I understand. But people drink a day’s worth of carbs in sodas etc.

      Anyway, no one has to agree. It is true about Jim Jones and if you feel good and perform well on a high carb diet, more power to ya!

      One other thing, I know athletes eat a lot of carbs before a race or whatever. I know this is the best diet for that but people don’t do anything anymore. Kids don’t run around all day, or work all day the way they have in the past. This is another component. To me it is obvious the diet is not healthy. Collectively, we’re obese as hell! ๐Ÿ™‚

      But go ahead and eat what you want. This is America and I am all for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My Pluto 10th agrees with that sentiment (re. government).

    My parents both advocate for caloric restriction, and I do subscribe to it (somewhat). I absolutely loathe the feeling of being stuffed to the brim.

    Saying that, there is nothing I won’t eat in moderation.

    I do not consider anything in my country’s food guidelines relevant and deeply resent being told what to eat. Hugely. Deeply. Resentful. That 10th House Pluto is square my 1st House Moon in Cap. Do I want to pick what goes in my gullet??? You bet I do.

  7. Whenever I think of Jim Jones, I think of the bad influence of Mars-Neptune aspects. The subtlety of Neptune can be helpful to a devious mind. Everything that be used to control someone even of it seems small and unimportant.
    I’m working to change my relationship with food in general and now I do eat less carbs then I used to and yes I lost weight and I do feel more active. I used to fall asleep after eating (I LOVE to eat and sleep, I have Moon-Mars-Venus in Pisces!) however I feel better now that I regulate more my eating habits.

  8. I’ve got a slight eating disorder, and it leaves me almost completely uninterested in food. In addition I regularly practice fasting as a means of regeneration. I’m disciplined about what I chose to eat and outside of vegetables and salads, I chose to avoid carbs. I’ll eat meat before bread or pasta.

  9. For some reason I always connected to the Jim Jones story. I read a couple of books about him, the cult, the complex, the murders. I just want to say, it’s been however many years and I still hate that effin guy.

    Speaking of psychopaths.

    I’m stunned the soldier was there ( WOW). Although in a way I’m not surprised because one thing JJ appeared to be trying to do was sort of secede from the US under “religious grounds” and get assistance from other countries — Russia, for example. There are these little wisps of evidence that his organization was becoming a threat to US interests and that he was trying to expand his influence and territory in Guyana. There’s a theory that the final incident was to demonstrate his absolute power to some foreign authority.

    Carbs…well. They’re cheap. If JJ said they were to keep people docile, I believe that was his intention whether that actually works or not.

    What I’ve been thinking about lately is how *hard* it is to eat right in this country. You absolutely have to *pit* yourself against this whole sugar/fat/flour paste splooching machine to do it. If you let down your guard, geez, there it is, how did freakin pancake mix and oreos get into my house?

    Today at the store as I walked up to the counter there was a new mini-display of frozen treats where the gum and candy usually is. On the side of the display there was this picture of a young man gobbling a drumstick looking like he’d just won a million dollars. Underneath it said: ” SNACKING ANYTIME!!!!!”

  10. I think there’s something to it. I notice that on days when I just check out and don’t eat properly, if I snack on nothing but carbs my mind gets cloudy and I turn into a flub. When I stick to meat, fruits and veg, I’m clear and focussed.

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    Blessed Place

    Using carbs depends entirely on your metabolic rate, and unless you walk or cycle to work, or have a physically active job like digging ditches or humping sacks around all day, or you’re a sportsman, very little carb is sufficient. Think of jockeys, those lean muscular sportsman who are tremendously strong and active – they eat virtually no carbs at all!

    People in the West eat WAY too much carb for their lifestyle (way to much food, in fact). Most people, kids included, take no exercise at all; they spend their time in a car, or in front of a TV or computer. So of course carbs are going to make us sleepy – they are very hard to digest for a start.

    I’m eating no more since I’ve had the dog; but I’m walking between two and four miles a day now, and I feel very much more active – and mentally much sharper

  12. That must have been an intense mission your husband went on.

    I have been to the temple where Jim Jone’s church started *chills*, and in the 80’s it was turned into an art gallery of giant sculptures of Angels made of wire, and all kinds of materials. When you went in there was etherial music everywhere. It was dark but serene in there. They were haunting and beautiful. I think this was the artist’s way of healing that negative energy.

    I have Moon in Virgo and I do much better on a clean, unprocessed, low-carb diet. My mind is more clear, I have more energy. I think some people can handle lots of carbs, but if they are not exercising and using up that energy, depending on metabolism, I could see how it could make people sluggish. The typical American diet is what is making American (and now China) sick with diabetes etc.

  13. WOW

    I think my brain just exploded. That whole concept just spiraled for me into something else.

    This is a correlation we need to take seriously.

  14. click the Jim Jones tag and you can read about it. This was when he was in the Air Force. They just needed bodies that weren’t busy doing anything else and he fit the bill.

    This was one of the events that allowed up to narrow the time when we met to within about a month. I was amazed to be able to do that.

  15. I think a lot of carb-eating also has to do with stress. People are very stressed out these days and what do you do when you’re stressed but eat carbs as comfort food?

  16. Agree, Les but it’s a vicious cycle. eva is also right, they’re cheap.

    My husband has an impossible time trying to eat healthy in truck stops. It’s just screwed. Sit all day and eat bad food is a recipe for disaster.

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    Carbs aren’t created equal, complex high-fiber stuff makes my thinking clearer, but donuts and other cr@p definitely cloud it, and make me tired.

    What’s your take on vegetarianism?

  18. Well, the thing about the carbs we eat in America is that it’s all processed. Asians eat their weight in rice and don’t have any problems.

  19. ScorpioRising, my grandfather, Henry https://elsaelsa.com/astrology/2008/12/27/henry-in-his-own-words-double-capricorn-stellium-in-sagittarius/

    became a vegetarian in the 1930’s and vegan in the 1950’s (he ate an egg now and then). I grew up next door to him so was exposed all my life. I think it is great so long as you get enough protein.

    I was a vegetarian myself in from my mid 20’s up until I got pregnant at which point, I would have killed an animal with my bare hands my body wanted meat so bad!! I’m sorry but I was never a veggie for politics anyway, I did it for health benefits as my grandfather taught (by routinely standing on his head in grocery stores to demonstrate his health in his 70’s).

    Once I started eating meat, I have never thought of stopping but still love vegetables and ate veggie lasagne (no noodles) from the garden all summer last year.

    What I am saying is I don’t need meat or love meat but have nothing against it and the men here do love it so…

  20. Sit all day and eat bad food is a recipe for disaster.

    You can say that again! I saw a study recently that said sitting all day shaves years off your life, without even counting the junk food consumption. Most jobs these days involve just that – sitting all day.

    So, I’m heading out for a walk… (having consumed my pasta dinner ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Yeach…

    I did not know that about lettuce – but I will think about that next time I order a salad. Thanks for the heads up….


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    your grandfather was an amazing man! I admire people like him. Thanks for linking that post.

    I waver between vegetarianism and fish/eggs/poultry. Funny, but I noticed when Neptune went into Pisces, more people around me went veg, including me. Now that’s it’s retrograding I’m not as disgusted by meat, although still avoid mammals.

    It’s not a political issue for me, I’m just after health and spiritual enlightenment ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Scorpio, if you didn’t notice (or maybe you did), there’s a link at the bottom of that post that takes you through a series, Also there is a tag with more posts and yeah, you’re right. He was ahead of his time.

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    I thought but didn’t write “he was ahead of his time”! you’re channeling something ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Thank you Kat. That site was very enlightening. I have book marked it. That video gave me the frickin’ creeeps!! I hope more of you check it out.

  26. I worked on a dairy farm and boy do I have stories to tell , I know its kinda touchy feely but cows are really slave meat , and no have not eaten beef in 25 yrs .

  27. Salad…yeah. Everyone who buys salad in a clamshell package or ready made in a plastic bag might want to know, they are often rinsed in a bleach solution, yes even organic salad mixes. Mmmm….nice crispy salad.

    I worked at Wendy’s when I was a teenager. The burgers that weren’t sold for consumption within 10 mins of being grilled were put in a big pot and boiled up with sauce and kidney beans and that’s Wendy’s chili. Not so bad, really.

    I go crazy about the food issue, I really do.

    I had an extremely healthy diet as a kid, also super active childhood which I feel set me up for life. I am active now–more so than anyone I know. I just have a lot of fire and a VERY busy Mars and get depressed without activity. I mean, even in my early 20s when i was a crazy party freak, drinking loads and taking drugs, I walked across town daily, because that’s what felt good.

    Also, I feel like being active trumps a spell of poor diet choices. I think I’m on to something; I have been the exact same weight, with very little deviation since I was 20 years old.

  28. i have a heck of a time finding food i can eat when travelling on the interstates.
    of course, between celiac and diabetes i do eat pretty well. but sometimes i live off of bags of nuts… not too great in the long term. but no produce within a mile of the highways, most places…

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    Rover Gonkhead

    Speaking for a moment of Jim Jones—and not carbs—for anyone interested, there is a superb documentary on Jones and the People’s Temple called “American Experience: Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple.” It is available from Netflix.

  30. We watched another documentary on this last night. It’s just astounding.

    The angle that captivated me this time, was what a congressmen did and was, back then, as opposed to what they do and how they are seen, today.

  31. wow that jim jones was smart in his way even though he was a complete douchebag. he really used his smarts for ill. -_- Total misuse of talents. Diet really does change a person’s thoughts/behaviours. my husband was telling me we need to start eating salad dishes again after the eclipse. I made vegetable chicken soup and tonight it’s gonna be salad dishes.

  32. This man had mercury in taurus opp mc, trine asc and neptune. Identical aspects, position and house to mine. And a couple more of similar aspects and placements. What even the flying heck. How were his words put to THAT use.

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