Destiny, Past Lives, Theories Around Wasting Talent

creationThinking about “greed” this morning, I searched my old posts to see what I had on the topic. It lead me to this from 2008/

dolce asks on: Astrology, Destiny, Past Lives – Various Theories And Applications:

“What about doing bad things to yourself? e.g. someone who tries to control everyone else just makes themselves mostly miserable. And people can really beat themselves up for no reason sometimes…”

dolce, that’s a great question. My husband has strong opinions on this subject. We know people like this. He feels that squandering talent is a serious offense.

He feels if you are given gifts or other advantages and you waste them you are going to come back around with far less talent (or other perks). Not only that, you’ll still be expected to do exactly what you refused to do the time before.

He’s adamant he is about this. “If people had any idea how bad it can be, they wouldn’t even consider wasting their talent…”

Some use their talent to wreak havoc and cause other people pain. This is an even higher class of offense.

Astrologically, my husband has that Saturn, Mars and Mercury involved in a T-square. By his model he’s got to use that energy responsibly or else.

In whatever case, he invites people to pull their crap. “Be greedy,” he says. “Then see how much you have next time around…”

Do you waste your talent?

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  1. I try not to- and people who have seen me in action would certainly never say that I do. However, I do think I have issues with steady and repetitive application of said talent. Which is to say, if it takes me longer than a month or a few months, the ADD kicks in.

  2. I think that the pursuit many of my talents has been supplanted by specialization in others. parenthood, for example took over most of the resources of time and money that might have gone toward such things as music, art, dance, writing, athletics, academics. I utilize them to a smaller extent in parenting but they are certainly not fully developed. I can’t say I even do a stellar job at parenting, but that is the goal.

    so many trines in my chart have many things easy for me to the extent that it makes it really difficult to decide which avenues to pursue and which to let slide. I always thought life would be simpler if I was just really good at one thing rather than being markedly competent at many. it does, however, weigh on me, making those choices to let some things fall by the wayside.

  3. No, I’m frugal with mine and try to get the most out of what I have. There will always be someone more talented so why not take what is available and squeeze out every last drop? If a person tries to live up to their full potential, no matter what they were born with, they will surpass other more talented people who don’t try very hard. After all, a talent that is not used produces the same results as not having any talent at all.

  4. Oh boy, do I waste my talent. I’ve got a Mars-Neptune-Jupiter t-square, where Jupiter conjunct MC is the apex. I have serious problems staying disciplined. Whenever work gets tough, I procrastinate like nobody’s business. Pity, b/c Mars is also part of an Earth grand trine in my chart, so I should be able to work hard — which I do, but only when it’s not the important, anxiety-producing stuff that I really need to do in order to be successful in life. This is the great challenge of my middle age.

  5. Stephanie – I too have Jupiter (& venus) conjunct my MC (in 10th house Aries). Jupiter has aspects to Mars and Neptune in my chart too (semisquare and quincunx apparently but I haven’t learned what those mean!). Anyway, since you are the only other person int his thread so far whose reply about talent wasting is as definite a “yes I do” as mine was, I thought that was interesting. Does Jupiter conjunt MC suggest problems staying disciplined? (As you can see, I don’t know too much about astrology as yet.)

  6. A little bit. I have some serious talents in the realm of energy work, but I consider it a very deep realm and so resist diving in fully. I keep thinking I’m not ready, but really I’m more than ready, just resisting.
    I have other talents with art and writing and have such intense emotion tied up with the production of my art I literally FREAK out sobbing when I have to display it (ie. have it in a group display). What a wimp!

  7. I don’t believe I “waste” my talents per se. I have a Pisces client and we were chatting once about intuitive stuff, readings and such. She said to me “you know you are not operating at your full potential with that.” I just stopped and said “yeah I know,lol.” Some of that deep stuff scares me cause I know once I have the knowledge I can’t un’have it ya know??!

  8. Ooh! Thanks for answering this question for me!

    As for me – one thing of which I’m certain is that I was born to be a teacher, and that’s what I became without looking back. I have other creative talents I don’t use so often because I experience blocks so easily. I try though!

  9. This Soldier is quite the guy! And this thread is wonderful stuff today. The Hawaiian Moon Calendar (which I consult daily) sights today (Nov. 4th) as the second in a string of 4 OLE Days. It’s a time when farmers and fisherfolk would rest … themselves, the land and the ocean. My ancestors of old knew their ‘talents’ and knew they were connected to all that is. Many times I forget to ACKNOWLEDGE the positive expression of my talents … to teach, the write and nurture the bigger whole. It’s the double Cappy Bull Whip that stings my Scorpio okole (hind end).
    So, this Ole Cycle is giving me time to rest (not on my laurels, but with appreciation), read ElsaElsa and gain a perspective on my talents; my temptation to call myself short … that can go rest too as I give thanks on my Futon Altar.

  10. I don’t think I waste my talents, but I am not showing them off because I’m afraid of the vicious (especially female hating) backlash that comes when a woman is seen these days.

  11. I like the concept that if you don’t utilize your talents, you will have a decrease in those talents and still be beckoned by the universe to use those talents. Harsh. I better get on this writing and art thing I barely use!

  12. I regret not using the talents that God gave me, Kind of selfish really. Not to be kept hidden away but shared.As I aged and have lost most of those talents its easier to see.

  13. Yes, I have not maximized my considerable talents, but on the other hand I have helped quite a few people…I think that’s just my path in this life.

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    Southern Cross

    Oh no, absolutely not. Even after being placed under pressure not to develop my talent, which is in art, and is my passion. I ran the gauntlet of opposition, jealousy from girls at school, jealousy from boyfriends less talented than me; you name it, I battled it, and I won. I am committed to my art for pretty much the same reason as the Soldier specifies. If you’ve been given a talent, use it.

  15. oooh i love this elsa! i so agree with your husband.. and live my life by it religiously – again mars saturn merc dominance huge for me too.. yet of course contradicting it i have adhd and cognition problems so i just cant get it all done the way i KNOW im meant to be here for and i see it as a sick universal joke.. then go down the rabbit hole to wonder is it to humble me and stop passing such judgements and assumptions of the universe – as if i truly know.. or that im meant to live in flow -moon ruled saturn first house n all 😉 what a game this is indeed………….

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