Effects Of Jupiter Transit Conjunct Venus In Scorpio

scorpio dollHi, Elsa.

Jupiter in Scorpio is coming up. And I have to ask. Does the fact my Venus is in Scorpio mean that that there might be some effect on me during that year?

G in the United States

Hi, G.

Yes, this transit will affect you.

Jupiter transits open up possibilities. Venus rules love an money. Scorpio deals with the energy of others. The sign is also concerned with sex, death, rebirth, transformation and extremes.  There are numerous possibilities.

“Inheritance” is the first thing to come to mind with this combination.  A person dies and the Venus in Scorpio person benefits.

This may occur in the classic sense; money changes hands. But it can also manifest in other ways. Typically, when a person loses power, another person gains.  It’s the same with companies. One goes down, another comes up.  At the very least, you’re likely to be on the winning side of these equations at this time.

Remember transits take place on many levels. This transit might bring you an opportunity (Jupiter) for love (Venus). But it may also expand your knowledge of your own depth.

The transit might free you from pain or some kind of (love) obsession (Scorpio).
It may also bring an old lover back around. Someone you should not have let go of in the first place. You’ll be graced with a second change.

If you tend to withhold love and energy, this transit may open you; allowing you to generously share your energy.

To fare well with this transit, try to leave doors open so opportunity can find you.

Do you have Venus in Scorpio? What would you like to result from this transit?

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8 thoughts on “Effects Of Jupiter Transit Conjunct Venus In Scorpio”

  1. I hadn’t really thought about this but I have a Venus/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio (14 degrees)and that is going to be involved in this as well…..this should be interesting.

  2. Yes, I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio in my 9th house and I am looking forward to my Jupiter return. I hope to have another rebirth/fresh start.

  3. I have neptune in scorpio 1st house opposite venus in taurus 7th…hopefully a big love with a little majik, not another mate who thinks Im just their imaginary friend to be played with for the hell of it, been there done that, real or go make believe somewhere else 😉

  4. Oh my.
    I have sun, venus and jupiter conjunct in scorpio 9H…

    But these are opposite my Chiron Rx which is also conjunct the fixed star Algol! Cripes!
    Releasing and letting go of pain seems like the most probable of this transit, so that I’ll be able to live even deeper next time – or maybe an existing lover. Who knows!?

  5. This gives me hope. I have just recently let go of an obsession for someone I felt I could spend my life with. I am trying to move on. Found someone and I am taking it slow. But old feelings die hard.
    The only thing is my old love is also a venus in scorpio. I am worried he will be the one who will have an old lover return. And me learn the the depth of my feelings at a painful cost

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