How To Recover From Being Dumped By Scorpio

Never mind the reason. Never mind if the the Scorp was justified in dumping or just flexing his muscle, playing games.

Anyone who has ever been dumped by a stellium in Scorpio knows the depth of this pain.

Please share your remedies and/or war stories here…

What happened? How did you recover?

54 thoughts on “How To Recover From Being Dumped By Scorpio”

  1. Don’t ever get occasion to find out about other’s astrology to know if they had a stellium. I know I don’t like being amputated.

    Having a scorp stellium, I *can* say what others have done when I’ve amputated, though. Responses range from apologies that come years after the amputation (even if it was over something trivial, and I was just being petty), to people who to this day try too hard to look like they’re fine without me. And of course, a lot of people *are* fine without me.

    I don’t like amputating, because in a lot of cases it burns a bridge. Then again, sometimes nothing good was ever going to cross it…

    1. Im a Virgo and we are the same way. We simply walk away. We are usually dead at that point since our sign tends to hold on the longest and try the hardest. And its usually a disloyalty issue.
      Maybe there is something in the fact that the sign of Scorpio and Virgo is the same-Scorpio the masculine. Virgo the feminine.

  2. he planned and played out an amazingly devastating breakup/revenge scenario which left me suicidal. I went into therapy and got on antidepressants. 20 years later I’m mostly over it but not entirely.

  3. I like this entry. Why? Because i’m ( as you mentioned in an earlier entry ) getting irritated with one of my friends… i’m always available to him but he isnt to me, and I’m like 10x more generous when it comes to time & money i think. I do have other friends whom are much loyal and give as much as they take ( or we just have a mutual spirit of generosity ) I’m not sure if im going to amputate but I sure feel like I want to. I’m aggravated.

    i’m a scorpio sun, MC, Pluto, & mercury. Libra Venus ( who always keeps score 😉 relationships are about give-take… not take take take with only a teensy bit of give. )

    1. I was reminded by a Scorpio that the give and take amounts shouldnt matter. You take care of each other. I dont know the full of your circumstances but maybe that person isnt aware.
      Please consider not focusing on the strike in response to your frustration (amputation) and tell them. Please dont assume everyone is as intuitive as you are
      I dont know. Something to look at anyway.

  4. ( and just to make myself clear, what you mentioned in another entry about examining relationships and seeing if they’re worth holding onto.)

  5. Interesting thoughts, I have a Scop stellium, I have amputated. I had one significant relationship that I did not amputate, thought I”d try a different approach, it was so drawn out and ugly I wish I had amputated.

    I often wonder which part of “I’m done” they don’t understand.

    I just realized that even when a relationship ends and I did not initate the ending of it, I still amputate. When I am in a relationship I am in it all the way so when it ends I get out all the way.

    Amputate, debride, cauterize, leave no bleeders behind. Besides everyone knows a clean cut is easier to mend. Don’t they ?????????????

  6. Never been amputated by one… but still have a couple in my life. I keep waiting to be amputated but it hasn’t happened… yet 😀
    In fact, I’ve tried to amputate them a few times but they keep coming back. I guess nobody tells Scorpio what to do huh?

  7. Actually, that’s not strictly true… I was dumped by one of them 4 years ago and I completely melted down. Haven’t cried so much before or since. It was good for me though because I rebuilt myself stronger than before. However, he came back and is still around wondering why I put him into the “friend” category. He was actually quite upset by that. The power of Aquarius, baby 😀

    1. Hi,i like your story.But I’m stuck after an 8 year realationship with a female scorpion.She appeared to have love me ?im Aquarius ,and i really believed she did .My when i fel to my weakest point in life and broke down,she turned on me.She said I’d hurt her and took her love for granted.She then used my love to use me for whatever she wanted ,all along planning her escape ,with her family right behind her,all ppl who said they love me.Yes i had issues and flaws,but she made me feel like i was suppose to be perfect ,and when she found out i wasn’t ,she started planning.I am so crushed and stuck with this pain .

  8. I’m still recovering (my ex has Moon/venus/neptune in Scorpio)

    I’ll tell you what would help me get over it–finding a new Miles Davis because I still can’t listen to Miles without coming unglued.

    calling all jazz fans…

  9. I have only been horribly, horrendously dumped by Scorpio once and it was so bad, I’ve never spoken about it and doubt I ever will.

    I did get over it though and have used his knife since.

    There are some people out there who really serve to remind you that cruelty exists in the world.

    I think this is very valuable knowledge so worth the price I paid.

    1. Scorpios not only transform themselves but others.
      They incite jealousy, resentment, envy and lust.
      But I imagine it can be a painful lonely life sometimes. Cause those that transform are on the receiving end of the sting can come back stronger like you Elsa.
      The Scorpio loses a piece of his soul with every one they love and let go.

  10. Does sun pluto scorp rising qualify? My ex was the same. Plus we had the same moon and merc and venus conjunct. When I met him it was like staring across a battlefield in recognition of finally meeting a worthy opponent cause love was war with us. Not many out there who are up for those kind of hijinks… so even though the bad was QUITE bad it was still kind of on a level playing field you know….mutual soul crushing pluto fun.

  11. The only person i could recall that i really amputated by the way is the sociopath. THAT was necessary, whether im a pisces libra or taurus. Funny thing is.. the sociopath tried all sorts of ways to siphon attention away from me… ie : from calling over someone i was talking to/hanging out with *at the moment* to help her with something… to asking me arbitrary questions just to get some attention from me ( when its obvious that i’m ignoring her. )… and if I didn’t respond she would ask someone else to ask me! Such a predator. So twisted really. That is the nature of NPD/sociopathy, though.

    i mean, i wonder if i did really amputate anyone else.. but not really. *shocking* im only 21 though..

    But you know, from that experience I’ve learned to set my boundaries better… or at least become aware of sociopathic behaviour ( neptune in the 12th ) i was 14 when i encountered the sociopath. Maybe from that experience i’ve “become aware of” my ability to amputate someone from my life if i notice somethings wrong instead of being “a good little lamb” and frolicking over minefields when my intuition tells me its not right. It was a horrible experience, but i can’t say I didn’t learn something. Like what you said elsa, it is valuable knowledge… even if the price you pay is immense.

  12. Was dumped by a stellium in scorp.I don’t talk about it. Sometimes he calls and I’m so hurt, torn up and confused that instead of picking up the phone, i vomit. He literally makes me sick 🙁 I wish I could recover….

  13. Yes — he fooled me twice. Okay, not fooled but… came on real strong, strong words, strong energy, connection, it was fate, i believed it, i felt it (this was the Facebook high school friend who found me, looked ME up after so many years, hoping I was single)

    He lives across the country from me — he invited me once. Then disappeared. Stopped communicating. Resurfaced (when he had the swine flu!) and did the SAME THING. Invited me out again, told me he wouldn’t “flake” and did–

    So this wasn’t a years long relationship. It was an intense/meaningful reconnection. I really thought… he was the one. We talked about it. That we were “the one” for each other. I really thought, for a few days, that this was my miracle. That a miracle had happened to me. How perceptive he was, how well we communicated, our charts worked nicely, he liked me even then, when we were teenagers (I knew it, but wasn’t interested) — and all these years later, he finds me and….remembered me, remembered how I was then.

    For a time i kept texting him. I told him it was like writing to my mother (also a scorpio, and dead). So i would write: Dear Dead Man……

    It was the strangest thing and I keep looking for meaning in it. Why me? Why did he pick me to fuck with? I was leading my life and he found me and stirred it up. The things he would say…. I wish I knew why this happened. I’m always looking for the reason why…

    If he were to contact me again, I…. probably would not respond.

    1. The answer is simple, he burned in anger as a teen because he liked you and you had no interest in him. So, his ultimate revenge was to turn his bitter fury around and make you want him and then flippantly let you know that he has no interest in you.

      You have to get down on Pluto’s level to understand how they work. But then again, you would contaminate yourself in their poison.

      1. Wow this just hit a nerve for me. That’s exactly what happened to me . I turned him down 20 years ago , he came back when I was super vulnerable to screw me over in vengeful glee. Childish

  14. yikes moonpluto. Yes, i think it would be wise not to respond to that jerk. Just remember it reflects negatively on him and not you. He put that energy out into the world, and some day… its going to boomerang right back in his face. Such is the nature of the world.

  15. Moonpluto, rewind to the part about when you were teens (he liked you, you weren’t interested.)
    Now he appears, gets you to feel something for him and flakes out on you. Classic.
    (Sorry that you got hurt, thats just my scorpio stellium read on what happened.)

  16. The most devastating pain imaginable is what happened. Never wanted a monogamous relationship, never wanted marriage. Wanted both with this man then after eight years he says that not only does he not love me but he never wanted those things with me, just didn’t know how to tell me.
    So why call someone your home if you’re just lying? *sighs*
    Then the months of fucking around that followed, admittedly by my own stupidity. Ah, well. Still recovering, though it’s the tiny vestiges that will take years to stop from resurfacing instead of the intense grief it once was.

    I may not have a stellium in Scorp, but I do have more Pluto contacts than you can shake a stick at. And though I may never be able to evict that fucker from my head permanently, I can sever any emotion I may feel about him (ah, the pleasures of Aquarius moon! *laughs*).

  17. but they kept coming back when they were in a hole and needed someone they could trust. and i let them.
    but it made me suicidal for awhile… most times it happened.
    then i amputated. for a bit.
    don’t think i could ever stop caring. but i need to adjust my expectations.
    (the scorpio’s mostly twelfth house. a lot of it subconscious)

  18. Scorpio Sun conj. Scorpio Venus guy…First time…he told me on the phone that he was going to “fall back”.This, because I had a girls’night out with friends of one of my best friends.This girlfriend of mine knew that these women knew him, so she snooped a bit. Turns out he was also sleeping with one of these women in the group, unbeknownst to me at the time (she was a fellow Libra).Libra went back to him and reported.

    Few weeks later he called me and told me missed me…missed having sex with me.Fell for it.Second time…he left with two stripper friends who he met up with while we were at a diner early one morning, after an “eventful” evening…I was with the same friend who had snooped about him.It was surreal, but believe it or not…I had already been through worse with a Scorpio Moon.

  19. sorry, this post has me compelled to write that my ex definitely did not fuck with me and is a very good man all around. absolutely no games.

    BUT! i was on a date with my new manfriend last night, we walk into the restaurant (i chose) and who was playing on the stereo? Miles fucking Davis!!! In a vietnamese place in chinatown. i started laughing and couldn’t stop!

  20. are we talking romance here, or just friendships. I had a double Scorp boyfriend, and he never ever amputates anyone. He would do anything for his friends and cannot bear to lose anyone, ever. So, i ended it. I’ve had two friends amputate me, quite suddenly. One was a Scorp rising with Venus and Mars in Scorp, and the other friend was not a Scorp, but had Mars in Taurus rising square Pluto. Same thing, if you ask me. Even more deadly in some ways.

  21. I agree, barb. There are worse ways to leave your lover and made a video about it here.

    But the amputation is very harsh for some and aggravated in cases. This is a great topic actually. Deep.

  22. Hi, I have read this site for over a year now, but never posted. I had to respond to this thread. I actually had an excellent consult with Elsa over this issue. I have been semi-obessed with a man with a scorpio stellium for over 10 years. (sun, moon, mercury, venus, jupiter, and neptune all in scorp…in the 10th house opposing saturn in the 5th). Just call him dracula. Anyway, Dracula and I had a brief but super-intense relationship before i married my (now ex-) husband. I knew something just wasnt right about the dynamic between Dracula and me, so I called it off and got married soon after. Unfortunately, I never could let him go. I would dream about him all the time, and when I would run into him, I would obsess about him for days.
    I am now divorced, and he still will call or email me every few months. Always telling me he has been thinking about me, etc. Then we talk, and he disappears for several more months. He knows how I feel about him, and I really think he derives pleasure from my pain over the relationship.
    I am now in a very happy relationship, but I still have enormous feeling for dracula. Whenever I get an email from him, I immediately go into a mini-panic. Thanks to my consult with Elsa, I can now clearly see how unhealthy he is for me, but getting that hook out is no simple task. The man is powerful.

  23. Might I add that my double Virgo girlfriend has been pining over A Scorpio guy for five years and is HELPLESS when it comes to him.They met at college and had an intense connection which lasted a couple years, but she never pushed the commitment thing, until he decided to commit-to someone else.
    He has not anwered any of her questions that she dares to ask, has cut off all but superficial contact(random 2-line emails) and only sees her when he is passing through and wants to have sex or feel good.Then amputates again.She is beside herself and feels like she may never have the power to say no.It is honestly painful for me to witness because I had been through much the same with a Scorpio Moon guy.The magnetism is ridiculous.

  24. *sigh* Mars/Saturn/Pluto in Scorpio here. I attract sociopaths and other icky things and then have to enforce (Mars) boundaries (saturn), which usually kills (pluto) the relationship.

    These relationships were never really salvageable from the beginning.

    Maybe a change in this department is what I should be intentioning…

  25. I also have scorpio (mars)….I amputaded relationship before and I still do when needed.

    I also had break ups with scorpios, but what hurts me is not to be cruelly amputated, but not to be loved by them anymore.
    Having scorpio myself made me go trough the break up (it was no big time relationship) quite lucid: it doesn’t matter who does the cut, if you get deep in the situation (as scorpio does) it’s always 2 people breaking up.

    I feel for the people who posted about being trapped in by mails or phone call from scorpio exes.

  26. Hello all! I haven’t been online for a while because my house was robbed early in november. i was pretty blessed to be able to get another computer though. you said it would be rough, Elsa, but I had no idea what was in store for me.
    But it seems to have settled down now, at least i think anything would be better than the series of unrelenting hits i took last month.
    anyway, i’m a scorpio and i did date another scorpio once. we dated for a couple of months and then one night we had some dull sex and i never spoke to him again. it was completely mutual. neither of us ever called or anything! ha.
    i dated him because i wanted to know what the scorpio/scorpio thing would be like. it was intense, and sturdy, but we were both constantly bored with the lack of complete praise we recieved from the other generally nonplussed scorpio waiting impatiently for their own praise. haha. i thought the chemistry would be wild, but it really paled in the face of our grapple for domination/control/attention/position of ultimate ruler.

    i have admittedly had at least one horrific break up though. but we still … grinds teeth … care about each other. some lessons you learn just once and quickly.

  27. I’m not that familiar with astrology, but was dumped by a Scorpio guy. I’ve also never heard the word amputate be used like everyone is using it here..but, it fits! After the dumping, I disappeared for months, but got occasional stuff from him like joke emails, etc. We have not seen each other, but he has tried approaching my friends, they are guarded and don’t invite him over. He makes indirect contact with me, email, text, etc. but nothing with substance.
    I don’t get it, why does he care if my friends like him anymore or not, why does he want to maintain strings of communication?? From what I’ve read, when Scorpio’s end a relationship they are gone and that’s it. We did not break up from cheating, or disrespect or any of that, he was “confused” and unsure when it got to the point of getting more serious.
    How come his “amputation” didn’t take the whole limb off, why is he hanging on to pieces? For the record, he broke my heart, I was very in love.

  28. worst. pain. ever. worst.

    stellium noted.

    it was my first rodeo. we both have venus in scorp. 4 of the happiest years of my life, his too. magnets.
    he dumped, no real reason either. Amputated for 5 months. just keeps showing up. dated other women too, got dumped for posting missed connections on CL to me. he is not over it yet either. nor am i.


  29. I recently broke up with a Scorpio. I am an Aqua girl. I fell for him hard. I am by nature very inquisitive and he couldnt handle my questioning. He said we could be friends. I did not want to be his friend. I feel so heart broken.

  30. I haven’t been amputated by one but boy did he f**k me over real good. That’s ok. I got something for his ^%$. It might take me 15 years. 15 years. 15 years! But let me tell you something one should never do. Never cross a Capricorn woman whose venus is in Scorpio. Never cross a Capricorn woman who has Mars/Pluto. Do not ever attempt to purposely sabotage her ambition and dreams. Very bad idea. Very bad idea my friend. bad bad bad

    I plot revenge with endurance, steadfastness, and vision. It is impossible to live me down unless I die first. I think he knows this which is why he has never amputated me. He is playing nice in hopes that I never come for him. Hope on brother. I am so coming for you in the worst way. What’s my revenge? He is going to be forced to silently bare witness to my success. He is going to bear witness and his face is going to crumble all over the ground. I know its going to crumble because he is a big fat hater to his core. How’s that for using the knife?

    I’m sorry…apparently I had to get that off my…I’m better now. smh

    The truth is the truth though. His betrayal of everything he proclaimed to stand for and his betrayal of me and my welfare is a driving force to my ambition and motivation.

    His betrayal broke me in half. I have never been so hurt. Never.

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  32. Been there, done that. Got dumped after 32 years by hubby with 4 Scorpio planets, for another woman. I have 5 Taurus planets. Cried every day for 2 years, every other day for 3 months, at least twice a week for several more months. It’s been just shy of 3 years now and I’m finally not crying though the pain may never fully leave. Sometimes it hits like a hammer, usually taking me by surprise. As far as I can tell only time will help.

  33. As a Virgo Plutonian-My best advice to recover from being dumped by a Plutonian? NEVER EVER let them see you crumble! Play their game against them and act [even if you are dying inside] ACT like they were NOTHING to you. They love it when they can get reactions from others. DO NOT REACT. Don’t even let your family or friends know how much you suffer. In short….Turn ICY cold to them and blow them off.

  34. Scorpio stellium here. The amputation may seem sudden but it really is not! The Scorpio probably has been observing and holding in for a while, it is just that once they made up their mind there is no going back. I amputated a Pisces ex that took advantage of me and was emotionally invested in someone else, so I amputated him and made it clear that he is out of my life. However the Pisces seems to hold on to everything! He is now dating that someone else but he is trying to crawl back into my life. Sorry that won’t happen!

  35. Ok I’ve never been with a Scorpio. But I am a Scorpio stellium and sun conjunct Pluto. Is this really how people feel when I leave them? I always see people moving on without a second thought from me. Or being relieved. I guess if I had to add anything it would be that perspective.

  36. So I’ve been with a Scorpio , today it would have been 10months. He recently just broke up with my last Tuesday. Around the 21st he started telling me he was sad and wanted to see me more often than usual. He almost metioned he felt really stressed and could feel himself getting depressed. He would always tell me that he didn’t wanna feel like that and I always tried to assure him things will be okay and reminded him I was here for him . The weekend of the 26th comes around and he starts getting short and distant with me . I didn’t pay much a attention to it or let it get to me cause I usually notice this happens when he gets stressed so I just continued to be there for him when ever he felt like talking . Monday night comes around and he starts being really cruel , even tells me to stop being so boring and make conversation with him.. next day (Tuesday) he asks when can he see me again. I tell him Wednesday and asks him if he’d like to go with me to church after I get off of work. He replies ” no I don’t like being told how to live my life” I replied “okay that’s fine” BOOM! That was it , he blew up from that one reply and said we needed to end things around , that this relationship was too much . For the rest of the day it was like a volcano erupted , said the most fucked up shit I’ve ever heard come out of his mouth.. including he wanted nothing to do with this and insisted he needed to move on with his life . I begged and after a while just didn’t even reply anymore the next day . He texted saying sorry that he has been super stressed and irritated with everything . And says if I wanna talk we can do this the right way. I didn’t reply . I haven’t heard anything since Wednesday and it is now Monday .. I’m freaking out . I feel like I lost him and I’m serious going insane. He’s been trying to make me jealous on social media acting like he’s over me . I’m so hurt where did all this come from? Please someone give me advice . I love this man . We never cheated or ruined our trust . So what’s going on? I’m so confused and hurt and can’t stop thinking about him! Will he come back!?

    1. My advice is to turn icy right back and ignore him. As I said before, when a Scorpio starts doing their pull away and silent treatment trick, it is best to live your life and not let it get to you. Beat him at his game. If he really wants to be with you, he will return. If you didn’t do him wrong, your conscience is clean. He is the one having issues. Don’t let him play with your feelings. AND NEVER let him know that you are heart broken over him. If he does break it off, you will not hear from him again and it is better to move on for your own sanity and peace of mind.

  37. Oh dear, bless you, hope it swings round in your favour, but that doesn’t sound likely. Trust arrives on a bike and leaves in a Ferrari and who the fuq wants a Ferrari man, in my experience Scorpio men just nahhhhhh, but you know what it’s very very rare in these times to meet a fully conscious man, like extremely rare.

    I find a commitment to self helps in these times, something as simple as committing to read one paragraph of a book even (not a personal development one/how to get man back/where did it all go wrong) such things are BANNED for you lady, why.?
    Because your freaking awesome, I promise you, he’s an ass and stealing your energy.

  38. Hi. I was dumped by one and I’m going through pain right now . I have question if there’s any way to take revenge on them ? He left me still loving him . He said he is doing that for himself . Thanks in advance !

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