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askcollectivefinal8It’s hard to get a group of people to agree on anything these days. Even the simplest thing that seems obvious to one person, will be argued to death by the other. It’s wearing us all down.

Last night I was talking to my husband about something common that I feel degrades women. He said it goes way beyond merely degrading women – it’s evil. “It’s evil, right there in your face,” he said.

I’d not thought of this. Now I wonder what others think of as “evil”.

I’m hoping people can answer this without bringing political parties into it.  What, specifically, do you see out there that you would consider, “evil”.

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  1. For me our society’s love of money has indeed becoming the root of all evil.

    I despair how every decision our politicians take is based on cost or the economy. They never take decisions because “it would make our citizens happy” or “it’s the right thing to do”.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Greed — corporate greed in everything from government to “the 1%” to advertising to create and magnify mindless consumerism, to alteration of food sources for profit which in turn creates and magnifies disease which in turn enriches big pharma, etc. Individual greed instilled by the cultural focus in media fueled by corporate greed. Objectification of women’s bodies and sex in general reaching down to even the youngest children as brainwashed consumers and commodities. The effects of the throwaway culture on children, the elderly, and pets. Desecration of the planet, again due to greed. Irrational ideologies bent on world domination — greed again. Greed is evil incarnate.

    1. I saw this in the movie wolf pack. I wish I didn’t believe their father or feel entranced when he said it. His were a Virgos instincts gone mad, to hide his children from the corrupting unhealthy unsafe outside. I wonder if those are my current ideas pushed to the extreme.

  3. Stealing is evil. When you boil it down it all comes down to this for me. When you kill somebody you are stealing their life. When you lie to someone you are stealing someones right to make a decision based on the truth. Its evil to take something from someone that they don’t give you and its righteous to honor others freewill. When you objectify another human being you are taking away their right to self expression. That’s the best way I can explain it.

  4. People who are eneergised by making others unhappy, that’s evil according to me.

    I meet them almost every day. At work, there’s a handful of people who insist on “confusing” my surname for my first name (note: my surname can sound like something mildy offensive), although they know very well what my first name is. At shops, there’s always someone to elbow you “by accident” not once, but a few times (no sensory nerves on their elbows..?). At public transport, they’ll hit you with their bag repeatedly (again, “by accident”, repeatedly).

    I dread to think what those people do to their nearest.

  5. Social media, the illusion that we are connected because we read what people post while they create the version of themselves they want us to believe.

  6. evil to me is anything done with conscious intent to “destroy” another:
    betrayal, deception, manipulation, gaslighting…

    1. Perfectly stated. My 8th grade teacher used to tell us that love is defined to her as to wish good on someone. This is the polar opposite what you just said and nails it even more dead on. Very perceptive.

      1. Taking someone’s innocence is evil to me. Not just overt things like sexual abuse. But also things like exposing kids to sex and violence through the media. God knows I’ve tried to protect my sons innocence. There’s just a force out there that is thriving on children’s openness. The worst part is that we’re told these things are benign. Lies.

  7. The person or evil most worrisome to me is the person who has doesn’t get what evil actually is and continues on a path of destruction and …. not only do they not get it, they don’t care to get it. So, it can never be stopped or side-stepped with them. They wont, cant and don’t know how to do better. They don’t have that boundary or space in their heart/mind… they will continue on destroying everything around them until they are dead and gone.

    Until masses of people are on to them, and finally rise up to stop them, they get away with everything from adultery and including murder. Even then, they seem surprised as if they don’t know what they did. These are dangerous folk!

  8. I think most people know abortion is evil. I think it makes you one third complicit in murder.

    But also, bearing children after you’ve already 1/3 murdered one baby. Like, Why?

    Didn’t you already harm one soul enough?

    I mean if you somehow accidentally get pregnant then theres no turning back(having another abortion, PLEASE STOP)

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