Elsa – A Rorschach Inkblot?

People are talking about me being “morose” or not morose.  This post is 13 years old. Nothing has changed!

“I was wondering what is it about your blog that elicits such emotional responses from people, positive or negative. In a way, your blog is like an inkblot test. Would you say this has more to do with the blog’s astrological energy or your own energy?”

It is my energy. People have been reacting to me since the day I was born in ways that are marvelous to behold.

I would say this is one of my functions in this life. “Put her out there and watch what happens”.

Here is a question for the daring:

The Elsa Blog – What do you see here when you read here?


69 thoughts on “Elsa – A Rorschach Inkblot?”

  1. I see an information product that is relatable, accessible, interactive and endlessly diverse which would lead you to believe at first that the woman behind it is just some lady who likes astrology — when in fact she’s fucking brilliant:)

    Did you ever see Broadcast News?

    William Hurt: It must be *so great* to always be the smartest person in the room.

    Holly Hunter (stricken): No, it’s awful!

  2. Teri, I have no recollection of every being offended by you so if I indicated something like that (?) it’s long forgotten, you’re welcome here and also welcome to join the class. 🙂

    I don’t know about people responding to people. The blog has gotten too large for me to mind everything and I particularly don’t track comments made on the other bloggers pieces as I am not notified (by email) when someone posts there, the way I am on my own posts. I am not sure if that is perception or just a bad day or what.

    I do try to greet everyone when they first show up but I am to a point where I can’t keep people straight – Gen, Jenn, Jen, Jennifer… AriesGal, ariesgirl, arieslady, arieswoman… and then people change names too and it’s just impossible. I mean, some people I know but many times I don’t recognize MY OWN CLIENTS because I am working with someone named “Tammy” not WyomingElisa as they may be called on the boards. 🙂

    eva – thank you. 🙂

  3. I have no idea how this came up in my email today but it did. iathina85’s comment showed up in my mail as if it were new (Mercury retch) and it sure made me feel good, so thanks!

    This part in particular: “Not a blog u can easily get over”.

    I heard something like that from someone else, 10 years post a situation where we separated and I was overcome with emotion. I don’t have that kind of memory… it’s broken.

  4. I see a worker bee with antennae and double hung wings who has filled every one of his nectar sacs and is now raising up high enough to see his home by the mountains and is about to make a beeline, as they say, for the hive.

  5. The ink blot looks like a dung beetle flailing around in shit.

    As for the blog, I see a diverse group of folks who love to talk about astrology and other topics relevant to the state of the world and themselves. 🙂

  6. I see two fairy tale dwarfs holding a cat by the ears and doing a balancing act at the same time. They’re doing it just to see if they can (it’s pretty difficult) and are having fun at the same time. The cat is OK with the whole thing.

  7. Avatar
    Aquarius Lurker

    Coming to this blog is like looking under the table and seeing the legs and the joints, and what the table top looks like from underneath. I see the raw wood. It’s interesting to me because I’m a sheltered person that only gets shown the finished part of the table. I also like the forum. Once in a while, there’s an interesting conversation I can take part in. I also read past conversations and laugh at everyone’s grand sense of humor. Even their user names make me laugh.

    1. Really interesting perspective. Thank you. I completely understand what you mean re: the underpinnings. I just don’t know why this is!

      1. Avatar
        Aquarius Lurker

        I don’t know either! It’s got to be in your way of talking and word choice. The way you order your thoughts. Those times when you use AI, this quality I’m describing is gone.

          1. Avatar
            Aquarius Lurker

            Yes not human. But give the AI more and more material written by you, and a chance to learn your unique Elsa syntax, it will soon come to mimic you very closely. Not that I want that to happen, but… There you go.

    2. I love this visual! I distinctly remember that view from when I was small. My mother had table cloths draped down to the floor, so it was like a completely separate world under there, and one of my favorite places to hang out… I definitely tagged the table’s underside with my stickers!

      1. Avatar
        Aquarius Lurker

        Ha ha! The other day I removed stickers my kid nieces stuck all over my elderly parents’ furniture, grumbling to myself concerning the stickers, ‘Who does this?!’

  8. I see you as a parent figure. To me your are like a portal to generational wisdom, including hard truths about life and practical advice for living, that many of us did not receive from our own parents, for whatever reason. This could contribute to you being simultaneously attractive and repulsive?

    1. Boy, I don’t know. But thanks. 🙂

      Satori told me I was “health food” once. As opposed to food people want to eat, lol.

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