8th House: The Shadow Side Of Being Named The Executor Of A Will

The 8th house is concerned with legacy and this goes beyond leaving a legacy or carrying one for others. You’ve got to transfer energy around. As a gross example you wind up the executor of a person’s will.

This happened to me when I was 22. My grandfather, Henry died and named me his personal representative bypassing both of my parents. I don’t think many are fit for this job. For example if you won’t follow a person’s express wishes to the best of your ability (even if you don’t agree) you have no business in this business and I see this all the time. Someone dies and some family member overrides what the person dictated in their will. This is one of the more despicable things you can do from my vantage point and very common.

In whatever case, the 8th house deals with legacy, their own and others in ways that are obvious and nuanced. This is an example of an obvious manifestation, I will come back with some finer points but it is worth noting what commonly happens to the executor of a will – they frequently (and very immediately) become the shadow for the family.

That is, they are seen to be taking advantage of the dead, to have manipulated the dead, they are seen to be abusing power, and so on and so forth.

If you are named as executor in a person’s will, you do wind up handling a lot of energy. Again, on a gross level, I can tell you from first hand experience there is nothing quite like cleaning out the house of a dead person who you loved. Handling their things and trying to decide how to disperse them…

Have you ever been named executor of a will? Tell us.


12 thoughts on “8th House: The Shadow Side Of Being Named The Executor Of A Will”

  1. Not exactly but my sisters and I are co-trustees for the trusts our parents set up years ago. When my dad dies, the fun begins . . .

    My Scorpio sister has worked as a caregiver for the elderly for over 20 yrs and regularly helps with cleaning up the homes of those who died.

  2. I am the executor of my parents’ will, now my mother’s. It fell to me somewhat naturally because I’m the oldest sibling, but also largely because I am a natural leader and I command situations responsibly and have since I was a baby. Saturn in Taurus in the 8th, Pluto rising in Virgo in the 1st.

    They also trust me to be FAIR and dole out things with a firm hand. Anybody who’s observed this kind of situation before knows how people can turn into something surprisingly ugly when it comes to getting their mitts on something they think they deserve. Vultures are a common metaphor for a reason.

    I will do right by my brothers but I don’t give a damn about their wives or children unless my mother puts them in the will, and she’s not inclined to. It’s not about me or them — it’s about carrying out her wishes as my final filial duty.

    Jupiter and Uranus rising, exactly conjunct in Libra in the 1st. And my Leo moon likes the idea of being the flaming sword of justice. 😉

  3. My boyfriend has 4 planets, including Sun and Moon, in 8th house. He is an attorney, and even if he isn’t dealing with the family law as such, he is very much dealing with different kind of legacies.

  4. I was told this summer that I will be named executor of my father’s will. Also, am the third party designee on a whole host of end-of-life medical care forms for both parents.

    Actually, just beginning to grasp.. it’s hard to write about.

    Sun in 8th house..

  5. I’m the executor of my parent’s will, along with my 3 sisters. I’m not sure how this will play out.
    I have Saturn in the 8th.
    -one sister has Sun and Moon in 8th (not conjunct)
    -another sister has Moon conjunct Chiron in 8th
    -the last sister has Chiron in 8th.

    I’ve thought recently about suggesting to be sole executor. The reasons being that my mum has only talked to me about things like where the cash is hidden in the house…and I can talk to all of my siblings (not that I always like to, but I can put my emotions aside to get a job done and have a healthy respect for other people’s boundaries).

    I wouldn’t ask my parents without asking my other siblings, though.

  6. The other thing, is that their estate is relatively simple: a house and its possessions that we must split the profits from 4 ways. That’s it. No investments to think of. So maybe keeping it equal executor is the most sound thing, anyway.

  7. I have done “estate cleaning” on about a dozen homes and let me say, everyone saves way too much useless junk, rich or poor. Now I work in a thrift store. I have completely burned out on stuff… any time I see a knick knack or a coffee cup with a chip, I either think: yuk, something ugly to dust or something for landfill. No one wants this crap anymore, there’s too much of it. It’s strange how old style depression-era mentality string and yogurt cup savers are on their way out and now we enter a new depression with so much useless material goods that everyone in the U.S. can have chipped coffee mugs ten times over.

  8. My grandmother passed away a few days before my birthday this year. Shocked us by cutting my dad out of the will and giving my uncle half. The 7 grand kids have to split the second half.

    Anyway, no one trust my uncle. He and my father are both greedy and selfish bastards, and I’m talking Italian males that have been brought up with an entitlement complex.

    Some how I (packed 8th house) am responsible for keeping in contact with the lawyer to make sure everything is on the up and up and all the rules are being followed to the letter.

    I’m mostly accepting this role because the lies that are being spread are ridiculous. My brother went to the hearing to accept the will into the probate court and told my dad that my uncle contested everyone’s shares. Which never happened, of course, my brother is just following in the footsteps of the rest of the males in the family and trying to get more than his fair share by inciting a riot to overthrow my uncle.

    Anyhoo…..*deep breath*

  9. When my parents died my oldest sister (there are 4 of us) handled all of their affairs. The stress almost did her in, and there were all kinds of blow-ups, stuff coming up from the depths of god knows where. I am happy to say we all are still close, but boy are there scars. Oh, and cleaning out their house because we had to sell it – it took us months, and it was an experience like no other……every day the house gets emptier, barer, being stripped of the past 40 plus years. Right before we sold it, I just needed to sit in the middle of the emptiness, and just try hard to take all out the door with me. One of those things you just have to experience to understand I guess.

  10. I’m the executrix of my father’s will. He died in January. Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune all transiting my 8th, squaring my fifth house Sun and trining my 11th house Moon.

    I’m the only one left of my family, besides my uncle, who has two stepdaughters; my uncle is in a nursing home with advanced dementia, and one of the stepdaughters has made it her mission to try and get her hands on whatever she can of my father’s estate. It’s a nightmare that will take a long time to resolve, but the stepdaughter and her family never sent my father so much as a Christmas card for thirty years, until he got ill and they realized he had some money. My uncle has none.

  11. My family has completely imploded because of the way my parents’ estate was handled. We no longer speak to each other. I got my fair share only by hiring an attorney.

    A few weeks ago a friend asked me to be his executor. Probably because he knows I have a law degree. I thought long and hard about it and then declined. I remember how much bitterness I went through and did not want to put myself on the firing line.

  12. My Libra Sun, Virgo Mercury, and asteroid Ceres in Virgo are in my 8H. I (Sun) have a Will and Revocable Living Trust (Mercury) to minimize the hassle for my children (Ceres) upon my death (8H).

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