Astrology And The Nature Of Saturn Transits In General

spiked-shoes.jpgspinner wrote on Judging A Person’s Saturn Return…

“Hi Elsa- The shoes that fate wore when he knocked me to the ground and ran over my back during my Saturn return were more like football shoes with spikes. It might have helped if I was not standing on the thirty yard line yelling threats at my opponent. Any way the scars healed in a few years and I learned a lot of things about myself and life.

More to your point… I think? I thought that I was a very mature young man, but it didn’t matter, I was blind sided by a steamroller. Is that what you are talking about?”

spinner – I don’t know. I don’t really understand what you are saying. I think Saturn translates as pressure. You are pressured during Saturn transits to grow up, do the right thing, etc. From your description it seems you had some other transits in play.

Saturn is pure. You are asked to do something that is hard… to persevere. There is pressure to define whatever the area or life is in play, to place “appropriate” boundaries, to take responsibility etc. This sounds remote from what you are describing. Saturn delivers what you deserve and nothing more so the spikes on the shoes you describe seem overkill to me to be ascribed to a Saturn transit. Saturn is more like this:

speeding-ticket.jpg-You’re speeding and you get a ticket, a fine and a chance to slow down.
-A week later you’re speeding and you get a ticket, it’s the same cop, another fine and another chance to accept authority and slow down.
-2 weeks later, you are still speeding, you get another ticket and 6 months after that (delayed!) the system catches and you lose your driver’s license…. by now the insurance company gets you and raises your rates, giving you another really good chance to comprehend the consequences of what you are doing and grow up, accept authority and follow the rules of society.

Once you’ve gone this far, if you get in your car and speed… well ultimately if you just can’t seem to get the plot any other way a judge will put you in jail. So that is Saturn. There are fair warnings and consequences that increase for those who are slow-learners but no one is going to come along and stomp you in the head with spikes under a Saturn transit.

…Unless of course, you’re the type to stomp your kid in the head with spikes.

If this is the case, you might find yourself in jail being stomped in the head but as you can see this result would be earned. It would be deserved. So in your case I just think you are talking about something other than a (pure) Saturn transit.

How do you experience transits of Saturn?

More definition and discussion of the Saturn Return

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  1. >Saturn is pure. You are asked to do something that is hard… to persevere. There is pressure to define whatever the area or life is in play, to place “appropriate” boundaries, to take responsibility etc.

    Yeah, that!

    Saturn transits prior to my Saturn Return were easier for me. They involved taking turns in my life by making “mature” choices in a new direction. They seemed like natural and organic changes, although they did require hard work.

    Prior to the SR, I thought I was pretty mature too, but I was unconscious about the things that showed up in my life.

    The deal with my Saturn Return is that prior to that (26 or new 27), I made choices that lead me into a space I couldn’t happily exist in long-term. I persevered for over two years before I was honest enough with myself to realize that. So I had to place “appropriate boundaries” and lose some people. Painfully. Pressure came from so many areas of my life that I was forced to examine what it all meant.

    Some parts of it were really ugly. Like looking in the mirror and seeing the worst things about yourself. And some parts of it were really beautiful- like the greatest changes and rewards I’ve made so far.

    Here is some really good info that gets really into depth with Saturn Returns. This astrologer specializes in them.

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    You tie Saturn to pressure and to work. I get those but was not sleeping in the middle of the night last night and it occurred to me that I really didn’t know if the “work” part of Saturn applied to labor-work, emotional-work, spiritual-work, etc. etc.

    I guess I ask this as I’ve always been very mature in the labor part of it, it comes naturally and easily on some level. But the emotional/spiritual growth is where my Saturn Return hit hard and where I seem to feel “pressure” the most. Maybe that’s just my life lessons and so I feel it in the areas I need to work on .. or am I missing another aspect/influence.

    I hope this makes sense as it comes out of the “middle of the night/no sleep” thinking.


  3. mudlike – I don’t know your personal situation but do not equate Saturn with sleeplessness at all.

    Generally that’s Uranus – You’re up like a live wire. I am sorry but you are just not describing Saturn energy as I understand it. Saturn is exhausting, see?

    What you are describing up there is Mercury workin’… perhaps overtime and I may have misunderstood your comment completely. 😉

    But I have another blog written on this – posting now

  4. I am still trying to figure out what was the big deal about my Saturn return. I had my first and only child a few months later… that’s a pretty pure expression of responsibility, though it was not a wake-up call in any way.

    Maybe because everything that happened to me a few years later was so much bigger. I think Pluto transits must trump Saturn transits. :p

  5. Thanks Elsa! There must have been other things going on. Maybe one day, or not, I will take a closer look at this event in my life from an astrological point of view. To tell you the truth I would rather not spend a lot of time thinking about it. I learned some extremely valuable lessons and moved on. These lessons are a part of me like a scar in a tree that has healed over, that you can’t really see anymore. I am quite proud of the growth that has occurred since then. I do think that from what you described there was an aspect of Saturn involved but there must have been something else. The warnings were not plainly visible. In hindsight, I may have been able to detect something, but that would be like beating yourself up because you are not psychic enough. I do have some psychic ability as I believe a lot of us do. If anything this event or events helped me to sharpen these abilities. Thanks again for your comments.

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    My description of not sleeping was not an attempt to tie it to Saturn at all. It was an attempt to describe where the craziness of the split in my question was coming from. Being somewhat apologetic of my question seemed crazy as I get those crazy questions in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

    The question was:

    That I really didn’t know if a Saturn return and the attached “work” was emotional work, spiritual work, or labor work.

    Sorry for the merc. retro and zaniness of confusion here… You tie Saturn to work and work can be in lots of different ways. Does it express purely through the house and sign? Or does Saturn/work tend to be more spiritual or emotional??

    As a sidenote: a guy who has been known to plagarize in my SO’s industry and has plagarized my SO on breaking news twice now got fired today. He’s 28 or so…

    So I guess his Saturn return impacts his labor/work but I think it’s ethical emotional work he needs to be doing… and hasn’t so far done.

    Just trying to get my head around it. I hope this communication is a bit clearer (slow on catching up on reading after a bad work trip)

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