Jupiter and Fate: Experience Is Never Wasted

lottoRegarding my blog and various efforts I have made in the past that have seemingly come to no end, this is never the case. I don’t think experience is ever wasted and the more you have the better off you are especially if you take the pains to process it. I have had many hideous experiences in my life but find I routinely draw on whatever it is I learned at the time.

For example, I have been in court A LOT especially for someone who has no reason to be in court! I have a significant number of clients who consult with me because they are going to court or to some kind of mediation. This is strange since I do not advertise for this kind of work but the people contact me anyway and sure enough, I have the cards they need.

If you pay attention it becomes apparent over time that there is a grand design and what happens in your life, even if it entails tremendous suffering is meant to give you skills or teach you lessons you are going to need in the future.

If you notice this, it is pretty easy to accept things when they happen and I don’t mean be passive. I am inclined to fight with all I have but there are some fights you are just not going to win / meant to win and in those cases you are going down.

Thing is when you go down you come up somewhere else, especially someone like me. That I have a lot of energy is undeniable. That I will put forth a lot of effort is also undeniable. What I have found is I can suffer any loss provided I meet this criteria: That I know I have done my best.

I know I did my best for my daughter (she knows this too). I also did my best in my failed relationship with the AMF (he knows this too).

What I am trying to say is whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, all you can do is your absolute best and after that it is up to the fates. Personally, I find the fates are pretty smart.

7 thoughts on “Jupiter and Fate: Experience Is Never Wasted”

  1. I believe this too. Life can deliver many hard experiences, but if you’ve given your best you can have contentment no matter what the outcome. It is the best feeling: a mind and heart full of PEACE. Beautiful blog. Thank you for reminding me to have faith – you put it perfectly 😉

  2. Agree 100%. I am a total warrior (sun conjunct mars/pluto and scorpio rising) but I can sense when something is bigger than me and then it is time to surrender. There is such peace in that. Some battles you aren’t going to win and you are mean’t to win them.

    Brilliantly put Elsa.

  3. I was just pondering whether I wasted an entire year after just finding out I was doing my best and being totally open and bending over backwards in a relationship where someone was betraying me from almost the first day.

    I was having a relationship with someone who really didn’t even exist as they represented themselves to me. I don’t know how many times I said in the past two days, I wasted an entire year.

    I don’t feel peace because i tried my hardest – i feel totally chumped. What i took away from this is….err. is…. err. – well, i don’t know what i took away yet. Obviously I have alot to learn about how amoral people can be. I’ll get back to y’all on this.

  4. Yes, I believe that there is a common thread that can be found if you dig deep enough to find it running through our lives…It may not always be what we are conscious of and can sometimes take years for you to become aware of it.

    It takes a lot of long hard looks at yourself – not easy but entirely satisfying at the same time.


  5. Well, I’ll tell you I am tapped for what I know all the time and I am glad too because otherwise I would forget all this stuff. 🙂

    I really like to be challenged like that but I would (mars mercury)

  6. You’re quite right Elsa, but it can be absolutely torturous for an extremely cardinal person to accept that. My Sun, Moon, Merc, Venus, Mars, and even Pluto are all cardinal, and it sounds something like this:

    “Wait, what do you MEAN it’s not going to be done my way? What do you MEAN Fate has another idea? Who the hell is this Fate bastard and what is he doing mucking up my plans?!?”

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