Elsa – A Rorschach Inkblot?

People are talking about me being “morose” or not morose.  This post is 13 years old. Nothing has changed!

“I was wondering what is it about your blog that elicits such emotional responses from people, positive or negative. In a way, your blog is like an inkblot test. Would you say this has more to do with the blog’s astrological energy or your own energy?”

It is my energy. People have been reacting to me since the day I was born in ways that are marvelous to behold.

I would say this is one of my functions in this life. “Put her out there and watch what happens”.

Here is a question for the daring:

The Elsa Blog – What do you see here when you read here?


69 thoughts on “Elsa – A Rorschach Inkblot?”

  1. It changes all the time. Its kind of prismatic. I often find that when I read the ‘Year Ago’ blogs I get something completely different from what I got at the time (if I’ve any recall of them at all). So basically I’d say expansion? new perspectives, an extra angle, and some more depth.

  2. lots of pluto and neptune energy here i think. maybe that’s ridiculously obvious to others, i dunno. but i see you looking under the rocks, articulating what is there, what you felt about when you found it, and working to make sense of it, both for you and for anybody else who cares ride along with you.

    i come for your perspective and because it makes me think about bigger issues in a different way. i come for the integrity of your expression-you’re true to your own persecptive regardless, and that really encourages me to do the same in my life. i come to look under the rocks, too.

    and for a laugh when i can use one.

  3. When Elsa explodes and disects emotions, like jealousy and fear, this helps me with self awareness, reaching my potential and trying to be a good person. Elsa has attracted such a treasure chest of fans, that I feel proud and happy to be part of the pack — to belong! As well, there is an underlying theme of looking out for the underdog, and this creates an atmosphere which is safe. Elsa will say anything. I am still realing from the Crotch Rot post! I can laugh about this every day and that feels good!

  4. There are an aray of reasons. Elsa’s writing style is awesome for one. I love to hear her stories, and the best part is her use of metaphors to help someone like me (who takes a while to understand things), understand. I love all of the perspectives, and I love her bold letter questions that force me to get to know myself better, and people in general. It’s a learnig experience, and I’ve learned a handful of astrological stuff along the way.

  5. I keep coming back for the rawness. There’s a sense of “this is how it is from the edge” that I like, and Elsa is savvy enough to be able to tie it all together in a meaningful way. Like Foxxy, there are times I read the “year ago” blogs and get a totally different perspective, but I think that has more to do with how I process. *shrug* It’s a learning experience, my eyes are opened to new vistas and experiences all the time here and I revel in it!

  6. the inkblot is a fox head with lion face cheeks and bear ears. and it’s a bat or a big moth.

    i have scorpio. i see “other” people.

  7. Trends in the Collective as told through a personal narrative
    Fab writing
    Not prissy
    Opinions without judgement (something the entire planet can always learn more about)

    and…a place to talk about hair without feeling shallow. Because hair is very important to me (and, um, what do you guys think of Jane Fonda’s hair in Klute, anyway??)

  8. I see art when I come to this blog. Artists show us what they see, and hear, and feel, and the vibration that sets up when we can see and hear and feel what they experience is what art is all about. I have been able to feed and grow and change and transform myself through art because the artists of the world show us their souls and interpret for us their understanding of what’s going on. And Elsa’s site is no different.

    I come here for the art: the deep and probing questions, the mirrors that are held up every day for me to look into, (doesn’t art mirror life?) and for the precise and beautiful art that is astrology, making sense of what (at the time) makes no sense at all. And yeah, sometimes it’s raw, but it’s always REAL.

    IMHO, all of us owe the artists of the world a great debt.

    And just to be a pain, I never see anything else in those blots except the internal female reproductive system – does that mean I have Pluto?

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    Little Miss Hermit

    I visit here almost every day – I have to have my fix!;) I think you express a lot of different energies, although I pick up on Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto, because they are particularly strong in my chart;) I can identify with some of the Neptune issues as well, but my Neptune is often more of a problem for other people than for myself, so it’s not something I try to grapple with right now. There’s so much else I need to ponder with 5 planets transiting my 8th house, and Uranus opposite my 8th house Sun:P

    I’m so glad you keep writing, Elsa!:) What you bring up seems to provide an element of catharsis, both for your readership through the opportunity to comment (or am I projecting?;) – as well as for you in some instances, I can imagine:) Brilliant:)
    “Real and to the point!”:D

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    Little Miss Hermit

    Peppermint – just beautifully said! I completely agree:)
    I could never express myself like that – but with Venus in Libra in the 9th, I appreciate art, hehe…

  11. Totally original approach to astrology because you humanize it. Love that. Penetrating insight/observation into the elusive emotional realms. An ability to detach enough from the emotion to synthesize, and then articulate it with a philosophical perspective.

    And a genuine concerned with giving your strength to others. Empowering them. Sometimes with a punch, if needed.

    So are we Neptuning-hologramming you? 😉

    And and the questions you ask are so deep that by the time I come back from where you’ve sent me, you’ve already got another question.

  12. A story, the story of a women related with honesty and sincerity (at least the honesty and sincerity a human being can have)I am practically trapped with your story (I see some semblance of my own life, there is the projective point) You remember me of my virgo mom, a great story teller. Whit a strong Moon trined Jupiter and very uranian, and there is more projective issues ha ha ha!
    Oh! hey you people there! take care with your rorschach responses – remember a lot of your personality can be derived of it !

  13. I see a huge insect with engines on it’s wings! An insect evolving into a plane!

    I thought I was going to have an insightful answer, but then I started thinking about how anything I write about what I see is just that – a subjective view of you, biased by my own perceptions. Although, I can tell you what keeps me coming back here as opposed to this *unnamed* astro forum that I really don’t like – you cut to the chase, there’s no frills with Elsa P! I like that. You’re also honest, you’re not afraid to show the world who you REALLY are through your blog, you show everyone how the world really IS even if it might frighten people or influence them to react in a rather hostile manner.

  14. All human life is here! It’s like finding a really good bar, with an international clientele… We can come and go at will, and share our experience, laugh together, exchange ideas – and get a lift or some moral support, or a few home truths…
    Elsa is the conductor and referee, and a kind of magus ruling over all with her particular brand of humour, tough love and fierce intelligence.

  15. Without trying to come across as a whiny baby, I kinda feel like Elsa hates me. Ludicrous, I know, since we don’t know each other, but eh.

    As far as the general energy, I think it’s pretty welcoming. Sort of, “This is what I think, take it or leave it,” which I always respect, but it’s mitigated by, “And please tell me what you think.”

  16. Weird, Lexie. I have not one shred of negative feeling about you – not a drop.

    On the other, I think you’ve got it right. I really want to know what other people think. My whole life is an investigation. I am dreadfully curious about all kinds of things which is why I don’t let anyone who attacks people get a foothold here. If people are attacked for their views, they won’t share them. Also, iIf I don’t share mine, they won’t share theirs!

    Anyway – no bad feelings about you – not a shred or even a paint chip. 🙂

  17. Thank you. 🙂 I know. It’s a weird vibe that I take full responsibility for.

    Anyway, I keep coming back because reading your site is an exercise in opening my mind to other experiences and viewpoints. I may not agree with any given thought, but I think it’s good to acknowledge other people, how they feel, how they think, and your site offers the open forum to do so, with no harsh judgments, provided people post responsibly.

  18. I hate superficial. All the pluto, I guess. By being real, even with flaws, you allow us to be real, with our flaws. And I really respect the fact that you demand that we respect each other.

  19. Thanks, ruth. I think you’re pretty new here but I am an ex-bartender and the fact is, if you let the bar fill up with riff raff, you’ll lose the good people AND no one new who is decent will come in either.
    It’s like they open the door and see a knife fight and that’s it. They shut the door and they won’t be back.

    So I have to do this to keep the blog going, but also the bad manners make me sick.

    My grandfather, Henry (great read if you’ve not seen these posts https://elsaelsa.com/astrology/2008/12/27/henry-in-his-own-words-double-capricorn-stellium-in-sagittarius/ was interested in religion and philosophy. He used to host discussions at his place in the desert with 3 bathrooms and no living room and I don’t know what to tell you but except people managed to enjoy discourse without pain and so I continue him.

    Between and because of these two influences, this blog exists. I always had a really good bar too. 😉

  20. I bet you did Elsa! I’d have been a regular

    Jeez I love a good bar… Hope we get ours back soon (I won’t go in since my gay friends were barred on a pretext, but I hear that couple are giving up the lease soon, hoo-ray!)

  21. Yeah, Elsa, as another ex bartender, I know exactly what you mean. Its the bartender’s job to make sure that everyone has a good experience–the women feel comfortable being there alone, no one gets overly drunk or obnoxious. There was nothing better than those nights when you have a bunch of strangers come in, and by the end of the night, they are all friends. Those were the nights when I really felt like I did my job well.

  22. There is honesty , openess, wisdom ,empathy. Very jupiter, mars and mercury(virgo kind). Very meticulous (?) work, that keeps giving. Extreme depth, impossible to really find else where.
    I think you and your blog are a cognitive therapist’s. You don’t only change your perspective , you change your foundation when you come here…but there is no hint of a misjonary way to go about from you ,and there is no propaganda.

    People are allowed to be who they are here:)

    I think there is great evidenece in the people who comes here every day…Not
    a blog u can easely get over

  23. I am sorry can’t edit, but I want to say this:

    *Inkbot def 2 chiuwawas,(dogs) and a halfeaten stuffed animal reindeer. 100% sure;-)

  24. I see great pics.
    Good astrology.
    A few very judgmental regular posters.
    A number of very defensive types, so no matter what you say, they take it personally.
    It feels very Mars Pluto, and Saturn too.
    Then sometimes it can be very Piscean and supportive and lovely.
    I think its just a few that make it bad for the rest.
    It is what it is, and that’s what its supposed to be.
    Have you done your event chart Elsa? The chart for the moment your blog went online? That should spell it out.

  25. I have have had feelings similar to Lexie and can’t explain them. Relatively new to regular visits. Thought once I unintentionally insulted you or it was taken that way and felt horrified, don’t like to feel that I’ve offended our hostess. I decidee I’m probably not communicating clearly and/or confidence is low (Neptune transit opposing natal Sun & Mercury) so I’ll hide out for a while and forego the Astrology Blood & Guts class, even though I would have liked to join. If Lexie wasn’t so brave, I wouldn’t be writing this. Separate but related, it seems like unless you are a long-timer, there is not so much interaction from other posters or feedback/commentary on questions/comments left for associate bloggers. This whole “club” thing can feel disconcerting, like you’re at a party with no one to talk to. Of course, there is so much more worthwhile and positive that my issues hardly keep me from coming, so….definitely Jupiter, Neptune & Pluto to me.

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