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access deniedThis blog has long had a reputation for being well ahead of trends in the collective. In this spirit, there is an emerging technology we should all be aware of – deepfakes. This is technology that allows people to create audio and video content through machine learning. What it amounts to in practice is the ability to manipulate a person’s voice or image to appear to be doing something they have not actually done. This is a preview of what we will be dealing with when Pluto, which exposes the dark side of whatever it touches, enters Aquarius, which rules technology.

There have already been problems. Celebrities’ faces have been superimposed on the bodies of pornographic actresses. Worse, this same thing has been done with the faces of regular women for the purpose of revenge porn. And since the technology is relatively new, this technique has been successful in essentially ruining these women’s lives.

This technology has also been used in simple fraud. In September, a CEO of an energy firm in the UK was on the phone with someone he believed to be his boss, the CEO of the firm’s parent company. He was instructed to wire nearly $250,000 to the account of a supplier. The only reason the fraud was detected was that the grifter had neglected to spoof the phone number, and the CEO recognized that the call was coming from the wrong country. However, the culprit still hasn’t been found.

But there are far more sinister implications. In addition to ruling technology, Aquarius also rules the collective. So there is no reason to believe that these kinds of issues will remain confined to individuals. This is going to affect us all. And while Pluto certainly exposes the underbelly, it is also the mechanism by which people consolidate power.

obama on phone
…which is why I’ll need Austria to wire 2 million Euros

One of the most sophisticated ways the technology has been used so far is a program called “Synthesizing Obama,” in which a group of researchers from the University of Washington created a series of videos of Barack Obama seemingly saying outrageous and silly things. And this is where the real problem lies.

We already have problems with fake news being spread for the express purpose of sowing discord. Imagine what could be done with deepfakes. We could have video of the president calling for military strikes against our allies, or warning of a national emergency. We could have elections swayed by video of candidates disparaging their own voters, or committing violent acts. And it doesn’t stop there. Imagine powerful world leaders or CEOs speaking on video conference. It would be painfully easy for an imposter to gain access by using the voice and appearance of someone who is expected on the call. Imagine how much information could be stolen. And imagine the misinformation that could be seeded. It is chilling.

There have been attempts by governments and corporations to rein this in, but they have so far been largely unsuccessful. You can’t use Pluto in Capricorn solutions on a Pluto in Aquarius problem. So the best we can do right now is to be aware of this emerging technology, because this is something we will certainly hearing more about. This is a problem that will only grow with time. And finally, protect your mind. There are so many forces that would like to sway your thinking and your beliefs. Make sure you don’t fall victim to their attempts.

What potential use to you see for this technology? What are you Pluto in Aquarius Predictions?

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  1. also something with equal rights movements, (when during last Pluto Aquarius,1778-1798: feminism and equal rights came to be) Also, and rebellion against this, so it may work towards fighting against this kind of abuse of technology; which i hope so.

      1. you’re welcome. Since i remember that Aquarius is opposition of Leo, and Leo represents Monarchy or Royality; while Aquarius is of the “people” the collective/whole; so rather fight against the oppression of abuse and overindulgence. I’m thinking rather of how Monarchy in France as a huge example, and the oppressed poor commoners going up against those in charge who are abusing this. Maybe food for thought. Also, Royalty depends on their “people”..without it, it’s like a fallen crown and desolate and destruction. So they need to work together. Or else people will fight. Aquarius becomes really strong only when they are banded together like the collective. Pluto representing the destruction of what’s not working.

  2. If it becomes widespread it will lead to no one believing anything that is not said to them face to face. The internet will be seen as a completely frivolous expression not to be take seriously.

    1. I agree, Jana.
      Things often have to get worse before they get better. Social media, speculative news and unregulated sites full of nonsense have already cheapened the internet. I’m hoping Pluto in Aquarius will result in the death of the internet in its current state, followed by a rebirth of a more carefully, thought out platform.

  3. My case was filed in CA on 04/24. It’s been more than 172 days now. I have opened a service ticket a well. The ticket was opened on 10/04. Now when I check the status it says “On October 08, 2019, your Other – Tier 1, referral number TxFxx99xxx9xxCSC, was completed

  4. This is an excellent post. Especially love this line: “You can’t use Pluto in Capricorn solutions on a Pluto in Aquarius problem.” Very true and I can easily see this being a danger of Pluto in Aquarius.

    We think we’ve seen the shadow side of technology, but I think it could get way crazier during that time. Many of the problems we see online now revolve around government and corporate overreach (tech companies monopolizing, onslaught of ads, etc.), which is more Pluto in Capricorn.

  5. Thank you for the well thought out post, Midara.. I’m all ears about Pluto in Aquarius shit I’m very scared..

    Machine learning jobs are very popular right now.. and various things customized for the consumer.. girl, it doesn’t look good

  6. Brilliant writing, Midara! Every sentence rich with meaning. Chilling, as you say:

    “And while Pluto certainly exposes the underbelly, it is also the mechanism by which people consolidate power.”

    And Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius is indicative of consolidation, measured and timed.

  7. The generation coming up KNOWS this. Back in my day, books and radio and television lied too, oh boy they did. And we figured it out. So will the rising generations.

    The kids are way ahead here. I do not feel frightened at all.

    1. 12thHouseMars, I don’t know when you were born. I believe as I have survived already both Uranus on ASC , Neptune on ASC, now we will have Pluto…we can deal with ut either. I have Asc 5 Aqua opposing Mars square Uranus. I suspect the major change of how I will perceived by the other people. Sounds like war.

  8. Avatar

    I think it’s true that the kids are going to be able to tell the difference. The only thing is can the rest of us catch up?

    Also, the kids can tell the difference, when they’re young, but can they still keep it up when they grow up and start voting? Can most of us tell what’s going on? And, for the ones who think we know 100%, are we lying to ourselves on some level?

  9. This might sound like an badly scripted sci fi movie, but I think that Instagram Influencers may take on a darker role. There is something really insidious about that title, will they be the ones in power pulling the strings behind the scenes, if not already, via advertising, products, lifestyle endorsement. People actually have this as a career!! I wonder if future elections will have people voting via the like button, rather than through the humble ballot paper, which would be ripe for corruption and meddling.

  10. As Uranus rules Aquarius, I don’t think we know what we practically CAN expect…. Unless we are aware, then Uranus usually let us off the hook a little bit, yes?

    So, it’s great to be aware of this kind of technology. The more aware, the better. Uranus likes shocks. Pluto likes death and destruction. Shocking death of freedom. Death of liberalism as we know it. Death of individuality (did I hear the word re-emerging of communism-like governments in its extreme form?) Also, the new generation of millenials, Zenials and Alpha will form new communities. They have the power to gather great support across all societies. Quirkiness and diagnosis es like asperger become more common. The NERD will emerge, rebranded, reborn, with funky new ideas about saving the climate… Until he too will be exposed as another greedy person. Tumbling of so-called modern it companies ( bubble 2.0?). New landmarks in everything that rhymes with climate, vegan and technology. Until this too will be swallowed by greed.

    This is destruction of our personal individualiity and freedom in society right there, in the collective. It’s scary as hell, but I do know that it starts with a lightning bolt, destroys something we take for granted… And by the time Pluto has progressed enough into Uranus ruled domain, we – the liberated or younger generation – will have turned destruction into gold. In the mud lies the gold…

    Best wishes from Aquarius Ascendant with Uranus in the 10th house, sextiling said Ascendant….

    1. By the way, I am preparing to delete my Facebook account.
      They are not able to handle the GDPR rules.

      Akso, more countries will follow Britain to seek freedom. Will EU survive?

      Not in its pure form as we know it, that’s for sure!

  11. “You can’t use Pluto in Capricorn solutions on a Pluto in Aquarius problem. ”
    “And finally, protect your mind.”
    1. RFID.
    2. 5G.
    3. AI-ruled grid system, tech-enhanced bodies. Thought-reading/precog-Collateral-type Matrix is about on. Call me crazy now…

  12. Avatar
    Dan Barkye (like in 'sky')

    Plu/Aq – “What was will never be, and what will be never was”. This is, or rather should be, the Pluto presence slogan of functioning. And b/c of the joining with Uranus, the Aq ruler, it will bring the sudden, the outrageous, and the extreme, to the fore. With this in mind, Plu/Aq means the emergence of sudden and extreme changes in terms of grouping. It will be extreme and oppressive collectivism, together with the death of the known and accustomed forms of grouping – the yesterday group form characterized by respect of individual by the group and respect of group by individual, will be extinct, and in the same time, new kinds of groups will be created. Comes to mind, individual swallowed entirely by the group together with groups formed by extreme individualism within the group, like “We are the many Ones” accepted in all their forms, like bands of rebels running around wild, Hell Riders becoming the customary when only yesterday they were the outlaws. In innovation, which essentially is science, this will be an era of extraordinary science and novelties, for good and bad, but mainly for the extreme in all its forms. Sex will run wild in all its forms, imagined and phantasized – robots, bestiality, necrophilia (death – a very characteristic Pluto feature). All in all, a very confusing form of collectivist attitude will rain – acceptance of behaviors of the most uncommon kind together with the rejection of things that will confuse the involved ones, like “why this yes, and this, no?” More can be said about this extreme body. Most extraordinary times are in the fold.

  13. Avatar
    Dan Barkye (like in 'sky')

    Not all things are ‘plutoish’. The widely accepted out of the common is. So the vibs will be sold at the newspaper stands, I guess. This is what makes it plutoish in my mind.

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