Outer Planet Transits – How Things Work In Nature


I have a number of clients who have Pluto crossing their ascendant. One of them is concerned, “everything is happening all at once”. I dug up this post for him so he see that what he is experiencing is “normal”.Β  I think others can learn from this so here you go…

My husband was on a rant which is a common thing. I listen to him with half an ear except for when I decide to pay attention. I can’t do this all the time because the rants are frequent. They threaten my great mood if I don’t filter!

He’s genius-like if you pay attention which for me is another reason not to. There is only so much I want to learn on a Saturday. But sometimes he pops off with something that utterly fascinates me.

He was talking. I wasn’t listening right up until he remarked on how stupid people are which pricked my ears up right away. I am always interested in how stupid people are, aren’t you?

He was talking about well-meaning people doing more harm than good with their ill-conceived charitable acts.

“I don’t know why,” he said. “But people seem to think things happen in a linear fashion when they don’t. The universe has its own way and it’s not linear.”


“People think things happen linearly, but they don’t. Things happen exponentially. Some things do happen in a linear way. This will get you that, now and then but not very often. Most things happen exponentially. They happen all at once. Like you. You write and write and write and nothing happens and then one day something does happen and it’s completely out of proportion.”

I immediately attached this idea to the outer planet transits. Some gal sits in a horrible marriage for 15 years and then BAM. She’s out of there. Someone struggles to lose weight, or quit smoking or whatever else it is and then BAM. It happens.

I thought of geysers at Yellowstone. You stand there and look at nothing and then BAM! Up it comes. And I have been thinking about this since.

It seems to me if you want to live well you have to learn to ride the geyser when it comes. It also explains why tit for tat gets you nowhere and making this conscious can save you all kinds of grief.

As a graphic example of what he’s talking about, check what happened to the traffic on Astro Dispatch when Paris Hilton linked the site.

Have you ever witnessed something like this?

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  1. Uranus transits in particular have lots of trauma and drama and seem to come out of nowhere. Shoot when Uranus hit my Venus in my 1st House, I moved 1,800 miles floor loom & all within a 2 1/2 month period . . . 6 yrs later when Uranus opposed Uranus, I moved back! I’ve been riding my intuition since my twenties and only ran into serious trouble when I ignored it . . . about par for the course! πŸ™‚

  2. I was going to bring up Uranus too, it has a way of influencing sudden huge things to happen out of seemingly nowhere.

    Happens to me quite often! I like it. Uranus in 7th natally, and I can have a really long dry spell relationship-wise and then out of a random corner, a supposedly amazing guy who is interested. Same with having Aquarius on 11th natally – I volunteer for multiple orgs and those go through long dry spells with no events. Then all of a sudden a coordinator will make up an opportunity/event just for me to do, always a great one, and I have to take it when it comes! And these occur whenever a transiting planet touches those areas. I’ve been a busy volunteer lately with that Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction right in my 11th house.

  3. Hmm…so does that mean don’t try? I mean, I understand the fate idea and I kind of live it, but what if the geyser hits and you’re not prepared when it comes because you didn’t try?

  4. Actually, I find this thought incredibly encouraging. Like in there areas where I’m pounding out effort day after day and not seeing what I’d like to see from it.

  5. I believe this 100% and was discussing this today with a friend. Life is timing – and we are not in control of that timing. I struggled with one issue for about 10 years and it was painful. Then I just dropped it – no problem, just knew it was time and I could.

    Also a whole stash of things I never did that people seem to do early to mid twenties have just started happening for me at age 34 – why? Because most of my planets are in 11/12th houses and Saturn is now transiting those houses whilst Pluto is squaring them (conjuncting moon at the same time) whilst Uranus opposes them. I just could not have done those things earlier – it wasn’t my time and I had other things to do.

    I do believe in cause and effect but it is not bog standard linear – the effect will pop up where and when it is due and I think this transcends lifetimes.

    Ok – off my soapbox now! Fab post

  6. Mars in Cancer is uneven like that. I have it. I get so frustrated when I want to be doing and can’t because the geyser hasn’t got enough oomph yet.

  7. thanks for this…another thing to study (the outer planets angle) hooray!
    I have witnessed this in my life with frequency…er, this is my life. even though I’m a solid mix of fixed/cardinal I’m willing to go where the wind blows. I think my chart’s ruler (Jupiter) has a lot to do with it. I’m up for adventure anytime, anywhere, and have like to keep my ears swiveled upwards.

  8. Definitely encouraging!! I’ve got all sorts of outer planet activity going on right now, so I know I’m really in for it. Despite the planets involved, I’m excited πŸ™‚ I’m in desperate need of change…and it’s happening (yay!)

  9. Definitely encouraging!! I’ve got all sorts of outer planet activity going on right now, so I know I’m really in for it. Despite the planets involved, I’m excited πŸ™‚ I’m in desperate need of change…and it’s happening (yay!)
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  10. Wow, I just kind of “got” this idea this week, when I’m finally motivated to work again after about a million month slump. And I thought, “why didn’t I just get a second job as a cashier earlier?” and then I thought of this post. Sometimes it’s like we’re sitting on the geyser, but it still isn’t time lol.

  11. My son got a very fortunate, unexpected and completely out of the blue job offer yesterday. Jupiter/Uranus are transiting his MC. The job offer was from a former employee, so thanks to Venus retro as well.
    Classic astrology in action! Made us all very happy too cause he really, really needed it.

  12. Your husband’s logic makes utter, utter sense to me. My life does go like that and has – always. I always know what I want (once I’ve locked on it) and have learned to stay open to everything in the getting there. Because everything tends to be blended into the getting there as one is going – or something like that. It’s anything but linear. Also very, VERY true what you say about the unintended consequences, which is why I’ve also learned, still am learning, to be as highly specific about what I want from the outcome without, again, shutting any doors per se. Highly challenging to balance it all out but oh so worthwhile. I really like the way you two think.

  13. Oh, I just posted another comment (about the multiverse) and it got eaten; hopefully it will be in your filter somewhere!

  14. I think life philosophies that depend heavily/entirely on instant gratification don’t really do well with this kind of thinking; to me, that’s the “new/young” approach, versus the “old soul” that understands it just doesn’t work that way. I remember you writing that your husband also believes we have multiple existences and the two lines of thought merge very well; multiple existences taken to the next level become the multiverse, where linearity simply doesn’t exist. Very profound, very, very exciting. It’s awesome stuff, such expansive thinking.

  15. Good news Vajra!

    My Aries is on alert- has been while Jupiter/Uranus has been hugging my Sun… Just trying to remember to not be too impulsive. I can do without the unintended consequences, thank you.

    Keeping my eyes on the horizon, while making sure I don’t miss the terrain between here and there.

  16. It’s like the energy (whether it’s used or not) builds and builds and then wham! A big result. It’s happened, but I typically regarded it as rare occurrence and never thought it could be prevalent on a wide scale. This is infinitely interesting!

  17. As one who came because of that, I acknowledge all the positive changes I have seen the past few months. Miss your stories, of course, but the new voices are most appreciated, too!

  18. happened to me, many times.

    i second your hubby, people make themselves believe stuff/reality happens linear – but it simply does not.

    let’s not talk about the ngo’s over here, starting “good” projects – but in the outcome, they just create a different kind of mess.

    let’s not talk about the people who approach me to do their project management: they’re clueless about their own intentions, clueless about necessary partners & the unavoidable feedback these partners will bring into project, clueless about systemic dynamics.

    so it goes BANG! i’ve no problem with that πŸ™‚ as i never thought it’d be otherwise πŸ™‚ one can adjust, one _needs_ to adjust. well, obviously… i’m a mutable guy πŸ˜‰

    there are so many forces at play, no human being _ever_ would be able to handle or control. reminds me of chaotic beauty of millions of individually different snowflakes dancing; & utter determination of an ant-colony eager to bring an oversized wasp across plain vertical tiles. reminds me… being humble πŸ™‚

    astrology.com? what’s that? πŸ˜‰

  19. Good point about the mutability, maverick but all the types can tan take advantage of this.

    For example, Cardinal types can capitalize opportunity and Fixed type can be lifted from a fixed position to a new fixed position where they are much happier.

    I wish I could make suggestions, I have them but… just see if you can find anything on “consistency of theory” on this blog.

  20. that’s funny… throwing “consistency of theory” at me [a very earthy formulation of airy concepts ;)]. i call that “faith” πŸ™‚

    again, i agree w/ your hubby; a human being lacking faith _must_ finally end in misery. if you’re without faith/confidence in cultivating/expressing your own powers/potentials, sharing them for the good of others – how can you feel different than being an object/victim of overwhelming forces?

    πŸ™‚ i’m not sure… – but it’s my impression you offer a wealth of empowering. facing/embracing the BAM!

  21. excellent, timely post. i had a moment just like this last night. i felt so great and validated after toiling on a project (in fits and starts) for well over a year. it truly felt like the universe benevolently winked at me. as a creative person in a society that scoffs at such enterprises, this was just what i needed to keep plugging away at my vocation.

    i am going through major outer-planet transits, neptune on my IC and jupiter-uranus cleaning up my 4th, heading into 5th.

    i’m beginning to grasp that as long as i focus on what’s going on inside me and what my version of success is (instead of what “other poeple” think) , staying always in the moment but also aligned with my greater vision, then i can gracefully ride the peaks and valleys. they’ll move me but they won’t topple me.

  22. maverick, not sure if we’re talking about the same thing. I am not sure if you found something searching for that and I am also not sure what made it out of my head onto the blog because I do remember getting pissed off and dropping the subject. I have gone through this so many times, I mostly don’t talk anymore because, for what?

    I have strong enough Jupiter in my chart, I have to be find meaning (more and more this is true) in what I do. In whatever case, that concept, as I understand it does not have to do with faith unless you are looking at the thing with a broad lens in which case you can tie everything to faith. But really, that came out of my husband’s head and is scientific.

  23. This seems like a critical mass type thing, or a tipping point. Geyser, volcanos, pimples anything that builds up over time and then goes POP makes me think of Pluto.

  24. Yes! I was in an emotionally abusive marriage for fifteen years then Pluto in Scorpio squared natal Pluto in seventh house, at the same time Neptune squared Neptune and bam! A rescuer arrived — a typical Neptune man– and I ran off with the Gypsies!

  25. How about transit Pluto opposing natal sun?

    Of late I seem to be on the receiving (wrong end) end for anything and everything I do!

    Please advise.

  26. It is happening, all right, but it happens below surface for a long time, and then suddenly – BOOM! If it’s not visible, it doesn’t mean that it’s non-existent…

  27. I’d also check to see where asteroid #2031 BAM (sudden, unexpected events) falls in a natal chart and note its current transit.

    1. I just discovered that Tr asteroid #2031 BAM will be conjunct Tr Saturn on the January 21st lunar eclipse. Talk about potent, sudden endings!

  28. Great timing on this re-post. In so many ways, the media, like FB, has created a virtual face that may or may not have anything to do with who writes the tales told. I’m dealing with the ‘geyser shock’ and stepping clear of the fall out. As one friend has said about his work as a Vulcan (he’s head of Volcanoes) “It’s not dangerous if you know what to expect. (the unexpected).” Somehow, this all fits the linear vs. life happening all at once.

  29. Avatar

    Such a coincidence (maybe not)! πŸ™‚ I was searching online for more information on transiting Uranus conjunct north node in the 10th house as it will be conjuncting mine and then this is posted on the blog today. πŸ™‚ Uranus will also be opposite Saturn (Saturn sits right on my south node in Scorpio 4th house) as it makes its way through a Taurus. I have no idea what to make of it! Any advice/insight is greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚ ?

  30. It’s called quickening. Crabby, crabby then bam they grow an inch overnight. Just had a conversation with an educator about how this not linear part of education needs to be brought in somehow. A lot of quickening seems to be happening. At first shocking until integrated into the fabric of life.

  31. And yes I agree with your husband, linear thinking is stupid. We used to call it learning by rote. It takes a lot longer.

  32. I saw Pluto crossing the Ascendant, if you are a Aquarius rising person this is the big one. Everything has crossed the Asc. Progressed as well. P-Taurus right, here comes uranus again. Blowing up light bulbs or anything glass. But as for Pluto crossing and having Jupiter at 2degreei have already started seeing lots of death. Elsa can you do a thread for crossing the Ascendant. Pluto? I would really love to hear other people experiences.

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