Effects Of The Stellium In Capricorn… More Planets On The Way

The Moon, Mercury and Pluto are in Capricorn at the moment and the Sun and Venus are on the way.

In the middle of January, Saturn will go retrograde with all five bodies in the sign so if you’ve got a problem with this sign or this planet, you best get over it because it’s just dominating everything and everyone.  Reality has even hit the Jupiter Neptune brigade (and more to come).

The planets land in my 12th and I am dreaming of cops on a nightly basis. Every night I get stopped, held up, detained and dressed down by a cop or two and it’s just comical to me.

Saturn in the 12th is a Saturn Neptune exchange and most of you know I have a strong Saturn Neptune signature natally so I am well acquainted with the energy.  As far as I am concerned, cops are sent by God – really. I feel this way  even when they are lousy cops like the ones who refused to file a report at my house after a horrible incident a couple years ago.

I figured that was God talkin’ and acted on the communication. While I wasn’t too happy at the time, I have to say those rotten cops did me a favor so I listen to these dream cops too.

They are definitely citing me for things but in the end I am not arrested or anything. It’s like they are making an “Elsa Report”. They provide me with a list of my problems… all of them and the list just doesn’t amount to much.

In the end I am left with the impression I wasted their time (there are real criminals out there) and caused them paper(work) with nebulous or no return which is also a Saturn Neptune phenomena.

In whatever case, I am hoping that writing this will dissipate the dream cops and also me to advance.

Where will the stellium in Capricorn fall in your chart?

23 thoughts on “Effects Of The Stellium In Capricorn… More Planets On The Way”

  1. It will be in my third and fourth houses…I too have a Saturn Neptune connection in my natal chart (trine, grand water trine with the moon)…hmmm…

  2. In what degrees of Capricorn is this stellium going to fall?
    1st half: My sixth house (I have Mercury at 0, which has no major aspects to any planet)
    2nd half: My seventh house. (DC at 15, Sun at 18, and Mars at 21, chart lights up with stressful and nonstressful aspects like bingo! )

  3. 5th house. having a lot of fun at with, with work, with the people at work… with the work i’m doing for school.

    my relationship with my son is starting to knit itself back together after the circumstances that forced me to decide to move out of our old place a little over a year ago. the reproductive drive is getting stronger…. eh, well, i’ll be married in less than a year now.

  4. They’ll all be hanging out in my 12th. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. I just want to go back to bed all the time. Also I can’t be bothered to talk to anyone.

  5. I will find theese planets in my 5th house,they will make first sextile with mine Mercury and Sun,after trigon with mine Moon,Pluton and Lilit which are also in stellium,and at the end they will make square with mine Saturn,Jupiter and Venus which are also in stellium.And after all of this tranziting Saturn is on the top of the stellium Saturn,Jupiter and Venus in my second house Libra.Its so interesting…but if anybody can tell me what to expect will be better 😉

  6. I think that will be better to see deeply than only the car problems…Maybe u will take some serious decision…for example

  7. Maybe Vera, except that I make nothing but serious decisions on a daily basis – I have a child with special needs, and I am expected to be a psychiatrist, doctor, behavior specialist, neurologist, oh and also her mother. Of course I also consult with those people, but they can only give me their suggestions, and I am supposed to figure it all out. You know, whatever will be, will be anyway.

  8. It will fall in my 6th house, trining my natal Saturn/Uranus conjunction, also natal N.Node and/or Neptune. I see it as a possibility I will finally fully retire.(?)

  9. 2nd house, opposed Cancer Venus and really happy with much of the rest of my chart. I don’t hate Saturn. We’ve come to respect each other I think. Capricorn is one of my favorite signs right up there with Aquarius. I am hopeful.

    My daughter and I were listening to the radio and this song came on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB8Nkn3Xjes We talked about what we would do if we won the lottery. I’d love to travel but I think I’d get very bored living a life of leisure. I like to work. I think that keeps me in Saturn’s good graces.

  10. In my 5th, opposing Natal Jupiter and I imagine setting off my 7th house Saturn in Pisces sq. my moon. Saturn is already pretty well punched up in my natal chart. Don’t have planets in the 5th but based on what I would expect to get triggered, I’m thinking it’s going be smacking me in the face.

    I’m anticipating parenting issues in particular, and probably some work-related concerns.

  11. The Capricorn stuff’s all in the 3rd. Maybe my short journeys are about to be limited? I have Saturn-Mercury anyway, so I’m used to watching what I say and having trouble expressing myself.

  12. The stellium affects my 4th and 5th houses. Mercury is currently in the 5th, counjunct to my Moon. This far I’ve hardly spent any time at home – I’m working some of the longest hours in my life. I’m having a lot of fun, though.

    Also, I managed to impress lots of people at work today. This far we’ve mostly been doing things they have years of experience in, but I’m only learning now, and may have think I’m the weakest link in the team. Now they saw me doing the thing that got me interested in this project in the first place, I enjoy and know I’m good at, in one word, representing.

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