Using Other People’s Energy To Achieve Your Goals

treadmill.jpgI’m a good example of a packed 8th house. I consciously use the energy of other. I offer energy so others can do same.  It is in this vein that I post so much about my husband as he is a rich source of energy of various types.

My husband has a Cardinal T-square involving Mars, Mercury, and Saturn which he puts to good use. He is phenomenally studied and disciplined and. If you need to focus your energy; your skills can only improve via exposure to him.When we first got in contact in 2003, I was quite out of shape.  He told a story of his training… ranger training I think it was. In whatever case he would have to get up in the morning (I think they fed him once a day) and run.  He was not told how far he was supposed to run or for how long.  He was just supposed to run as fast as he could with the understanding (Mercury) that his performance (Mars) would be judged (Saturn).

“Yep, you’d just wake up in the morning and start down the path…”

I was going back to the gym after a six year hiatus and a 40-50 pound weight gain at the time.  The first time I got on a treadmill, I got off with the room spinning and feeling as if I were going to vomit but after hearing this story I found I could run on his energy.  It’s very simple, if he could do that… run for hours on no food for his ambition, surely I can run for 20 minutes, see?  So that’s what I’d do and yep. I lost all that weight.

stairs.jpgI used the energy of the firemen who died in the WTC on 9/11 as well. I got on the stair stepper and thought of them climbing up the stairs loaded down with equipment.  They did that… climbed heroically right to their deaths, so surely I can get my ass up these steps don’t you think?

Anyway, this is Pluto in Capricorn stuff. Someone asked me if there was a “light” expression of this energy. NO.  But there are ways to channel the energy constructively and this is an example of that.

Use the powerful energy of others to achieve your goals… and just make sure you offer energy back to the collective, ‘less you be a sucking sink and nobody likes one of those.

People ask me to do things for them all the time. It is amazing what they expect me to do for them while doing nothing in return and I just think it’s funny. They are definitely not Italians.


9 thoughts on “Using Other People’s Energy To Achieve Your Goals”

  1. “Cold-blooded is all I can say about lack of reciprocity.”

    That’s interesting. I always think “foolish fools” and pure stupidity.

  2. Hey yeah!

    People ask me to do things for them all the time. It is amazing what they expect me to do for them while doing nothing in return and I just think it’s funny.

    Actually sometimes I’m a little shocked. Recently I almost killed myself for someone, but that was different. I really owed this person.

    Meanwhile, another borrows not insignificant amounts of money, and can’t be bothered to even remember that she did.

  3. pluto in libra say: if the energy doesn’t move equally in both directions, nasty buildup occurs in which, eventually, one or both sides is expected to explode… or short circuit.

  4. Maybe you should ask for something in return? If you don’t ask or behave as you will be expecting some reciprocity, you won’t have it!
    Sometimes you get it… rarely! 🙂

  5. I think when I get someone else to do the effort instead of myself, or if I use the resources their need for themselves, it is draining and definitely not ok. But if I take the example of others to mobilize my own energy, this is ok for me and should be ok for them too. I am pretty stubborn and hard to help, but when I’m in a challenging situation I think of my grandpa, he survived WWWII war and the camps, and after that was able to go and map the rain forest and write several books… This is an energy that I feel I can use, and it helps me a lot to mobilize my own energy. I think there is a difference between “energy” and “inspiration”, and what you mentioned Elsa, would be inspiration for me, because you’re not taking his energy away, but following his example to mobilize your own. It can also be very satisfying to see that someone that we love else follows our example and succeeds, so it’s good for both parts.
    I’d say it’s like passing the flame.

  6. Elsa, you frequently say that you have a packed 8th house. If you don’t mind my asking, which planets do you have in the 8th?

    Is there a maximum number of planets a person can have in a house?

    Have you ever been shocked at the number of planets a person has in one house?

  7. That’s what I thought too, Conny. I had always termed this as inspiration. Some people are inspired, some people get jealous.

  8. I keep forgetting there are types of energy rather than more or less clean energy. I think a lot of times we pick it up when someone is different than ourselves or very much of something, as if it were an aggressive perfume. By “very much of something” I mean someone who has a gig or is very strongly dedicated and you can feel it, like the soldier’s strong discipline. To me it’s heady and intoxicating to meet someone with energy so different from mine. I still stand by the fact that there is clean energy and dirtier energy beyond the specifics of personality. For example, someone whose very determined energy you feed off of, but have to take with a grain of salt because it comes with nastiness.

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