Uranus Transit – Life (and Death) – Whiplash Fast

I’m under a Uranus transit, now. It’s quite terrifying. I’ve had numerous brushes with death for one thing.

I’ve never been more aware of how quickly a person can leave this plane. You love them and that’s too bad. They’re ripped from you so fast, your head spins.|

I know death is a big joke to a lot of people. We’re conditioned to it. Bam! Shot to the head and gone. It’s all over the news. Or someone gets sick. By the time it dawns on you, the thing is real, you’re at their funeral.

And what about the survivors? They act like survivors. I don’t think anyone has put it better than, Paul Simon, in his song, Graceland:

“…And she said losing love
Is like a window in your heart
Everybody sees you’re blown apart
Everybody sees the wind blow…”

I continue to have these close calls, over and over. Accidents.  This really can’t be ignored. I typed my husband’s name as beneficiary, today. I was well aware he may need to collect.

Lately, I tell people things, but I don’t think they hear me. This is in my personal life, not having to do with clients or people who read here. I would stop talking. People may want me to stop talking but there is something that haunts me.

I know a gal who lost a number of people in a streak.  In most of the cases, there were indications that their death was a possibility. People knew but they didn’t tell her. Consequently, when she found out, she was not only blindsided, she lost any opportunity of speaking to the person. She could not tell them how she felt about them, or whatever else she might have liked to do, had she known. This was an agony so I try to talk and tell people. I TRY.

As for the astrology, I have Uranus in the 7th, on the cusp of the 8th. Close enough to see it play in the 8th house. You can search the blog for evidence of this.

In whatever case, this is why I think my transit is playing out this way. That, and Uranus is (for the moment) square Pluto.  Sudden death.

Astrologer, Roderick Kidston, has died. He was phenomenally talented. He wrote the Asteroid Report I sell here. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

I can’t believe when these lights go out. I see some around me, dimming. I see others, due to pop off at any time. Meantime, I nearly get killed (in an accident) several times a week. I’d say it’s unpredictable, who goes first, wouldn’t you?

I remember that guy on Xanga (where I started blogging), years ago.  He put a gif of a man’s face in a fire. He died when his apartment building burned to the ground a few days later.  This stuff is weird.

Who can relate?

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  1. You’re a unique voice, Elsa. I love reading your texts. I got nothing to add to the topic of death cause I got no firm knowledge on it. Hopefully Uranus will simply bring you wisdom.

    1. Hi Elsa !
      I just saw this post !
      I have sun in Aries in 6th ! Uranus on my MC I’m also a astrologer ! I have Natal Saturn in 3rd in Capricorn ! Since Pluto has been traveling thru my Saturn house while Uranus conj my sun and brought out my Saturn square ! I lost my mother when Uranus went exact first time on my sun. It was somewhat expected ! My sister and I laughed about my death I saw as a Poss in my chart when mars would join Pluto ! I always drove fast so we speculated car accident ! I also have Pluto in 10th opp mars in in 4th ! My progressed mars has been sitting on my sun this whole time ! Bringing out this potential ! Lost my father next ! Just like Uranus it was a surprise. I was very healthy then out of the blue I had a stroke the last time Uranus conj my sun Shocking everyone inc my docs, to young for stroke ! ! I got lucky and it wasn’t my time I rec immediate care at a premiere stroke hospital and thankfully have had a complete recovery ! It’s changed my life drastically ! I made a decision to get into the best shape of my life ! Even tho docs never found the cause ? It looks like a combo of stress& hypertension ? Even tho I was always healthy with controlled high blood pressure ! I’ve lost 20 lbs no longer eat red meat and I’ve gone organic ! I work out w weights 3x a wk and I do yoga 2x a wk and walk a hilly 2 miles everyday ! 17 months later I’m in great shape ! Pluto is still squaring my sun the rest of 2018 ! Think I’ll be somewhat safe in 19’ Pluto is still trying to kill me or scare me to death ! I just got called bk on a routine mammogram for first time as Pluto nears another exact square to my sun ! It’s for asymmetrical differences in my breasts ! I have a good feeling that it’s negative ! I’m not high risk ! Still praying hard ! Pluto has totally changed my outlook on life ! I lost that wonderful feeling of waking up everyday feeling safe and happy ! I’ve deffinately lost my easy natural happiness ! Used to have wine w friends & family occasionally ! Docs didn’t say I couldn’t drink I just chose to not give my body anything that might be hard for it ? I have on 2 occasions had a couple of glasses of wine but it’s just not the same !
      I will never take my good health for granted again ! Still searching for that inate Joy I used to have ! No longer a workoholic ! Took a year off of my reg job ! Doing more astrology clients ! I believe we chose our charts ! Now I have Urnus traveling thru my 7th ! This should be interesting ! My relationships have always been active I have Venus & mec in Pisces in 5th mars in Pisces in 4th ! Neptune in Scorpio sitting on my asc ! Even tho I’ve been w same man for 20years I’ve got men pursuing me like when I was much younger ! Even a old love has made contact from past! Wonder what Urnus will end up doingar at the end of his visit to my 7th ! Hoping health issues are gone for good in 2019 ? My heart goes out to anyone going thru heavy Pluto or Uranus transits ! They will leave you changed entirely ! Only time will tell if I will eventually see it all as a good thing ? I pray a lot ?

      1. Omg I am on line searching like a mad woman trying to learn more about the same stuff you just wrote. I feel so isolated, nobody understands me and I’ve been getting psychic downloads like crazy. Then I go search and found more to support everything going on currently. I feel as if something is going to happen to me also. I’m a 26° Taurus . Moon 21° libra. Mercury 13° Taurus. Venus 24° Gemini. Mars 20° Gemini. Jupiter 27° Libra. Saturn 14° Taurus. Uranus 4° Libra. Neptune 29° Scorpio. Pluto 24° Virgo. Pisces rising 9° with north node in Pisces 8° .Chiron 9° Aries . MC 18° Sagittarius. So I totally relate to the panic. That’s western astrology. I hope we can all keep up with each other through this. And good luck to us all. Much love.

  2. I’ve worked with two people who lost their parents in a snap in car accidents. One lost BOTH. I try to keep that in mind.

    Do not save your loving speeches
    for your friends till they are dead.
    Do not place them on their tombstones,
    speak them rather now instead.

  3. Two very good friends lost children over the weekend. Both on the 4th actually. One was 20 the other in her 30’s. Just like that. ….gone. Neither saw it coming. Both mothers brought to their knees and devastated. The 30 something has a small child who is parentless. I told my husband. …we have to go to the funeral of the 20 year old. The other is 1500 miles away and I can’t get there.

    Also. …my DIL broke her hip. Now imagine this….She’s only 36 years old. BOOM. .. that fast and out of nowhere.

    The last two years have been a nightmare. I thought I was dying 2 months ago. …I healed???? These young people are dead. I can’t make sense of it.

    1. Sudden death even if someone old and not well is difficult. To deal with the loss of children must be by far the hardest ! I believe in a intelligent universe and all Of these events are lessons in love & loss ! I pray you stay healthy ! I believe my health issues will soon be gone in 2019 when Pluto will no longer sq my 19 Aries sun any longer ! I’ve worjed hard this last year to get into great shape ! I pray I get to do some of the things I have planned before I go to other side ? I wish you health & happiness ?

  4. I can relate to this. Having my Uranus [chart ruler]in Libra, in my 8th house. Strange things happen and then it seems a domino death effect. A couple of months ago, two people that I know had either a relative or a neighbor to get killed suddenly by accident. One lost his brother to a hit and run driver, the guy was stuck in the windshield of the person until they got to work. The other was a neighbor near us that was a passenger that went thru a windshield when the vehicle hit a tree. I’ve had a lot of relatives die lately, too. And yes, there are times when I should have been dead already, but am still here. One never knows what will happen next.

  5. I have read (and I may be wrong) that when there is sudden death from a persons Uranus transit that Mars and Pluto are negatively aspected as well. Is this true? I know Pluto is in Cap and you have a Cap Asc Miss Elsa, (and a packed 8th) but would Mars have to be taking a hit from a negative transit also? Asking because I don’t know. Thanks in advance.

      1. For me my Natal opp between mars and Pluto absolutely joined the death party w Uranus w my progressed mars itting on my Nat sun sq Natal Saturn ! So when Urnus conj my Nat Sun in 19 of Aries everything started to happen ! Still waiting for 2019 when Pluto will no longer retro over my sun! Then maybe I can move on in peace ? Good luck to you ! All we can do is our best then move forward !

  6. i thought it was just pluto messing with me. but uranus makes sense. holy shit. (i keep getting angry – i have all this work to do and i may not have enough time to even get the foundation started! feeling very mortal. and scared for the people i love.)

  7. Both my parents have natal Uranus Square Pluto, and both were surrounded by sudden death for a number of years (as was I until the age of 3). Pilots and plane crashes you know. A lot of funerals. Late 50’s early 60’s. I asked dad why he made it through ok – he said he prepared for every mission and left absolutely nothing to chance. There is a scene of Mel Gibson pouring over the charts and plans in “We were Soldiers once and young” . That was dad. Many a Christmas he did not make it home as he did not push it. I survived Uranus transit to 7th house and Uranus to 8th. You choose your time Elsa. I survived Uranus in the 7th square my sun – the pipes burst and exploded, the house was flooded, a friend died. I did not – as I said out load to that which I believe in – God- that I was not ready to go yet and to please help me stay. I take this stuff seriously. Only go if you want to- otherwise ask for help to stay.

  8. My Mother died suddenly, unexpectedly she was only 59. I can’t quite articulate the devastation my sister I experienced from her unexpected death. If I am reading her chart correctly looks like Pluto/Uranus T-squaring her Sun when she died.

  9. Stay alive Elsa! If anyone is the poster child for keepin’ on keepin’ on, it’s you. Isn’t that all we can all do, to our best ability? And some of us wish we could accomplish even only that!
    It does seem life is a bizarre, to a human perspective bizarre, a practice in building up meaning under a presumable foundation of sand.

    Neither religion nor human morality has taught me much in the end, I’ve looked to nature to see what is true & lasting. Our joy in living in the present moment is undeniable precisely because we know that in some moment within that next moment will find time bereft of us or someone we love.
    We all know that all we’ve got is a finite collection of moments.It’s a privilege to be alive together now, all here together now. It won’t happen again quite like this!
    I’ve had a mutuable tsquare set off for ages now plus Uranus on the ascendant & that Jupiter opposing my natal Jupiter/Chiron squaring Saturn trining Venus, yadda yadda
    Still alive thus far.
    & I feel like I wanted to say something….guess this will do

  10. I also have Uranus approaching my 8 th and I think I’m on my way out soon. When I tell my family and friends this they don’t believe me. I keep thinking nothing can be taken for granted. Ever. I’m sort of freaking out.

  11. I’ve been pondering death lately. Its disturbing to me that life is so conditioned like it is…everybody is supposed to be a certain way and do what they’re “supposed” to do. I don’t see many people really living and it saddens me.

    After a certain period of time spent trying to “figure yourself out”, shortly after the first Saturn return, I see people start to settle and essentially stop living and it’s strange, because subconsciously, what motivates this must be fear of death, as if it’s better to do things the safe way than to take any risk because the risk could be the end of you. A paradox because the only way to overcome fear of death is to look it in the face, we aren’t really alive if we are doing things because “that’s just what you do when you grow up” and it’s not our passion. If it is, lucky you. But I see people settling in every aspect of their lives. Settling for a marriage partner, then going to a job that they don’t even enjoy unless they’re lucky, and blah blah…pretty soon their kids are grown and their health is fading and they can’t even take that vacation to Hawaii they always dreamed about … You get the drift. You wonder what its all for… There are never enough hours in the day. Life is too demanding. And before you know it you’re old and forgotten, tossed out like yesterday’s trash. That is, if you make it to old age…

    I don’t know. I’m afraid of dying and not finishing what I set out to do here. I’m afraid of never having truly lived. I fight this like everything. I want to really live.

  12. I can relate. One year ago I had Uranus transit conjunct moon in Aries square my mercury in Capricorn. I had a near death car crash and a week before that in the same place I had nearly been electrocuted in the woods when the trees caught alight by the electric cables overhead where I walked. Sox months later as Pluto conjuncted that mercury and square the moon in Aries, my son got leukhemia and my husband got hit by a mousse driving home (for that I had a premonition and told him to drive slowly – he did) now with the second Pluto hit to merc and square natal moon my son is finishing the intensive part of his leukhemia treatment but my father is dying of kidney failure. Death is about us but we managed to escape, my father is 84, this maybe his curtain call but it’s not his first dance with death, so also maybe no. Great post Elsa. . . interesting. People need to be listening and realm seeing what’s going on. It’s all so shocking sometimes. Ny natal Uranus is conjunct Jupiter and Pluto in fifth. Sounds a bit combustible!

  13. I have natal Venus and Uranus one degree apart in the 8th (Gemini). I choose to believe this means a peaceful sudden death. Beats many of the alternatives.

  14. I don’t know that I’m having a Uranus transit, but Pluto is transiting my ascendant axis. I’ve been inundated with this energy. In one week I was in an active shooter situation, the next night a man tried to break in my car with me in it, 2 days later a shadowy figure followed me in my apartment complex-his energy too uncomfortable to dismiss. I’ve become profoundly aware of the fragility of my life and others and how close in proximity I could be to danger. A man I was dating spoke to me about his mom passing recently of cancer. She and his dad reconnected and were going to remarry, then the diagnosis came and poof, she was gone.The grieving is deep. I think there are signs. You can sense it- the body is wise in that way. Life touches you in places. And when it does, listen.

  15. I once had a brush with death. A truck started sliding sideways towards our car. Then the truckdriver went forward into a ditch and that made it stop. Didn’t touch us but stood 20-30 feet away. Our driver was shaken, I kept my focus on our destination, we had to ve there on time. So we continued. I don’t know. The powers that be, or luck+both drivers’ skills, decided it was not our time. For some reason it didn’t shock me nor do I wish it to. I try to live my days fully, although many people would judge my ways as dumb. Be it love, sex, videogames, books, media, physical activity, whatever I feel like doing. Somehow I think the shock-value of near-death is good only if you’re really out of touch with yourself. But too much shock might scare a person out of actually enjoying life.

  16. I have Uranus transiting my 8th house, currently opposing Neptune in Libra exact, both squaring Pluto. I’ve had some health problems but not life or death. Foolishly I didn’t get a flu shot and, as would have it, came down with the flu. I’m 65 and can’t afford to play with illness. In the last six months my sister and now one of my friends lost a son (I’ll be attending his service on Friday). It’s devastating to see. My best friend had a friend whose 18 year-old-son was driving two friends home after soccer practice right before Christmas. They hit black ice and all three boys were killed. Not all of this touches me but I’m aware of it. How fragile we all are no matter our age or our health. I have thought a lot about death lately and in turn a lot about life – what I’ve made of it, what I can still contribute.

  17. Yep. Aries is my eighth house and transiting Uranus is opposite my natal Uranus in the second. Death is on my mind constantly. I’m always thinking in terms of what if my ex-husband dies suddenly? What if I die? Stuff is at stake because I have a son who is nine years old. I’m chomping at the bit to make money, acquire some real estate. I’m thinking of my son. I am not afraid of death. Never really have been.

  18. I lost 5 aunts and uncles and my mother-in-law last year…at a certain point it felt so ridiculous…just don’t get it.

  19. O my when Im reading this I get scared. I dont know that much of astrology . But uranus will move to my 8th house wich is in taurus in dec 2017. So does that mean that I can die too? When saturn hit my 8th house in 1999 my older brother died in a car accident. Since then the 8th scares me :((

    Reply ↓

  20. Back in November of last year, I was involved in a car accident where my truck was totalley and my dog was paralyzed, and eventually had to be put to sleep.

    I drew up a horary chart at the time it happened, and my significator was squared by pluto on one side and uranus on the other in the 3rd house.

  21. I can relate. I’ve spent the past few years digging myself and my son out of a mess that started suddenly-I was engulfed. My life as I knew it died then. Just now getting on solid ground, but still rough going. In late December, my son found his first love, on a Tinder date. He liked her immediately, and spent the last month agonizing over her situation and trying to get her to clean up. He set a boundary Sunday night (again), and by Tuesday morning she was dead. He is devastated. I’ve been hit by the sudden deaths of those I loved before, but I have never had something play out this lightning fast. And a first love! I saw her chart just a few days before she died, and knew she had much to reckon with. Sorry for all of this in your life, Elsa. You have borne up much better than I ever could with so many things. May you have a safe and peaceful time ahead-you, and your loved ones.
    -I’m going to post this one on the boards.

  22. I could be wrong, but I truly believe that no one dies before they are ‘supposed to’.. we all have things that come – close calls, accidents, illness. The world can be a difficult place, and life can go without warning. I lost my 4 year old son to a ‘freak’ accident when he was almost 5. I Wanted to die.. but I didn’t.. should have many many times.. I’m older now, and have had lots of ‘death’ around me my entire life. Live everyday as best you can.. for you can never know when it will be over .. but I also believe we just change ‘form’ and return to our true ‘spirit/soul’ self. Not truly an ending, just a new beginning. It’s hard on those we leave behind. Grief does not ever go away completely. We learn to live with it, and without the ones we love… but if you truly trust in God/universe/ and know that there are ‘No accidents’.. astrologically, or otherwise… you can’t live in fear. You have to live in the love and faith that it’s all exactly as it’s meant to be for our growth and understanding… however difficult the path…
    Trusting does not come easy for a Cappy.. but I’ve had to learn to be ‘detached’ from the idea that we ‘control’ anything except our thoughts.. near misses don’t count…
    Bless your loved ones everyday, and bless yourself as well! Nobody gets out of here alive. So just live as well as you can.

    1. Hi Maggie !
      Well said ! I too have faced a reality about control ! I have Natal Sun sq crappy Sat and Pluto opp mars! I also believe it’s all for a reason ! How strong you are and bless you for having a great attitude after losing a child ! The older I become the more I see the lack of control I have over my life’s events ! I’ve learned a lot on my journey and I’ll be ready I believe when it’s my time to join my mom on other side ! Love and Health to you and all that read this blog and are experiencing hard transits ! Pain sucks ! In all it’s forms

  23. Intersting! I lost my father when Uranus has just passed from my 7th to the 8th. It moved 1 degree into the 8th when I lost him. He had cancer so it was not a surprise although nothing can ever prepare you for that HORROR. I then lost an Aunt 5 years later to cancer. Both of them 62. Too young. No other close deaths and Uranus has now moved onto my 9th house. No close calls for me although I did have 3 fender benders the week after my father passed. All three were me rear ending a vehicle at slow speeds. I HAD NO BUSINESS DRIVING. One of them was a cop OMG! Thanks for the insight, I never really gave Uranus in the 8th much thought because it rules my 7th house and well…there were deaths there but not literal and that’s what I expected. Additionally Uranus opposed my Uranus/Pluto conjunction 2 months before transitioning to my 8th house. Hmmmm

  24. Only today have I progressed my Sun and looked at my Pluto Leo 27 MC! Jupiter 1 Virgo.! So, if the Sun in Leo is life, maybe, then the moon in Leo is probably opposite. In 1984, lost my truly beloved Gran, Prog sun at 27 Leo, 1984, lost my twin daughters at 6 months pregnant. Evil. But, when the moons nodes at 27 Leo on April 24th 1980, Moon in Leo, my equally beloved Granddad died very suddenly, Jupiter retro at 0 Virgo, his natal Mars at 27 Leo, perforated ulcer, bang, still devastated., I’m nearly 61 how uncool is that? So, moving on to 1998, Re Married in August, in November picked up elderly father in law at guess what ???? Nodes at 27 Leo, eaten by cancer at almost 90, don’t worry , he had a lovely peaceful end. So, this year studying astrology properly and found out about the nodes, of course, they are here again for my birth year and somehow they do link into my Venus 22 Gemini in the house of D—-. Never been left any inheritance though, I get the point though death is coming again, is it my Father 84, (it should be) Saturn reversed on his birthday, or, is it my husband 68, and the worst of all eldest son is Sun, Moon, Mercury in Leo.!!! My mothers Saturn opposite exact my Pluto, Uranus freed her in 2003 Thank you God. She had horrible illness. So, just a few pointers in my life. Saturn opposite my Venus twice more to come this year. And, the one and only Uranus, the Liberator will go over my husbands Node, at 28 Aries, no time for his Aquarian birth, so, only know where it is in my chart, and will make 3 passes I believe, knowledge is power they say, personally, I wish I knew nothing.!!! All I know is there is a pattern written down in a Uranian, Plutonian, Saturnian handbook. As below as above, they are all men, males. Love inflicting pain. I’m sorry, did I write that down and press send………….

  25. ST died when his Uranus opposition was applying within one degree. He went to the hospital thinking he’d get fluid taken off him and go home. They found a bunch of other stuff wrong with him. I think he just suddenly (Uranus) gave up and decided it was time to leave (3th/9th houses involved).

    Yesterday one of my younger clients lost a buddy, a fellow quadriplegic. He got sick, went to the hospital, fell asleep there…never woke up. ?

    I have hard Uranus transits coming up. I’m avoiding the hospital as much as possible—but these transits involve 5th/8th/11th houses, so maybe I should pack birth control and lock up my credit card instead. ??

  26. On may 21st 2017 I had a cerebellar stroke. I spoke to an astrologer two months later and she did not know I had a stroke but told me about Uranus crosses my sun in The previous May. And how it changed C everything for me. I asked what day… May 21st. I told her that is the day I had a stroke. She couldn’t speak for for a few minutes. And then told me that as an astrologer she sees many things, but hearing my story and seeing my chart was remarkable. I am so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and now I live life differently.

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    Cartomancy Carmen

    You’re incredible! I have never enjoyed reading a newsletter nor blog like I have yours. Luckily I used every opportunity to say this to you whenever I feel compelled; writing was my calling and then I lost it once my dad died and I started graduate school. Anyway that was almost 20 years ago so never mind that. I’m writing now to say I am having a transit uranus conjunct natL venus but opp natal mars. Unfortunately 12th house Uranus in Taurus transit (natal sun, venus, mercury in 12th) opp my mars in Scorpio. I am so interested in what this is concerning especially since mars is the ruler of my 12th house aries. Unrelated I also have uranus in my 7th house on the cusp of the 8th so I dont know what this could entail. Pluto is also squared my pluto, mercury, vertex so hear I am.

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