Client Testimonial – “Heft And Relevance”

Recommendations from clients

L.K writes:

Deal of the century. I’ve had consults with other astrologers who charge twice and three times what you charge, but the information I received from you is 50 times more in heft and relevance. They showed me the entrance to the cave, while you brought me into the cave, opened up the treasure chest, filled my arms with jewels and sent me on my way. This may sound dramatic and over the top, but it’s true. L.K.

Thanks, L.K.!

3 thoughts on “Client Testimonial – “Heft And Relevance””

  1. LK I did your metaphors! Reading this I feel very lucky my first astrological reading was with Elsa.

    It’s also a gift to me, to feel that I will not be judged for who I am. Elsa you are a very non-judgmental person and that helps people with deep-rooted Capricorn insecurity like me:)

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